Pulse 8/17 Edition Now Available

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The latest edition of PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network, hits PlayStation Store later today in full HD and for your PSP system. You can also catch it right here, right now:

This edition features Scott Pilgrim, Shank, ‘Marvel-ous LittleBigPlanet’ add-ons, along with the Top 10 Avatars available. There’s also the new Top Gun game which made the PULSE crew want to rent this 80’s action classic (which by the way is currently available for rental or purchase on the video side of PlayStation Store.)

Thanks for downloading and watching.

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  • Dear Sony,

    Please stop selling PS+ like it is a good thing. In all my years of gaming, it must be the worst $50.00 I ever spent! There is lots of time to fix it, but it seems like you don’t even listen to the consumer! Oh well! I have had my PS3 basically since launch, and I a consider myself a loyal Sony fan. But this thing is just getting worst and worst. I could of swore when I signed up it said we would get updated weekly. I don’t want “FREE” games from 2-3 years ago! Come on, do you really think that we didn’t buy those when they released?

  • I like pulse. This one seemed much longer then the typical Pulse. I also noticed a few advertisements in there too. But it was a good show.

    Interesting that Sackboy is the top avatar. Is that free with Pulse?

  • i want that Kratos AVATAR so badly but i have a psp GO , why cant we pre order the game on PSN ? and Pulse should be longer with more info guys , how about the top little Big Planet / ModNation Racers ps3/psp creations of the week? how about the top MAG clan of the week ? Killzone ? top Players in Uncharted 2 multiplayer ? exclusive first party titles interviews and more

  • I think they are at least trying. I also believe that plus can be better, however I also think that live could be better. In my mind it is good business sense to not have new games available for free. I would like discounts on new gamers, but you dont even get discounts on new games with live. I have compared both services and feel as though this one is worth it. With plus at least we know that it will change and with live nothing will change.

  • Did she actually say that “Pixeljunk Racers” was critically acclaimed?

    Oh my.

  • damn she looks hot in this one..lol

  • @remanutd5, when they first announced it, they confirmed that if you buy Ghost of Sparta on the PSN store during the first week, you’ll get all the pre-order goodies. So no worries there.

  • remanutd5 if you purchase the download version of Ghost of Sparta on PSN Store 11/2-11/9 you will get the exclusive offer of dynamic theme, PSP theme, soundtrack, PSN avatar, etc.

  • i know Coldforge same like Gran Turismo psp but why cant we get the pre order goodies at the same time as the other psp owners ? i mean we can pre order a little psn game ( Sam and Max ) but we cant pre order the most anticipated PSP game of the year , bah
    Every End Must First Begin .

  • @remanutd5, They’re obviously more interested in teaching us a lesson in delayed gratification than in taking our money. We should be grateful for their altruism! :D

  • I hate to say it, I’m sure Christina is a nice person. I just don’t like her screen presence. Her movements are twitchy and make her seem like a bobble-head on toothpicks. I’m waiting for her to fall over constantly. Maybe if she was shot abdomen up while she sat on a stool for stability. I prefer Veronica and Audrey (from Qore) as they also sound like they know what they are talking about instead of reading copy (which they probably are most of the time).

    Eh… To each their own, I guess.

  • Avatar top list was nothing but PS+ downloads. I lol’d

  • People need to stop complaining about plus. I like it. If you dont like it, dont buy it. An yea, Christina looks amazing in this video.

  • How can we win a date with Christina Lee?

  • Pulse 8/17 – Legs Edition.. you know your audience Sony. Congrats! XD

  • @1 lol that’s your problem. Haven’t regretted buying it ever.

  • Great job on the new Pulse Christina! I like pulse alot.

  • Great job Cristina! As usual of course. :)

  • nice legs christina very sexy!!!

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