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Here’s this week’s PlayStation Store Digital Comics update.


We begin with a comic based on the acclaimed and hugely popular video game Starcraft! And it’s even free! Yes. This sizzling sci-fi action comic, set just before the events of Starcraft II, follows the War Pigs, a disbanded team of shady outlaws reunited for one last mission. Follow this intriguing bunch of characters as they cross paths with zergs, special Cerebus units, protoss, and other familiar Starcraft characters… and events. You can read more about the comic and all the thinking that went behind it in this interview of writer Simon Furman. In the meantime, make sure you get your free copy while it lasts!

But that’s not all, if you’re more of a horror and infected towns kind of person, or if you simply happen to like Silent Hill we have the perfect comic for you! All five issues of Silent Hill: Dying Inside are coming to PlayStation Network today. And it’s not just the setting that’s good – the comic itself was so popular that the first two issues sold out in record time, and it is completely justified: written by NY Times bestselling author Scott Ciencin, with art by Ben Templesmith (too many good comics to list – but Wormwood fans here know what I mean) and Aadi Salman, and a suitably chilling and gripping story to boot. It’s just as good as it sounds.

And because big cities look just as nice infected, join a group of outcasts fighting Coney Island’s zombie infestation in We Will Bury You #4. Awesome comic featuring zombies on fire and a very good audio piece by writers Brea and Zane Grant.

Also out in the store this week is a slice of vintage comic goodness with Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83 to #86. Issue #83 sees Stan Lee introduce the mighty Thor for the very first time; he has famously said that comic books were the mythology of modern days, and therefore set out to create this god-like new hero… Check out his vision here!

And finally you can also pick up issue #1 of new series Raising Amy, the adventures of a little girl with a very big attitude (you’ll see). Officially “born to be wild”, Amy is a bit of a terror but it’s safe for you readers – just sit back and laugh with this very funny comic strip.

Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog # 1694
  • The Authority # 7
  • Bayou # 8
  • The Beagle Boys and the Coastguard Caper
  • Breathe # 3
  • Criminal: The Sinners (2008) # 5
  • DMZ # 19
  • Ex Machina # 6
  • Fables # 21
  • Gen13 # 27
  • Green Lantern: No Fear # 3
  • Growing Up Enchanted # 2
  • The Hammer # 1
  • Hit Monkey (2010) # 2
  • Jonah Hex # 19
  • Journey Into Mystery (1952) #1 – #4
  • Justice League: Generation Lost # 8
  • Planetary # 8
  • Raising Amy # 1
  • Safe Inside # 3
  • Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1 – #5
  • Sonic Universe #3 & #4
  • Starcraft # 1
  • Stormwatch PHD # 19
  • Street Code # 2
  • Superduck #14 & #15
  • Ultraheroes # 8
  • We Will Bury You # 4
  • Wildcats # 7
  • Wizards of Mickey II # 2
  • Y: The Last Man # 4

As always check for the full PlayStation Store Digital Comics catalog along with pricing info.

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  • Cool Silent Hill, bring on more video game comics. I know it’s a looooong shot, but what about the Parasite EVE manga that was released in Japan some time ago, and I already made that an idea on the playstation blog share.

  • The link at the bottom must be wrong.

  • *Clicks Ctrl + F*
    *types manga*
    *presses enter*

    Honestly, guys, where is Manga? Its been months since any major series were added. Im growing weary of asking. Is it that difficult to get Yen Press, Square Enix, Viz Media, Del Ray, to provide some series or even just samples?!


  • @Eatdeath: whoa chill, this take some time for this to happen. FYI: Japan doesn’t even have Marvel or DC Comic on their Digital comic store and I know mangaska and Japanese fan that like DC and Marvel comic.

  • When can we get comics here in Canada? You managed to give us TV and movies, surely giving us comics too would be easy by comparison!

  • Keep them coming! I’m enjoying the digital comics especially on my daily commute ride to work. Why not bring digital magazines to the line up for PSP.

  • Call me stupid…but how exactly do you access the “Digital Comics Store” from the Playstation Store? I see “Video” and “Game” options only. If anyone knows, feel free to comment or add a link. Thanks.

  • @(7) You need a psp and then you’ll see the comic section. I think you can get to it from media Go as well.

  • @7 Download Media Go on any Computer, Laptop, or Netbook. Even if you Don’t have a PSP you can still download the Comics and read them on your Whatever. The Comics Button is not visible when using the store on your PS3, as of right now you can’t purchase comics through your PS3 to Download to your PSP.


    You need to start putting what the Media Go Updates Include…I don’t like Blind Downloading Updates without knowing what they are!!!!

  • god of war please! Thank you! ;)

  • God of War 3rd Episode? come on guys release it already

  • 1) please bring the comic store to canada and all the other countries that don’t have the comic store yet (we Canadians love our comics such as Scott Pilgrim.

    2)the link at the bottom of the post is broken.

    3) PLEASE bring calvin and hobbes and Scott Pilgrim to the comic store (i posted the idea for calvin and hobbes here:

    4) Please allow us to put our own comic files onto the psp, so that the comic files we already own can be read on the psp (such as pdf, cbr, cbz, zip, etc.)

  • @9 I’m never able to update within Media Go anyway – I just get some sort of error. (I’m on Vista.) I have to download the full install from the official site every time, and the site will tell you what’s added.

  • correction: just search “calvin and hobbes on psn comics store” on share. apparently the links on the blog are temporarily down…


  • Any plans to release Dark Horse comics? I really like this feature because I don’t live by a book store, but I can’t help but notice some gaps in your inventory.

  • GRACE, Will the digital comic store ever get a Scott pilgrim vs The world comic release? Is there any plans being made for that?

  • can we finsh iron fist please and get more iron man(2008).ther is only 2 issues of that iron man searies

  • will we see more batman some time

  • @Permafry_42 Your asking Sony to allow you to watch illegal .cbrs on the PSP??? You do realize almost all of these types of comics are scanned without the comic publishers permission? Why is the CRTC not allowing digital comics in Canada?

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