Ys Seven for PSP: Video tour

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Greetings again from Cafnoria (note: the Ys world map has never stretched that far west, so I’m just guessing on this one!). XSEED’s resident Falcom fanatic is coming at you once again for another peek at Ys Seven, the most spectacular game to hit your PSP since Brave Story: New Traveler!

Today, our focus will be on the game world as we reveal to you all the Seven Wonders of Ys Seven — seven locations that help define the game and keep its story moving. So sit back, relax, take in the new trailer and enjoy!

1. Altago City

The centerpiece of the game’s story. This is where Adol and Dogi first make landfall in the Altaginian countryside. And, unlike most of the cities they’ve visited over the years, it does NOT offer them a particularly warm welcome. Still, that doesn’t make this trade capital any less impressive! Not only is the city a real sight to behold, it also includes a sprawling port for some of the largest naval vessels in the world. Its sheer size and magnificence makes it one of Ys Seven’s wonders, and its seedy, intricate history makes it a true contender for the #1 spot.

2. Shrine of Origins

Unearthed only recently, this mysterious cave contains artifacts from a distant time, featuring unknown markings. A sense of mystery pervades every last crevasse, and to any travelers who dare traverse its darkened spirals, I can offer only one piece of advice: LOOK UP!!

3. Ancient Tree of Shannoa

Arguably the largest tree in the world, with sap that can purify water and make plants grow instantaneously. As a result, its girth is constantly increasing, and its life-giving properties have brought hope to the humble Shannoans for generations. Though healthy, its inside does seem to be hollow, and many rumors have been spread as to what one may find therein. The truth, however, is far more intense than any could have possibly predicted.

4. Flame Shrine of Segram

No one knows exactly when the Flame Shrine was built, but the Segramites would not hesitate to tell you why: It exists to honor the Great Flame Dragon, whose endless supply of lava and brimstone has become a valuable resource to all those who dwell within the desert. Sure, it may not sound like much, but the fire guarded within this sanctified place is eternal, and its power has been known to ward off evil and burn contaminants from the air.

5. Holy Precincts of the Wind

This multi-tiered structure seems to defy gravity, floating in mid-air in a most impossible manner. Built to honor the Great Wind Dragon, these Holy Precincts serve as a place of worship for the mysterious Kylosian people, who are known to don sacred capes and ride its wind currents all the way to the blessed tower in its center. If you’re afraid of heights, though, this may be the scariest wonder of them all!

6. Ruins Island

TRULY a wonder, this island seems to have once held a thriving city, but all of that now lies at the bottom of its many sunken ruins. Those who draw near find their compasses spinning wildly, and have been known to lose all sense of direction. As a result, this wonder is currently forbidden — off-limits to all by order of Altago’s regent, King Kiemarl. Still, just because it’s off-limits to locals doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to visitors, right…?

7. ???

To even say the name of this final wonder would be most inconsiderate of me! Indeed, even revealing its exact location would ruin the surprise of discovering it on your own. But trust that this is, without a doubt, the greatest wonder of them all — and truly, it is unlike anything else in the world…

Want to learn more about Altago? Perhaps you’d like to know about the Cave Byway, or the Moonlight Path, or the Desert of Despair… or maybe you’d like to hear about the Dragon Sanctums, or the lake beneath the Altaginian Highlands?


Well, tough luck! I’m not about to spoil the whole game for you. You’ll just have to pick up your own copy of Ys Seven on Tuesday, and find out for yourself what’s happening in the land of Altago! And believe me, you won’t be disappointed. This may be an action-packed title driven more by its gameplay than its story… but there are still plenty of people to see, places to go, things to do, and monsters to eliminate (or be eliminated by!).

With Ys Seven in your UMD tray (or on your Memory Stick), you’ll never be bored — no matter where you go or what you do, there’ll always be a whole world for you to explore at ludicrously high running speeds, right in the palm of your hand!

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