PlayStation Move: New Tech Demo Video Tour

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Anton Mikhailov has become a rockstar of sorts, headlining a global tour with his favorite instrument — PlayStation Move. Armed with a collection of new tech demos, Mikhailov and our Research & Development group have spent the year demonstrating the technology and precision behind PlayStation Move to developers and the larger gaming community.

With camera and PlayStation Move controllers in hand, Anton and I locked ourselves in a room and captured a new peek at what you can expect to see from titles on the PlayStation Move. You may have seen PlayStation Move tech demo videos before — including the PlayStation.Blog’s three-part tech demo tour from E3 2009. But you’ve never seen them like this!

PlayStation Move: New Tech DemosPlayStation Move: New Tech Demos

You’ll notice that Anton was comfortably sitting on a couch when using the PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation Eye never reacted negatively to its reflection from our wall of monitors. These aren’t gesture triggering animations, folks, but true 1:1 gameplay.

With Killzone 3, R.U.S.E, Dead Space: Extraction, Tumble, and The Fight: Lights Out already using some of the tools shown in these tech demos, developers — and gamers — will have plenty of high-tech new toys to play with.

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  • God i cant wait for MOVE… :D Preordered the Sports Champion/Eye/Controller bundle, a second controller, and 2 navigation controllers. :D

  • This looks sick… I want two of them now…

  • I’m glad there are a lot of plans for good/hardcore/real games to use Move in ways that make sense instead of tacked-on lame crap. I was worried that Move would just invite a bunch of shovelware (and I’m sure it will), but as long as games like Heavy Rain, RE5, Dead Space Extraction, etc. get Move controls that make sense and aren’t tacked-on, it should do fairly well on the market.

  • will there be an open SDK for the Move released for Linux and/or Mac and/or Windows?

    are there any third party HD cameras that will be supported? I’m using a Logitech 9000 Pro webcam with my PS3 right now and don’t want to give up the 720p capabilities.

    are there any plans to support sign language as an alternate input to the virtual keyboard/chat pad? can the existing libraries track individual fingers on the hand with just the camera in 480p mode?

    will the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows game support the Move in local co-op mode when it’s released? (After the last couple of HP games, that’s pretty much the only thing that would get me to buy it.)

    why doesn’t the Move include a speaker? The few Wii games that used that feature of their controller had a great extra level of immersion.

    • Quite the array of questions! One at a time:

      1. No official reply on this yet.

      2. Only the PSEye works with the Move. This is really the only way we could guarantee a consistent experience for everyone, since many cameras are not up to spec. The camera you mention, for example, wouldn’t be able to do 60Hz tracking like the Eye can (because like you said it has higher resolution as a tradeoff).

      3. Its definitely come up in brainstorms, but its still unclear to me that its useful as an input. I don’t have any numbers but I would guess that typing is still faster than signing, especially for messages sent in games (since they often use non-typical words).

      4. I work with the tech, don’t have any knowledge there :)

      5. This is an interesting one. It was discussed and cut from the design for a few reasons. We definitely considered the advantage such as the creative uses in the games you mentioned, but in the end we found that the applications are fairly limited, and the cost saved was substantial.

  • Sorcery! That’s the game I really want, Move looks awesome.

  • Very awesome. Thanks Rey for the post.

  • Cool. i’ve seen most of those already but it’s always fun. Anton is the man.

    I really like the new (at least I think it’s new) PS Blog intro in the video too.

    • Yep, that’s our brand new video intro which you’ll see on all our original video content from now on.

  • Looks pretty interesting. It will be neat to see how developers use it in the coming years.

    (Sega needs to make Space Channel 5 Part 3 with the Move)

  • These tech demos look really nice.
    Seems like the perfect gift for the people who spent the money on a PS+ subscription ;)

  • I tried the Move at the event earlier this week and the Move is amazing, this is what motion controlled gaming is supposed to be.

  • Way to rip-off Nintendo there, Sony. Is this what I call “Desperate?”

  • I can’t wait until this is released. Already preordered mine from Amazon.

  • This is f**ken amazing!!! It will blow everything out the water if done correctly! Wow, just wow!!!

  • Very cool video, already reserved the starter bundle. multi-touch demo is awesome. You guys should release the demos to the public on PlayStation store.

  • @KongWen, I’m really excited to play Heavy Rain again with the Move in hard mode. I hope that Heavy Rain gets a decent marketing push that will help fund another Chronicle release. I was super disappointed that we didn’t get to do more sleuthing with Norman Jadyn and learn more about his background.

    RE5 and Dead Space Extraction look cool, but I’m mostly looking forward to Move/1080p versions of Sega and Capcom’s Wii games like Zak & Wiki, MadWorld, Okami, NiGHTS, and A Boy and His Blob.

  • damnit! i was hoping for a heavy russian accent LOL…. oh and the move looks sweet :P

  • The Nav controller should have had a glowy ball on the end too. Because now when you a required to use two Move controllers there is no way to use an analog stick.

  • Hmm, saw all this in Qore, almost word for word. I’m less impressed now that I see how tightly scripted the demo is, despite seeming casual.

    That said, my pre-order stands and I’m looking forward to drawing my own conclusions.

    • I can assure you that there is no script, let alone a “tight” one :) Inevitably when you give these demos as much as Rick and I have you tend to repeat yourself and develop a progression but honestly we’d never be able to memorize this much.

      Did you have a question that’s “off script”?

  • Gotta admit Anton is pretty handsome. I got Move preordered along with Start The Party, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Eyepet,Sports Champion.

  • got the 320gig move bundle preordered. can’t wait to get my hands on it to try it out myself.

  • Just as long as FPS’s don’t pull a metroid prime on me and flip out every time I angle my wrist in a way that puts the camera at the end of the wii-mote out of scope of the sensor bar I’ll be happy.

  • I’m pre-ordering the Sports champions bundle, an extra Move controller, and a Nav controller!!! I already have a PS EYE, but for what basically amounts to $10.00, I can get another one with the bundle, so why the hell not lol!!! I’ve seen all of the demos about a 1000 times and I’m convinced that the Move can do what Sony says it can, in other words, it only does everything!!! 8)

  • GoOd video

  • Wow really impressive, happy I pre-ordered :)

  • AWESOME Video! Can’t wait for PS MOVE!

  • awesome video. good job Anton.

    I envy your job.

  • this reminds me of the movie Lawnmower Man. lol Sony you aren’t training assassin chimps, are you??

  • will be getting move.

  • Anton, you are THE man!!! PS Move here i come! Thanks Rey for the vidicle :)

  • Alright already. Been sold since it first showed. I take it these are more for developers to realize its capabilities than gamers. I like all the hints. Hey Capcom, you can use this Hadouken style for Street Fighter. Hey Naughty Dog, you can have them climb branches an Uncharted spin-off game. Hey RTS developers, you can easily select full battalions. And then finally, hey Microsoft, you can play this sitting down. =-)

  • Ha, your overlaying the Little Big Planet soundtrack over your video.

  • I love the ability to sit down. Quite an awesome feature.

  • now i’m confused, how many controllers do i need to fully enjoy this move thing???

    • For all but one game at launch (The Fight) you’re good with just one. Most of these demos you can do with one as well, but a second adds some functionality (like being able to stretch the fireball or use 2 hands for modeling). Same goes for the games. Sports Champions, for example, is totally playable with one but archery feels better with two.

      If you have two, you can also do two player table tennis or gladiator duel which is another plus.

  • i hope this doesn’t end with empty promises like the 3d trophy room in playstation home.

  • estoc @11 …the only ripping I see there is Sony ripping the Wii a new one, and gtfo fanboy.

  • looks good, i hope the move patch for heavy rain comes soon.

  • This will change everything, I am so excited about this, I can already see how awesome it will be to use MOVE in conjunction with 3D, just superb experience. This can’t come out soon enough if you ask me.

    Anton & Sony great work, we really appreciate all new things, I hope Move can be utilized to control XMB and other apps in same way as Anton demoed it in video above that would be superb.

  • I wish we had a chat room like that on the PSN :(

  • @ Anton

    Nice to see someone from Sony standing up to the trolls.

    @ estoc1

    You must be a fairly young gamer because Anton and “The Doctor” have been working with Motion gaming since you were in diapers and before any other company made a legitimate stab at motion controls. The MOVE was in early development back when the PS2 EyeToy was developed. I wish more kids these days learned to read and study rather than spout nonsense.

  • @pickupdoctor

    I saw a video recently of someone demoing the MOVE on the XMB. I think you just hold down the “T” button and then gesture to “move” around the menus.

    That video will show you the light.

  • @Anton

    Not sure if your still answering questions, but if you are I was wondering if down the road in the future do you see there ever being a Move 2, maybe using a 3D 240hz cam and new controllers with even better tracking and what not.

    And this is just a side note but it would be cool to put some of these tech demos up on the PSN to download. Some of them like the face maker and pottery one would be fun just to mess around with.

    • We’re always looking at new cameras, of course :)

      Even with 60Hz from the PSEye though, you get fast enough tracking to keep up with just about everyone. Jet Li actually visited us at one point and he could fool it but I’m not sure how he’d do vs. the Move :) The thing with the Move is that the inertial sensors run at a much higher frequency so they pick up even faster motions, between the camera frames.

      That’s the cool part of the tech, actually. Sensors alone aren’t very accurate and the cameras are generally not fast enough, so together they form a really good synergy.

  • i already own the eye is it possible to purchase sports champions as a standalone game or will i have to buy the bundle ? i dont want to repurchase they eye so that i could play sports champions. As well will there be demos at launch on the psn.

  • Can you actually release a lot of these Move and Eye toy tech demos for us to play with? Like the eye toy one where you can scan a picture and make it work as a vehicle? So many people talked about how much they wanted it, and same goes with many of these other demos you show.

    • This isn’t actually as easy as it sounds, but its definitely crossed our minds. There is a lot to making a “releasable” product, even if its just a tech demo. But yeah, I hear what you’re saying.

      Thanks for the scanning demo shoutout :D I got a lot of requests asking to release that as well. Maybe we could work it into the Move demos if that ever happens.

  • I’m going full force with this, I’m buying the bundle pack, with an extra Move controller, and maybe the Navi add on too. I’m excited for The Fight: Lights Out, I hope that the game comes loaded with content and customization.

    • I was just stress testing the tracking in that game last week. My shoulders were in pain the next day. Safe to say it can keep up with just about anything you throw at it.

  • I love seeing the multi-display demo. I think video chat should be updated to allow for that manipulation :P

  • I’m sorry to post again but I just have to say you guys are really creative. I really want to see some of your ideas applied to the PS3’s interface, features, and games soon. Do that and you’ve sold me on Move.

  • Will any of the tech demos be available to the PS3 USers via psn in the future i would love to have these to show off as well

  • Will any of this tech demos be available to try?

  • lol kevin butler

  • Saw this tech demo on another site awhile back, I am still impressed with the Move more than Kinect. But, I’m not jumping in until i see it truly utilized, like in Sorcery or maybe an Oblivion or Demon’s Souls type of experience. I already own the camera, so it’s not quite the same financial leap as others, but I won’t jump in without being convinced first.

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