Qore Episode 27: Kane & Lynch 2, Splatterhouse, TerRover and Kyoto, Japan

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For the follow up to 2007’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, developer IO Interactive has decided to present the sequel from Lynch’s point of view. So what’s it like seeing the world through the eyes of a warped psychopath? About what you would expect—disturbing and occasionally disorienting. Qore presents a sneak peek at the frantic action, including a preview of the popular online “Fragile Alliance” mode.

Namco’s 1988 arcade game, Splatterhouse, attracted a bit of controversy for its violent nature. In fact, in those pre-ESRB days, the home console version was released with an “inappropriate for young children…and cowards” warning on the box. The next-gen reboot of the franchise isn’t shying away from controversy either—we almost couldn’t show it to you! Audrey Cleo spoke to Namco’s producer about what it took to bring Rick back to life.

Amidst the pomp and circumstance that is E3, Veronica Belmont and the Qore team made it a point to search for great games that might have gotten lost in the crowd. TerRover is just such a game. Don’t let the cartoonish design and colorful visual style fool you—as with most classic games, this one will be easy to learn but difficult to master .

In the latest installment of “On the road with Qore,” Veronica visits Kyoto, Japan—home to historic temples and shrines and a world-famous manga museum. Very cool stuff. She also pays a visit to the famous snow monkeys who are perfect for making Kyoto-inspired PlayStation 3 cover designs using the interactive Box Creator. And, some of our favorite Osaka-inspired creations are displayed in this episode. Is your submission one of them?

If our TerRover coverage has captured your interest, why not take the little rover for a test drive in our early-access exclusive demo? All single episode purchasers and subscribers will be able to sample five of the more than 40 different levels to be found in the complete game. Our download center also features a PS3 Splatterhouse theme available to everyone.

Look for Episode 27 later today.

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  • lol did anyone else find the Kane and Lynch demo to be god-awful? Its like they threw a ridiculously shaky camera and insane amounts of grain over top of it to be clever and make it look like a TV show. I could barely handle it… lol. Whatever though. *shrugs*

    This Qore episode seems pretty pointless to download for me. I’ve pretty much just downloaded the episodes that have had good, PS3 exclusive new game footage in them.

    You guys should really stick to exclusives. I think the people who have subscribed to yearly Qore twice like i have really couldn’t care less about… Kane and Lynch 2 and crap that’ll be in a bargain bin a month after release. :/

    Just a suggestion…

  • FIRST!!! Im just happy to beat the cross game chat whiners for once and be buried under all that garbage can’t wait to download this episode and also i don’t know where else to ask but can we get some news on the killzone 3 beta site? i’m really anxious about that

  • Scratch that, i want that TerRover demo. lmao. Dammit you got me. Why is there a Qore exclusive demo when everyone who has Plus has Qore? Why not just make it a plus demo? @.@

    Whatever. lol.

  • I thought the multiplayer concept was amazing. But it didn’t turn out as awesome as I thought it would be…

  • Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Isn’t it hitting the Store today?

    I’m looking forward to this episode, I enjoyed the Kane & Lynch demo and would love to see more.

    TerRover also looks like it could be lots of fun, I’m glad we’re getting a demo!

    Tonight’s PSN Store update looks to be packed!

  • Is it a dynamic theme? We need more free dynamic themes! Hopefully, we get a dynamic theme out of Qore some day…

  • What is with the videos today? They’re taking forever to render, sometimes they don’t at all and I have to refresh a few times :(

  • i got ripped off.Never
    again though. i was a 2nd year subscriber.

  • Nothing more about LBP2?

  • I like the last episode of Qore. I wish I could get a Low Def version 2GB is a horrible amount to download for maybe 30 minutes of video.

  • I really liked the segment on Osaka in last month’s Qore and am looking forward to the piece on Kyoto. I’d love to see this series continue with places other than Japan.

  • lol — that teaser video was about as long as Qore itself is.

  • To everyone who want the RDR DLC go to search at the ps store and search red dead redemption u will find the legends and killers pack :D

  • I want to whichgame cover art won i submitted one titled SantaWars

  • i forgot to type see in my comment above oh well im human

  • Last week you mentioned that the July edition of Playstation Qore is coming down for download today. Why is that?

    I have been a Qore subscriber since the beginning, and could always go back into my archives and get old episodes to re-watrch or get downloadable content in the download area that was not there before at launch(such as Home items in one episode). Is this what we should expect going forward? Should I just go ahead and purchase a Qore subscription in addition to my Playstation Plus subscription on my other account for a total of $75 a year? Is that even possible actually?

  • Kane & Lynch 2 Demo= diarrhea

  • Seems like a solid episode — looking forward to trying TerRover.

  • Why are we still forced to wait for PSN updates all day long? Sony really should have timed releases by now. This is ridiculous

  • I’m still waiting to hear about Qore annual subscribers getting some amount of free PS+ months if they subscribe.

    I disgaree with @11; the decent HD video quality, minigames, and coverage of indie games is one of the only reasons I re-subscribed.

    I’d love to see a segment on how Telltale took advantage of the PS3’s graphics capabilities for Sam & Max Season 3 (or their next episodic release on PSN).

  • Will download this for sure, i like all the Japan stuff you guys are showing :)

  • At least now I know why second year subscribers got hosed on free content, they were saving up their currency for Plus. Fool me once Sony, never again.

  • Yay I’ve actually been to kyoto, was one of my less favorite cities though, Osaka was better :)

  • @1 you do know you can turn off the shaky cam right? I think kane and lynch 2 has some potential to have a bad [DELETED] story, i really like the characters. I mean i’m kind of skeptical of it yes but I do want to see more about it because it could be good.

  • So my second annual subscription ended with Episode 26. Am I getting a discount renewal email(preferably with the option to purchase playstation plus with a discount)?

    I really wish you guys would have just admitted year two of Qore was not what was reasonable for subscribers to expect from it and offered something to make up for it.

    As It stands right now, I have no trust in purchasing Qore or Playstation plus. It wouldn’t surprise me if year two of Playstation Plus started having repeat free games or none at all while Sony works on a Netflix like Service for all the older PSN games that aren’t moving units anymore.

    Then when people complain about the lack of free games you guys will be all like “we gave you hats in LBP2, *currently yet to be released features*, title demos etc. We feel as though PSN plus is still a great value even if the free games arn’t what they used to be”.

    Whatever is causing you guys to treat us so poorly: Corporate silos, incompetence, disdain for your customers, etc.

    Whatever fix it already.

  • Woot, Qore episode 27! I’ll be watching this thanks to Playstation Plus! :)

  • When is the playstation store going to update? It’s 5:20 PM EST and still no update =[

  • Why can’t the store update the same time every week? Why? How hard is it? It is digital!! I don’t care if it’s every Tuesday at 9 PST! As long as it is ( PST every Tuesday from here on out I will be fine with that! I hate how we never know when the dam store updates! Come on Sony! Make it an effort to be consistent with the time the store updates! Honestly how hard is that? I know if I want to go to Best Buy tomorrow the store opens at 10! Why can’t the store be like every other retail store?

  • worst update ever!!! Oops.. sorry, just getting ready for the PS Store update! XD

  • @1 You’re not the only one, the demo was horrible. One of the worst demo’s I’ve played in awhile.

  • Really looking forward to the TerRover demo. Looks very promising.

  • This is completely off topic, but today, I just got my first Platinum Trophy! What was it for, you might ask? God of War! Now i’m going for my second Platinum Trophy for, you guessed it, God of War 2!

  • Why all the hate against kane & lynch 2? It was a great demo and offers a unique style and quiet realistic story and environments. I liked it allot!

  • I haven’t even downloaded the last 2 Qore episodes…These episodes just don’t seem to interest me at all. After reading all the good things about the first year of Qore was the only reason I bought a annual subscription, but man, I’ve been disappointed. As someone else who’s posted above, I will likely not be purchasing another Qore subscription.

  • oh, I wish I had some time and some money to put on my PSN wallet, that Qore looks interesting when thet said Kyto Manga mueseum, and yes I’m a big Japanese anime and manga fan (not only a PS3 fan).

  • Is there a different between getting Qore via an annual subscription and via PSN Plus..

  • is there any point to renewing my Qore annual subscription if I signed up for PlayStation Plus?

  • As krae pointed out, and I did incorrectly last month, this is the first episode of year 3 of Qore. Not exactly the best note to start on.

    Absolutely no resubscribe bonus, no email, no ANYTHING, aside from a $5 discount. PS+ completely neutered this.

    Someone tell me if my game cover art made it in. I spelled out Qore Sux.

  • I was a First Day Subscriber to Qore, and have Subscribed for the full 2 years now. I will NOT be renewing!! I gave Qore a second chance, even though the first year was not as packed as it should have been! The Second Year has gotten further off base, and turned into a, “let’s see where we can send Veronica Belmont next, and watch her eat food.” Really….REALLY….REALLY??!!??

    Qore is a travel webzine that is getting farther and farther away from games!! I could CARE LESS about watching Veronica Belmont eating Octopus legs or Rabbit ears….

    You lost me, Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me….I won’t be fooled a third time….Qore is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY…and you should listen to me, because I was a Day one subscriber and even renewed for a second year!!

    NO MORE!!

  • I can’t seem to download it :(

    Been a two year subscriber and was going to just nab the episode individually this time around but I couldn’t find it (only episode 14 is showing in the store).

    So I went ahead and go Playstation Plus, and still can’t find where to get the episode?

    Help please :(

  • @ 41.

    If you are a Plus subcriber, look for the Qore button in the New Releases section.

    @ Everyone else.

    Yeah, Qore is less than it used to be. But the biggest kicker and I guess to Sony “benefit” of renewing/subscribing separately is you get access to your old Qore episodes through your Download History List from what I can tell. I could be wrong as this is my first month downloading the Playstation Plus version of the Qore subscription, and in a month I maybe could do the same Download History strategy to get old episodes post August 2010.

    But it seems that the main benefit of being a Qore subscriber without Plus, is having a central location where you can always go in your Download List(based on the day and month you renewed) and always find that year’s subscription of Qore episodes.

    Please post back if you have confirmed that the Qore archive of episodes is available to Playstation Plus subscribers, as I do not always have the space to download Qore on my always full PS3 HDD.

  • Money is tight. I cannot afford Qore and PS Plus. Very disappointed with Qore this year and having trouble justifying Playstation Plus.


    now “there will be only chaos!” in your life =)

  • TerRover is Amazing!!! What’s the price. Definitely a D1P (day one purchase) for me.

  • Got a chance to try this. This is definitely a game that needs to be tried to be appreciated. The videos don’t truly show how fun the control scheme is.

    If I could make a very minor suggestion, though. Would it be possible to allow for X and Square to be switched by the player? Of course I could get used to Square being used for jumping, but so many games use X that it throws me off and I end up switching me head around instead of jumping.

  • @44 Thanks :-) I have heard that the Platinum foor God of War 3 is HARD!!!! I am still going for it though. Because like you said, “There will be only Chaos” (if I don’t get it) XD

  • TerRover is awesome! Thanks for the early preview of it – it’ll definitely be a day one purchase in our house. Even the four-year-old is already obsessing over it.

  • good episode.

  • Qore sucks. What a waste of money. Would rather buy a magazine with a demo disk. Have had this service since it stared and only 4 episodes were good and that was mostly thanks to the game downloads. The game info is limited and usually old by the time the episode airs. Please review games we care about and no one cares about demos, crappy themes and what you do in asia.

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