Shank: Combo, Grappling, and Weapons Vignette

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Hey everyone! I’m Jamie, co-founder of Klei and writer of “The Challenges Behind Shank’s Co-Op Campaign” post, and of course the official Shank blog.

Recently, I decided to have a little fun with the game and record some of the combos we came up with using the standard-issued weapons. Below is the result: a vignette of Shank wailing on a poor dude. Keeping your enemies tied up in combos, grappling enemies to deal additional damage, and using moves such as the pounce-shotgun tactic to keep enemies at bay become increasingly important in Shank as enemies become progressively smarter — especially in Hard Mode.

If you look really hard, you’ll notice a couple moments are briefly pixelated (pixel-censorship gives me the chuckles) due to this being a public video and the ratings boards saying “tsk tsk.” Don’t worry, the actual game is in all its uncensored glory.

Also: lots of people have been asking us about the score of Shank — we’ve released the first track on our Facebook page, and we asked people to help hit our goal of 1500 fans before releasing the whole soundtrack to our fans. We did that in three hours (thanks!) and the soundtrack is now being remastered for everyone to enjoy.

Come check out our Shank Facebook page! I’m usually lurking around there a few times a day to answer questions. Note that you have to sign in to Facebook to see the page, because it’s age-gated.

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