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New Ratchet and Resistance revealed, big showings for Gran Turismo and PlayStation Move, and the announcement of Mass Effect coming to PS3 – it’s been another big gamescom for PlayStation fans. So no surprise, this week’s What We Read serves up a (metric) ton of stories from Germany.

And one last reminder, I’m off to Washington DC tonight to share an early hands-on with Move – hope to see you there if you can make it.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 16, 2010)

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  • Hey Jeff i was wondering if have any info on when the retailers in Canada are going to start to take pre orders of the LBP2 Collectors Edition?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you let the guys who decide ‘what goes on PSN’ know that having the PS move tech demos for download on the PSN would be awesome! I know that a lot of people will have a lot of fun with the tech demos. Please!

    • I don’t believe tree are any plans to. While they’re definitely cool, they don’t go through the same rigorous testing that games do. It’s not as simple as just uploading them somewhere.

      That said, we just filmed a few more that Anton has been working on.

  • a piece of chicken > kinect

  • When are Valve going to be on the Blog, hmmmm?

  • looking forward to more news on Killzone 3 multiplayer! :D

  • Will we see Kojima or Cox making their appearances on this blog, giving us readers insights into Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game anytime soon…??? I hope they do! I’d love to see them keep themselves in touch with their fans and non-fans alike. Please make this happen!

  • Been playing thru BioShock 1 on Survivor. Its so much more fun on this mode. I using a lot of stealth and there is nothing as funny as rushing a splicer and going all 3 stooges on them with the wrench. One of those games that is better the second time thru. I even forgot about the spoiler:D

    Really looking forward to infinite. I hope they can recapture the magic that makes this game so good again.

    Now would you kindly, post some Bioshock Infinite gameplay soon!

    • Ken Levine would appear to have liked how things went over with the announcement here on the Blog – so we’ll keep on it!

  • Hey Jeff do u happen to know if Star Wars force unleashed 2 will have Move support, If not can you find out?

  • Hey Jeff,

    have you heard of the guys who hacked the PS3 with the PS3 Jailbreak? This is bad news and Sony really needs to stop it. The USB dongle goes on sale at the end of the month so we need a firware update FAST, or it will open the floodgates to piracy!

    Luckily, those hacks are illegal in the U.S.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Similar to number 1, any idea if (hopefully when) we can pre-order GOW:Ghost of Sparta and get the Ulitmate DLC pack bonus with it in Canada? I got an e-mail about it a while ago, but only see the offer on

  • I know that Square-Enix just announced it within the past week…but do you have an inkling as to when Front Mission 3 will be released in the PS1 Classics line?

    And cheers for Shank and Castle Crashers! The end of this month is shaping up nicely for fans of 2-D beat ’em ups.


  • Did you guys get any info on Rage for PS3 from Quakecon?

  • @Jeff: I’m really psyched up about the inclusion of jetpacks and Exo-Skeletons in Killzone 3’s multiplayer. Guerilla Games has mentioned that they will be announcing more vehicles for multiplayer in the near future. Any chance that you can get a video interview with them about this?

    Also, will PS Plus subscribers (like me) get guaranteed access to the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta?

    • Next time I meet with Guerrilla (probably 2 weeks) we’ll do a video interview. Your questions are good.

  • Hey jeff quick question can we get a list of the top 10 games being played on PSN every week like another person does for another system?

    • Hah, yeah, I asked Grace about this some time ago, but I don’t think we track gameplay in the same way that Major seems to. We do, however, share sales charts in Pulse every couple of weeks.

  • Haha I like page 4 of the Move launch brochure (first link).

  • I just love how Sony has alot of features but hardly any dev. uses them. seriously we have in-game soundtracks, in-game invites, we have youtube for goodness sake u realise having youtube in games like uncharted or killzone will be awesome but of course the devs. we’ll give us B.S. excuses as to y they don’t want to give us these features. it sad that if M$ gets youtube they will support it so much more than what Sony is currently not doing. but then again when devs. do give us some of these features they forget to tell us u know like red dead redemption and bayonetta they both have in-game music but it doesn’t say it does go figure. so Jeff are they any other features to the ps3 that Sony hasn’t told us yet that we already have. i dont expect jeff to reply cause it’s against sony but o well its the truth and alot of playstation owners know it too Sony gives us features that they barely support and that is just stupid look at the psp go damn i regret buying that overpriced handheld.

  • Oh man this week is interesting with announcements. I’m so excited to see Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3 (no ME 1 on PS3, sadly). I’m also excited that No More Heroes is getting Move feature added (Please bring it stateside I don’t care who’s the publisher). MAG using Move (and also adding new features) is going to make people play MAG more then ever, this is going to be a best year ever.

  • what yall should have had on around the web what we read is how those over seas boys done hacked the ps3 and for sony and game developers that sounds like a loud storm coming to our precious ps3 systems soon, now the real question is what are yall go do about it because the usb hack is upgradeable with every fw update you guys plan to release

  • Gamestop has had the playstation move release date changed to friday September 17th. Instead of the sunday release,If true…that’s really great for those who have to work 5 days aweek. Gives us the whole weekend to play.

  • Great news indeed, all that is left is the ability to change our PSN IDs :P. plzz Sony do it! Japan has it already so its nothing new :(

  • just trying to understand. Eyepet in the UK, they get a bundled magic card with a 40$ game. In the Usa here, we get eyepet-with move being required. 40$ game + 50$ for move. So minus any tweaks/xtra stuff they MIGHT have added, we’re paying double for a year old tittle. might as well pack one of those discontined robotic dogs in with the move, then maybe we can say we got something the UK didnt get..a good deal

  • How about bringing Bioware to the blog to talk about ME2

  • Ratchet and Clank, LBP, and Heroes on the Move? Throw in God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and BOOM! I’ll be broke for about 4 months/1 year! Any LBP2 beta or demo news Jeff? (PLEASE RESPOND)


    Anyway, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Day 1 buy. Journey looks pretty awesome too.


    Why are you comparing chicken to that garbage? Chicken isn’t on rails or a bunch of pre-rendered videos.

  • after reading some more online,i found that an imported version of Eyepet from the UK, PAL version..will still work on US HDTVs. the only drawback is that DLC cannot be acquired. so if anyone wants to play Eyepet in the USA for 40$ without Move being required, theres nothing illegal about imports:)

  • @Blasphem0
    PSM is not required to play eyepet here in the u.s. the move is just an addition thats all heck there’s a move bundle for eyepet that comes out later this year or u can play it without.

  • I would definitely grab Parasite Eve for PS3 if it happened! These are great reads, thank you as always Jeff.

  • Hey Jeff, can you get a hold of Mercury Steam and interview them about Castlevania Lords of Shadows? Thanks!!

    • That’s two requests – so yes. We’ll be at TGS this year, so that might be a good time to get ahold of the devs.

  • @kane22_ heya..thats what i thought as well..till this mornin, when i looked on the gamestop site..the Eyepet standalone box is there..and right underneath the Ps3 logo it states”Playstation Move Required”..if it wasnt for that one word..required on the feel better

  • Hey Jeff,

    I’m sure someone at Sony has realised that if they want to stop this ‘PS3 Jailbreak’ from working, they probably just have to make sure they compile all new games with at least one essential file being over 4gb. The FAT32 file systems of the hard-drives just wont handle it, and the USB dongle will throw a hissy fit

    Fix it quick before GT5 comes out… Mr Yamauchi Kazunori deserves our money

  • I just want to say Thank you to Sony for their partnership with Subway because I just won a Fortune Hunters Edition of Uncharted 2! You rock Sony!

  • Go LBP 2! I have not pre-ordered yet, but I plan to soon!

  • Just pre-order my Black Ops Prestige Edition. haha!!
    Hey Jeff, is it’s possible to put Call of Duty Classic on the PSN for sale soon, i’ll very appreciate it if this happen.

    thanks in advance! :D

  • @ 28 That is awesome! you are one lucky dude, I must now go to subway often! I cant believe they still have fortune hunter editions out there.

  • @Blasphem0
    trust me don’t believe everything gamestop says especially since Sony never said anything like that.

  • @9 @16 who do u think create them? sony. they are smart. sell more ps3 and when the time comes they shut it down. its called asian business.

  • I know that the game is coming to 360 and blah blah… but please bring Kojima Productions to the blog to talk about MGS: Rising for the PS3

  • Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 would be awsome with Move support they even added two lighsabers in the game (Two Move controllers)

  • In the D.C. Move meet up post you said stay tuned for info on a Chicago meet up. I hope it happens I loved the Uncharted 2 event Naughty Dog did here. Maybe you guys should use the Muvico again it was a great place and has become my go to theater.

    Also the tourney was fun despite my team getting knocked out in the 2nd round.

  • @36: Yeah, I’m going to that Move meet up. I’m going to try out the PS Move. Also I’m excited that we got a lot of announcement from Gamescom. I was happy to hear a lot, Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3 got my attention the most.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Do You happen to know anything about EA Bringing the Ferrari DLC for Need for Speed: Shift to PS3? Because I don’t frequent the NFS forums and therefore don’t know if EA has said one way or another about that.


  • can you get a video intreview with valve and ask how deep steam on ps3 is going to be?

  • Nice recap. Parasite Eve was great on PS1 loved both games and cant wait for the 3rd bday. Jeff how about an interview with Bioware, I want to gauge whether or not I should get ME2. Need to find out how the game is running and if they are actually working properly with PS3 hardware.

    Also TGS is soon! It it possible for you to kidnap Nomura and force him on the blog. Seems as if FFvsXIII would be having a proper reveal so hopefully we can get a blog special. While you’re at it see if you can get Ueda too!

    Keep up the good work with the blog! Gamescom was awesome. Thanks british guy from the europe blog whose name I cant remember.

  • when is the blog going to include news on Portal 2 and the exclusive Steam support coming to Playstation???


  • Mass Effect 2 on the ps3? not surpirsed..
    Left 4 Dead 2 or 1? still not surprised

  • only testing why moderation is coming!

  • a working video for the early concept video made for the killzone serie?

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