gamescom: Killzone 3 Video Interview with Steven Ter Heide

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You may have read my impressions of Killzone 3’s multiplayer mode earlier in the week, but why listen to what I think? Find out further details around the explosive mode from the game’s Senior Producer, Steven Ter Heide in this video interview direct from gamescom.

The Helghast weren’t the only things I shot this week; look out for a few more video interviews next week, here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Nice interview, though there are so many more questions to ask. For instance, are the jetpacks and exoskeletons the only vehicles online? And a big one would be will there be a beta?

    I hope we find out soon :)

  • Yeah… I think GG is underestimating the number of hardcore players willing to play with the PlayStation Move. That’s the closest thing to mouse control they can get on console and they wouldn’t mind tossing the DS3 out of the window if proper Move controls are provided (and by proper I mean without such a huge deadzone and zoomlock).

    Please stop looking at it as a lure for new comers only…

  • @bloody_Marcel

    They are doing it for anyone who wishes to use it, casual or hardcore, so just take it easy.

  • Rolling objectives where the best part of KZ2 MP. I hate the fact that everyone on MW2 only seems like playing team death match. That is soooo Quake Arenaish and so last gen. Class based MP really is the future for shooters, so that people play as a proper team, rather than everyone being a grunt.

    I really like the dynamic nature of the KZ2 DLC maps, and look forward to playing something similar on KZ3, and hopefully they’ll bring back maps like Salamun Market and Tharsis Depot as they are my favourites.

  • Wow thats awesome i will be delighted to buy killzone 3 for my ps3 and psp and yes i would even play online.

  • PLEASE keep 32 players….. don;t take away the chaos…..

  • My PS+ subscription better get me into the beta.

  • Great interview James. Sounds like KZ3 MP is coming along quite nicely.
    I’m liking the sound of those Guerrilla game types.

    And I agree, hopefully PSN+ members get into the BETA. =]

  • This was a good interview, but there are still things I want to know! Things I’m sure will be revealed later…

    1.) Warzone is returning – will there be additional mission objectives to go along with the 6 that were there in Killzone 2?
    2.) Regarding co-op play. Will a second player be able to play with Rico in the campaign? Will there be an objective-based co-op mode? Or a mode where players fend off waves of AI bots?
    3.) Battle Replay was a nice feature in Killzone 2. I’d like to see it return, but integrated onto the actual game disc and not just the website. Would be nice to record full video like Uncharted 2.

  • Game looks awesome and definitely getting it day one. But I’m wondering if there will be offline co-op?

  • Please allow the Jeep to be usable on KZ3’s multiplayer. We didn’t get to drive it in KZ2 but it just looks like so much fun, especially if you had a friend on the back.

  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot :P.

    Please add prone (for campaign and multiplayer) Guerrilla! This is a hugely requested mechanic for the game. You guys are doing a good job on listening to the community, so please don’t ignore that. Thanks :).

  • @TruEve

    No… That would be awful… Prone works for some game I.E. mag, but its just asking for annoying penguin belly flops to dodge and other annoying garbage like that in these smaller more personal game styles.

    The more this stays away from other typical games like CoD the better…

  • Any chance of a theater mode in KZ3?…
    Every game should have a theater mode. :D

    ~ EXC355UM

  • Good interview, already quite a few improvements over the first, glad they are listening to their fans.

  • @Blkant

    It depends on how the animation is executed. Knowing Guerrilla and the the style of Killzone, the animation won’t be so fast, therefore “belly-flopping” and “drop shooting” won’t be effective. Similar to how you can’t bunny hop and shoot around in Killzone 2 :).

    What I think prone adds is a more dynamic experience. As much as I don’t want Killzone to mimic other games, COD offers a fun and varied experience when it comes to controlling your character and traversing the maps. Plus, going prone is realistic. Not to say that KZ is entirely realistic, or has to be, but I think it can def. enhance the experience. This is a feature that BF: Bad Company 2 needs as well! MAG also uses it and works great, like you said.

    Also, I’m not sure if I follow you when you say “smaller more personal game styles”… Killzone offers a wide variety of player counts from small to large. Prone woulndn’t subtract from any game style.

  • Prone cont…

    Also, Jeff Rubenstein is a fan of prone :P. When Killzone 3 was debuted, I remember he asked either Steven Ter Heide or Herman Hulst if prone will make it into the game (per fans requests). At the time, he got a “no comment” answer lol.

    Whether it’s implemented or not, I’d like to hear Guerrilla’s reason(s) as to why and how :).

  • lol the guy who is interviewing him sounds like my irish cousin gavin! cant wait to play this ive played killzone 2 demo and i liked it alot! i want to get this!

  • I love this guy’s name!!! But yea, kz3 is gonna be better than kz2 and beat out any other fps we know about RIGHT NOW. not something thats announced in like 6 months

  • I’ve seen interviews with this guy before, but this is the first time I’ve heard about the dynamic elements of the levels. Killzone 3’s certainly going to be one to look out for in 2011.

  • I wish I could get this

  • Great! just confused if i should get move or nor for this game.

  • 1. Will this game support multiple PSN ID sign-in?
    2. Will it support split-screen?
    3. Will it come bundled with Move and Sub Navigation controller?

  • I hope Guerrilla opens up the amount of guns I can use with a class. I loved being a medic but I hated the two Assault Rifles and I would have rather used the SMG.

  • It all sounds great, but one thing I’m really wondering…. will I be able to play with my friends, in a private room vs BOTS and still be able to earn EXP and advance through the online component?

    My friends and I had a ton of fun with that setup before Guerrilla changed it, basically ruining the game’s only co-op component.

    Sometimes, you just don’t feel like playing against other people, but that doesn’t mean we want to play some sort of neutered version of the game.

  • i will enjoy the guerrilla mode with smaller team based gameplay, but the big question for me is will there be Free-For-All it wasnt in KZ2 and i would really like to leave the team based gameplay behind sometimes and just fend for myself

  • I hope some of the KZ2 maps are included in KZ3. KZ2 has some of the best designed MP maps i’ve played and it would make me very happy to see my favourites like BeachHead and ArcTower Landings returning.

  • My god! You guys answered my call. I feel special.
    Killzone 3 is going to be fantastic.

  • I’m so excited for this game! especially the multiplayer!

  • Will there be filtering on the games such as people using the PS Move? Cuz if people use the Move online, there may be a disadvantage going against people using the DS3 vice versa.

  • Nice interview, can’t wait to try KZ3. I haven’t tried the second one yet (I have the first one on my PS2).

  • A few games are putting out expansions for single player these days like Bad Company 2 for example. Hopefully Killzone 3 will have one of these that includes Helghan attack dogs.


  • very nice and interesting interview

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