MotorStorm 3D Rift Comes to PSN Tomorrow With 10 Tracks

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Hi MotorStormers! I’m excited to let you know that we will be releasing MotorStorm 3D Rift to PSN this Tuesday, August 24th for $9.99. Now you can enjoy an immersive 3D racing experience with 10 of our favorite MotorStorm Pacific Rift tracks like Kanaloa Bay or Caldera Ridge, using a selection of festival-favorite off-road vehicles including Bikes, Buggies, Racing Trucks, and Monster Trucks.

MotorStorm 3D Rift for PS3

For those of you who don’t have a 3D TV yet and want to sample MotorStorm Pacific Rift, I can assure you that 3D Rift is still wicked fun on a 2D TV! Check out this video of the adrenaline-soaked MotorStorm Pacific Rift in action.

In 3D Rift you’ll have 10 unique events to compete in (one for each track) with the full range of competitor difficulty levels through the races, so you can enjoy the brutal off-road racing at your leisure or take on the toughest and most competitive rivals.

With 3D you can naturally judge your speed and proximity, which will be extremely helpful when trying to avoid being side-swiped by a rampaging Racing Truck, ramming a rival Buggy into a cave wall, or timing when to get back on the accelerator as you take a tricky corner. When you are riding a Bike, 3D makes it obvious what you can and can’t duck under — even at high speeds! And you can feel just how monstrous a Monster Truck is when looking down at a rival Buggy just before it disappears under your super-sized wheels. If you’ve played the 3D Collection demo then you’ve already gotten a taste of how awesome MotorStorm is in 3D. Check out MotorStorm 3D Rift for more tracks and greater challenges. If you haven’t, you’ll be blown away by the sense of speed as you fight through the tropical island setting and RIP it up in 3D paradise.

MotorStorm 3D Rift includes 10 tracks, 10 race events, multiple playable vehicles, and is playable in both 2D and 3D. You can get it on PSN for $9.99.

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the team here has enjoyed working on it. We look forward to bringing you more breathtaking 3D racing action with MotorStorm Apocalypse next year!

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  • Question: for someone like me, who already owns Pacific Rift and does not have a 3D tv, is there any reason for me to buy this?

  • Looks good. Is there 2 player offline?

    • Sorry, Tom. This is a single-player offering only. As a single-player experience, though, it’s great fun and is a nice snapshot of the full MotorStorm racing experience.

  • Not to ask dumb questions and all but is this a stand-alone or add-on?

    • Marsz85,

      This is a stand-alone product, not an add-on. If you don’t have MotorStorm Pacific Rift, this will let you experience 10 exciting tracks from the game. Of course it works in both 2D and 3D, so you don’t necessarily need a 3D TV to enjoy it.

  • EVO can put this out but not fix what’s broken in the real Pacific Rift? :|

    Speaking of which, I wonder if what is broken in the tracks there is also broken in this version of the game?…

    Are any of the 10 tracks from the PR DLC or are they all just stripped from the base game?

  • 1 dollar for each track is pretty damn good! will there be any dlc for this version?

    • Canto4,

      There are no plans for DLC for this to speak of at this time. The devs are currently hard at work making MS Apocalypse the best racing game it can be, including with full 3D support that seems to be winning a lot of people over. It’s shaping up quite well, so check out some of the coverage from last week’s Gamescom if you haven’t already.

  • Only $10? That’s a pretty good deal if you’re looking for some 3D stuff to play right now.

    And even if you aren’t 10 tracks is about all I’ve experienced in my $60 copy of Pacific Rift. Are there Trophies here?

    • Trioptical,

      Sorry, no Trophy support here.

      And don’t forget it’s also completely playable in 2D, so you don’t have to have a new 3D TV to enjoy this slice of MotorStorm action.

  • So… no 3D update for Pacific Rift?

    Whatever, I probably won’t have a 3D TV until after Apocalypse comes out :P

  • This looks good, do you need a disc to play, will there be any on-line, and will there be trophies?


      It’s a download-only stand-alone title, so no disc needed. No online or trophies, though. Still, it’s a blast to play and an affordable way to check out MotorStorm’s crazy brand of racing.

  • I have the same questions. Are there trophies?

  • well im a LUNATIC so this is a MUST have for me but what about new info on Motorstorm Apocalypse ? i had to go to gamespot to see the new track that EVO demoed last week during the press conference , can we expect any blog post anytime soon ? i mean i really wanna know more about the creator mode , multiplayer and basically more info about the game

    • Glad you’re a fan of the series, remanutd5!

      No news on an upcoming blog post soon, but I’ll definitely pass along the request to see some new info about Apocalypse. The game’s shaping up quite well, and it will definitely be worth the wait.

  • trophy support?

  • Good idea. Nice little stop gap between this and GT5 for 3D content, though I hope there’s more on its way in between.

    I posted about this in the Store Update comments section last Tuesday but hopefully, it might not fall on deaf ears here:

    The 3D trailer of E3 that was put up is WAY too dark. You need to make sure when doing trailers and 3D content to make it lighter. The trailer was good what I could see, but even when I turned the brightness etc fully up… it was still WAY too dark. And why was the Resident Evil 3D trailer in the 3D section when it’s not a 3D trailer.

    Also any chance this MotorStorm pack is coming to the UK?

    Answers greatly appreciated!

  • does it have racing offline?
    does it have any online mode?
    isn’t the original Motorstorm Pacific Rift 3D compatible? I thought it was updated…
    does it have in game music like the original?
    how many trophies does this have and are they separate from Motorstorm Pacific Rift’s trophies?

    • Link01,

      MS 3D Rift is offline only. Pacific Rift was never updated to include 3D, so this (and the single-stage free demo) are the only ways to enjoy MotorStorm at home in 3D, until MotorStorm Apocalypse hits early next year.

  • LAME!
    I already own this game, why don’t I get a free patch?

  • I like the price, but I already own the game. This doesn’t offer anything different and I don’t own a 3D tv.

  • I’m interested but need a lot more info, doesn’t sound like its gonna be the full game.

    • BigBoss712,

      You’re correct, this is not the full MotorStorm Pacific Rift game. However, it does give a nice chunk of Pacific Rift’s action for a really low price.

  • this would make a perfect birthday present tomorrow – sa-weet!

  • I love you guys. Finally my 3D TV gets some love outside of Stardust, Wipeout and the Motorstorm Demo!

    • Glad you’re enjoying our 3D content, Sindred! 3D Rift will be a great addition to that 3D library of yours. Wipeout’s pretty intense in 3D, huh?

  • looks good and i like thats its playable in 2D. i, too, would like to know if this will recieve separate trophy support?

  • Am I understanding this correctly which sounds pretty much like a paid demo or chopped down version of the Actual Pacific Rift but with 3D abilities?

    • KellyJaye,

      We already have a 3D-compatible Pacific Rift demo on the store, with a single playable stage. This is a much larger chunk of the game, adding 3D support to all 10 playable stages. Hope you get to check it out.

  • Does this downloadable Motorstorm have Multiplayer?

  • If only that trailer had shown something other than burning, rolling, vehicles.

    Fire your marketing team. That looked like a crash simulator rather than a racing game.

  • OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 60LX900 is going to love this :D

  • Does this have separate trophies than the retail game? And are there any advantages to owning this game for previous owners of Pacific Rift other than the 3D compatibility?

    • Drumline,

      Think of it more of a primer to MotorStorm Pacific Rift (with 10 playable levels), and/or great 3D eye candy for a fancy new 3D TV.

  • I’m content and excited with this PSN release! Quite an ingenious 10$ game!

  • What is this, a full complete game?, or some kind of addon?

    • Hunter,

      This is a stand-alone product, not an add-on. You don’t have to have Pacific Rift to play this. It’s 10 levels from Pacific Rift, with full stereoscopic 3D support.

  • Will the $10 ‘add-on’ allow the ability to play any race in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift in 3D? Or just the specific 10 races that come with the pack? In other words, am I going to be able to play the whole game in 3D?

    • Toxic,

      It’s a stand-alone product, and all 10 levels included are 3D compatible. The 3D doesn’t extend to Pacific Rift. But watch out for MotorStorm Apocalypse next year, which is already getting a lot of buzz for its intense 3D presentation.

  • O.M.G!! This Is such great news!! I’m getting my 3D TV tomorrow!! This Is the AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!

  • I love MotorStorm games and will get the next one but i wish it had in car view like the 1st ever MotorStorm Trailer :(

  • I have Pacific Rift already, is there something new in this add-on that I can’t already access?

  • It will be interesting in a few years when the the price of 3d comes down.

  • I hate when they put something on the blog, and dont reply to the comments! I need some answers or not buying the game!

  • Are there trophies ??????????????????????

  • Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D demo included ?

  • how about adding a patch to Motorstorm Arctic Edge PSP so we can make parties and play with our PSN friends online ? any

  • 1. Is this standalone? 2. Trophies?

    It seems like this would be a good way to dip my toes into the Motorstorm waters, even with my old-fashioned 2D television.

  • how about adding a patch to Motorstorm Arctic Edge PSP so we can make parties and play with our PSN friends online ? any DLC coming to Arctic Edge ?

  • @PuppetShoJustice

    Hehehe, but that’s Motorstorm. Fire, Rolling, Exploding!!

  • The Motorstorm games are some of my favorite games on the PS3. I wish I had a 3D tv to enjoy this. A question I have though are all the new 3D games coming out such a Motorstorm: Apocalypse going to be 3D only or have a separate 2D version for sell? I really hope you guys go the route of making the game work for 2D and 3D on the same disc such as the ability to choose resolutions or something. Please, because if so, that would help me to get the most out of a 3D tv purchase and make it easier to go that route.

  • throw in a 3DTV and you have a deal XD

  • Can we get some answers already? If this is stand alone for 10 bucks then I’m in for sure.

  • Why ask about trophy support? Last I saw, EVERY NEW GAME for PS3 has to have trophies. This is a new game. Therefore …

    Am I wrong?

  • I’ve been waiting for more 3D games… bring ’em on. Although I did buy the game new and would have liked a free 3D patch, I loved the 3D demo so I’ll pay the $10 for more.

    We need more 3D games please!

  • STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! obviously no one’s responding. Like every comment is a damn question…

  • @pudgenet (43),

    This seems more like a premium demo than an actual game, especially considering it has been revealed that there are no trophies…

  • No trophies? Oh geez, you’ve doomed us all. Just when the “does it have trophies?” crowd started to die down, accepting that they’re mandatory in all games you go and pull this. Now we’ll never hear the end of it…

  • Wipeout is definitely intense in 3D. And it’s a freakin’ awesome implementation of the 3D tool. But the reason the Motorstorm Demo is a bit better is because of the lush environments. The Depth that 3D play provides is most evident with Motorstorm at this time. That mess of trees in the background? Now you can tell that there is distance between them and plan your weaving in and out more accurately. My only disappointment was that Wipeout was an entire game and MS was only a demo. Tomorrow will change that. :) This was a pretty awesome surprise, in that I didn’t think I’d be getting 3D MS until Apocalypse.

  • Yeah, Trophies will always take second place to good gameplay. Having a good time with a game is more important than a virtual C@#$k. I seriously don’t get the “I won’t get this if it doesn’t have Trophies.” Damn Microsoft. They started this “Virtual achievement” crap. It used to just be about making a good game. I guess when you lack in that, you add achievements to the bad ones.

  • No trophy support no buy, sorry have a great day.

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