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I’m not in Cologne, Germany, for gamescom. You’re not either. But that’s OK; James Gallagher from PlayStation Blog Europe is – and he’s liveblogging today’s PlayStation press conference for all of us.

The event gets underway at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/6pm CET.

Once the press conference is over, the fun begins – make sure to refresh the Blog at approximately 11:30am Pacific to see some of the trailers James was just describing to you.

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  • I’m so excited! I really hope we finally get to hear some news about Resistance 3.

  • i also hope there’s a few good announcements regarding the web browser or apps for the ps3. as for games i think its safe to say that they are going to talk about fps and platformers :0

  • pshh jeff, just between you and me there anything that we should know about? dont worry if you tell me i will not tell anybody else HAHA XD

  • curious if this neogaf rumor of mass effect 3: genesis holds up.

    might be at the EA presser though, which starts in 5 minutes, and can be seen here –

  • Hoping for an announcement that the 3d bluray firmware will be released this week :)

  • yeah i wish to hear some announcements about ps plus features the newer ones thats coming soon maybe skype on ps3?

  • REMEMBER! – If Insomniac Games announces their new game today, you can view the trailer instantly if you are signed up to their newsletter! :)

  • when does it starts??????????????

  • is there a Live Stream of this somewhere?
    if so, why not?

  • Why no livestream like EA? zzzzz

  • starhawk starhawk starhawk starhawk

  • Resistance 3 would be sweet. Hope it has full stereoscopic 3D :)

  • @ganbit23

    “The event gets underway at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/6pm CET.”

  • in scott pilgram game we can sign in as different users at once please tell me they are goin to make that for every game from now on

  • @2 Oh yea I hope for a new browser too. The possibilities of what could be announced today, I hope Sony doesn’t dissapoint, though I highly doubt they will.

  • w8 6 pm central?

    9am pacific is 11 am central?

    any ways hopefully IG announce their new PS3 game that they have been teasing us about!!! hope its Resistance 3

  • wait so what time central?
    and definitely want to hear bout resistance 3 jaja

  • Things I wish Sony would announce/discuss:

    The PS3 game library is awesome, but I’d love to hear about Bioware’s next project or the Mass Effect series (game of the year this year) coming on PS3. A Castle Crashers release date too please!

    Software, Firmware features needed:
    -Built-in Netflix
    -PS Button Context Sensitive (PS Blog Share #4)
    -Auto-sync Trophies (Blog Share #3)
    -Improved Web Browser
    -Cross Game Voice Chat (#1, long shot)

    $249 model available (doubt it but still, nothing else matters besides price drop, the 160gb HD rumor isn’t gonna sway anyone)

  • Mass Effect 2 announced at the EA conference! Keep the ball rolling Sony, give us a Ueda surprise!

  • mass effect 2 is coming to the ps3!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • mass effect 2 is heading for the ps3!

  • So EA announced Mass Effect 2 at their conference and I have no doubt that Sony will the same. Why not do a ME 1 and 2 Bundle? Seriously :|

  • Since Mass Effect 1 didn’t get announced during the EA Press Conference (just Mass Effect 2). I find myself hoping that it gets announced during Sony’s Press Briefing. Seriously, ME2 releasing on the PS3 without ME1 being on the platform is worthless.

  • Where is a live stream? I don’t like these blog type things.

  • Kids need to learn their time zones. Feels like that movie Idiocracy! Check it out…it is very funny.

    CET = Central European Time (GMT +1)
    PST = Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8)
    GMT = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    CST = Central Standard Time (GMT -6)
    EST = Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

    Notice the trend? The big three North American zones are _blank_ Standard Time. (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time)

    So when it is 6pm in Germany (CET) it is 9am on the Pacific West Coast, 10am in Mountain Standard Time, 11am CST, 12 noon EST, etc, etc.

  • omg i am dying to hear something from insomniac about resistance 3, plzzzz let it be announced. also me2 comming to ps3 is pretty cool, though everyone saw that comming :D

  • For all you guys confused still…it starts in about 15 minutes

  • you guys know of any livestreams?

  • EA wuz ok (Mass Effect 2 FTW!) I want a good press conference! More InFAMOUS 2 plz… and Resistance 3! But i think this new game from Insomniac its not Resistance or Ratchet and clank

  • @22 i have 1 hour looking 4 one… no luck :(

  • it won’t be streamed live sadly… if there is no announcement of resistance 3, i will cry myself to sleep tonight :(



    @zezyan I will too :(.

  • I bet the majority of this conf will be about Move. I do hope we get a little more GT5 info. Maybe a release date for our European friends?

  • No comments… thats a new spam record! this sucks…

  • I wish there was a live stream :/ anyone check ustream or ?

  • that’s not a lot of info XD

  • Is this an European tradition that they don’t release live streams?
    E3 had every conference covered with LIVE STREAM! I don’t want to say this but yo Europeans are idiots. It always shocks me when they use the word “football”. That Peter Moore guy called FIFA ’11 a FOOTBALL GAME! Hope It’ll be better FOOTBALL game than Madden. Man, I hate soccer.

  • @32

    Sony didn’t live stream E3 either, it was done by gamespot and a few other sites. The only press conference that I think was streamed today was EA’s.

  • Mass Effect 2 on PS3 great work guys

  • ME coming to ps3 2011

  • @33 Dude its not Europeans fault there wuz a EA live stream…

  • did the live blog person fall asleep?? CMON!!!!!


  • Hmmm i wonder when they actually start posting

  • Mass Effect 2….great news. Can’t wait. It’s now the PS3 game I’m most looking forward to.

  • @33 but still OUR COUNTRY HAD live streams. So people don’t needed live bloggers to tell us everything they see. I want to see it myself, not secondhand [DELETED]. It’s the biggest conference of Europe and they even say that it’s bigger than E3. So where is all that live coverage and fame that our E3 had, has, and will always have?

  • According to amazon sony just announced a 160 gig ps3. Dont know if it is true or not because we have no information.

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