PlayStation Move: The Precision Swing In John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

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A good swing is probably the single most important component in the entire game of golf. Professional golfers spend most of their lives trying to generate the perfect motion and the biggest challenge at Gusto Games over the course of developing John Daly’s ProStroke Golf has been to translate this key mechanic into something the end user can play with.

PlayStation Move: John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

That’s where PlayStation and the Move motion controller came in. But let’s start with a bit of background to the problem.

Video games have always had a problem translating the swing, a fluid, analog motion, into something a gamer can work with. Three-click systems create a disconnect between the player and their avatar; they’re never really taking the shot. In fact, all they’re doing is setting up what will happen BEFORE their golfer takes a swing. Using an analog stick bridged a gap, but it’s still nothing like actually swinging a club. Golf games have been crying out for a way of letting gamers actually feel like they’re swinging a club and PlayStation Move has become that solution.

From booming drives off the tee to delicate approach chips, Move has allowed us to see actual golf swings translated directly into the game. If your swing pulls to the right, that’s what will happen. If you don’t swing hard enough, you’ll drop short. The level of accuracy we can achieve just wouldn’t have been possible without the swing information we can pull from the Move. It allows a player to take direct control of the club and combining it with ‘ProStroke View’ then puts them right into the game.

PlayStation Move: John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

‘ProStroke View’ is something that’s been around at Gusto since the original ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007. Looking down the club is just the most natural thing in the world to anyone who’s played golf before. It’s where you can see the path of the club as it swings, connects and follows through. When we first got hold of the prototype for Move, it was almost as if it had been made with the ProStroke system in mind. The two concepts were just so compatible! Of course, then we actually had to pair the software to this new hardware. We’ve worked with multiple iterations of the peripheral since then, tweaking and refining the system to get the most out of it. We’re almost there!

We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from the game’s outing to E3 this year. Gamers who picked it up loved the feeling of control it gave them and some of them even said it was the closest they’d come to feeling like they were actually swinging a club. High praise! Probably the biggest boost for us, however, was getting John himself to play with it. Having a professional golfer pick up your game and within moments being able to drive a ball 300 yards down the centre of the fairway, using the same type of motion he’d use on a real course, is pretty incredible.

Who’d have thought that in the world of golf video games it’d be a tiny white ball that solved the swing problem?

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  • cant wait to try it and see if its good.

  • beautiful graphics

  • Meh. Golf. Hopefully it works better than Tiger Woods 11 or whatever did.

  • John Daly is my hero

  • hey make me remember, ill go play hot shot!

  • A former friend of mine took my to a golf practice place and I 90% of the time hit dirt in hitting the ball. My friend would try to help but I would need to practice a lot more before I’d be ready to play.

    If you’re going to make real golf game – I’m going to pass on this and play one of those “three click” unreal golf games.

  • Man I want Hot Shots Golf 6 so bad.

    I always used John Daly in Hot Shots Golf 3.

    How does one Grip it and Rip it?

  • i wanna MOVE :P

  • Great, more casual MOVE games :(
    @2 trustkill

  • Bring this to Hot Shots Golf – and you’ve got a deal!

  • Loving the faithfully recreated Daly pants!

  • I know a lot of golfers who’d probably never consider getting a PlayStation under normal circumstances, but would love to get a good “golf simulator”.

    Perhaps you guys should try to work out some promotions or partnerships to get this into the hands of the businessmen and women who spend hundreds of dollars at the driving range perfecting their swing.

    They’d buy this in a second if it were properly marketed to them

  • I bought the Wii because of Tiger Woods golf. Needless to say I was disappointed a little. Maybe my dream will finally come true?

  • does it come with a basket of hooters wings and a bottle of scotch?…lol…I always liked John daily…so I am looking forward to this for Move more then tigers lame game….

  • Lmao @ 12 funny post.

    People are weird… just look at the post lol. Were you in comic con giving advice to people as well? =P

  • sorry but above what kind of pants is he wearing!!!!!

  • what kind of pants is he wearing!!!!!

  • Please add my voice to those asking for Move support in Hot Shots Golf!!!

  • Hey Derek, if this game has customizable weather effects, and the graphics actually reflect that, say like moving trees from wind. Count me in!!!

  • @16 he’s wearing purple sweats and a fanny bag!

  • I play alot of golf since I was very little (FYI John Daly’s swing isn’t neccessarly one of the best swings on tour IMO)so I don’t know why you guys used him as your cover guy. It’ll be interesting if this is accurate with my swing and to see it in the game. A nice feature would be swing feedback see wither your slicing the ball or having it on the right plane. I’m sold if thats in the game. It’d be nice if I could just use this to practice instead of wasting money with range balls. (although there is still no better feeling then hitting a pure shot with yourself).

  • lol @ “ProStroke”

  • @daascender I guess I spend too much time giving advice at work…

    I guess I could have just made a comment about those pants instead :D

  • cool wish I could get it but dont have a ps3 Im just dreaming. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • See? Now all they need to do is stream “pro stroke view” to your PSP as you play so you can put it on the floor below your move!


  • @ Daascender via AnthonyTonyMagic (23)


    Anyway, I get the feeling sports games are going to be getting the Move treatment between 8 and 18 times year… Seeing as this seems to be the first to be built from the ground up for it, it deserves attention (and I’ll be sure my father takes a look at it- he’s big on golfing), but I SERIOUSLY hope this isn’t habit-forming. I’d prefer as few developers as possible were pulled into the blackhole that is franchise sports games (especially of the annual variety).

    (All due respects to MLB The Show- while I’m not crazy about the annual aspect, it has a solid-enough foundation to make it forgivable.)

  • this awesome game but i not good play. so everyone add me

  • By the way, for those asking for Move support for Hot Shots Golf- IT WASN’T MADE THAT WAY. The swings were all canned animations, the golf club serving only as a prop for calculating variables which determine the ball’s trajectory, swing techniques being altered by mere button presses.

    Nevermind the marketshare Sony would take from supporters such as this. If Hot Shots Golf gets Move support, it’s not going to be Out of Bounds. It’ll be a full sequel.

  • I hope Move let’s me perfect my domestic violence swings, just like the real John Daly.

    Why Sony chose this drunken wife-beater to headline this game is beyond me. Any idiot who hangs out in the gym long enough can blast a drive hundreds of yards.

    Still stoked about Move for RE:5 and what unannounced future projects lurk.

  • Seriously? John Daly?

  • seriously it sounds cool, i may try it out:):)

  • I’m not a fan of golf or golf games, but nice write-up.

  • There was some game that people were saying played better then tiger woods 11. I wonder if this was the game they were talking about.

  • can’t wait to see move!

    Get your Portable ID!

  • At this point I would say that “anything” can play better than Tiger Woods;)

  • you people are stupid, who gives a crap who’s the cover person for this game. In case you haven’t realized it, John isn’t making the game. Whether it be a picture of him or me (I’ve never even touched a golf club) the game is still the same, so just be quiet.

  • @16/17
    hes john daily. he has his own line of retarded looking,but still so cool, pants!

  • Was the Playstation Move add-on for LBP1 or will it be in LBP2?

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