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31 11

GamesCom kicks into gear next week in Cologne, Germany. The US PlayStation Blog team will be staying put in the States, but our intrepid EU PlayStation Blog correspondent James Gallagher will be filing farm-fresh GamesCom news and announcements straight from the show floor. Should be an eventful week!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • TerRover Demo Comes to Qore Tomorrow — Buy Qore (subscription or single-copy via PlayStation Plus) and you get early access to Creat Studios’ new PSN title TerRover.
  • Two Princesses, One Year: Happy Anniversary Fat Princess! — The Fat Princess team celebrates with 50% off and an Auto-Tuned birthday song.
  • PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap: Free Update Gets Early Access Tomorrow — PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap is free for existing Racers owners, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it early.
  • “The Tester” Casting Contest – Top 100, Last 5 Days — The deadline just ended, and the Top 10 contestant finalists for The Tester will be chosen soon.
  • ModNation Monday: XP Races Remedied and UFG Insights — ModNation producer goes in-depth on the load improvements and gameplay tweaks made in the new update.
  • Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Available on PSN Today — A third-person JRPG with headshots? Check out the full list of features in this post from Sega.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World vs PSN today! — I saw Scott Pilgrim (the movie) a day or two ago, and I was pleased by its many video game references. The game is no different!
  • Qore Episode 27: Kane & Lynch 2, Splatterhouse, TerRover and Kyoto, Japan — Veronica Belmont previews Kane & Lynch 2’s “Fragile Alliance” multiplayer mode, plus a free demo of PSN game TerRover.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game hits PSN, Red Faction: Guerrilla game trial, Crash Team Racing, Mafia II demo and more.
  • Knights in the Nightmare comes to PSP October 19th — Aram from Atlus shows a new video for this upcoming PSP strategy-RPG.
  • Shank: Combo, Grappling and Weapons Vignette — You owe it yourself to watch these murder-licious combos, which have Shank shotgun-pouncing and head-shooting through the baddies.
  • PlayStation Move Event Hits PlayStation Home + Top Gun, Star Wars & More!!! — Compete in the PlayStation Move event in the Presentation Podium and you can win elite Move virtual items.
  • Digital Comics Store Update (August 11, 2010) — Y: The Last Man makes its Comics Store debut. Other highlights include Venom: Dark Origin, Green Lantern: No Fear, and Eternal Descent.
  • Kung-Fu LIVE: Coming to PAX Prime & New Trailer Debut — The Kung-Fu LIVE trailers never disappoint, and this is the most elaborate production yet.
  • Irrational Games’ Next Project Coming to PS3, First Video and Ken Levine Q&A — If you haven’t seen this video from the creators of BioShock, watch it now before you know its name. Also: Ken Levine talks turkey with PlayStation.Blog!
  • DanceDanceRevolution: Comes to PS3 with Move Support — Konami announces PlayStation Move support for its upcoming PS3 dance title. Rave aficionados, take note!
  • Ys Seven for PSP: Video tour — Catch a video tour of the “7 Wonders of Ys Seven,” and learn more about this action-RPG.
  • Kung Fu Rider – PlayStation Move’s Most Unique Launch Title — PlayStation Move: It Only Does Escaping-From-The-Mafia-on-Office-Furniture. New video interview digs into the robust feature set.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Kick-Ass and Futurama lead off the most popular Video Store downloads. Read on for more popular choices and new releases.
  • Follow Friday: PlayStation Edition — A directory of PlayStation Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

    Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • MAG v1.07 Available Tomorrow — MAG’s latest patch is crammed with sweet new additions including “Happy Hour” double XP, faster downloads, lighting upgrades, and more.
  • Zipper Profile: Kurt Manning — MAG’s Assistant Producer talks about some of the major new enhancements hitting MAG in v1.07.
  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 16 — Kurt Manning, Assistant Producer on MAG, stops by to give us the latest news on v1.07, while Chris and Jeremy dish out some SOCOM 4 details.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

  • New MP skins and Dynamic Theme available on August 17 — Check out the new multiplayer skin pack, with eight new skins, and a video of the new PS3 Dynamic Theme.
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    11 Author Replies

    • Good week. I’m enjoying the TerRover demo

      Hey Sid, will we be getting any coverage of the PSN exclusive RTS game “Under Siege”? It’s sounding like a promising game since it’s an RTS which you can play with the PlayStation Move, and that’s pretty impressive for that genre of games.

      Could we be expecting Under Siege to release this year?

      • It’s funny, Jeff and I were just talking about this. It’s being developed in Europe, and we’re opening up channels with the team to discuss Blog possibilities, so…stay tuned! Otherwise, I don’t know much more about the game than you. We’ll be digging hard for more details!

    • Will you guys be streaming the Sony GamesCon Press Conference?

    • hello sid , the trailer for kung fu rider is not working there is only audio and a black screen . can this be fixed ? im trying to view it from my ps3 . written from my ps3

    • sorry sid but it is still not working . ty for your efforts.

    • This is completely unrelated, but go to one minute, KEVIN BUTLER WAS IN THAT 70’s SHOW?!?!?!!? AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • Scott Pilgrim FTW. The game is great and I’m going to see the movie soon.

      I’m also extremely interested in TerRover. It’s hard, but a lot of fun.

      Finally, DDR. After such a long wait, I’m glad I’ll get to play a PS3 version. I was running out of steam with the PS2 ones.

    • I have a question regarding the history, is Sony ImageSoft the exact same as sony computer entertainment but when they started playstation or they were just becaming one of playstation’s division?

    • Hey, you guys might have a bit of a mistake on your hands. When browsing through the PS3 accessories you guys confused the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller with the Bluetooth Headset, also you have the features and information mixed up.

      heres a link to show you guys:

    • Hey Sid. Any word if PSN+ subscribers will get access to the LBP2 beta?

    • can ya fix it Sid i’m planning on buying the headset

    • I enjoyed reading the Yakuza 3 reviewed by Yakuza article, it was really interesting.

    • Hey Sid, is it August 17 yet?

    • I’m playing: Prototype, LEGO Harry Potter, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Resistance 2.
      I’m watching: LittleBigPlanet 2 Adventure Trailer
      I’m reading: (gonna start) Alien.

    • Any news on LBP2 beta, Sid?

      • Not sure where this came from, but nothing’s been announced on this front. Remember that internal company betas happen all the time — I’ve heard zero word on a public beta. Chalk it up to rumor and speculation for now.

    • Sid!

      I just so on Amazon that Move games no have this logo (Playstation Move required with a PSEye and Move drawing), not the on that had been before.

      Please tell whoever is responsible to make it the way it was! It looks horrible!! and too cluttered!
      Can’t they just put a sticker on the box so people know? Why would they take space from the box art, when it’s already too cluttered.

    • I’m currently playing TerRover. That game is awesome. Amazingly awesome. I actually reccomend buying Qore just to download the DEMO to the game, that’s how good it is. Have you had a chance to play it yet Sid?

    • Look up
      PS3 Start-up Lock Code!
      in blog share. Also check out my other ideas. I feal ideas dont get noticed unless they are fairly new or in the first pages of “Most Popular”.
      Hey, I just had an idea! How about once a week we get Jeff, Sid and some other to announce 10 ideas they like. Then, post a blog with thoughts about each idea. It would be nice to see what you guys at Sony think!

    • @6
      Yes, his name is Jerry Lambert. He has also played in Everybody Love Raymond, Malcom in the Middle, and more.
      Heres a Facebook page about him:

    • I mentioned this b4 on the blog that my ideas are not appearing on the blog share. They are all original ideas (except the last one about Kutaragi) I checked.

      Since 2 months I made some 10 plus ideas and none have shown up.

      Plz fix or update me on the issue.

    • Like #2, I’d be interested in a live stream of Sony’s GamesCom conference. Any idea where I could find one, or is just not happening?

    • Scott pilgrim is Awesome.


    • Sid here’s the link to the article from

      They should just put a sticker, like the one that came with ModNation Racers, about Sackboy.

    • hey sid i just wanna know will ps+ members get any type of discount on dc universe online monthly fee? And is there any inofrmation from level 5 on white knight chronicles 2 being localized or coming to the states? Or should i wait for tgs 2010 to hear something on wkc 2

    • Hey Sid quick question please.

      If I buy the digital version on Red Faction, will my save file and trophies carry over from the Disc version?

    • Sid!!

      Like Soulrend said, I believe our man Kevin Butler was actually in a episode of that 70’s show. Also, I am 100% positive he was in a episode or two of Malcom in the Middle as well, most notable the Krelboyne Picnic episode.

      Now far be it from me to come here and not bring some kind of proof of his sitcome prowess. Below is a link to the VP of all things important doing a spot on Everybody Loves Raymond. Enjoy.

    • When is Castle Crashers coming out on PSN? XBLA has a barrage of cool games over the summer, one game takes months and months to come out on PSN.

    • Scott Pilgrim is amazing, it’s got me all hyped up for Castle Crashers as well now :D

    • I love PS3, PS2, AND PS1. I had a xbox360 and it was unfair, plus i got the three rings of death. I’ve had no problems with any of your systems. I grew up with PlayStation and i will always play PlayStation systems!!! Uncharted 2 and Uncharted rock! There is some things i do dislike about the ps3 that the 360 has, why cant you change your name?, why is there not a party chat so i can talk to my friends while playing a different game? Please take the time to understand what im saying. We both know that the biggest part of gaming is online.

    Please enter your date of birth.