Ys Seven for PSP: Video tour

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Greetings again from Cafnoria (note: the Ys world map has never stretched that far west, so I’m just guessing on this one!). XSEED’s resident Falcom fanatic is coming at you once again for another peek at Ys Seven, the most spectacular game to hit your PSP since Brave Story: New Traveler!

Today, our focus will be on the game world as we reveal to you all the Seven Wonders of Ys Seven — seven locations that help define the game and keep its story moving. So sit back, relax, take in the new trailer and enjoy!

1. Altago City

The centerpiece of the game’s story. This is where Adol and Dogi first make landfall in the Altaginian countryside. And, unlike most of the cities they’ve visited over the years, it does NOT offer them a particularly warm welcome. Still, that doesn’t make this trade capital any less impressive! Not only is the city a real sight to behold, it also includes a sprawling port for some of the largest naval vessels in the world. Its sheer size and magnificence makes it one of Ys Seven’s wonders, and its seedy, intricate history makes it a true contender for the #1 spot.

2. Shrine of Origins

Unearthed only recently, this mysterious cave contains artifacts from a distant time, featuring unknown markings. A sense of mystery pervades every last crevasse, and to any travelers who dare traverse its darkened spirals, I can offer only one piece of advice: LOOK UP!!

3. Ancient Tree of Shannoa

Arguably the largest tree in the world, with sap that can purify water and make plants grow instantaneously. As a result, its girth is constantly increasing, and its life-giving properties have brought hope to the humble Shannoans for generations. Though healthy, its inside does seem to be hollow, and many rumors have been spread as to what one may find therein. The truth, however, is far more intense than any could have possibly predicted.

4. Flame Shrine of Segram

No one knows exactly when the Flame Shrine was built, but the Segramites would not hesitate to tell you why: It exists to honor the Great Flame Dragon, whose endless supply of lava and brimstone has become a valuable resource to all those who dwell within the desert. Sure, it may not sound like much, but the fire guarded within this sanctified place is eternal, and its power has been known to ward off evil and burn contaminants from the air.

5. Holy Precincts of the Wind

This multi-tiered structure seems to defy gravity, floating in mid-air in a most impossible manner. Built to honor the Great Wind Dragon, these Holy Precincts serve as a place of worship for the mysterious Kylosian people, who are known to don sacred capes and ride its wind currents all the way to the blessed tower in its center. If you’re afraid of heights, though, this may be the scariest wonder of them all!

6. Ruins Island

TRULY a wonder, this island seems to have once held a thriving city, but all of that now lies at the bottom of its many sunken ruins. Those who draw near find their compasses spinning wildly, and have been known to lose all sense of direction. As a result, this wonder is currently forbidden — off-limits to all by order of Altago’s regent, King Kiemarl. Still, just because it’s off-limits to locals doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to visitors, right…?

7. ???

To even say the name of this final wonder would be most inconsiderate of me! Indeed, even revealing its exact location would ruin the surprise of discovering it on your own. But trust that this is, without a doubt, the greatest wonder of them all — and truly, it is unlike anything else in the world…

Want to learn more about Altago? Perhaps you’d like to know about the Cave Byway, or the Moonlight Path, or the Desert of Despair… or maybe you’d like to hear about the Dragon Sanctums, or the lake beneath the Altaginian Highlands?


Well, tough luck! I’m not about to spoil the whole game for you. You’ll just have to pick up your own copy of Ys Seven on Tuesday, and find out for yourself what’s happening in the land of Altago! And believe me, you won’t be disappointed. This may be an action-packed title driven more by its gameplay than its story… but there are still plenty of people to see, places to go, things to do, and monsters to eliminate (or be eliminated by!).

With Ys Seven in your UMD tray (or on your Memory Stick), you’ll never be bored — no matter where you go or what you do, there’ll always be a whole world for you to explore at ludicrously high running speeds, right in the palm of your hand!

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  • the video doesn’t work :(

  • video doesn’t work

  • Video down…

  • So stoked for this game, can’t wait to get my Pikkard filled collector’s edition!

  • Nice video ^^

    Gonna get this :p

  • Wow. PSP is on fire. yet another title for the “must have” list. Between the PSP and the PS3, well, anyone know where I can sell a kidney?

    • Not at XSEED’s office, I can tell you that! Why, we have no use for body parts here at all, my good man! (looks around all shifty-eyed) (whispers) *Meet me out back!*

  • Again, Ys features utterly compelling music!
    And a cloth map. I LOVE IT!

  • Looks like a lot of fun.

  • i wish one day all thoses PSP rpg’s playable on my PS3 XMB.

    btw, this game really look good!

  • Yay for RPGs!

    I’m crossing my fingers that your next title will be a turn-based RPG. If you build them, we will buy them!

  • Can’t Wait!!

  • The music sounds nice. Are there voice overs?

    • Only battle voices, I’m afraid. You’ll have to wait for the next Ys title, “Ys: The Oath in Felghana,” for all the voice-overs!

  • Is this game gonna kick my ass? I mean literally how would you rate the difficulty? It seems pretty fast-moving.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait to pick this up!

  • Psyched for this. And it comes out next week! Wahoo!

  • Wow, thats a lot of locations. Cant wait!

    Hey XSEED any interest in bringing Half-Minute Hero sequel to America?

    • We’re looking into that possibility (I know our other localization specialist Jess would LOOOOVE to tackle that text!), but can’t really say anything one way or the other at the moment.

  • Okay thanks for responding, either way the game looks great, I’m so glad that you guys are localizing this an The Oath in Felghana.

  • Looking forward to this. tho i would have gotten more excited if it was on PS3 :P

    • Hey, don’t discount the PSP. I love that little guy! ;) Whenever I’m at home, I play it on my TV, and I just love that you CAN do that. It makes it feel like a console when you’re at home, and a handheld when you’re on the go.

      And while the picture quality does vary from TV to TV, I must say, Ys SEVEN looks really, really good on mine. ;)

  • Looking and sounding good! Just a few more days until release eh? I’d better step up my fygg hunting if I want to be able to start this game asap!

  • @Tom Lipschultz
    we dont “discount” the PSP at All
    i have 2 of theses littles guys (PSP), haha!
    My 3 kids love to play every games i bought them.
    but i already use all my HD component (ypbpr) input cable for my Wii and Playstation 2, and my two Plsyation 3 is on my HDMI input’s. So there no place for PSP A/V cable on my 47″ Bravia TV
    And I LOVE RPG since i’m 10years old (over 20 years now) when i receive by the mail Dragon Warrior 1 by register on Nintendo Power, and Final Fantasy 1 on NES… anyway
    there’s NO RPG on PS3 and i Need somes!
    Please XSEED i know you are one of the best rpg’s games makers,
    can you please focus for a Batch of RPG’s games for the PS3
    i’ll buy each ones of theses Rpg’s!!

    thanks in advance :D

    sincerly, CYB3RFR34K

    • Well, we don’t actually MAKE games, we just localize and publish them. But we’ll certainly keep our eyes open for any good PS3 titles we might be able to get our grubby mitts on! ;)

  • Oh Man! I’ve Been Waiting For This Game! AHHHH!

  • thank you very much for your concern, Tom Lipschultz.
    I can feel my heart beating again! haha!
    Have a very nice day all’z!!

  • Bless you XSEED for localizing this. I will be buying two copies (one LE & a PSN version).

    Now a small request. LOCALIZE BRANDISH PLEASE!! People must be able to play it’s greatness (I’ve got it in Japanese and its one of my favorite falcom PSP games).

    • Brandish PSP is a fantastic game indeed. I’m also a huge fan of it. Which, of course, means I intend to pester my compadres here at XSEED endlessly, until they (hopefully) get tired of my incessant bothers and just give in. “Fine, fine, Tom, we’ll localize it already! Just STOP HEAD-BUTTING US!!” ;)

      Seriously, though, I am a huge fan, and the game’s definitely on our radar. We will certainly be considering it for release! As always, though, we make no guarantees (we’re already pretty busy with the next 5 Falcom PSP titles, after all!)… but I swear, if discussions don’t continue on the subject, I WILL start head-butting people on your behalf. ;)

  • Getting the collector’s edition! But please, please, please….Shadow Hearts for PS3!

    • We’d love to, but again, we don’t make games — we just localize and publish them. A PS3 Shadow Hearts game would have to exist in order for us to publish it.

      If one WERE to be made, though, you can bet we’d do our darnedest to get our hands on it!

  • Thanks for tha answer Tom.

    Also, have you played Half-Minute Hero spiritual successor Jiken de Fantasia?

    • Not yet (been too busy with the Ys games lately!), but I fully intend to soon. It looks and sounds pretty awesome!

  • Meant Jikan:p

  • Tom I love you!

    To prove my dedication, I will play Brandish 2 (EXPERT) until 4AM.

  • I’m sold, I haven’t played a Ys’s game in a long time, and the game looks really good. I’ll be picking this one up.

    A quick question will this be UMD only, or will it be on the PSN store as well?

  • Can we expect a demo for this game as well? I’m interested in the game, but I will say that I found Legacy of Ys on the DS “okay, though a tad dull” but not great. I know that those were just updated versions of older titles, but right now I think I and probably many others would need a little hands-on time with the game before dishing out the $29.99 for it.

    I’m not trying to bash the titles by any means, and I hope it doesn’t come off that way. Consider me just an interested skeptic that as a big RPG fan would love to sample this game, and certainly buy it from there if it appeals to me, but who may not be willing to purchase this title otherwise.

    • FYI, the DS versions of Ys I & II were developed by a company called Interchannel, who licensed the original games from Falcom. And Interchannel was NOT faithful to the original games, opting instead to alter the combat system, graphics, pacing and general atmosphere entirely, giving them a VERY different feel from ANY other version of Ys I & II.

      In other words, Ys I & II on DS were interpretations of Falcom’s games, rather than Falcom’s own titles. And while a lot of people did love the way Interchannel interpreted them, just as many people did not. So please, don’t let Ys I & II DS taint your opinion of the series — nor even of Ys I & II, as our upcoming “Ys I & II Chronicles” is a very, VERY different experience. One which Falcom themselves created.

      Plus, Ys SEVEN is a completely different game altogether. Nothing about it — gameplay, story, music, pacing — is the same as Ys I & II in any way.

      Sadly, there is to be no demo for Ys SEVEN, but I’d say if the videos you’ve seen here and on http://www.worldofys.com look good to you, you WILL like the game. What you see is what you get: If it looks awesome to you, it’ll be just as awesome when you get your hands on it.

  • I swore I left a comment on here a few hours ago, guess it got deleted. That makes me a very sad panda :(

  • Oh thanks for explaining that to me. I didn’t realize that there were such differences.

    In that case, I’ll try to view it as a fresh RPG and discard my previous experience with the title as handled by a different company. I’ll check out the site see what the gaming community has to say about it upon release, and if its all good then I just might buy it. Like I said, I’m a huge RPG fan, but I also have a tight budget so I have to be careful with my purchases. Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding though, it definitely makes me feel more hopeful about it!

  • Never played an Ys game before. Looks pretty awesome. After visiting worldofys.com and hearing all of that in-game music, I’m sold! I think I need to get the LE too so I can have the soundtrack to-go.

    Are there any camera controls (such as rotating the view around) or is it a fixed tracking type camera?

    • The best kind: fixed camera all the way! No mucking about with camera rotation in this game at all — nor in any of the OTHER Ys games, for that matter!

  • Thanks for the answer, Tom.

    I’m not that pro with the “claw” type of PSP grip that many people seem to use to play games such as Monster Hunter or Metal Gear Solid to move and camera control simultaneously. Though I play all of those games as well. But I tell you, it’s a relief playing something where I don’t have to move the camera too, which is an entirely separate [and fatiguing] action for me! :D

  • I love the fact that there are no voice overs. There is less of a chance to mess them up that way.

    When I get my PSP Go this will be the first game I get.

  • Hi Tom, I just saw the news and will be buying this game for sure, looks really great! I do have one question, as a super fan of the Legend of Heroes games already released, do you know when the new ones will be coming to the Us?

    I believe I saw on ign that you guys were translating and publishing a couple of those also for us?

    • We are, yes. The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki trilogy, under the name “Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.” No release date yet, though, as these games have a CRAZY amount of text in them. The first of the three games, for example, has about 20x as much text as Ys: The Oath in Felghana!

      Our best estimation is sometime within the first half of 2011 for the first chapter. As for the second and third chapters… yeah, they’ll be a ways behind that!

      Sorry I can’t give you more exact information.

  • No problem I can wait for some quality Legend of heroes games! And I believe you about the text, that must be a huge job! Props to the person who is translating it! Also thanks for the quick reply, 2011 cant come soon enough!

    And I am sure I speak for lots of fans out there that we all really appreciate you guys are translating and releasing these awesome games!

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