“The Tester” Casting Contest – Top 100, Last 5 Days

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We hope you’ve had a chance to check out all the casting video submission we’ve received for Season 2 of The Tester. We’re down to the Top 100 and there’s only 5 more days of voting until we make the cut to the Top 10.

So, get busy and vote for your favorites before the deadline this Friday at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Thanks again to everybody who’s participating either as a contender or a fan with your votes, comments, and interest in The Tester Season 2.

And make sure to check out thetester.com next week to see who’s in the Top 10.

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  • Good luck to everyone!

  • Yup, g’luck guys! Only a couple more days left until the top 10

  • lol. The Tester season 2? Fer reelz? Lol. Alright i’m up for it again i suppose.

  • Damn. Skipped over for being in a video montage again for this. /NotFeelingLikeAFavoriteForThisNow


  • I can’t wait!

  • Will it have cross game chat?

  • Better have cross game chat..

  • Good luck round two Testers! Can’t wait to get the shirts in Playstation Home! :)

  • whats the tester

  • Who’s watching this crap?

  • The Tester is another fine example of everything that is wrong with SCEA this generation. Employees should be picked by their skills, not by competing in artificial challenges on camera.

  • @xKOROSHIYAx I completely agree with that statement. But for some of us (me for instance) that have been turned down for the job, it seems our only hope to get in. Seems you do need camera skills to go with a BS in CS, but this is nothing new I’ve spoken of.

  • why does everybody hates this?

  • @ Nedley (10)

    Probably the same people watching that crap being put on cable. I suppose as TV has gotten progressively worse, it’s just come down to a matter of one bad choice over another.

    Why they keep making them is obvious: it’s cheap. Profit can be a mere few hundred viewers, and most have free advertising laced in. That P.o.S. show with Tyra Banks (talk about an ego) has the “actors” selling beauty products as competition.


  • Season 2?!?!?! Awesome! Probably gonna get the episodes once they’re out.

  • 1:30 in the video.
    the chick reflected on the dude’s helmet doesn’t seem like she has clothes on O_o

  • Go 8-bit Mickey!

  • Yeah where is modnation monday?

  • @xKOROSHIYAx So what that SCEA wants to have a friendly competition with its community for a chance to work for them. If he or she feel that they have skills to get in then they can apply. I guess people like you had y’all way life would be just plain boring.

  • well okay i won’t watch it, no plan for sweet tooth video on psn like jaffe wanted?

  • LOL the guy with the helmet

  • @17 You can see some sorta jean shorts and maybe a black top

  • im commenting from my Wii, since i cant seem to sign in on my “does everything” PS3. anyway, looking forward to watching The Tester go at it again, but that first season is gonna be hard to beat. And to those complaining `bout reality shows, why are you watching TV? its ALL ABOUT DA GAMES!!! i havent watched TV since Playstation came out…

  • I enjoyed season 1 of the Tester but season 2 can be better.

    * PlayStation and video games are not just for the maladjusted. Let the contenders represent gamers who are intelligent, socially comfortable, normal people.

    * Don’t dumb the show down. S1 was too much like MTV’s the Real World but without the social insight, just people doing pranks. Beer in cereal? Ha Ha Ha – not. Stick to the games side of things.

    * Have more special guests from the industry. David Jaffe was good, but how about a two minute video bio that highlights their history, with clips from games they have worked on.

    * More ‘educational.’ I don’t mean in a boring, ram it down your throat way. But let each episode have a theme. EG graphics, have a renown designer. Let there be a graphics task that relates to the skills involved in the job. Maybe a video segment.

    * Let the best person for the job win. S1 saw a good contender lose, and another win because of a high score in Uncharted. The finalists have worked to get to the final show. Let the winner be judged (Apprentice style) on ability instead of a physical race. Maybe give them a video game creation task that will be graded.

    Less buffoonery and more cerebral.

    Good Luck!

  • I need your round 3 votes:

  • Good luck playing broken games.

  • tester is so fake… but I still enjoy watching it for some reason


  • Did anybody else answer the questions quicker and play better than the first show’s contestants?

    Here’s to hoping the next contest is slightly more rigorous.

    @XxNoOb_H8rxX tester is real! 1st season was like a caricature of everything funny about reality shows (and why not to watch them). It’s sick to see the cats on that show fail. Let’s hope they up the stakes this season! :p

  • http://casting.thetester.com/mappyman

    final day for voting you guys, lets make it count!

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