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Here’s this week’s PlayStation Store Digital Comics update.


DC Comics release the first two issues of one of my favorite comics series Y: The Last Man. If you’ve not heard about it the premise is simple. A mysterious plague has killed every man (and beast) on earth except Yorick Brown and his pet monkey. Now this may sound like a good thing for Yorick, as it’ll be up to him to repopulate the human race, but the world he wakes up to is a confused & dangerous. There are even some women who call themselves the Amazons claiming that nature wiped out the oppressive men so that the fairer sex could take over the world. Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways) has really created a thought provoking series and I highly recommend.

DC also brings you a free copy of Safe Inside (Zuda) and we start a new series of Green Lantern: No Fear.

From Marvel this week we have all 5 issues of Venom: Dark Origin in which we discover the true twisted roots that gave rise to a lifetime of malevolence for Eddie Brock.

We also see the first issue of a book that follows the exploits of a gun-wielding monkey assassin. The simian witnesses the destruction of his tribe at the hands of a bunch of armed men. With no family and no home, the only thing left for him to do was avenge his fallen brothers. “And thus the legend was born. A killer of killers, forever to be known… as Hit-Monkey”

Finally don’t miss the 3rd issue of Eternal Descent From IDW. Here’s the full list of new arrivals for the week.

  • 2000AD Prog # 1692
  • Archie # 606
  • The Authority # 5
  • Bayou # 7
  • Bottle of Awesome # 3
  • Breathe # 2
  • Deadly # 2
  • DMZ # 17
  • Eternal Descent # 3
  • Ex Machina # 4
  • Fables # 19
  • Gen13 # 25
  • G.I. Joe # 19
  • Green Lantern: No Fear # 1
  • Growing Up Enchanted # 1
  • Hit Monkey (2010) # 1
  • Jonah Hex # 17
  • Justice League: Generation Lost # 7
  • Mickey Kid and Goofy Six Shots # 1 & # 2
  • Murder of King Tut # 2
  • Mystery Society # 2
  • Planetary # 6
  • Powers (2000) # 19 & # 20
  • Powers (2000): Annual # 100
  • Rockerduck and the Summer of Revenge
  • Safe Inside # 1
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Awesome Cradling Sand
  • Stormwatch PHD # 17
  • Venom: Dark Origin (2008) # 1 – # 5
  • Wildcats # 5
  • Wizards of Mickey II # 1
  • X-Mickey # 17
  • Y: The Last Man # 1 & # 2

As always check for the full PlayStation Store Digital Comics catalog along with pricing info.

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  • Y: The Last Man #1 is also Free (and awesome) Go get it!

  • does anyone know when we’ll get cages #4 for north america?

  • we may never see the last issue of Cages as Insomnia Publications have gone out of business. Sorry

  • inb4 Manga.

    Also, Bring back Sonic please?

  • Sonic is back next week :-)

  • well crap on no cages #4! at least they finished cancertown.

  • Uchiahahahaha

    Another week and no MANGA!! Can we please get some from other manga publishers?

  • No Neozoic? : (

  • Insomnia is gone?! That’s unfortunate. At least they finished Cancertown on here, which unlike Cages (IMO) is quite good. Of course I would like to have finished Cages too.

    Now where’s the next God of War, and I think War of the Supermen should have all been put out at the same time and perhaps in a bundle.

  • Y: The Last Man I will give a shot since the writer created The Runaways aka best series ever!
    Besides that I might just grab some more Fables and just pick up something random.

  • @The1stMJC Hi mate, you wont regret it. especially since the first episode is free.

  • It’s good to finally see another G.I. Joe IDW issue up, though the store is still behind on every G.I. Joe series by at least one issue, if not two.

    However, the cover for G.I. Joe #19 is fouled up (I guess on IDW’s end). The cover image on the comic and the preview image on the store is the cover for the first G.I. Joe: Special Missions reprint trade paperback, not the cover for G.I. Joe #19. As I say, that’s also in the comic file itself, so it isn’t a store issue so much as a publisher issue, I’d imagine.

  • I purchased the Cancertown run, which was entertaining and a pleasant surprise. I was thinking about picking up Cages; glad I held off after reading the Insomnia news.

    No one has said it yet, so I will have a go this week. PS3 please; when? I enjoy the free comics; just wish the prices were a little cheaper or the comics were portable to the PS3 (or even PC).

  • Any word on what is going on with Locke and Key?

  • i agree with snowcrashed, because i am glad to hear that sonic the hedgehog comic books are coming back in next week. i been waiting for few months now for more of sonic the hedgehog books.

  • so when is the comic store coming to canada

  • OOh. Venom comics? Should get that.

  • we need a digital comics store section on ps3 would love that

  • If the comics would come to the ps3 then I would buy, but untill then im not going to buy a psp, so GET THEM ON THE PS3 PLAYSTATION.

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