MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Interview

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Walking around shows like gamescom, talking to journalists and developers, you pick up on certain ‘buzz phrases’ each time, and this year, one of those was “MotorStorm Apocalypse in 3D”.

Those that had played it were encouraging others to do so with anecdotes of physically ducking out of the way as a racing truck tumbles towards them. The other big news for the boys from Evolution Studios last week was that they were showing the first new track since the game’s announcement.

I managed to prise Game Director Matt Southern from his dark room for some well earned Vitamin D; check out the interview below.

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  • Really liking the destruction in the environments, never was interested enough to get the others but this one definitely has my attention.

  • Matt Southern is God. Seriously though, the way he talks about Motorstorm burns images into my brain. He should be a narrator for movies and Ebooks. Thank you Mr. Southern, for being so freakin awesome, and giving us another Motorstorm that looks to be even better than the last. Which happened to be my personal 2008 GOTY. Again,, thank you so freakin much!

  • just wanted to chime in and say EXCELLENT JOB to Evolution Studios! Pacific Rift was ridiculous and I cant wait for what looks like an ode to the intro of I AM LEGEND. BTW, whats going on with WIPEOUT, are we ever gonna get WIPEOUT XL!?

  • Wow, the more I hear about this game, the higher it goes on my most wanted list. I love the 4-player split-screen online feature. I play MS a lot with my two brothers. Letting us go online together is something I’ve always wanted. And I can’t wait to hear more about the customization features. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty robust if it lets you share designs online.

    I hope the online ranking system is a little more forgiving though. I got the platinum in Pacific Rift but it took me forever. Maybe add more levels so that there are more points at which our rank will stop dropping if we have a streak of bad races.

  • Everytime I read about this game and 3D I get turned off a little bit more each time. Just focus on making a good interesting game and not a crappy gimmick for it.

  • Hey i like the T-shirt he wears. Any chance to get this somewhere?

  • I can not wait to see more of this.

  • liking the ton of interviews, keep up the work .us and .eu Blog!

  • man where do i start ? ok i got it , Motorstorm was indeed the most impressive 3D demo i’ve played at E3 ( even besting Killzone , Gran Turismo 5, Eyepet 3D demos ) , no doubt about it , loved it , it does look spectacular .
    Core DNA that people love about Motorstorm , he forgot to say INSANE AI lol
    i hope that 9 team game designers get the balance RIGHT this time around ( im taking about online play )
    cant freaking wait to see the 16 players multiplayer , customization , and more tracks( specially the one that Matt sounded so excited about )
    Motorstorm Apocalypse Demo around December … NOOOOOO!!!!! i wanted it today !!!! bah ,hope the demo is different from the E3 one so i get to play another track before the game launch in february 2011
    is there gonna be a Collector’s Edition ? i want my Buggy Motorstorm car on my living room !!!!
    how can i get that Apocalypse tshirt? i have Motorstorm Pacific Rift photo contest tshirt

  • This game will be SICKKKKKKK

  • oh can you guys talk to Big Big about implementing a patch that let us play Arctic Edge with our PSN friends ? i mean we can actually see our PSN friends list but cant invite them to play with us so its practically useless , at least think about it , thanks

  • i have all the others (even the psp one) and there all amazing but this one from what i’ve seen and heard, i think its gonna be the best.

  • Seems like I have to work little more hard to get a 3DTV…I like evolution guys…they are very passionate what they do…I played both MS1 and MS2… One comment, please do not make the levels too hard…fished about 80%..but I still couldn’t finish MS2… too difficult…

  • Too sick!

  • Every time I hear about how amazing 3D is gonna be in this game, it turns me on. I’m so glad I have a 3D TV. And I can’t wait for this game!!!

  • Awesome… just awesome. Now, give more imersion to the players on theses fantastics festivals and clan based teams spots and I´m buying the collector edition + 3D TV…

    this game will rock so much with bioshock!

  • I liked the first, loved the second, and can not wait for this one! I have just one question…Will there be a destruction derby variation to play. That is all I want. And if not that then cris-cross tracks, for maximum destruction!

  • Cannot wait for this. i loved the first 2 Motorstorms. I wish i had a 3D tv for this & killzone 3 :(


    and Youtube uploading please :)

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