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A lot of… interesting stories this week. What else can you call it when the our own Kevin Butler receives an apology from an entire island nation? I suspect the news will become more on-point as we get closer to Gamescom and PAX (we’re planning something fun for the latter), and as major titles start to hit stores (like Madden NFL 11 this week).

We’ll have the rest of this week’s physical and digital releases when Rey drops by later today. In the meantime, let us know if you read anything interesting this week by linking in the comments below.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 2, 2010)

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  • when is gamescom and Tokyo Gameshow?

    • Spatsnaz answers below on Gamescom. TGS is in mid-September, and we’ll be reporting from Makuhari Messe.

  • Can’t wait for Sly..

  • gamescom is like 10 days from now.

    Great Under Siege interview by iWaggle. Game’s looking awesome.

  • Hey Jeff, would it be physically possible to find out if DJ Max Portable 3 has that, ridiculous, incredibly retarded, WTF type thing called “auto-correct” that was for some reason forced to ON in the US version of the game? I played all of the games from Japan, and then when i got my PSP Go! i couldn’t play them anymore – so i bought the US version and even the hardest songs were just stupidly easy. I know they’re from Japan, but if you see them at TGS or something could you ask? :D Pleeeaaase?

    • I’ve never talked to that team, but I’ll see if I can track someone down and tell them that you think auto-correct is both “ridiculous” and “incredibly retarded” :)

      Better yet, I’ll see if I can get them on the blog to talk about the game and you can ask them yourself. Deal?

  • hey jeff any news on last guardian or ico collection? i havn t been able to enjoy any games just thinking of team ico-help please!!!! p.s. any more clips of kung fu live?

    • No news at this time from Team Ico.

      The Kung Fu Live folks are working on a new Gamescom trailer, and they promised to let us run it first :) So… next week then.

  • IGN: PlayStation Licensing Gone Wild.
    I thought that one was pretty hilarious. LoL

  • could we please change the name of “PlayStation +” to “PlayStation Store +”
    thank you

  • It’s been a slow news week, which makes Kevin Butler’s receiving apology basket all the more interesting.

    So Jeff, ready for Valkyria Chronicles 2? Couple more weeks and I’ll once again be glued to my PSP.

    • You’ll have the chance to get glued to your PSP a bit earlier, as there’s a demo a-comin. Our good friends at Sega will drop by soon to tell you all about it.

  • @S-E-G Err… PlayStation + offers more than just Store stuff. That’s kind of the point behind the name, no?

  • @Jeff: Please include a link to the website’s article on the launch of the Killzone 3 beta website.

  • Jeff do you think we’ll ever see Sony US give us the ability to change our PSN ID’s like Japan? i mean seriously look at my ID name.. i hate it lol

    • It’s an idea that’s been brought up multiple times, and it’s something I’d like to see as well. I don’t think there are any current plans to enact this, however. I’ll bring it up again, though.

  • ^ @9 o i forgot to add that i cant make a new one cuz im level 13 in trophies and yes its on the blog share

  • Hey Jeff, since Sid ignored me on his last blog, maybe you can help!!

    When are they going to fix the Kick-Ass trophies? I don’t want to be told to go to Wha Entertainment, they keep ignoring me! I just want my money back! This game is broke

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath. Really, it is up to the devs to fix any issues with the game (it’s not like we can patch a game that we didn’t make). And since this game came out in April, there’s a good chance the team has moved on to something else.

      That being said, I’ll forward your request on to Ben Geisler, who first introduced the game here on the blog. Best of luck.

  • Step up Sony =)

  • @JKar275, Dude that has been in there ever since the KZ2 Beta. I was a killzone 2 beta tester and I got that under my services tab in account management.

    Before said Killzone 2 now says killzone 3. I don’t know if guerilla games will choose the same people again to test the beta. But, I can assure there will be a beta. When? I don’t know. Only Sony reps know.

  • RDR dlc tuesday, gunna ruin faces with tomahawks. got my lbp platinum btw Jeff!

  • PS+ survey. If you’re a PS+ member you need to take this survey. It should arrive in your email inbox.

  • Jeff, could you set up an interview or a Q&A with Rocksteady for Batman: Arkham City? I’m super hyped for Arkham City and would be really grateful if you could do this.

    • As soon as they’re ready to start talking about it! Arkham Asylum was one of the very best games of 09, and we’re definitely anticipating the sequel.

  • Awesome, AC Brotherhood. But come on, Playstation. Where are the Playstation Plus EXCLUSIVE betas? There are several upcoming games that are having betas we could get from PS+. AC being one of them, along with DC Universe Online. I’m tired of the let downs.

  • Under Siege looks great I hope some more news comes out about it very soon. I think it has the potential to be a huge game

  • not kool that the AC beta is only available from GameStop.

    i hope plus user gets it!

  • I love PS3.

  • Give us PS + members AC 2 beta, Killzone 3 beta.

  • Hey Jeff, what do you think is going to be the next ‘Big PlayStation Blockbuster’, like Uncharted 2 was?

  • jeff sorry i know this has nothing to do with this but ive posted my idea like 20 times already and it just dont get posted… WTF?

    btw: any news if Sony has any plans of doing something kool in Puerto Rico? its always like:” OK we’ll be on Texas Doing something mega kool! We’ll be giving gift and other kool stuff!!”
    (only to the 50 states, No Puerto Rico Guam or Hawaii!)

    Me so sad man..I work in GameStop, i always say PS3 its better than the other Consoles when gamers ask me whats better…. i recommend them to buy the ps3 exclusive games (NEW! even when the policy of the store its to tell the customer to buy the USE)
    Sony have Fans In Puerto Rico bro…. give us some love in here.

  • Yea you guys seriously need to do something about the moderation on PSBlog and PSBlog Share. I’ve submitted ideas and they don’t get posted and now my comments are being moderated too. And I see I’m not the only one having this problem. I thought the ideas were meant to be shared not held back, but I guess I was wrong.

  • Thanks for the tip on the VC2 demo, Jeff! I’m also hoping they answer my biggest question: Will Canada get the pre-order DLC bonus (it’s not on Gamestop Canada).

    I’m REALLY hoping we also get more information on Mega Man Universe at some point before Gamescom or TGS. Announcing a game with such a cryptic trailer is beyond teasing, it’s torture for a Mega Man fan.

  • Jeff seriously what is going on with Sony we haven’t had a major update to our ps3’s since firmware 2.4 and don’t say 3.0 gave us stuff when it really didn’t. when is Sony gonna start caring for the online service part for ps3 im sick of these useless firmware updates that don’t help out the online community on ps3 instead all we get is more facebook crap. what i like to know is when is Sony gonna starting caring for the online for ps3 cause right now Jeff u couldn’t convince one bit that they are and don’t give me that were free network cause it’s been used way too much as an excuse for Sony. its been almost 4yrs and there’s still so much missing for the online on ps3 firmware 2.4 is the only biggest firmware we’ve gotten so far and that was over 2yrs ago that’s just sad.

  • Hey Jeff, whatever happened to the podcast? You’ve been on Podcast Beyond and the like and you were not bad at all. I’d love to get a weekly dose of the inside look of the PSblog staff, especially now that you have new guys working here.

    I mean, even Major Nelson has a podcast! We can’t let em beat us dammit!!!

  • i’m bored :/ update the store so I can have something to complain about or sumthin! juuuuust kiddin! haha

  • Ah AC Brotherhood beta! I will get you tomorrow beta! And I think LBP2 will be the next PS3 blockbuster! I should probably try the Sly Collection. @17: I love PS3 too.

  • Will there be an explantion from Sony as to Why the official reason is that Kingdom Hearts BBS will not be on the PSN network for the PSP Go? I hope there is an explanation. Is it true it’s because of fear of Hackers that might rip the game? I hope the good people at Sony Playstation will at least say a reason as to why not if it’s not….I hope?

  • @disneyboy20022 It’s not up to Sony. Square Enix is the company you should be demanding answers from.

    Oh, and if Sony truly wanted to stop people from illegally copying games, they would need to stop releasing games for the PSP altogether. That’s the unfortunate state of PSP piracy, one I sincerely hope Sony fixes for the next iteration of the PSP.

    The system they used for the PS3 seems to have stumped pirates for all this time, so we already know Sony can do it.

  • hot desperate msn test

  • @27, the game was designed to not run off of storage media to prevent pirates from playing it, of course it didn’t work plus they can easily remove the protection.

  • @15: Thank you very much for that info, RandySore.

  • Jeff, thank you so much! I have spoken to Ben (he is a really nice guy about all this), and he is trying, I thought maybe you (Sony) can somehow get involved! Anyways thanks for at least replying, I just want to thank you for that, and I know it is hard to answer everyone’s question, but it seems like you always answer mine!

  • Why are my ideas not showing up in the Blog Share? I submitted over 10 ideas over the course of 2 months or so. Original ideas by the way I checked for dups.

    wat is going on there?

  • yooooo can we get any info on the DCUO beta, i been following it lately and signed up for beta but what i wanna know is are PS+ members going to get an edge into getting in the beta seeing as how we where promised early beta access and i dont see why we wouldn’t seeing that the game is by SONY online, but yeah can i get an answer to that PLEASE!

  • Jeff / Sid / Rey:
    don’t get me wrong but a lot of us are having very similar issues with firmware update 3.41:

    My ps3 wasn’t acting up the way that is behaving now and therefore I suspect there’s something wrong with the firmware,some games are freezing up and all BD movies are throwing this error “80029906” I allready call support but I can’t believe there is a hardware issue with my system when it was working find minutes before the update.

    If any of you folks could look into it I would really appreciated and should you need further information please contact me via PSN.

    Warm regards!

  • @Jeff: Deal! :D

  • I understand that Sony had to remove the ps2 chip in order to profit, but for those who have an original ps3 with ps2 playback, i’d love to see some ps2 games make it onto PSN, remakes are always nice but this would be great for those early adopters who put faith in the ps3 at launch, could also be an opening to make some sort of attachable device to enable ps2 playback, hell-i would shell out $50 for that, MS enables this through their grossly overprice harddrive, i’m just saying, would be great for everyone involved, publishers & SCE can continue to profit from ps2 games, let’s face it, most ps2 sales are preowned sales, & aslong as it’s cleary mentioned what model PS3 you need in order to play these games, the consumers also get to enjoy some great games from the most succesful console of all time, i say it needs to be clearly written because, let’s face it, people buy stuff without reading then complain when they work out what they did

  • i love psn

  • you are really starting to be mean sony why are you deleting my comment i didn’t even swear!

  • this island is lucky not to get sued


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