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Here’s this week’s PlayStation Store Digital Comics update.

comics 8.18.10

Another week with great comics for your PSP, including more epic Cap, another bottle of True Blood, more Sonic, the fabulous Street Code….and the legendary Bum Bum the Painter.

STREET CODE is the tale of Jack, a native New York bruiser, fed up with living in the dregs of a drug-addled Alphabet City. After escaping to a fresh start in Brooklyn, Jack must now negotiate a new strain of street logic–where most everything he encounters is not as it seems. With Street Code, creator Dean Haspiel returns to his semi-autobiographical roots and explores the emotional truths between prime and primate. Issue one is now available on your PSP – oh, and it’s FREE, so check it out.

(To compliment the reading experience, why not shake your rump to Dean Haspiel’s Street Code music mix here – a list of music he grew up listening to, including Public Enemy, Run DMC, Daft Punk and 2-Tone’s finest, The Specials)

Elsewhere, the stunning Brubaker/Epting Captain America saga continues with “The Man Who Bought America”, where the Red Skull makes an unexpected move for the very soul of America.

Back in sun-drenched Bon Temps, True Blood continues with another fine adaptation of the hit TV show. In issue #2, psychic waitress and vampire fetishist Sookie Stackhouse is forced to reveal her deepest, most shameful secret to save the lives of Bill and her friends. If you haven’t already done so, download the free preview episode.

A new Sonic The Hedgehog series launches this week from Archie Comics. Alongside everyone’s favorite blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, Sonic Universe stars Blaze the Cat, Marine the Raccoon, Rouge the Bat, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and many more mischievous oiks up to no good. The “Living Weapons” arc kicks things off with a bang in issue #1.

Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1693
  • A Question of Pride
  • The Authority #6
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Captain America (2004) #37 – #42
  • Deadly #3
  • DMZ #18
  • Donald Duck and Bum Bum the Painter
  • DoubleDuck #7
  • Ducklings Go Adrift #1
  • Ex Machina #5
  • Fables #20
  • Gen13 #26
  • G.I. Joe #20
  • Green Lantern: No Fear #2
  • High Moon #7
  • Jonah Hex #18
  • The Lexian Chronicles #11
  • Planetary #7
  • Safe Inside #2
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Billionaires Go Camping
  • Sonic Universe #1
  • Sonic Universe #2
  • Stormwatch PHD #18
  • Street Code #1
  • Transformers: Ironhide #3
  • True Blood #2
  • Wildcats #6
  • Y: The Last Man #3

As always check for the full PlayStation Store Digital Comics catalog along with pricing info.

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  • When can we get comics in Canada?

  • Waiting for some more bundles and a new memory stick since my current one just filled up. Might have to delete a game to make room for more comics, lol.
    What have you people done to me!

  • Y: The Last Man is a good read so I shall grab that today.
    Also people RATE YOUR COMICS PLEASE makes buying stuff blindly less scary.
    And read The Runaways.

  • Ooh. Sonic!

  • Yeah! Y: The Last Man!!

  • Can’t wait for more Bone comics!

    Also, I really like Y’s as well…

    And, for some reason I can’t get enough of those Donald Duck comics!!!!

  • I was wating for that Captain America (2004) #37 – #42, Thanks

  • •Sonic Universe #1
    •Sonic Universe #2

    Not the same Sonic I was thinking of… but I’ll still take it! Woo-hoo!

  • i was hoping for archie comics as sonic the hedgehog, but i been waiting for that since few months now or so though. i wish they would make more of sonic.

  • when can we expect some comics in Canada? Im glad you guys got the video store running and ive been making use of it and now i feel like comics are a dieing medium so i wanna try some digital comics. Provide me the option Sony…. My money’s waiting!

  • When will you put the comics store available for use on PS3?!?!?!

    I would buy loads if I could!
    Get on it!

  • Cool Update! I’m still waiting for those Neozoic issues though! :P

  • Grace, Is there any way for Sony to get a hold of the Scott Pilgrim Comics for digital distribution on PSN?

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