Coming Soon to PSN: Who’s That Flying?! for PSP and PS3

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Mediatonic is a small indie games studio based in the UK. Earlier this year we released the PlayStation minis game Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!.

Who's That Flying?! for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

Today, I’m super excited to reveal the first details of our brand new PlayStation minis title — Who’s That Flying!? This summary from the games writer and producer Jim is a great overview on what you can expect:

You are the mysterious and powerful creature known only as the “Guardian of Earth.” Your steely eye and HYPER-POWERED LASER ARM have kept the citizens of Earth safe for generations (as well as proving a hit with the ladies).

With all your awesome TALENT and FLAIR, surely it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a sudden and devastating invasion of colossal Doom Beasts to descend on your cities and cause havoc without your knowledge? (Even if you were MAYBE showboating for a magazine photo shoot at the time…)

Now, you must not only defend your cities from the ravenous hordes of Doom Beasts, you must defend yourself against accusations of gross incompetence from the Galactic Council of Justice! And this is all BEFORE you can even start to get to the bottom of just who OR what is really behind the attacks…

It’s a side-scrolling shooter meets tower defense (with courtroom drama and intrigue!) doused in sheer awesomeness… AND THEN SET ON FIRE.

Who's That Flying?! for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

At the centre of the game is the Story mode, which follows the hero through 15 levels across six worlds protecting the Earth from the invasion of the Doom Beasts. Like our previous game Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, the story mode in WTF?! features beautiful animated cut-scenes as you unravel the mysteries of the invasion. In WTF?! these scenes are set in the chambers of the Galactic council with the Guardian of Earth being interviewed on his actions.

The game’s core mechanic is a mixture of side-scrolling shooting and tower defense. As the hero you must prevent a certain number of enemies from escaping into the city in each level in order to save the city from the invasion.

Who's That Flying?! for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini) Who's That Flying?! for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

As the ultra-powerful hero you’re both awesome and indestructible, but getting hit will put you out of action for a while — giving your enemies a chance to escape. If you let too many enemies past you, the city will be destroyed and you’ll lose the level.

In addition to the Story mode, the game has four different “infinite” mode levels and a special challenge mode with 25 unique challenges to tackle. We’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of great content.

Who's That Flying?! for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

We’ve finished the game and are currently going through the age-rating process, so at present we’re anticipating a launch in early September. For breaking news on the game as it happens you can follow us on Twitter.

If anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer them — just post them in the comments below!

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  • Looks pretty nice actually :)

  • mehhh, I’ll need to try before I buy

  • How much will this cost? It looks like a fun game.

    • We’re not sure on the final price at the moment but it will probably be the same as Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess ($4.99)

  • Nice! A trailer coming soon? I like to see moving gameplay to get an impression of what to expect.

  • love to see the 3rd party devs supported by SONY, and the mini’s are a perfect example of that. but…..I hope it does not turn into a haven of shovelware….

  • Excellent!!!!

    I love Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and I’m sure I’ll love this one too!!!!

    First day purchase for me.

    Keep the good work!!!

  • Any tentative price point for this one?

    Also is it possible to explain the Tower Defense aspect more? Kind of confused.

    Also, Just picked up Monster (Probably) Stole My Princess and I love it, it kept me from studying from my physics final it was so good haha.

  • WTF?!

  • Looks good! I enjoyed the last game, so i’ll probably pick this one up too ;)

  • Looks pretty cool, any trailer?

  • how long is this games? i finished monsters (prolly) stole my princess in about 10 minutes (and it was fun, and still is).

    • Super long!

      Story mode 15 levels, we have 4 different infinite modes and also 25 challenge levels, so there is a ton of content to play with :)

  • Looks good can’t wait to try this game out. :)

  • Monsters Stolen My Princess is the best MINI in my opinion.

    I Only think that Sony have to make the Minis work in two
    configs.. detecting if he is playing on PS3 or PSP… when on
    PS3, he’s run on HD.

    And the Minis need to have at least one Trophy.

  • Wow…out of nowhere and looking FANTASTIC! What a beautiful looking shooter, and with TD mechanics no less? I can’t wait! Good thing September is right around the corner else you might have mutiny on your hands.

  • Nice abbreviation. This is actually the second WTF game I can recall — the first being Work Time Fun (WTF) on the PSP. Looks cool.

  • LOL. Not a single response from Paul yet.

    Game looks good, but I am curious about the cost: Mediatonic’s last “mini” was overpriced.

    • Hello! I’ve just arrived now :)

      We’re not sure on the cost yet, it’s a larger game than Monsters but we’ll probably stick with the $4.99 price point.

  • Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! was an awesome game I’ll buy this immediately if it’s from the same guys. Sold!

  • One question can we please please please get a sequel to Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess after this game is finished? NEED MORE!

    • It’s great to hear you love Monsters! We may do a sequel at some point but alas no firm plans at the moment. Probably.

  • He’s not going to sit around answering questions every 30 seconds, he might even have had real business to take care of.

    Frankly, I think these guys are wasted on just doing Minis, they should think about doing actual PSN titles. From the concept alone it sounds more detailed than any mini has the right to be!

  • Looks like a pretty sweet shmup, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the genre.


    Monsters was such an awesome and hilarious game. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

    One question: There was a sound glitch in Monsters that would play a kind of annoying CHHK sound at the beginning of every cutscene, for me at least. Any chance of a patch, and will that be a problem here?

  • Hi Guys – Paul will be with us shortly! I’m Jim, the writer and producer on the title.

    Great to hear some of the positive comments – thank you!

    Paul will deal with most of the queries, but I can answer the one on game length. The main story mode has 15 levels that take around 3 minutes on average to complete (if you’re good!). After that you can unlock a further set of 24 unique Challenge Mode levels, and four “Infinite” modes.

    We know that some people found the story mode on Monsters a little shorter that they would have liked (we literally ran out of space! We only get 100MB…) so that’s something we definitely had in mind for Who’s That Flying?!.

    If you have any questions on the gameplay, story and character, I’ll be happy to field them for the moment!

    Thanks again for the support and great response to Monsters and our new game so far!

  • Yep, Minis can’t be sold for more than 5,99 usd, with this price (5,99)all will buy, but for 9,99.. several people will wait the game come down in terms of price. And when the price finally..

    And when the price finally come at 5,99, will be look like a old game..

    And of course, I think that minis need more visibility on Store.

  • I absolutely loved your game Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess… this is a guaranteed buy. Looks awesome!

    Also, for those complaining about M(p)SMP’s length – did you play that challenge mode side of things at all? Try to earn all of the trophies? I probably spent 10 hours playing.

  • I loved Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!! That game eventually strained by thumb muscles but I kept playing through the pain. Loved the art on that game and this game looks to be in the same pleasant art style.

    Not the biggest side scrolling shooter fan but I will pick this up because of the previous game and because it will be cheap being a mini.

    Not sure how the tower defense will work into it. My guess is you can drop a drone that auto-shoots.

  • @depward: agreed. getting all trophies in M(p)SMP(which i’m pretty sure required gold medals for everything) took a while. and trying to get perfect levels increases play time as well.

    i love M(p)SMP. BUT i hate tower defense. BUT i love M(p)SMP

    @MediatonicJim: if you ran out of space, for the M(p)SMP sequel just make it a full game. that way you could add multiplayer (?) and more levels.

  • Ha! The tower defence aspect is actually that you must attempt to stop the enemies from escaping past you and destroying the city.

    As the super-powerful Guardian of Earth, you cannot be harmed – but your city is both vulnerable and delicious, so the challenge comes from defending it, rather than keeping yourself alive.

    You can fly into most enemies to rip them apart with your bare hands – but if 50 of them are allowed to get past you, then that is game over!

    Great to hear from Monsters fans! Thank you!

  • Wow, I’m definitely checking out Monsters when I get home on the weekend. This games look awesome.

  • oops. it looks like i was off-topic. but when I said “i love M(p)SMP. BUT i hate tower defense. BUT i love M(p)SMP” i meant i’ll probably get what’s that flying when it releases

  • @mediatonic jim: you cleared up the tower defense thing. now i’ll definitely get this…

  • @bowling_ninja.

    That is the best thing I have ever heard. Ever.

  • hey does this will come to mexico ??? because i waited for monsters (probably) stole my princess but never comes to mexico and i want to try this. Please answer :)

    • We’re releasing in all territories that have minis support – if you don’t have MPSMP in Mexico it’s likely you don’t have the program in your territory yet, we’ll need to wait for Sony to start the program there.

  • Sounds like a solid Mini, i have not tried monsters (probably) stole my princess yet but if its as good as it sounds i (probably) will

    even if its not i will still buy this

    • Great! Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is currently half price in the Summer sale so it’s a good time to buy!

  • Mediatonic rock! Without a doubt, the most talented bunch of people making Minis.

    This is a day 1 purchase for me, hell yes.

  • I like how the new game looks, still need to try the other one, heard good things about it.

  • Picking up Monsters hopefully tonight. But you guys get so much buzz, I’d love to see you do an HD game with similar art style. It would look really good.

  • Hey guys – Really like the sound of your latest title.

    Any gameplay videos been unveiled yet?

    • Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

      No videos yet – we’re working on a trailer at the moment so they’re on the way

  • Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess was my 1st PSP minis game I bought! I fricken loved everything about it (my favorite mini hands down)! I hope we will get awesome music, awesome story, and just lovable characters! Yes even the monster’s in the game were lovable! I will buy this one for sure!! I even have a Plus, but I wont wait until 2-3 down the road to get this for FREE.

  • P.S. One more thing to say. I hope we see more mini games from this company. I even love the graphics, I would love see a Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess (AGAIN), LOL!!!

  • Just got Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess last night and I’m definitely anticipating more games from Mediatonic. Keep up the good work.

  • Also, will the soundtrack be as awesome as Monsters?

    And is there any chance of a separate release for either (or both) soundtracks? Great music in that game.

    • Yes, we’ve been hard at work composing an awesome soundtrack for the game.

      We’ll have the soundtrack for MPSMP up on our site in a few weeks available as a free download.

      I’m sure we’ll do the same for WTF a few months after launch if there is enough interest in it.

  • You’ve got my $5 :) It’s nice to see such heart poured into minis titles, rather than a cheap port of some crappy game. Keep em coming guys!

  • Nice design. I love these types of games.

  • I love the acronym for this game!!

  • WTF!? LoL, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is a great mini. I will definitely be buying this game

  • OMG its WFT?! im really into side scrolling shooting flying games..and this one is a first day purchase..when ever that day is :p hopefully it has custom sound tracks so i can take out my enemies with some EMINEM while i eat M&Ms :p

  • correction “WTF?!”..:/ i dont know HTF i spelled it wrong :p

  • I agree. It’s awesome to see such dedication to a Mini title. Obviously the Monsters sale was to announce this game to people who buy it due to the sale. It’s cool to see so much thought would go in to a little 5 dollar game. :D
    Anyway. Monsters was amazing. I remember played it nonstop in my first period class when it came out. haha. >.>

  • Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess was one of my favorite minis, so I bet I’m gonna love this as well. Day one purchase for me.

  • Really like what Mediatonic is doing. Great art design is hard to get right, but you guys seem to have nailed it both times so far.

    When will Mediatonic do a full PSN or even Blu-ray game?

    • Great to hear you all like our work!

      No plans for a full PSN game yet – we’re enjoying the flexibility of the minis platform. It might be something we look at in the future though.

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