Knights in the Nightmare comes to PSP October 19th

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Riddle me this, PlayStation.Blog Readers: What is an innovative mix of bullet-hell action and strategy roleplaying headed to PSP system this October with improvements like enhanced visuals and sound, a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio, and new content such as a third playable character?

If you answered Knights in the Nightmare, slated for release on October 19th in stores and via PlayStation Network, then a winner is you! Now for your prize: a pat on the back.


Ok, fine, we know that’s kind of weak, so how about a new video trailer for the game?

We’re quite confident you’ll find this to be an extremely meaty and informative trailer. Heck, the trailer is so packed with info that it makes the word “trailer” seems a bit puny-ish because it really does feel as though you’ll need some sort of large camper or RV to store all this Knights in the Nightmare goodness.

“I’ve heard nothing about this game until this point,” you muse, playing absent-mindedly with a wisp (another pun… you’ll see) of hair (chin hair for the boys, head hair for the girls). “What’s it about?” you ask, your attention starting to drift.

Excellent question! Knights in the Nightmare puts you in the role of a Wisp, awakened in an abandoned, long-forgotten church deep in the woods. You don’t have any memory of how you got there or why you were in a deep slumber in the first place, but you find yourself drawn toward a monster-infested castle. There, you witness sorrowful events from the past, memories of vanquished knights whose souls you re-awaken and whose abilities you take control of in order to confront the very forces of evil that took their lives. It’s a haunted, emotional narrative, one that gets better each time you play it (and considering playing as each of the game’s three playable characters lets you see the game’s events from a different perspective, you’ll have more than a bit of incentive to do so).

Knights in the Nightmare for PSP Knights in the Nightmare for PSP

Did the above story description leave a little to be desired? Perhaps it was a little too mysterious? Good; hopefully that means you’re more interested in playing it now!

As for how the game plays… Well, I could explain it here, and I would most certainly use words/phrases like “action-packed,” “strategic,” and “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,” but frankly, that’s why we made the video, so mayhaps now would be a good time to watch it?

Look for Knights in the Nightmare on October 19th in stores and via PlayStation Network!

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  • lol lol lol

    Awesome Awesome Awesome news

    Atlus just keeps on delivering! Liek zoh-mah-gahd, the description and the trailer, I cant wait for this game. Im so excite!

  • Seems inovative xD~

  • Any chance of a demo for the game? Or an announcement for Blaze Union? ;)

    • Gorvi,

      There won’t be a demo, unfortunately, but I think a google search or two should easily answer any lingering questions you might have.

  • Welcome Back Aram! 3D Dot Game Hero has been a blast. Hope you guys enjoyed some great success with it, because the game was brilliantly ported over! It lived up to expectations.

    Knights in the Nightmare: Just in time for Halloween. I’m digging the art style!

  • Thanks! Gotta love Atlus, this looks like a definite purchase.

  • thanks for the advance notice isnt madden 11 available? where are the madden posts?

  • Thanks for brining another turn-based game. I passed this up on the DS because I read reviews that complained about the gimicky touch controls, but with the PSP there is none of that nonsense so I’ll have to check it out this time.

    Keep those turn-based games coming. If you make it, we will buy it!

    • colstripcapn,

      Knights in the Nightmare isn’t really a turn-based game, certainly not along the lines of the other Dept. Heaven series games (Riviera, Yggdra Union) from Sting (the developer); we’re not kidding when we say it’s unlike anything else out there.

      It’s an addicting, highly original amalgam of strategy and bullet-hell action. You control the Wisp on the battlefield in real-time, charging up attacks for the fallen Knights in your command to execute. I think you’ll get a better feel for it after watching the trailer, and of course, we’ll have more info to come leading up to the game’s release (10/19/2010)!

  • Scratch that, I guess I was mistaken on the turn-based part, must of been thinking of something else :S

    My comment stands though on turn-based games … if you make it, we will buy it.

  • very nice. i enjoyed the DS version despite the touch only controls. I am excited to play this wonderful game on PSP.

  • I”ll just keep my nightmares on the DS.

    Make it on PS3 next and I’ll bite instantly. I promise.

  • i know this is off topic but i sure hope u atlus guys are working on shin megami tensei persona 5 for ps3 id buy it in a heartbeat we need more real rpgs on the ps3 and u guys can bring it so pease make my wish come true ty

  • Oh man, the Yggdra Route is here!
    I remember them mentioning it in the artbook and how they cut it out of the DS version. Looks like I gotta get the PSP version too.

  • ATLUS,,,,,,,,,you are bar none without any question the Kings of delivering all the best RPG’s to Sony… From Demon’s Souls, 3D Dot Heros and the list continues to build. Well Done!!

  • Game looks great. Would love a demo to hold me over but Atlus in general has been pretty solid to the PlayStation crowd so it’s not entirely needed I’d say :)

  • My love for Atlus continues…

  • Hey Atlus, any chance of putting Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner on the ps store? Thanks.

  • ATLUS…you guys continue to steal my money. Cant wait for this game since it was first announced for this system. And its in a month were I can probably make it a day one purchase, as long as i can finish VCII before then.

  • looks like a great game can’t wait to try it out
    p.s. will we be able to get the HAL 3000 avatar that would be awesome

  • Should I just send you guys my wallet? My gosh, thank you SO MUCH for bringing these games to us!! Atlus rocks!!

  • Hello Aram Jabbari

    Any chance of this getting a PS3 port? Like my games on the big screen. This looks awesome, but I’m sick of RPGs on 3″ screens.

    So what’s the next PS3 RPG you guys are bringing? Any announcements coming up? I’m eager for your next one!!

  • Hoping for a demo – I was intriguing by the DS version but I don’t typically like playing games on my DS. Glad you’re releasing an updated port on the PSP!

  • Got the DS version, might be willing to trade for a PSP version. But UMD is horrible. Yes, I know I can download it on PSN. I want an install feature for the PSP that works much like the 360 install. Have to have the UMD in the PSP at game start to check for ownership but doesn’t use the UMD for data.

  • You guys ROCK! You’re like the messiah(s) of the PSP.

  • this game looks like it has tactics based game play…. is that case? Cuz I LOVE those kinda games! ^_^

  • not this game i had it for ds and i have to say that it was cool but not very fun i had it for ds and i’m so happy it’s gone now haha can’t wait to not buy it for my go

  • I will be buying Knights in the Nightmare as soon as I can. I love each & every Atlus game. Why do you have to make so many Awesome game? It hurts my wallet.

    I want to know is there any hope of the Devil Summoner PSP game coming out in North America? Also what about Growlanser too?

    I can’t wait to play Knights in the Nightmare. It should be a really great game & I can’t wait to see what the team at Atlus thinks up next.

  • @Aram Jabbari
    screen size matter!
    why would i want to play on my PSP kids
    when i own 2 PS3 and 47″ LCD
    make PSP games compatible to PS3 XMB.

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso — psp is not for kids – its aimed at everyone.
    I own 3 PSP’s and I am 32 years old.. I play on the psp more than the PS3/PS2/PC combined.. why? Because handhelds are where all the jrpgs went to after the ps2.. Would I like more PS3 jrpgs.. absolutely, but I won’t dis the PSP because of it.

    Thank you Atlus for bringing this gem over.. I already own it on another platform, but I will buy it again, for the smoother graphics and to support you guys.. I love your games.. now how about devil summoner psp, and when is the PS3 going to get a proper SMT game?

  • @midnightshade
    I don’t “dis” the PSP, absolutly not i LOVE PSP.
    i want to imortalize all PSP games into our PS3 XMB
    my fav kind of game is jRPG and we dont have any on PS3.
    i’m just asking to make PSP games playable trough PS3 XMB. ^^

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