Recap: gamescom 2010 as it Happened

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All week long, our intrepid EU PlayStation.Blog correspondent James Gallagher has been making the rounds at gamescom in picturesque Cologne, Germany.

Like most of you, the US PlayStation.Blog team has never attended gamescom. We thought we’d let James tell us what it’s like, from the major game announcements to the gaming culture to the restrooms (no joke). Let’s listen in…

For those that have never been to gamescom, I’d describe it as a mixture of E3 and PAX, although I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Seattle.

You’ve got your SCEE press conference, where we try our best to come up with big game announcements and — for me, most importantly — you have thousands of gamers in the beautiful city of Cologne, pulled together in celebration of that shared passion. There to meet them are the fruits of a great deal of imagination and hard work from the German PlayStation team. If you haven’t seen the PlayStation gamescom booth, then check it out via my video tour:

The biggest announcements of the week came from Insomniac Games, who announced both Ratchet & Clank All 4 One and Resistance 3. Insomniac’s President, Ted Price, joined the SCEE President Andrew House on-stage to lift the lid on two brand new PS3 games and I was lucky enough to interview him afterwards.

Another huge PlayStation story landed even before the SCEE press conference had begun, with EA announcing that Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3, and that the special editions of Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor will include HD versions of Dead Space Extraction and Medal of Honor Frontlines respectively.

PlayStation Move was everywhere at gamescom and one of the most enduring images I have is gazing across the booth at the masses of glowing spheres of all colours. I’d say that Sports Champions was the most popular title, with SingStar Dance proving popular with those brave enough to play it. I’ll tell you one thing about German gamers: they love their SingStar.

Also extremely popular were the the 3D TVs scattered across the show floor with Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Gran Turismo 5, The Fight and many more all playable in stereoscopic 3D. Glasses have never been so fashionable.

However, despite all the announcements and the games, my favourite part of gamescom is the atmosphere. Cologne is a densely packed city and the close proximity of the Koelnmesse Convention Centre, and it really makes you feel close to the people behind your favourite games.

I have to tell you, standing next to Kazunori Yamauchi at a urinal while Evolution Studios’ Matt Southern washes his hands is a weird experience for any gamer.

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  • Gamescom was surprisingly good, happy that Resistance 3 was officially announced, as well as Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, plus a few other cool stuff, good week.

  • You guys did a great covering all the great playstation games. So thank you.

  • Sid- Speaking of Singstar what are the odds you could get someone from SCEA to fill us in on what is going on with it? My wife and I are avid players and I have to be honest it gets expensive to buy songs on the European marketplace (we even imported the wireless mics). We have imported all games with the exception of the first one. It would be nice to know if we are going to get some love or if we have to keep paying out the teeth for songs and unable to post the videos. Thanx and sorry for such a long post

    • Singstar isn’t coming out later in the year, so some of the details along the lines of DLC songs and pricing won’t be firming up until closer to release. Thanks for the request, though — that lets me know that a comprehensive Singstar post would be a good idea, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for opportunities!

  • Weird, very weird to say the least :P

  • Gamescom is awesome!!!

  • The 320 GB PS3 with Move is coming with a demo disc. What will be on that demo disc?

  • Madison in shower…. (in Biff voice) BOOYAH…

    On topic, Whats bigger E3 or Gamescm?

  • This is like Disneyland for gamers! I love it!!

  • Wow! Those booth look awesome! I wish Playstation would come to Canada and do that same.

  • Hey, I don’t know if this article’s already been posted, but it was a good read:

    Personally, I’m most pleased with the inFamous 2 “announcement” and articles- good reads/watches. Killzone 3 was nice too. Resistance 3 is good news and all, but the live-action trailer really didn’t do anything for me.

  • Show me some more Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 gameplay pls!!!

  • Sid what do you think of the Mass Effect series coming to PS3? personally im really excited and looking forward to it next year. now i dont know if i’ll keep up anymore :P so many great games coming to PS3 :). looking forward to more news on Mass Effect PS3 from EA or Brioware :)

  • whats with the toilets and beds??? whatever looks awesome wish i could be there.

  • Wow I wish I could go…
    Lol at all the different thing is sit/lay on and play. Hahaha.
    Looks like a lot of fun though.

  • Bath tub, toilet, bed & a shower? why can’t we have that at e3? :P

  • that is awesome

  • Thats great coverage man!! Toilet seats lol the funniest part is at 5:05 LMAO!!!!!


  • The booths looked really creative.

    Singstar = Singing in the Shower

    Socom 4 = Tent/Barrack like setup

    LBP2 = Bed (as in level that you DREAM up)

    Killzone 3 = Cold medal bed & iconic toilets (one of the first things that grabbed people’s attention in multiplayer was that they were destructible in KZ2)

    Infamous 2 = Hospital beds (the guy walking around couldn’t find the link to it but in the first Infamous people were on hospital beds because of things like getting that weird sludge/plague on them and maybe others were caught in the blast or shot by a gang member).

  • Very nice booth, where is everyone tho? the whole place looks empty.

  • Nice, I will by next broke this year XD

  • Nice, I will be broke by next year XD

  • “…and many more all playable in stereoscopic 3D. Glasses have never been so fashionable.” … but affordable.
    I’m skipping this 3d crap,

  • so wheres the Motorstorm Apocalypse gamescon interview with footage from the new track and new info like track creator mode ? hey i know we r not that many but some people love Motorstorm you know


  • Except for Gran Turismo 5, I couldn’t possibly be less interested in all the other kiddie junk, including Move.

    Well, maybe F1 2010, but bring on GT5!

  • @ JiminPT

    Ironic, given that childish attitude of yours. Move’s proven that it’s got potential and staying power in the realms of both casual and hardcore gaming. Time to stop with the ‘too cool’ act and take an actual look at it.

  • Any info on what’s going on with No More Heroes for PS3. I know Konami picked it up in Europe and added Move controls. That’d be very odd if they weren’t doing the same for North America.

    • I heard the same, but I think details are scarce. We will obviously be pursuing these guys to do some show-and-tell on the Blog. :-)

  • Hoping we get some more info on Mass Effect 2 soon. Like what’s Genesis and if it actually exists? Will there be any major differences in the re-release? Who’s handling the port?

    A blog post from a Bioware rep would be absolutely incredible.

  • Dude that Theme is sick! I love the style, its looks like an awesome place to just relax and enjoy the scenery

  • I like what they did with the both… better than E3

  • It’s been a good week for Sony, exccept for that news with the PS3 being hacked by those losers with the jailbreak thing.

  • It’s been a good week for Sony, exccept for that news with the PS3 being hacked by those losers with the jailbreak thing. I hope you guys take them down before this becomes a problem.

  • I wanted to see a little more of Playstation Move.

  • Very very very awesome! I am very happy with Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3. Dead Space 2 stuff impressed and am looking forward to the game.

    Hey Sid, can you try to get a hold of Mercury Steam for a interview on Castlevania Lords of Shadows? Thanks man!

  • Why no mention of Deep Black? I found out from a reliable person that a demo for it was shown to the press at gamescom. It’s supposed to be coming to the PS3 in Q1 2011.

  • SONY do something about the jailbreak !!!

    We don’t need losers on PSN community !

  • my friend said we are having an update later today, is this true????

  • weird my comments are awaiting moderation, wonder why.

  • my comment in moderation

  • Why was Motorstorm Apocalypse in the 18-A section?

  • still no word for tales of series localization in this gamescom(-_-)(especially Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of graces F PS3) it is just hard to believe even after 4year that not any single tales of games localized for PS3 while japan gonna get their second tales for PS3 in winter 2010 and the new ekslusive tales for PS3 in 2011

    I really hope sony can help more japanese game come to the west easier by allowing publisher to release retail game with japanese voice and english subtitle only and please don’t forbid them to release 2d, anime based, also visual novel in the west,(recenly PS3 only get download version of agarest while the x360 get retail version, and the rejection of sakura wars 1&2 PSP(stated when siliconera interview, asked to nisa about releasing the game they said that other publisher try to release that but scea reject it just because it is only text novel, while sakura wars is not text novel it is visual novel, that interview make people think scea “hate” majority of japanese game) and ofcourse doesn’t even really know about the game they reject!(sakura wars was made by sega a big well known company)

  • Is there any news on DLC for Infamous 2 and Ratchet and Clank all 4 one.

  • thanks for showing this, cant wait get move

  • Looks like a gamers paradise. It looked like the EA guys didn’t have crysis2, It would have been nice to see Crytek at this event.
    IMHO crysis2 is going to be the game of the year.

  • @Sid: Yes, here is an informative article about Deep Black:

    Today, I learned that the Official Playstation Magazine will be doing an article about Deep Black very soon. Please try to get an interview with the developer, Biart Studios LLC. They can be found on Facebook here: and also on their own website here:

  • Next year could you please film the press conference and stream it live on the ps3 or playstation website? that would be totally awesome.

  • one question, I am a massive fan of Mass Effect and of the PS3. With it not having been on the PS3, I play Mass Effect (1&2) on my PC. It has one of the best stories of any game out there and I believe that anything that compromises that story does not do the title justice and takes away from one of its most defining features. Now with Mass Effect 2 being a trilogy with each game being based on decisions and actions of your character in the previous game(s), how will the decisions and actions of the first Mass Effect be handled in Mass Effect 2, as no clear plains have been stated for its release on the PS3? I have played through Mass Effect 2 without importing a character from the first and I’ll tell you what it certainly takes away from the game when I’m trying to be the nice guy and the default background is me having killed everyone and having been a general “badie”.

  • I’m so lucky my b-day is 10 days after the Playstation Move comes out! Because It hopefully wouldn’t be sold out till then. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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