Flower Power: Art Contest Winners, New Demo

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who spun their creative gears and submitted entries to the Flower fan art contest. We here at the Santa Monica Studio and the team at thatgamecompany really enjoyed seeing all the great pieces you submitted. TGC has chosen the five best pieces, which you can check out below. Nice work everyone, and congratulations to the winners! The winners will be receiving their $20 PSN cards soon.

Chris B.
Great contrasting colors! The sky gives off a very cool feeling, and I dig the moon in the background.

Flower Fan Art - Chris B

Edward L.
Very clean and elegant! It captures a lot of iconic elements in a single piece.

Flower Fan Art - Edward L

Katherine M.
This looks like it was a ton of work! The piece has a great mood to it, and really shows the flowing nature of the game.

Flower Fan Art - Katherine M

Lydia H.
Great close-up work and detail, there is a lot of great tonal range within the pink. Really an outstanding job with this piece.

Flower Fan Art - Lydia H

Wilmaris S.
A true fan — takes a picture WITH the painting. Great job capturing the freedom that the wind gives the petals and the sway of the grass.

Flower Fan Art - Wilmaris S

Oh yeah, there’s also this other REALLY cool tid-bit of news. The Flower demo was released on PSN last week! TGC put in the time and effort to really bring a nice demo to you few hold-outs who have yet to get this award-winning game! So don’t wait any further, rush over to the PlayStation Store and pick-up the Flower Demo to see what everyone is talking about. The other great thing is, since this is a trial, all you have to do is purchase the unlock key at the end of the demo, and the whole game is yours for just $9.99!

So thanks again to everyone who contributed , we really appreciate the effort, and congratulations to TGC’s five top picks!

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  • I’m definitely digging the moon and flow reference in the first piece… :D

  • They all look really good. My favorite is either #1 or #2.

  • These are all very good. Congrats to the winners.

  • Loved this game! Some time during the game i found it, its good to take a break from Playstation and go outside and do activities that deal with nature itself. Like caving, hiking, camp, etc. This game is a work of art and i cannot wait for journey!

  • The 1st and 2nd one were. Great.

    Everyone should buy this game!

  • They are all beautiful. It shows a substantial amount of creative energy derived by the game’s own design.

    These pieces of art should be immortalized. A dynamic theme with all the pictures for free should proliferate the knowledge of their existence.

    Bravo to all these contestants.

  • Congrats to the winners! As for the demo I wish I could play — only if I could use my PS3 since the 3.41 update it’s been acting up and throwing wierd 800 errors while booting a game or any BD :(.

  • I think I prefer the first one, although 3 or 4 would be a close 2nd.

    It’s hard to choose, they are all very good.

  • Congrats to everyone. I personally really like 2. It kind of reminds me of Okami.

  • Where is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Plz Come Out 8/10/10 Update plz Naruto!!!!!!!

  • I downloaded and played the demo 2 days ago. It’s amazing how natural the six-axis controlls feel! Flower is deninitely the flagship entry in the genra of “zen gaming”.

  • This was an amazing ”game”. Cant wait for Journey.


  • I’m glad to see there’s such a range of quality- not everyone’s a professional artist, but that certainly doesn’t mean a lesser degree of effort.

    Though… are you CERTAIN the first one isn’t a computer-generated image? I’m really having trouble believing that.

  • Great contest! Wish I knew about it earlier!

  • #1 by Chris B. = my favorite

  • All are great, congrats to the winners.

  • Wasn’t this contest only supposed to be for the month of may? It’s august now. Although I’m not upset anymore since it’s finally up. :\

    I’m really glad that there are some great artists that enjoy flower. This was a very creative contest that I think more developers should do. I hope you guys do another one of these after Journey is released! I’ll definitely enter that contest.

    Edward L.

  • I really like Katherine M. work. Night levels in flowers were my favorites and I wish there was a option to turn all levels into night or day :)

  • beautiful

  • Edward’s is easily my favorite, but all the paintings and artwork above are fantastic.

    But enough about that, when’s Journey coming out?

  • I notice theres no hate here like on some other parts of the blog:) I got flOw and i’m just loving it. Also #2 is my favorite.

  • 6 levels. It’s a bit short for me at the price of $10.

    You know Sony, if this went on sale (say 1/2 off), I would very likely pick it up. :|

  • Pretty sweet

  • Congrats to the winners! Flower is nice and relaxing.

  • Congrats winners! For anyone who has not tried this game, do yourself a favor. Download the trial, play it, realize it is one of the best games you’ve ever experienced, and then unlock the key so you can keep playing.

  • They are all awesome and I love the game “Flower” really a unique and amazing experience. I was gonna enter this contest, but then I forgot :( Oh well maybe next time.

  • Would you please update this story with details about the media used in each?

    Some of them I can tell are digital but other, not so much.

  • These are all fantastic, congrats to all!

  • This game will be totally epic in 3D! =D

  • I wish that you guys would show everyone’s art that submitted their work even though they didn’t win.

  • I think it would be amazing if Flower gets a “Move” patch similar to Heavy Rain & other games. Flower seems like a no-brainer for Move, it lends itself perfectly to it.

  • Beautiful art! I used to do a lot of drawing and painting back in the day. I miss it but I am too busy and even sometimes find it hard to even play games. When I draw or paint, I take hours on one, to get it right with detailed emotion, if not, I am not happy with the end result. Now I can not spend a continuous amount of time because of work. Always something to do. :(

  • Amazing art. By the way thank you for giving us this game. I still remeber playing for the first time and my tears falling for how beautiful as I watch this master piece. :-)

  • The demo was awesome, I downloaded to see what they chose for it first level. Not much else is needed to -get- Flower imo.

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