Planet Minigolf gets PlayStation Move support this September

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That’s right — we are proud to announce that on September 19th, we will release a free update patch that will enable PlayStation Move support in our PSN title Planet Minigolf! It’s a match made in heaven, as adding PlayStation Move to the mix adds a new level of realistic and immersive gameplay to your favorite mini golf game. Check out the trailer below to see the PlayStation Move controller in action.

So, how does PlayStation Move make Planet Minigolf better? Well, think about how you play mini golf in real life on a course with a putter and you’ll get the idea. Hold the PlayStation Move controller like a putter and putt away. The guys in the studios have worked really hard on the putting gameplay mechanic and we’ve really nailed it. Depending on how hard you swing the club, you expect the ball to go a certain distance, so we took that concept and built around it so the physics of the ball and the force driving the ball are accurate. We can’t really think of a better way to experience the PlayStation Move controller!

Planet Minigolf for PlayStation Move (PS3)

If you are familiar with Zen Studios, then you know that we are committed to releasing content and updates even after we ship the initial game. With that said, we invite you to stay tuned for another soon-to-be-made Planet Minigolf announcement…any guesses out there? We will leave you to ponder while you check out the new screens and video.

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  • glad to know a lot of games I already own will be move comparable :P this one included!


  • This update definitely makes me want the game now. Oh, and this is not your average promo video.

  • *compatible

  • Really good support from you guys. At least you aren’t going to release the game with Move Support for $9.99.

  • I was actually going to buy the game but hey… now i’m wating till it’s free with PS+ . I’m not kidding. Your free game / month should be a new game, cause now i’m not buying ANY game by fear it’s gonna be free later :-/
    Looks cool though :)

  • Good job on the patch for the move zsolt

  • Wow…this is great….Looks like the Move has more quality titles than the Wii already and it’s not even out yet.

  • Ah – my guesses:
    More courses?
    More customizations for players?
    Maybe even Home avatar support? Not likely, but thought I’d throw one curveball out there.

    @7, don’t expect any games to be released free on PS+ until they’re close to a year from their release date. Though I do hope for some PS+ DLC discounts!

  • Great for Move support!

    My guess is a completely new “medieval” theme? Or did I miss it and it’s already in the game? I’m also hoping for just a little more customisations for the characters and, MOSTLY, an UPDATE to the mic problem and a FIX to the ONLINE play so I could play at home with my girlfriend against 2 others players, online, be them in the same house both or not, please add this and I promise I’ll but your next PSN title ZEN! :)

  • One of my top 3 favorite PSN games getting something I’m already extremely stoked for!? Awesome!!!

  • this game is AWESOME…but i would really like it if it had a SKIN COLOR OPTION or just more OUTFIT CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS..besides that this game is still AWESOME.I hope the MOVE controller works well with it..cuz im planing to buy 1 1..i already have my camera ready :p

  • I tried the demo of this and didn’t like it much but with Move i may actually buy it now.

    Good job guys.

    Release Move already!!! haha

  • #7 Stinkimushroom:

    Remember that any free games you get with PlayStation Plus goes away when your subscription is canceled or lapses… But if you purchase the game you get to keep it forever.

    But I think that the big thing is that a PSN DLC game is getting MOVE Support, that is the big deal here.

  • This game makes me want to break things and throw controllers….. it is frustratingly hard so maybe the Move support will make me want to try it again

  • @ 11 I noticed the ‘NEW’ course too, did i miss an update maybe or is it new with the Move support?

    Maybe Zsolt can help us out with this question?

  • Awesome news. I hope more devs jump in and add Move support to their PSN titles.

  • Cool news. It’s nice to know I already own quite a few games that will be Move compatible on it’s release.

  • This will get me back into the game thanks Zen Studios!

  • nice! lets see if i ever get the move!too expensive right now

  • Nice, now I can play minigolf at home without going out (not forever, but I can practice).

  • Really?

    You had to show the guy getting whacked in the family jewels at the end?


  • @ Ratchet426

    I thought that was a nice touch. lol

  • The Playstation Move

    Play with the girls for some dry humping action. Play with the guys for some nut smashing action! Buy one now! :D

    Best. Ad. Ever.

  • To developers,
    Can you improve the youtube upload feature. It is great to have this feature but as it is now it is very poorly implemented. It only records the last putt (the one where you got it in the hole) this doesn’t show your sweet approach to the hole from the tee. It also only records from the replay camera perspective and the camera can get very wonky. Simply allow for a complete hole replay of the putts it took to hole in and from the view we see as we’re playing. Also include the special effects we see during our hole in. The replay should look similar to what we saw during our playing.

    Thanks and great game.

  • i was seriously hoping that this would get PS Move support. the controls as they are make subtle shots very difficult. i might get PS Move for this game(and why not… MAG and Killzone 3, too). :D

  • PS. i misread this article title as “PlayStation Home support”. Home support with this game would spark my interest as well.

  • I hope the controls are better than the stock ones. I was anticipating this game for some time considering I love Zen Pinball(still waiting for the Paranormal table..), but after reading the reviews and playing the demo, the controls ruined it for me. If the move controls are better and lose that “power wheel” nonsense that takes much trial and error before learning it’s ins and outs, then I will purchase this game.

  • Nice MOVE! XD

  • keep this move support up please.

    You can guarantee im picking it up if you keep this up.

  • @#3 Did’nt received anything about that, hell did’nt even received my code for the InFamous 2 theme and it’s been about 2 months i’ve signep up for it.

  • Well it’s easy to picture playing golf with the PS Move so it’s not surprising that they did this but at least they’re building up a bigger setlist for the PS Move!

  • I don’t play golf games at all but something clicked with me for this game. It’s really fun and precision is key so hopefully the move is that accurate. I’m not buying the move at launch but when my funds increase I’ll gladly jump in. Keep up the move support so when I do get it, there will be a great catalog of games behind it.

  • LOL at the guy in the end of the trailer

  • Hahaha, I’m so glad to see such widespread support for this new peripheral- gives me a great deal of confidence for the Move as a whole.

    For those who (understandably) have complaints about how Sony does things, take note of this as another one of those “when it’s done well, it’s done REALLY well” things.

    On topic, I’m glad to hear this since the original control scheme didn’t really work for me. Kudos for trying something different, but this should definitely improve the experience. Thanks!

  • gonna buy this when I buy the move controller :D

    good job guys.

  • Funniest trailer ever! lol

    Even though I’m not getting Playstation Move on release day, might buy it later on, Cannot wait to see how awesome it is :D

  • cool thanks, probably gonna get it when move is out

  • Good game, but as others have said it’s frustratingly hard to win in some of the courses. This is one of those games where you could be in first place, 3 under par on the last hole only to end up dead last due to one minor miscalculation or bad luck. Be prepared for throwing your controller when you play this game.

  • Question. ?

    Does the Move Controller have six axis built in.
    I ask because i am wondering how to steer the ball with the power up.

    Maybe you could use your headtracking. lol ?

  • great idea and zen pinball is one of my favorites too

  • Yes to chinese_dude move has internam motion sensors.

  • Nicccccccccccceeeeeee another game added to my collection. Can’t wait the get playstation move

  • I’m glad to see even more support coming out for the Move. Adding support to more titles brings confidence that the Move is really here to make an impact and not just be a petty addition.

    I do have one question though. Will the demo receive a patch after the Move releases? I’d love to check out the title but the Move support is a big seller for me.

  • Hi everyone! Zen Studios here. It’s good to see everyone so excited about the Move launch. We’re even more excited, since we’ve had our hands on it for the past few months. It is definitely the ideal controller for Planet Minigolf – people in the office were putting like it was second nature just a couple minutes after they first tried it.

    We’re not just patching in Move support, either – there are a bunch of fixes and additions going to into the game that should address the complaints that you guys and some game reviewers had – (non-Move) controls, camera, matchmaking, difficulty, multiplayer setup, and more are all being improved. As with Zen Pinball, we’ll continue to support this title with updates and new content.

  • Can’t wait! But I don’t have it :-(. Will this be also with the demo version of the game. And this should be free for PlayStation Plus Members!

  • The voice chat quality was quite poor for me and my friends (i played some times ago), has this been improved yet? Also a pre-game lobby would be useful.

  • Very nice !!

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