minis: Angry Birds is Visually Optimized for the PSPgo

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Hi everyone, my name is Johnny Coghlan and I’m Head of Publishing for Chillingo. I’m posting on the PlayStation.Blog to confirm that Chillingo’s record-breaking physics game, Angry Birds, is going to release for PlayStation minis!

PlayStation minis: Angry Birds

In Angry Birds, players take control of a flock of different birds as they attempt to retrieve their precious eggs from a fiendish group of thieving pigs. The pigs have taken refuge within levels containing structures made up of materials such as wood, glass and stone. There are over 100 levels to play through! The object of the game is to catapult the birds into the pigs and their protective barriers, in order to eliminate the pigs and rescue the eggs.

Each level gives the player a certain number of birds to catapult at the pigs using a giant slingshot. There are six different types of bird, each with its own appearance, weight, sound effects and special abilities such as exploding or splitting into three mini-birds for maximum impact! If the birds hit the pigs or knock a piece of material onto a pig, the pig may explode into thin air and disappear.

PlayStation minis: Angry Birds Screenshot

When all of the pigs are defeated without the player running out of birds to catapult, the level is complete and a new level is unlocked! Players may re-attempt levels as many times as they wish, and may also replay completed levels to score more points and achieve more reward stars.

Angry Birds for minis features all of the content that has made it a record-breaking addictive success! Controls are instinctive, meaning that anyone can play the game straight away, while visuals are optimized for the PSPgo to ensure the overall experience is the best it can be on the platform.

This is going to be a hit release when it launches soon! For more information on Angry Birds you can visit now!

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  • Awesome!!

  • Ehm… I’m not entirely sure what this game is… Are we talking overhead view? 2-D from the side like Cannon Fodder? A video would really help here.

  • Hold on one seec- I’m sure Plankfan will have something to ACTUALLY say, now that his petulant “first but not ‘first'” post out of the way.

  • It is a side scroller much like “tanks”. You fire the bird at objects trying to knock out the pigs.

    I played this on the iPhone. Very fun.

  • Wow these are the pics you guys put up? Tells me nothing about the game

  • Thanks for porting this over Chillingo dudes. It’s a big time-waster on the Iphone.

    Have you considered porting Ravensword over? Seems like it would be popular with the PSP crowd. I know I loved that game!

  • any word on Pac man championship edition as a PSP mini, i know it’s coming, but when, if u guys can reveal any info on that.

  • Now I won’t have to steal my dad’s iPod touch to play this lol.
    Hopefully this is playable on the PS3 too.

  • I guess I may have this on my PSP and my Evo 4G.

  • Angry bords works well on the iphone, but I’m not too sure about hows it’s going to work on PSP. By havign to use your finger to drag the angry bird to the correct angle and force, it adds a bit of variability – you can’t always get your position exactly the same each time, plus when you release, more often than not, the angle changes slightly. Surely on PSP you will always be able to set the angle and force consistently.

    Sorry, just not buying it…………..

  • It’s a very fun puzzle game, plays side-on in 2D. You aim a giant slingshot towards the targets far down range on the right (the field scrolls), and try to hit all the targets (pigs) using a predetermined loadout of various ammo types (birds).

    It’s the character of the birds and pigs that really makes the game fun. Nothing drives you to play more than a snarky pig laughing at your near-hit miss.

  • Awesome. I’m very excited for this game and playing on my psp. I won’t have to take my girlfriends phone anymore. Thanks

  • I will be buying this day one!

    A release day?
    Will it be 99 cents like the iPod version?

  • How much? It better not be anymore than $2.99. It is $0.99 on iTunes for what is probably going to be the same game. Hopefully the analog stick works and it is cheap, then I will buy, $1.99 and good controls, and I am in.

  • kool, we need more games to be optimized for the psp GO

  • awesome… how much $? and how are you making up for the lack of a touch screen?

  • this is the first time the PSPGo has been mentioned on the blog in like.. forever! Oh my gosh! *head explodes*

  • This is really interesting… I’ve been playing Angry Birds on my iPhone for a while now, and this is pretty promising. I wonder if the Mini will be playable on both the PSP and PS3? That would be awesome, since I rarely use my PSP, and play Minis mostly on my PS3. =)

  • I’m not sure what optimized for PSPGo means, I thought all PSP’s had the same resolution. (480×272)

  • @ bnogradi28

    $0.99? Yeah, probably not. That’d be nice though. It’d probably skyrocket its sales too.

  • I can get it for .99 cents on my iphone. PSN…? (more im sure)

  • What’s a PSP Go?
    Oh wait a sec i think i actually bought one of those a while ago.

  • Of course its on the PS3! That is one of the great qualities of the Minis.
    Also, I dont see whats so great about it. There is a nice internet game called Castle Crashers that came first. Its the same thing but medieval, and it uses rocks. O well i’m buying it!

  • @NESGamepro

    They all do share the same resolution to my knowledge. However the PSP Go’s screen is smaller in physical size than the PSP1000-3000. So they probably mean “we made it look nice for a smaller screen cause there was some sort of PSP Mini’s limiting factor we were trying to achieve”. On this case I’m out, PSP Go is for the birds.

  • This won’t sell for .99 for a while. Angry Birds was actually priced at 1.99 originally, until it’s huge success.

    Expect a 1.99 price tag, although since we won’t get updates…….?

  • I am confused, so if I have the PSP 3000 is wont looks as visually appealing as the PSP GO?

  • Also, their ego is so big that they couldn’t even show us a single shot of gameplay. They just expect EVERYONE to know the gameplay because of how popular it is.

    I’ll end up getting this probably. Hopefully it’s soon.

  • Optimized for the PSPGO? What does that mean for my PSP3000?

  • I love how the PSP commercials are against games on phones (I have this for iPhone) yet many apps are now on the PSP. This is why we need Kevin Butler for EVERYTHING!

  • I like this genre so ill bite :)

  • It’s great to see this title coming, but I don’t buy minis on PS3 any more. I could take the lack of trophy support, but all the minis look awful when displayed on my 50″ television. I don’t think scalers will help much; the original resolution is just too low.

    Chillingo has published some awesome games on iPhone, and I’d like to see them for purcahse on PSN as PS3 native games. Helsing’s Fire and Quartz would be great for the PS3 as it stands! Zen Bound (my absolute favorite), Cogs, Radio Flare would be awesome with Move support. Seeing Zen Bound in 1080p with realistic wood and lighting would be a real treat!

    PS: I’d also really like to see an update for Geon Emotions that adds voice/video chat. It’s very fun to play, but it would be even more fun with voice chat. A DLC pack of new challenge levels (with more trophies) and/or a level editor (like Cuboid has) would be awesome for fans and to generate a new spike in the long tail of its sales.

  • Shhhhh… No one tell that Marcus kid

  • @33

    Laugh Quietly To Myself

  • loved this game on my ipod touch, i will repurchase it again for my psp :D
    i just hope zenonia 2 steps into the minis crowd because i want a new 2D RPG…

  • “minis: Angry Birds is Visually Optimized for the PSPgo”

    “Visually Optimized for the PSPgo”


    Did that post even have anything to do with the title?
    Or did I just completely miss it?

  • @zekececil14 not only do you not understand the appeal angry birds has over crush the castle, but you got the name wrong, too…

  • I heard about this game onthe iphone.

    Hopefully it’s not more then $2.99.

  • Awesome! I heard NOVA (from the iPhone) is also coming to the PSPgo! (Dont tell Marcus)

  • Awesome from iPhone to PSP =D

  • I’d almost place money on it being $5 like the majority of the minis.

  • Will this play on the PS3 that’s all I wanna know? Please someone answer this! thx

  • Hate to say it but I have the iphone version and got it for 99 cent. Sony isnt going to charge the same they will jack the price up and kill this game from ever having a chance to be as big as it is on the iphone/ Sony needs to compete with the same prices for the same game. its not like they are adding anything new or extra levels to make it worth the extra 4 bucks.

  • have this game on ipod. SO ADDICTIVE!!!

  • Its ironic that the PSP is bashing the iPhone and its games on their recent commercials and now they are proud for “optimizing” an iPhone game to the PSP.

  • Awesome, love this on my iPod, though i thought it was going to be PSN game with trophies, not a Mini. I guess it was decide on as a Mini to get it out faster thoguh right?

    Their other game Helsing Fire is nice too.

  • What the heck does visually optimized for the PSPgo mean?

  • Visually optimized for the PSP Go? What does that even mean?

  • …Visually optimized means that the game has been updated or whatever to look better on the PSPgo, and it seems the graphics look better than Angry Birds on the IPhone since the picture (Above) had to be blown up a little.
    But, I’ve played the game for the IPhone and it is quite fun.

  • I’ll pass since it’s optimized on PSPgo, which is a waste of materials in my opinion.

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