Coming to PlayStation Plus: Discounted PlayStation Protection Plan

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Earlier this year, we introduced the PlayStation Protection Plan, an extended service plan for the PlayStation 3 and PSP system. This service was introduced to give gamers peace of mind by providing an additional one or two years of coverage on top of their one year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the plan benefits include free shipping, no hidden fees or deductibles and utilization of OEM parts and service technicians…PS3 plans are now available for download directly from the PlayStation Store. However, in continuing our goal to provide PlayStation Plus subscribers with exclusive offerings and even more value to their entertainment experience on the PlayStation Network, we are now offering the PlayStation Protection Plan to subscribers for a discounted price.


PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to purchase a two year PS3 plan for 25% off (PlayStation Plus price $44.99, original price $59.99) Considering the PS3 one year plan is $44.99, PLUS members get two years for the price of one! In order to qualify for any of the plans, your PlayStation 3 must still be within its one-year original manufacturer’s warranty.

We are happy to continue to offer new features to the PlayStation Plus subscribers. With a little less than three months in the books, PlayStation Plus continues to evolve giving gamers an excellent set of content and features for their PlayStation 3.

Additional information on the PlayStation Protection Plan can be found here.

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  • Yea. This is what us Plus users wanted.
    Not betas / exclusive content. This.

  • First! So this only ment for new PS3 correct?

  • If my PS3 is no longer covered by the original 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, is there any way to get my PS3 onto the Playstation Protection Plan?

  • Nuts second :) hehe See coment above.

  • @robertmc8

    Who cares if you’re 1st or 2nd?
    Get your priorities straight, brah.

  • Seriously Sony? come on i want actually good stuff since i paid $50 on Playstation Plus, still haven’t gotten stuff you promised

  • Grace can you explain when each month ends and begins? And where are our dynamic themes/avatars/premium elements from the second month? I don’t understand why every Plus blog post gets 0 SCEA replies. Can we get a more defined product experience like SCEE and SCEJ offers with Plus?

    Thank you!

  • Well, considering my first back-compatible fat’s Blu-ray drive died and had to be replaced for $150 and my non-back-compatible fat just got sent in for the red screen of death (, this seems to be a worthwhile purchase. :P

    Knock it for not being something fun, but it’s nice to see a discount for Plus members.

  • Sony, you just don’t get it do you? So glad I didn’t waste my $50 on PSN+

  • Any word on giving the same discount to PSP owners who are also Plus subscribers?

  • Hmmm, now they offer this AFTER my second PS3 dies! Had to pay to have the first one replace by a refurb. And the refurb is dead. Both a year after getting them (first lasted a year and a week and the refurb lasted year and a month). So this won’t cover my already dead PS3? Guess I’ll save up for a new slim bigger HDD model out next month. If this dies in a year’s time I’ll be an unhappy camper.

  • Well I have a 60 gig from launch, does this coverage cover mine as well? Or would I be wasting my money to buy it?

  • Do all PS+ members get into the Dead Nation Beta?

  • I don’t mind this, but it would be nice if there was an (affordable) option for PS3s that are no longer within the one-year warranty window.

  • ps3 owner since 2006. Useless. Thanks Sony

  • will i get a rebate or some sort for my psp go protection plan i got when you guys first offered it, im a plus subscriber who is curious AND on a side note Dead Nation Beta keys were sent out today or last nite but me as a plus member didnt recieve one, whats up with that?

  • Great news. Would have been better than me spending over $500 the last 2 years getting my 80GB one fixed 3 different times (which doesn’t include the 2 times I got it fixed under warranty). YLOD FTW!!!!!!!

  • SpyDudeFX – good post, man. (post #7 above)

  • Does the PlayStation Protection Plan ensure that in the event that my PS3 requires repair, it is actually MY PS3 that gets repaired?

    When I got YLoD about a year ago, my PS3 was sent away for repairs; however the PS3 I received back (although the same model) was actually a refurbished one. Therefore the HDD (which was recommended to be removed before sending for repair) was incompatible with the PS3 returned to me.

    I am getting long winded, but we all know of the issue of which I speak. The Protection Plan would be great if it addressed this concern.

  • I’d prefer an invite to the Dead Nation beta, if it isn’t too much to ask. And maybe one of the free exclusive dynamic themes the EU Plus subscribers get. Don’t want to press my luck too much…

  • WOW im so happy that they’re offering this through the store and at a discounted price for ps+ subscribers.

    Great for people who still have their early ps models indeed.

  • Why aren’t ALL PS+ users getting into the Dead Nation beta??? Isn’t that one of the main features of PS+? Getting into exclusive betas? But, an exclusive Dead Nation beta goes out and it just goes out to randoms? Even non-PS+ subscribed randoms?

    That’s pretty lame…I want into that beta! :(

  • It would be nice if you guys didn’t have to [DELETED] delete all our data in order to “fix” it. You only do that as a scam so we will buy a new PS3, and transfer our data to that new PS3 so we can continue to get trophies off our saved data.

  • I would like 25% of my money back please…..i bought the protection plan then the psn+ came and got that…and now the discount…. ya just give me 5 dollars credit in my psn account and no questions asked and were all good…….

  • In reference to what Thwip posted, I would like to know if our data is protected, as well. If our system dies within the time period of coverage, would PS+ subscribers be guaranteed that going with SCEA for this warranty is better than say SquareTrade? That would be a HUGE selling point and would get more people to sign up if we knew that our data was recoverable and available on our repaired system.

  • I just bought the 2 year Protection Plan 2 weeks ago for $59.99 and I’m a PS+ subscriber. Can I switch to this new deal? I got an email today that says..

    Coverage Type: Non-AD

    Coverage Begins: 8/26/2010

    Coverage Ends: 8/26/2012

    is this possible? I could really used that saved money to buy SHANK off PSN store today :)

  • My PS3 recently died and got an exchanged unit with 90 days limited warranty (my PS3 is the 40GB). Any way to extend that? Or is it only limited to slim models sold with in a year?

    Also, I don’t know if you haven’t noticed but there is a HUGE problem on the PSN when trying to add funds (80023102) with either credit cards or psn cards. It’s been going on for days and nothing has been said or done to fix it.

  • Wow this sucks I had a 60 gig from launch died right after warranty was up, traded it in towards slim now my slim is past warranty, as a PS+ member can I get the plan at the regular rate, give us something!!

  • Couldn’t think of a better way to show you don’t care…

  • I’m on my third ps3, hope this one last a little longer..

  • I don’t suppose there’s a retroactive discount for members that bought a PPP before this was announced?

  • Is this service and offer in the US only?

  • So those of us who have supported the PS3 since day one and paid the painfully expensive launch price get no love, while those who were tentative to support the PS3 and waited for a price drop get all the benefits? Doesn’t exactly seem fair, especially since those of us with launch consoles are more likely to see ours die sooner than people with the slim consoles.

    I’m very disappointed by this, Sony. The protection plan should be available to ALL PS3 owners.

  • This is basically a slap in the face to anyone who purchase a PS3 back in 2006. The original PS3 members get features removed from their PS3 and get nothing in return. One really pissed 60GB PS3 owner here.

    Why exactly aren’t we PS Plus subscribe getting into the Dead Nation beta that is going on right now? Looking at various forums, people that are not plus members are getting into the DN beta while us Plus Members are left out. Wasn’t beta one of the perks us Plus members would have?

  • awesome

  • All my PS3’s are out of warranty basically.
    20 GB Launch
    60 GB Launch
    80 GB Motorstorm
    160 GB Uncharted LE
    JPN FFXIII 250 GB Slim.


  • @18 thanks, just wondering lol

    So we got dynamic themes/avatars/premium on 7/13, that’s six weeks ago. The three games today, are they bonus games for August or are they the start of the third cycle of content? I love the extra goodies and offers, but I think we need a defined experience that offers the promised content each cycle during that cycle.

  • I’ll dust off my playstation once you get “Party Chat”

  • Cool. I was considering buying plus today, this makes me not want it. Not useful to me in any way.

  • Utterly pointless for people who’ve bought their launch ps3s and can’t buy a protection plan anymore even if they did prior or have had one at one time. Why can’t we have “BUY” a protection plan just to protect what we have regardless of what model it is or when it was purchased either with or without a plan.

  • Plus Member, here. Also on my 3rd 60GB refurb (4th console, if you’re keeping track). Would be nice if this service were extended to refurb owners or even consoles currently out of warranty. Can’t wait for my next YLOD. Those are so much fun.

    $600.00 Original Console Price
    $150.00 First Refurb
    $150.00 Second Refurb
    $0.00 Third Refurb (Sony paid- thanks, guys!)
    $50.00 Plus Subscription
    $300.00+ PS Brand Accesories

    Total Spent on SONY Products and Services for PS3 alone: $1250.00

    Don’t I deserve the same consideration as new adopters paying $299 for their redesigned (and more reliable) PS3s? I’d like to cover my system before it inevitably takes a giant steaming dump on me again. $44.99 is a lot easier to take than $150.00…

  • This should be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Or at least 50% off or more.

  • Well Sony I guess that is one more reason not to be a Playstation + Subscriber.

    I have the original 60GB Playstation 3 & it ended up getting the YLOD. So I sent it in for repairs & ended up recieving a refurb that sounded like a vacuum cleaner. A few High Profile email’s later and I’m getting helped. I finally recieve the 2nd refurb & it works fine (for now) but I had to pay the ridiculos fee of $192. So now that’s almost $700 I’ve spent on my Playstation 3 alone, not counting the Accessories & 40+ games I own.

    I don’t understand Sony why you are throwing a opportunity to make more money, The Playstation Protection Plan should cover the New Slimline PS3’s & the Old Fat Playstation 3’s, their really is no excuse for excluding the older models & loyal Playstation Customers. I can say right now that Playstation + Service has NO VALUE for me & will not be purchasing a subscribtion for a long time.

    If you want to know Sony what I think the Playstation + service should have you can read it in this post I put on the forums.


  • Bring this to UK/Europe and I will 100% buy PSN+. I’m sure thousands of others will also follow.

  • I have the same question as some. I have my original 60 gig PS3. Will buying this give me two years of coverage?

  • great news thanks

  • Eh, pretty weak, I score this about a 2 out of 10. All you are doing is creating an environment where you need to make the next several announcement BIG delighters to compensate for this series of lameness.

  • @22 Caudill

    It is one of the features but Plus doesn’t promise we will get access to every beta offering. So there will be some that are not Plus. I think we will see betas for massive games like LBP2 and KZ3 that are close to release. Closed betas typically include a small amount of participants and Plus probably has several hundred thousand members by now.

  • #45:

    You are not eligible to buy the protection plan because you have an older console. Only those with a console less than a year old can take advantage of the protection plan, and that’s why a lot of us are angry.

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