LittleBigPlanet 2: Adventure Trailer Revealed

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I know you have been clamoring for more information about LittleBigPlanet 2. As always, Mark has keeping you in the know with FAQs on some of the features of LittleBigPlanet 2, as well as some of Sackboy’s new abilities that you’re dying to try out. Then last week at Comic-Con we announced our launch date and preorder goodies!

Excellent, yes, but what about the story mode, you ask? Let me just say this: if you enjoyed the story mode of the original LittleBigPlanet, then the new adventure you and your Sackboy (or Sackgirl) are about to go on will blow you away. Get ready for an all-new adventure, with an amazing new cast of characters that will take Sackboy on an “out-of-this-world” adventure.

A mysterious and terrible evil, The Negativitron, is out to destroy Craft World. The “Alliance” and our brand new Adventure trailer await you…

I know you’ll have more questions for us, so hit us up in the comments below and we’ll tell you what we can. Look for LittleBigPlanet 2 to hit your favorite retailer on November 16th, and as Mark mentioned, the Collector’s Edition is very limited — reserve your copy today.

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  • Any collector’s edition in canada.

  • I honestly am finding it hard not to cry with anticipation right now. Bring on November 16th! Any more details on the Limiteds Edition?

  • So glad I got the collectors edition, looking great!

  • i can not wait.

  • Collector’s Edition in Canada please.

  • An epic of epic epicness!!

  • Bounce pads look awesome :P

    • And how about those new animations when you use those bounce pads? Wait till you get to play it and see how if “feels” to use them! Depending on what costumes you have on, the “heft” of the helmet, or costume, etc you might be wearing – directly impacts the “physics” of your jumps (how high you can go, the way you might twist and twirl as fall, etc.) It’s (to quote bioman in post #1 above)…AWESOME!! :)

  • Can’t wait to get my Collector’s Edition!

  • On the Little Big Planet side of things, when can we expect the Disney Princess pack? What other Disney packs can we expect in the future (except for Toy Story and Tron)? Please bring Mickey and Friends to LBP or LBP2!

    • Hopefully you are enjoying the incredible content we’ve been releasing recently. (Have you played those Marvel levels in the new Marvel Level Kit?)
      We’ve got tons of awesome new content coming, and believe me, we can’t wait to bring it to you! (We love playing it just as much as you! ;)

  • Love at first sight, Bring it on!

  • I was wondering what controllers will be required for LBP 2’s Move support. I am get to 2 Move controllers at launch, and the navigation controller when SOCOM 4 hits stores.

  • Totally loving the Creatinator and Power Glove! Awesome!

  • Fantastically Epic!

  • Amazing. MM might have made GOTY.


  • This game can’t come fast enough! It’s hard to make levels in LBP1 because I’m just too excited!

  • I have 2 CE’s already preordered for November! Can’t wait for them.

    I love all the new additions to the core game. I promise that this time I WILL create a level of my own :p

    I know it may be a little bit to early, but do you know if it will need an install file? I love installs as long as there is a benefit.

    And, can you play with 2 different PSN accounts with the same console and win trophies separately? As in Resistance 2?

  • you people are insane… xD… amazing!

  • WOW looks aaammmmaaaazzzzziiinnnnggg!

  • I wasn’t sure i was going to get LBP2. I have LBP from day one and love it but i figured the new stuff was more on the creation side which I have no time for really.

    After watching the video now im thinking WOW!!!!

    I guess that’s another game in November to buy lol

  • please tell MM to have a working online. LBP1 was just :|

  • Looks good and all, but we need information on Collector’s Edition for Canada (and I guess the rest of the world).

  • If they fixed the floaty physics and the feeling of weightlessness of the first game I’ll be there day 1.

  • I just want to get a little more clarification on the Bookends for the Collectors Edition. Is it really made out of cardboard? How will it keep games (or books) in place if it’s made out of weak cardboard? That’s really the only reason I want to buy the CE.

    • No worries, you’ll love it! It’s not made of cardboard, it’s just designed to look like it was made in the world of LittleBigPlanet! Your games will be safely secured (especially with those Sackbots keeping gaurd) ;)

  • best game ever…cant wait

  • I already reordered my collectors edition xD.

  • This is amazing! LBP2 Beta anytime soon?

  • I can’t wait!! This looks so Awesome!

  • Cant wait for this. How is the Move support coming MM? Day 1?

  • CE already pre ordered!

  • i can’t wait to try out the new gadgets

  • when are you revealing the details on the collectors edition for Canada?

  • Win post is full of win!

  • *crys* It’s so beautiful! Can’t wait! Media molecule Forever <3

  • I seriously love the trailers you guys come up with. They’re so creative and the music and video fit together so well.

    Is this a new track from the game? (The song)

  • Ahhhhhh I don’t have any money to get collectors!!!!!

  • Already pre-ordered Collectors Edition. Trailer is awesome!!

  • My birthday its a day earlier (november 15) so maybe we can make a arrangement for a one day earlier release, dont you think :)

  • This has serious potential to be this year’s highest rated game. It’s certainly looking to be my GOTY :)

  • I hope the main story is more robust and interesting than the first game. And I hope the physics are tuned a bit to be less floaty. Definitely buying LBP2 day one though, loved the first game.

  • in comparison to LBP1’s Campaign, if you collect all the prize bubbles, and perfect each level, how long will LBP2’s Campaign be?

    i finished the entire game fairly quickly, and it was awesome, but it seemed very short lived. i REALLY hope that this one is much much longer.

  • i dont like it….it doesnt look all creative……i like the psp verson cuz u can be very creative…..

  • So happy I can’t express myself.

  • I can’t wait.

    @#23 Hiken – Gravity is now a variable in LBP2. Some stages will still be floaty, while others will feel more ‘grounded’.

  • Booooo, I’m gonna be in college, you can’t do this to me, I’ll only be able to play during breaks… I’m so excited to see it coming together this nicely though, I’m glad you’ve put more emphasis on the gadgets, which were my favorite too.

  • Will the LE be available in Mexico?? please let us know so we can make a desicion before it’s too late

  • This looks INCREDIBLE!!!! Man I love this. All of these cool new moves, and gadgets look like so much fun to use. It’s also actually a bit nostalgic to me because it reminds me of the PS1 Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot series. I’m so hyped! Thank you Mm!! only thing that bugs me is the lack of collectors edition awsomeness in Canada, PLEEAAASSSEE release it for Canada too I will preorder right away!!!

  • I’m still waiting to hear about the Canadian LBP2 CE. Mark said in his first reply that there would be some news on that, still waiting….

  • CE here I come!

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