Knights in the Nightmare comes to PSP October 19th

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Riddle me this, PlayStation.Blog Readers: What is an innovative mix of bullet-hell action and strategy roleplaying headed to PSP system this October with improvements like enhanced visuals and sound, a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio, and new content such as a third playable character?

If you answered Knights in the Nightmare, slated for release on October 19th in stores and via PlayStation Network, then a winner is you! Now for your prize: a pat on the back.


Ok, fine, we know that’s kind of weak, so how about a new video trailer for the game?

We’re quite confident you’ll find this to be an extremely meaty and informative trailer. Heck, the trailer is so packed with info that it makes the word “trailer” seems a bit puny-ish because it really does feel as though you’ll need some sort of large camper or RV to store all this Knights in the Nightmare goodness.

“I’ve heard nothing about this game until this point,” you muse, playing absent-mindedly with a wisp (another pun… you’ll see) of hair (chin hair for the boys, head hair for the girls). “What’s it about?” you ask, your attention starting to drift.

Excellent question! Knights in the Nightmare puts you in the role of a Wisp, awakened in an abandoned, long-forgotten church deep in the woods. You don’t have any memory of how you got there or why you were in a deep slumber in the first place, but you find yourself drawn toward a monster-infested castle. There, you witness sorrowful events from the past, memories of vanquished knights whose souls you re-awaken and whose abilities you take control of in order to confront the very forces of evil that took their lives. It’s a haunted, emotional narrative, one that gets better each time you play it (and considering playing as each of the game’s three playable characters lets you see the game’s events from a different perspective, you’ll have more than a bit of incentive to do so).

Knights in the Nightmare for PSP Knights in the Nightmare for PSP

Did the above story description leave a little to be desired? Perhaps it was a little too mysterious? Good; hopefully that means you’re more interested in playing it now!

As for how the game plays… Well, I could explain it here, and I would most certainly use words/phrases like “action-packed,” “strategic,” and “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,” but frankly, that’s why we made the video, so mayhaps now would be a good time to watch it?

Look for Knights in the Nightmare on October 19th in stores and via PlayStation Network!

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