Shank on PSN Tomorrow, Costume Unlock Code for PlayStation.Blog Readers

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Hello again, everyone! I’m Jamie, co-founder of Klei, doing one final PlayStation.Blog post before the game launches on PSN tomorrow! You can see my previous articles on the PlayStation.Blog, and watch the Shank launch trailer below.

Over the last few days, we’ve been announcing the Shank Costumes over at the official Shank blog, and divulging how to unlock them on our Twitter account.

Jeff asked if I could divulge one unlock criteria especially for PlayStation.Blog readers, so obviously I complied. The costume I chose was one that’s close to impossible to stumble across.

So, today’s special is costume number 8 — the ANY-S costume!

Unlock Criteria

After completing the single-player campaign, input a slight modification to the classic Konami code: up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+circle+x.

As you can guess, these outfits are odes to our own geeky fantasies. Naming them was a fun little exercise. Did you know that “Droid” is trademarked? I didn’t.

And with that, I’m off! Enjoy the launch trailer and let me know if you have any questions! As usual, I’ll lurk in these forums as well as the official Facebook page.

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  • awesome, please give plus+ members a discount

  • Looks awesome, gonna get this for sure!

  • Great news to here and that game is definitely gonna be on my list for tomorrow.

  • that’s a blasphemous code there sir… for you are not the true owner of said code! :D interested in the game though!

  • woot, I have to get this. any news on DLC in the future…too many PSN games get no support after release.

  • Awesome, but one thing does it have online co-op?

  • Looks great, I just might get it ;)

  • Price?

  • sorry if I am late but…

    $15 or $10?

  • Any chance this will get online co-op instead of local co-op?

  • will there be a demo and custom soundtracks?

  • I’m sold but how much does the game cost ?

  • tomorrow maybe i’ll be playing shank

  • I will buy this for sure! Any news on DLC down the road and maybe a patch for on-line co-op?

  • I just love Tuesdays, I have my day off and get ready to download stuff from the PSN store. Consider my purchase of this game guarantee.

  • Look awesome, can’t wait anymore. Great job Klei :)

  • I really kind of dislike developers outside of Konami’s own studios invoking the Konami Code even if it is a variation. Could you guys not think up your own sequence of button presses?

  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • @18

    It’s a cult classic, it’s a homage to the “code” and Konami is rarely is using it on their own games in this generation. Heck, even one time Facebook use it on their main page site. Even Scott Pilgrim game did something “not accurate” but you get the joke if you figured out.

    Konami “code” is awesome anywhere is implemented.

  • Oh boy I been waiting for this. I will be grabbing it tomorrow along with Motorstorm 3D.

    Would’ve been really cool if you made Shank 3D.
    Maybe down the road?

  • This game looks awesome and so much fun. Can’t wait.

  • wait…wait…wait…A game in the age of paid DLC were you actually unlock character skins? Count me in. Could care less about the price or the game itself. I will support Developers that don’t charge us out of the [DELETED] with paid character DLC on day one (looking at you Crapcom)

  • i already put USD 20,00 for this purcharse…. wainting for!!!

  • Wait I’m confused, can you get the costume without that code?

    I’m weird, I don’t like using codes if I can get it another way.

    Game looks awesome, I think I’ve decided that I’ll be purchasing Shank and Castle Crashers at the same time.

  • hope their a demo.. looks fun but want to see how it plays..

  • Really amazing, cant wait

  • so it does have local co-op?…I honestly prefer this, I have friends that would like to come over and grab a drink and play versus just playing and chatting online

  • Awesome. Can’t wait.

  • Looking really good and can’t wait to play it!

  • When will ps+ members get discounts on new games?

  • Definitely getting it!

  • Im going to take some sleeping pills just to wake up tomorrow cuz today is just making the wait worst..this is another reason why i HATE MONDAYS! LOL just kidding about all that…i can and cant wait for SHANK i love the art work and the GORE..ima HARDCORE GAMER in the sense of VIOLENT GAMES..>:p

    I can’t wait!

  • I can’t afford this game, and I don’t have time to play it, but I’m buying it anyway! It looks too good to pass up.


  • Yes, I knew that Droid was trademarked by George Lucas. That’s why there’s a comment on every Droid commercial. Smart business man, that Georgie.

  • Sweet, Thanks for bringing out a 2D game for us old folks haha. I will be buying this game asap. Thanks again for the code, iam sure alot of people here are to young to know what that code was used for. And if the do know, have they even used it before?

  • Hahahaha, ya. I noticed that Droid was trademarked the first time I saw an ad for the Droid (phone). Right at the bottom, small text… Lucasfilm LTD

  • I think that’s Crazy Dave’s code for beating Dr. Zomboss ;-)

  • Whoo. The wait is finally almost over. I’m buying this before I even get Mafia 2. Which I hear got some middling to average scores due to it’s open world yet restrictive nature… Shame. There’s always LA Noire! Back on topic, I’m glad Klei are finally getting to release something and that’s it’s a game that’s been getting major ink. Hope it gets huge sales for future projects.

    Also, is the co-op mexican supposed to look like Danny Trejo? Call me crazy..

  • Also, not only is Droid trademarked. But George Lucas owns it. HA! It doesn’t hurt to read the fine print.. well maybe if you are farsighted. I can’t believe they paid to use that name.

  • Whats with the lack of online lately? I game scott pilgrim a chance and honestly it was a huge mistake. The game is fun, but without online it really dampens the experience. Looks like I’m just going to have to flat out not support any co-op games without it from now on.

    • Hey DethLocke — I understand your concern, but as an indie studio, our vision for Shank was to have a kickass singleplayer campaign (rather than primarily a 4p co-op game like Scott).

      After listening to the fans, we busted ourselves to add a whole co-op campaign specifically as a bonus for fans, and we made it a separate campaign so we could do it at a high quality. Also adding online was outside what our small team could handle.

      So my thinking is that it entirely necessary for primarily co-operative games, but I hope it doesn’t become a necessity for EVERY game.

      Hope that makes sense!

  • No online co-op is a bust. Not everyone are neighbors with their friends.

  • Day one purchase!

  • Well, I’m glad we cleared up the online co-op question. I was debating on buying this or Scott Pilgrim. I was very disappointed to see that neither game has online co-op, that’s practically an industry standard these days.

    So, I think I’ll go with Scott Pilgrim for now. Don’t get me wrong, this looks like a great game… but I love the SP demo. If this game had online co-op, I’d probably pick it up first.

    Maybe I’ll buy this one later.

  • I will probably pick this up but i am a slave to reviewers :( so if it doesnt get like at least a 6 or 7 i may skip it. But i have 60 bucks on my psn account just waiting for a game like this. So hopefully tomorrow night i will be playing it.

  • it’s like samurai jack meets kill bill meets sin city! :D is it free for playstation plus subscribers?! :D

  • o I forgot to ask about how long is this game?

  • @ Jamie, co-founder of Klei,

    droid is a new cellphone by Verizon Wireless!


    Yeah, but Droid is a trademark of LucasFilm, LTD (aka the Star Wars guys). Verizon had to get permission from them to use the trademark.

    More on topic, this game looks amazing! Definitely going to check it out tomorrow!

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