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As you may know, this week brings us one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world: Europe’s gamescom. Last year at this event, we announced our redesigned, lower-priced PS3. What will we be talking about this year?

Head on back to this Blog on Tuesday morning to find out; PlayStation.Blog EU’s James Gallagher will be reporting live from Cologne, Germany – a city filled with people that I’d imagine smell very good (or very bad). Then, throughout the week, James and others on-site will be transmitting new trailers, interviews, and other news from gamescom to our shores.

It should be a very fun and exciting week, so we hope to see you back here! Figuratively, of course… it’s not like we can see you. That’d be creepy.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 9, 2010)

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  • Hey Jeff, great list this week. Might want to add this though…

    and any word if PSN+ subscribers will get access to the beta?

  • Playstation Move?

  • When is Castle Crashers coming out? I read Sony QA has been holding back its release for months. PSN always seems to be too little, too late.

  • Glad Castle Crashers is near, but a release date would be nice, soon never seems soon enough. :P

  • i hope insomniac will reveal their next game..
    anyone know of a website with video feed?

  • Activision, ugh

  • jeff, i’m going to go out of a limb here and say that you guys are going to announce a new or improved web browser +(pun intended)move support for it.btw, there is a video floating around youtube of a kid that got all the goods before launch…pretty interesting stuff indeed :0

    anyways, i’m happy that sports season is just beggining.i was pretty glad that the miami dolphins deafeated the tampay bay buccaneers yesterday night at a exhibition game XD

  • Jeff, I hope there are some surprises at Gamescom Tuesday.

  • Wow about time we hear something about Castle Crashers!!! We need a release day, like now lol… I’m getting tired of waiting for that game.

    BTW, David Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal with Loot Ninja <- nice interview, it's good to keep hearing about Twisted Metal and the online modes!

  • Cross game chat needs to be announced or This will be like to 10th consecutive fail & disappointment of a show. lol. People just want Cross game chat and we will be happy.

  • Hay Jeff,
    Since I didn’t get a answer in my last post, I might as well try again. Will the PSblog be streaming the Sony GameCon Press Conference on Tuesday the 17th?

  • Any progress with the PS Blog Podcast?

    • We’ve hired the guy who will be producing it (Rey). He’s getting up to speed on a number of fronts before turning attention to the podcast.

  • New PSP hmm… no news

  • Jeff do you know what time we the GamesCon conference will be? I know EA’s is 10:00 AM Eastern time, when can we expect Sony’s?

  • Since Tuesday is GDC EU will he be blogging the following Thursday when Gamescom really starts?

  • @14 poodude: Check this link out. Gamescom starts on the 18th (WED) when you Google it you see that GDC EU starts on the 16th (MON) and runs to the 18th (WED), then Gamescom begins etc it runs through 22nd (SUN). And for specific information to the conference check out this link:

    It has what you need minus your timezone to find out when it starts.

  • Speaking of expos, when are we get the info for the PAX meetup?

  • Jeff,

    THANK YOU for the update on Castle Crashers status. It’s very much appreciated. Can’t wait for The Behemoth to announce the date here on the blog! Hopefully, sometime this week ;)

  • When Sony says “soon”, that can means anywhere from next week to next year ;)

  • Jeff, Is there an Castlevania:Lords Of Shadow interview in the cards this week from guy’s over at the europe playstation blog?

  • Check out my PS3 Start-up Lock Code idea, as well as my others. I feel that ideas dont get noticed unless they are fairly new or in the first pages of “Most Popular”.

  • @ 20 agreed

  • I forgot to put something in my last post. Jeff, please ask Capcom to see if we are getting a Dead Rising 2 demo before the game releases? Thanks.

  • Hey Jeff. i really want that PSN ID change ability :P. even if paying a small fee. Its not something new since Japan PSN has it. pass it on the firmware department plz

  • “.” Fixed. Didn’t mean to put a question mark in there.

  • hello jeff , im still unable to see the kung fu rider trailer from my ps3. did you hear anything about the online tech sony might add to the last guardia? , i was reading about it on a eurogamer in spanish .

  • $300 250 GB PS3? OMG! Ahem, sorry. I don’t shop at K-mart. Any ideas what Insomniac’s game announcement is at Gamescom? I hope it’s another Ratchet and Clank game!

  • Forgot to add the news about the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta!!!!

  • dont shop at k- mart??? why not ? are u scared some mexicans will jump u in the parking lot?? lol

  • @21

  • if locoroco had a sequel i wish it would be less stressing and frustrating

  • hey jeff im using my ps3 browser right at this moment and all i get is audio but no video. i can watch other videos on here but the kung fu rider trailer not working.

  • + im not using other os just ps3 browser

  • Will Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep be available for download for PSPgo users on the same day of its release? Please someone respond ASAP.

  • @ 32 no plans for digital dl for psp go only umd at the moment

  • @33 Sigh…. I now see why the PSPgo hasen’t been doing so well…. Thing is, I didn’t get one yet. Birthday is coming up soon and my 1000 (got it the week of PSPs release) is permanently dead due to overplay…. I figured I’d go with the Go because it’s portable and there’s no need for UMD’s. Plus you get 3 free games anyways so I put it on my wishlist and happened to get a glance at a receipt the failed to stay in the garbage.

  • yei Castle Crasher it’s comming soon maybe in a month :D

  • I hope 8 Days get a reboot.

  • get psp 3000

  • @37 Yeah, I’m going to trade the Go for a 3000 asap….

  • will there be a sly 4 comin out in the future ?

  • Do you or Sid know if Sony will make an official annoucement if Kingdom Hearts BBS is or is not going to be on the PSP GO at the time of it’s release on September 7th. And if so are there any current plans to get it on the PSP GO at a future point in time or in the near future? It would give me more and perhaps others more closure on this if Sony/SE/Disney together or one of them to make an official announcment on that status of BBS for the PSN…

  • Coooooome oooooon Castle Crashers!

  • Cant wait!!! BTW someone hacked this kawaiigamr account…can sony please help me recover it, the email and password were changed

  • i have the information saved on my PC but someone hacked this account on PSN, is there any way for me to recover it while im signed in here, i know this comment doesnt belong here but i just realized my sign in info was saved here….

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