Qore Episode 27: Kane & Lynch 2, Splatterhouse, TerRover and Kyoto, Japan

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For the follow up to 2007’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, developer IO Interactive has decided to present the sequel from Lynch’s point of view. So what’s it like seeing the world through the eyes of a warped psychopath? About what you would expect—disturbing and occasionally disorienting. Qore presents a sneak peek at the frantic action, including a preview of the popular online “Fragile Alliance” mode.

Namco’s 1988 arcade game, Splatterhouse, attracted a bit of controversy for its violent nature. In fact, in those pre-ESRB days, the home console version was released with an “inappropriate for young children…and cowards” warning on the box. The next-gen reboot of the franchise isn’t shying away from controversy either—we almost couldn’t show it to you! Audrey Cleo spoke to Namco’s producer about what it took to bring Rick back to life.

Amidst the pomp and circumstance that is E3, Veronica Belmont and the Qore team made it a point to search for great games that might have gotten lost in the crowd. TerRover is just such a game. Don’t let the cartoonish design and colorful visual style fool you—as with most classic games, this one will be easy to learn but difficult to master .

In the latest installment of “On the road with Qore,” Veronica visits Kyoto, Japan—home to historic temples and shrines and a world-famous manga museum. Very cool stuff. She also pays a visit to the famous snow monkeys who are perfect for making Kyoto-inspired PlayStation 3 cover designs using the interactive Box Creator. And, some of our favorite Osaka-inspired creations are displayed in this episode. Is your submission one of them?

If our TerRover coverage has captured your interest, why not take the little rover for a test drive in our early-access exclusive demo? All single episode purchasers and subscribers will be able to sample five of the more than 40 different levels to be found in the complete game. Our download center also features a PS3 Splatterhouse theme available to everyone.

Look for Episode 27 later today.

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