Vanquish DEMO Coming to PSN Next Week!

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Hellooo PlayStation.Blog – my name is Julian Mehlfeld and I’m the community manager on Vanquish here at SEGA. I’m very happy to be writing this blog all about our soon-to-release Vanquish demo for PlayStation 3, which should be out on August 31 across PSN. For everyone at SEGA, this is very exciting news, and we hope you enjoy taking a spin on SEGA and PlatinumGames newest offering. Before we jump into the details, I want to give you a quick bit of info on the setting, the game, and then offer you a bit of a challenge.

The Story So Far…
Vanquish is set in a desperate future, one that centers around exponential population growth, a demand for resources, and a political power play from Russia that lands you in the heart of the action aboard an orbiting space station. You play Sam Gideon, DARPA Agent and co-designer of some very advanced technology – the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS). Your mission is to work with the infiltrating military to restore order, find your fellow agents, and prevent an attack on New York City, among other American targets.

The Secret to Success
Vanquish is the newest game from the mind of Shinji Mikami, creator of such classics as Resident Evil. Known for his epic games, Shinji Mikami has taken on the 3rd person shooter in a way that only he could. Working with PlatinumGames, together they’ve come up with a very fast, very fluid, and very intense cover to cover shooter. How you operate the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) system and the key abilities it grants you will be the deciding factor in your success – or failure. The two abilities that I find the most useful are Boost and Augmented Reaction (AR).

Vanquish PS3

The Augmented Reaction Suit, you’ll find, is incredibly fast and agile when you use Boost to navigate around the demo area. Boost allows you to dash over to save wounded marines, evade attacks, or quickly close the distance on any enemy to deliver a punishing melee attack. Boost into cover, boost out of cover – boosting is one of the best tools you have for both defensive and offensive action in Vanquish.

While Boost grants you speed, Augmented Reaction (AR) will grant you time. Time will save you in both a reactive and proactive manner – push forward with your Boost and flip on AR to destroy enemies while you dash past them. Jump out of cover into AR to line up headshots and stop a guarded threat behind cover. Roll into AR, plant your body, and focus fire at heavily guarded targets for maximum efficiency. Defensively – you’ll enter into AR when you take on too much damage, granting you a moment to kill your main threat, or evade into cover to recharge and continue the fight.

Vanquish PS3 Vanquish PS3

I highly recommend checking out the tutorial before jumping into the full game to see how these two abilities play out. You’ll get a chance to mess around in a safe environment and become comfortable with how the game works. Trust me, you can adapt while you play the game and absolutely get through it – but you will benefit from a bit of practice!

The Demo Challenge
So as a spot of fun, I figured I’d leave you with a challenge to see if you can best what I consider to be a very impressive clear-time on the demo. Our own internal producer, Keith, has become quite good at the demo from various trade shows and has a clear time of 6 minutes and 12 seconds. I challenge you to beat this time! Keith is good, but I’m betting the community will be able to best him in a few short days after release – prove me right, post screenshots if you can, and show them what community can do!

The Vanquish Demo releases on Tuesday, August 31 at a time to be specified by PSN – we hope you enjoy the demo and look forward to your impressions!

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  • i love this game!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanquish is looking really good, glad there will be a demo. I will give the challenge a try. :P

  • I love demos and I love you for providing one.

  • this game looks awesome! is there co-op or multiplayer?

  • Sounds like Steve Blum, But do I hear David Hayter?!!? please respond!

  • SOLD, yeah that’s right, you heard me, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Loved everything about Bayonetta from PlatinumGames. Heard good things about this game looking forward to trying out the demo. My only concern so far is some of the voice work though sounds a bit cheesy in the videos.

  • The game looks incredible, can’t wait for this one!

  • how big is the install and will we get the inferior version?

  • This game looks more interesting and interesting as the release date gets close. Um, I was wondering if I beat Keith’s time in that demo- will I win a free copy of Valkyria Chronicles II for PSP along with two exclusive codes that are being offered by Gamestop only? If that is the case, then I am up to that challenge! Please say YES!!!

    • Haha – sorry, no prizes for this challenge, just bragging rights and knowing that I’ll be ragging on Keith for a long time about it

  • the PS3 is 99.9% sure to get an inferior port.

  • Guys this game is on my top five right now. Is it true that the PS3 is the leading platform for the development of Vanquish? Does that make it look better?

  • Not sure on install size – but the PS3 game runs identical the Xbox version. At E3, we had this question come up and when asked, most couldn’t tell the difference between the two version from the floor (had the controller or button layout not been visible, it would have been near impossible). The experiences should be identical, controller and platform preference aside. Play the demo on both and let us know if you spot any differences.

  • I wasn’t sure about this game till I saw the newest trailer. It looks crazy! I don’t know if Ill be any good at this game but give me the opportunity to uppercut a robots head off and I am there!

  • If the game setting is futuristic and divorced from current world reality, then I wonder, why mix in real world countries in a story about conflict? Why not just make a classic group A versus Group B without any allusions to actual real groups of people. I have heard that the visual designs of this game was inspired by Gundam, it would have been better then I think if another clue had been taken from that series and made this a war against terrestrial and space based humans.

    Casting Russians as the villains with the chosen country as the heroes is an overdone cliche that needs to die. But then again at least the ‘bad guys’ were not from some nondescript middle eastern country, that would have been even more obnoxiously cliche.

  • @Julian Mehlfeld
    PS3 version run identical to the xbox version? hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahha…thanks for the good laugh. PlatinumGames also said the PS3 version of
    Bayonetta would run identical to the xbox 360 version and will be locked at 60fps….Yeah how did that work out? Bayonetta struggles to stay at 30fps on the PS3 and couldn’t even hold a candle to the xbox 360 version in terms of performance.

    Will Vanquish also have a second second load time for in/out of cut-scenes, in/out of pause/start menu?

    • Completely understandable comment – from what I’ve seen and played they are identical. Even show attendees couldn’t tell the difference, which is why I mentioned it – you don’t have to take my word for it, you can read up on the E3 previews from a wide range of PS3 sites that played it on the show floor.

      We’ll also be at PAX this year, you are welcome to drop by and see them running side by side.

  • Can’t wait for next tuesday, Vanquish is over the top awesomeness. Gonna try that challenge too.

  • I just wish you guys luck in clearing the Bayonetta situation. Either way, this game catches my interest but I’d really like to know how long it is.

  • @BlooodyCow and Jimmyfoxhound

    PS3 is the lead platform for Vanquish and is being handled by Platinum Games themselves, whereas Bayonetta’s lead platform was the 360 and an internal studio from SEGA handled the port to PS3…Shinji Mikami also stated that the PS3 version will be the definitive version…

    Anyway, this game looks badass and have always had an interest in it since it was announced. Very excited to check out the demo on tuesday!

  • My most anticipated game of this year. Day 1 buy

  • Just a quick amend to my blog in regards to the challenge – 6minutes is tough, far better than I can do. From my experience at E3, most demos ran about 30 to 45 on first play through (though some took even longer with a few deaths thrown in for good measure), so consider that this is shaving off a lot of time from the game.

    Don’t jump right into the challenge – play the demo and see everything there is to see. Perfect usage of the Boost and AR, get comfortable with the weapons, learn the enemies, and then start playing the time attack game.

  • Looking forward to it

  • Space marines + Big guns…hmm where have i seen this before?

  • COOOOl! I like! give me the demo! :D

  • I’ll do it in 6 minutes and by that I mean beat demo in 4 and fix a sandwich in 2.

  • YEEEEESSSS! I’ve been pushing this as pre-order options to customers since last month but the problem is no one knows anything about the game. Good thinking on the demo, that’ll definitely increase the games publicity.

    Also, generally way excited to get the game myself, so a demo is a godsend.

  • Mikami, the director and a proper legend in video game development, has stated that the PS3 is Vanquish’s lead platform and that it was a rousing success. So, actually, if not the same, Vanquish on PS3 will be better than the 360 port. The animation and cut scenes should shine, especially, but it definitely is a result of them wanting to utilize the great strengths of the PS3. I am really looking forward to this game.

  • OMG! cant wait for this looks amazing..cant wait for Tuesday! Julian how long is the demo? gotta know how much time i have to kick some robot [DELETED]

  • @Julian Mehlfeld
    IGN, GameSpot, and other sites also said that Bayonetta ran great on the PS3. On all the “PS3” videos of Bayonetta, it look identical to it 360 counterpart. The Bayonetta demo was horrible on the PS3 in terms of performance and PlatinumGames said it didn’t represent the final product and it will run identical to its 360 counterpart. Yeah that didn’t happen. Fool me once, shame on you. I will not be fooled again until I see it for myself.

    And for the love of good games SEGA, learn to market your games. Hate to see games like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles get no market in the West.

    And one more thing, just stop with the Movie license games already. Out of 31 games released/coming soon on the PS3, 5 are movie base and 7 are sports games. That is a horrible ratio of below average games. What happen to the SEGA that actually made great games each year instead of one or two jems every 3 years?

    • So if the only thing holding you back from getting Vanquish is performance, then I am not concerned in the slightest. If you want to wait and see when the game releases, that’s fine, and understandable given your feelings on Bayonetta. In the meantime, play both demos and let me know.

  • Ever since the release of sonic the hedgehog, I have refused to even consider buying another sega game. That game was unacceptable. I told myself I would buy a sega game when they make a game like sonic 06 should have been. I have ignored everything sega related since that game. I just want to you guys to know, based on that trailer alone. I will DEFINITELY check out the demo for Vanquish. But don’t count on a purchase…

  • Vanquish is my most anticipated game for the rest of the year.

  • I too was very disappointed with Bayonetta’s performance.
    I’m hoping that a similar situation doesn’t happen because I’m really excited to play this game.

  • As soon I saw PLATINUM on it, I froze in fear of the Bayonetta effect and immediately went to google to search for some enlightning… Gladly I found some articles stating that Platinum guys were aware of the PS3 Bayonetta aftertaste-trauma (lol) so they decided to design Vanquish for the PS3 and then port it to the 360, given thar the 360’s programming is friendlier, I guess both versions of the game will look equally awesome. Good move, Plat guys. Now… is it tuesday already?

  • @Julian Mehlfeld

    Thank you for understanding our discourse over the quality of bayonetta and hopefully platinum games’ efforts on Vanquish are as equal as you say. I didn’t care much for bayonetta to begin with (over all concept just seemed like r-tard fan service among other rather less than nice things I could say), but Vanquish has peked my interest and I’m really hoping that quality is not a concern as I will not buy either version of a game if one version is not equal or superior on PS3.

  • I love Bayonetta even will all her quirks and pitfalls, and I will love this! Gideon Emery is one of my favorite actors. Thanks for the heads up Julian! I will play this demo to death!

  • @Dracorius

    Is Gideon Emery, the main guy’s actor?

  • This is what Lost Planet tried to achieve. They failed. Seems like you have succeeded. Props for that. Looking forward to the demo.

  • Good lord…so many comments “Bayonetta waaah waaaah waaaah inferior!!!”

    Shut up and judge the game for yourself when the demo hits or does that just make TOO much sense for some of you guys.

    Isn’t the PS3 community supposed to consist of the more “mature” audience?

    …With that said, I’m soooo stoked for this game! Can’t wait to play the demo guys.

  • hey since u guys got ur hands on the bleach license why not bring sum of the psp bleach games (heat the soul series) stateside pretty plz and cant wait to try out this demo no online play and full fps story thats gunna be good idk if i missed it but how long is the full game?

  • the trailer is baaad but the gameplay look’s good

  • Great to see you being transparent about Sega’s past technical failures on the PS3 (Bayonetta, Yakuza 3, Iron Man 2, etc). Here’s some specific questions:

    does the game render in 720p natively?

    does it use one of the SPUs for MSAA like most games now? 2x, 3x, or 4x?

    What framerate is the team shooting for? Will there be a user-adjustable setting to have the framerate locked or unlocked like in BioShock? I personally don’t mind 30fps if there’s more detailed models and better texture/shader/lighting.

    Will the PS3 version include (some) 24-bit HD audio assets? if not, will they at least be losslessly compressed? Any game with explosions or a live-recorded orchestral score that doesn’t use the PS3’s HD audio capabilities is pretty silly at this point, given the ubiquity of built-in hard drives.

    will the game play the audio in LPCM over HDMI without an extra encode/decode cycle? (Some games went from mp3 to Dolby Digital to LPCM, and it sounded *awful*.)

    will the cutscenes be bluray-quality (high bitrate 720p or 1080p AVC/VC1 video with 24-bit lossless audio)?

  • It has gore! yeaaahhhh braaaaahhhh

  • Now for some other questions :)

    when will we get MadWorld HD on PS3? NiGHTS? Can’t wait to play them with the Move in 1080p!

    any plans to publish the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys adventure games on PSN?

    are there any plans for a Panzer Dragoon HD Collection?

    any plans for Altered Beast HD with 1080p hand-drawn art like Monkey Island 2: Special Edition and SSFIIHD?

    Thanks in advance for getting detailed answers to as many of my nerdy questions as possible! :)

    PS: I really liked Alpha Protocol, even though it needed a little more polish. I hope to see more story/character-oriented adventure/RPG/action games from Sega, and hopefully some follow-up support for that title.

  • Can’t wait for the demo, pre-ordered last month. October 19th does’nt come fast enough :P

  • Oh this is wonderful, I’ve got this game pre-ordered at GameStop. I don’t know if I should play the demo or not–some demos make me think that I will not like the game, but when I play the full game, I really like it (e.g., Yakuza 3, Killzone 2).

    Sega is really kicking their video games into high gear, I rarely play Sega games, but you guys got me hooked on Yakuza (I’ve got Yakuza 4 pre-ordered too), and now this game.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Oh man i am so excited!!! Can’t wait to play the demo!

  • i’m ps3 only owner, and i’m not supporting any game that runs better on 360 than ps3. i didn’t buy fallout 3, bayonetta etc despite the good reviews, i hope no problem this time around with vanquish.

  • They said the game runs on a modified version of the Bayonetta engine. Does this mean they used the engine that Sega ported to the PS3 or did they scrap that abomination and do it themselves this time? Either way, like many others here, I’m going to have to see for myself how it runs next week.

  • @dinene1 no they said there wouldn’t be any at e3 and i’m there’s no multiplayer or co-op to manys games use this as a selling point when a lot of games don’t need it some do but most shove linear multiplayer and co-op down our throats just to make a few extra sells

  • This game looks awesome! Sega needs to keep spreading the good word of vanquish! I hate to see great games get overlooked.

    Its refreshing to see a game that uses PS3 as a lead platform =)

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