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Not a bad week, despite the fact that we’re in a traditionally quiet season. But with Madden NFL 11 coming out next Tuesday, and PlayStation Move and major game releases in the following weeks, the craziest time of the year is nearly upon us. The excitement builds!

Speaking of which, if you have game suggestions for future PlayStation.Blog posts, let me know in the comments. Where possible, we’ll try to make it happen.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipper Profile: Mary Olson — Mary works to make sure that everything your speakers pump out is music to your ears. She has a lot to say, so get reading.
  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 14 — This week we’re joined by Cade Myers, Assistant Producer on SOCOM 4, who also had a hand in MAG’s production.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

Courtesy of Arne Meyer

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    will Scott Pilgrims vs. the world will ever be on PSP?
    i hope so, it would do pretty well to me

  • When are they going to fix the Kick-Ass trophies? I don’t want to be told to go to Wha Entertainment, they keep ignoring me! I just want my money back! This game is broke!

  • Plus here! And another one there! Oh the Pluses, too many Pluses, I can’t see anything but Pluses!

    Oh, Lord Playstation, what shall I do?

  • Looking good this week.
    Loved the PSStore update

    Sid, anything you are looking for this year?

    • I’m really eager to try out Singularity (I’m a little late on that one). For later in the year, I’m looking forward to LBP2 and Sports Champions on PlayStation Move (really, it’s fun).

  • The Descent was like the best movie ever. Hope you enjoy the squeal :).

  • Lol you’re playing Mortal Kombat II? :D Man i haven’t played that game in so long. haha. Anyone playing online at all still? I remember when it came out i could easily get into a match.
    I should check it out one day lol.

  • This is sort of unrelated, but what is the process like for having companies make avatars for the PSN? Capcom seems really involved, whereas other companies are absolutely non-existant.

    Like, say, the other day one of the bloggers commented that he had gotten in touch with Ubisoft in regards to making some Scott Pilgrim avatars (which I’d soooo want!). Is there a way we the people could help make something like that happen? Either through Sony or otherwise?

    I would absolutely love it if you were to get Keita Takahashi on board (since hes already involved with the PSN through Noby Noby Boy) for making some avatars. Hes obviously one of the most creative figures in gaming, and I would proudly purchase any/all of the Katamari/NobyNobyBoy avatars made. Considering the relatively sparse selection of avatars so far, this would seem like a no brainer for Namco-Bandai to generate some money ;)

    • Thanks for this! The decision is ultimately up to the developers and publishers (who sometimes have larger projects in the works and don’t consider Avatars a top priority). IMO, it never hurts to reach out to them on Twitter & Facebook — at least they know there’s desire that way.

  • Cool, another Uncharted 2 Lab mode! When can we play with only M-32 Hammers? Daddy needs a hammer! It’s my signature weapon! Love that LBP2 new trailer. Begging for that GOW:Ghost of Sparta pre-order. Gotta try that Modnation patch. Digitalman my boy, you gotta lot of work to do!

  • Atlus sent the autographed P3P sountracks in the mail this week. I got mine whooo!

  • Hey “Syd” (ha ha ha!),

    When are you guys going to talk more about Gran Turismo 5? Because there’s a lot of thing about it that we still don’t know about.

    So, are you guys going to talk it more in the next couple weeks? or do we have to wait for Gamescom in Germany (August 18-22) to learn more?


    • We’re definitely interested in getting more GT5 content on the Blog as well, I’ve been working on securing this as of late. Fingers crossed it comes together!

  • It was cool that NBA Jam was confirmed this week. I just wish I didn’t have to buy NBA Elite 11 to access it. Seriously, Jam would set PSN “on fire” if it were sold separately.

  • can some please stop ignoring 3.41 firmware issues? Jeff / Sid any ideas as to when a new firmware update fixing BD reading issues will come out?
    before I update everything was working fine as soon as 3.41 got rolled out I start having problems with my system and watching BD movies or even any games will return a 800 error!

    any info you may provide will be highly appreciated!
    Regards —

  • Can we get any word on whether Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will have a PSN release?

    • At the NYC media event a few weeks back, I asked a Square Enix representative about this question. The response essentially boiled down to “no plans at this time,” but I was also told it wasn’t completely out of the question. Let’s wait and see, as Birth By Sleep’s release date is approaching soon.

  • Hi Sid! I’d like to see a future Playstation.Blog post about the upcoming underwater sci-fi shooter named “Deep Black”. It was announced a few weeks ago as coming to the PS3 in Q1 2011 and the story will be comprised of “complex science-fiction mystery, espionage, and bio-terror” elements according to this article:

    The developer (Biart) and publisher (505 Games) are both listed as exhibitors on the official website for Gamescom so I’m hoping that you (or someone from Sony) will be able to get an in-depth (pardon the pun) interview about this game.

    Thank you!

  • @12
    I hope it does but dont hold your breath. SE knows that the community is calling for this to happen but it seems like it isnt very profitable for them to put it on the psn.

  • I’m also hoping for a future Playstation.Blog post that focuses on the multiplayer in Crysis 2. I read that Crytek will finally be showing this feature at Gamescom next week.

    • Nice, thanks for that. Crysis 2 is definitely one we have our eye on for future coverage, nice to know we’re not alone!

  • Can you guys contact Konami about possible MGS avatars? That would be soooooo awesome!

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Patapon 3 and Rage

    • Very cool, thanks for sharing. Rage is one we haven’t touched on yet, and I’m hoping we can address that soon.

  • Info on Vanquish, GT5, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Heavy Rain Move edition would be nice

    • Vanquish — nice one. We’re probably going to Tokyo Game Show this year, a great time to pursue some hands-on time. Thanks!

  • Is there anything on LBP2 having an ice hazard?

  • Vanquish, AC:Brotherhood and Heavy Rain Move would be nice too

  • can you get the dlc in another way than pre-ordering please? because i’m all outta banana, Chain of olympus Soundtack please!

  • i remember watching true blood some month ago, i don’t know which season but it seemed like the first season, i don’t really take seriously while watching it but i kinda faugh the show was funny, man, maybe i will try to get Piyotama on the psp.

  • I would like to hear more about DC Universe Online, Test Drive Unlimited, and Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom. I am looking forward to DCUO most of all, but last month’s Qore really got me interested in Majin as well! And I was a big fan of TDU on the PSP… It’s a shame TDU2 doesn’t appear to be coming to PSP as well but I plan to get the PS3 version!

  • I’m playing: Hexyz Force, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Dead Space (for the 13th time).

    I’m watching: Dexter all seasons (refreshing for Sept when new season starts)

    I’m reading: Victoria’s Secret (They soooo need a game with MOVE support ;) oh and GeMaga’s August 2010 issue (Its Japanese) but a great gaming mag, loads of info.

  • Can you get Sega to talk a little about Phantasy Star Portable 2? Big release and a lot of people don’t really know it’s equipped with Infrastructure multiplayer!

  • hello my friend,

    I have a question for you, when or will Xenogears be put on the PlayStation store?

  • Playstation Share guy here, and just wanted to give a heads up really quick. There’s somewhat of a disconnect between the new ideas, and the top rated ideas. There’s no current way to feature good ideas in between “new/active ideas” and the “top rated” ones.

    Although it’s misspelled “precent”, search for that and you’d find something I think would help.

    Just voicing my case for the end of the week.

    I’d like to hear about Bad Company Vietnam.

  • I am REALLY stoked about LBP2. all of the content being shown on the blog is just making me THAT much more eager to pick up my copy of the Collectors edition!

    can we expect to see some more next week (or in the coming weeks)?
    Thanks for an awesome post Sid, now lets see that PSB Podcast :P

    • No word on new videos, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to run a “Your Questions Answered” type of story in the next week or two, schedule permitting. I got the questions from you guys!


    I can post again. I have been trying for around 3 days now to get in but I couldn’t it just kept on kicking me out after I logged in and tried to post. I had to go and clear everything on my computer just to log in.

    Anyway for the games I’ll be playing I’ll have to say Section 8, the demo really got me hooked and I’m considering purchasing it so I can play without the trial screen but great game!

  • Hey Sid,

    Thanks for completely ignoring my question! I guess that’s how Sony does it, if they don’t know what to say, they just ignore. Now I know!!

  • playstation question is there anyway possible in the future to have tomba 1 and 2 on PSN

  • @17: A lot of news about Rage will be coming out Aug. 12-15 at QuakeCon. So stay tuned to websites like Shack News, Joystiq and Destructoid.

  • Playstation is the most wonderful invention in the world!

  • @22: Cool! Lemme try!
    I’m playing: God of War
    III, LEGO Harry Potter, Resistance 2, Assassin’s Creed II.
    I’m watching: Nothing…yet.
    I’m reading: God of War (the official novel of the video game)

  • heres a interesting little article for perhaps tomorrows what we read …. or perhaps it all ready was in that case disregard

  • Ugh, I meant to post on the Recap last week, but I was away with no internet access and stuff.

    Another good week as usual for PlayStation, including God of War: Ghost of Sparta. I am wondering if some of the DLC stuff, including the Ghost of Sparta soundtrack will be on the PSP storefront as well. The music section has not been updated in ages, and I’m kind of interested in getting it. The thing is that my budget is tight right now.

    In the meantime, I still haven’t got a voucher code for the free video from the PlayStation Video Store since it launched on July 1st – 14th, and I visited the video store during this time period. Did I actually qualify for the free movie, or not?

    A reply for the video store would by greatly appropriated, to my email address associated with my PSN username.

    Keep up the good work, Sony! :)

  • Any news on Sonic The Hedgehog 4? Also I haven’t bought any psn games yet but will I be able to play Dead Nation on the psp too or is it just to play on the PS3?

  • Why Twitter and Facebook?
    The is NO security whith these sites ID theft is a big problem.

    Other than that where is CASTLEVAINA coverage here on the blog???
    But EA gets blog post after blog post and I could care less.

  • Decent week for playstation on all platforms. Sorta getting boring with the few releases during the summer but thats why a back catalog is for. What im doing:
    Playing: Peace Walker
    Watching: Jersey Shore(fiance loves it), Bleach, The Office, Youth in Revolt, The Other Guys
    Reading: Nothing yet
    Waiting: Ys Seven, GT5, and Ghost of Sparta

  • @33 if you dont post your SS number or credit card numbers , the sites are just fine

  • @34 I think you mean @32… :)

    Anyway cool update, can’t wait for the next couple of months. GAMES,GAMES & MORE GAMES!

  • @ 11 I believe you can reinstall the software update if you have it on a flash drive I’m not sure I don’t think I’ve had that problem with this os so it’s worth at try ( the one time I watched a bd after I updated it did randomly exit out of the movie but that was it)

  • GoW 3 having a lot of trouble on the old consoles and some slim ones; after the last firmware…when we gonna get a patch for that?

  • EA and “Madden Gras” keeps spamming my facebook

    There is no Madden audio commentary this year and the demo sux

    I hope these shennanignas dont coninur to spill over to my favorite blog

  • “Not at this time” for BBS? Then why did you show it on a PSP Go screen at E3?

    You really should have made simultaneous UMD and download releases for retail games manditory.

    “It’s an extra revenue stream for them so they’ll want to do it anyway” hasn’t been working too well has it?

  • How about Metal Gear Rising? just cause it’s coming out on Xbox 360 doesn’t mean we don’t want to buy it :)

  • Sid

    About the GOW3 issue you can get the info in the official GOW community .

    Usually are freezing issues or the Ps3 doesn’t recognize the game.

  • Any new AC Brotherhood news?

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