NEW Madden NFL 11 PSP Bundle

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Hey Everyone! It’s coming up on my favorite time of year…football season. Training camps are in full effect and I’m ready for my S.F. Niners to make another run at the playoffs – hopefully my fantasy team will too. Another great thing about pre-season is knowing there’s a new Madden NFL 11 available. We know many of you wait all year for the next iteration in this awesome franchise, so in preparation for the coming season, we’ve partnered with EA to offer a Madden NFL 11 PSP bundle so you can take the gridiron with you on the go.

Madden NFL 11 PSP Bundle

Available starting August 10, the Madden NFL 11 PSP bundle includes a Black PSP-3000 system and the Madden NFL 11 UMD game for $169.99 at most major retailers. Yes, $169.99. As most of you already know, Madden NFL 11 redefines the way you experience the game. From the all-new GameFlow system, which puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback to execute an authentic, situational game plan, one play at a time; a new playcall system, which reduces the 60 minute game times to as little as 30 minutes; 3-on-3 Online Team Play; Madden NFL Ultimate Team; play-by-play recaps from one of the most exciting voice in sports, Gus Johnson; and more, Madden NFL 11 is even more feature-rich and immersive than ever. Come August 10, the Madden NFL 11 PSP bundle will bring fans an incredible value from the handheld platform with the richest, deepest gaming experiences.

We’re seeing great momentum on the PSP front and for those of you looking for some new advice from Kevin Butler’s favorite protégé, your wait will soon be over. Marcus Rivers is really making his mark on PSP and we’ll have some great new videos and TV spots coming soon. In the mean time, for more of Marcus’ latest uploads, visit

Boom! Let’s make Mr. John Earl Madden proud – don’t forget your Madden NFL 11 PSP bundle and start stepping your game up….I know Marcus already is.

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  • my BLUE madden psp from last year is better


    I wonder why the product bears his name??!?!??!?

  • yeah the blue from last year is sexier!

  • Just plain black? Sony you guys need some COLORS!!

  • Hmmmm, I wonder if this is an indication of a price drop; core system with brand new release for the same price of the core. I’m not a Madden fan, but I am a PSP fan and need a new system since my car seat decided to crack my PSP 1001’s screen earlier this year (yes, the seat was reprimanded). I wouldn’t mind getting a Go if it wasn’t so damn expensive.

  • We need colors!!!! and memory!!!!

  • I’m a bit surprised there’s no color augmentation. It would’ve been a lot cooler has Sony made the PSP in this bundle brown and make it look textured like a real football. Missed opportunity but maybe the cost of producing something like that was too much.

  • @7 the game itself is worthless. they should throw in a pigskin model.

  • Madden is GARBAGE. Please bring Backbreaker to the PSP! I’d buy that up with the quickness.

  • In before the Marcus haters. Oh, and I’ll wait for a God of War bundle if I need to buy new.

  • Black PSP, why not a yellow one like the ones they have in Japan?

  • Can we do the Metal Gear Big Boss Bundle again? Please?

  • Still no PSP Go Bundles…

  • why not a blue 3000 model? or a voucher to skin the psp with your favorite team logos?

  • I already have a bundle from Madden NFL 09 with in my eyes was better and it had a little movie to boot. I already pre-ordered my PS3 verison of the game. So there therefore one week from today it’s Game On!!!

    EA Sports it’s in the game!!!

  • I am wondering at the psp go myself.

  • Just black. Come on, you guys why not some unorthodox color. the Madden 09 bundle was the best “Blue PSP”.

  • 1. Needs to be a color that ISN’T out in the states.

    2. Dammit show more support for the Go by offering bundles like this or admit that you guys failed it!

    3. It’s the same football game that’s been out for years & years!

  • One more question. the PSP Cover seems a little changed. Uhh! I dare to say there is something fishy about this. like some more PSN support for the PSP. or you guys have not make up your mind about art cover designs.

  • Bundles Fail.

    Seems like you try this gimmick every 2-3 months.

  • when are you guys gonna release a game with the PSP Go? next year do that and make the Go color blue. i’d definitely buy that.

  • Why no PSPgo bundles??

    Finally going to a PSP with the go but there’s been no support for it. So I haven’t got any PSP yet.

    Not even for MGS. Whats up with that? Do you not want me to get one?

  • psp GO = PSP BLOWZ

  • psp go= freaking awsome

  • PSP Go = rich owner’s device

    Gotta love the broke haters who want to be part of the scene.

  • Madden 06 version 5

  • Sony,

    I really enjoy my psp, but it’s very disheartening to see special edition psp slim models with no accompaning psp go model. I have both a slim and go unit, of the two I prefer the go unit (hard drive, minimal load times, no need to carry additional games, better buttons and analog stick) but the support for it is poor. Having no special edition go units emphisizes how Sony views go users as second rate costumers. A blue or pigskin go unit may have sold like hotcakes, a green or camo (MGS Peacewalker) would have even been better. Thanks for reading.

  • Sony/ John Koller,

    Any chance of a 32 gb m2 card for my go system? My go’s HD and 16 gb card is full and my psn game library is in some serious need of additional space. Most of the premium psp titles are a gb or better; the 32 gb max doesn’t go to far. Thanks for reading.

  • @30 i agree. i have over 31 games and like 10 movies and shows on my go and i have like almost 2gb left :(

  • this doesnt concern me at all i have psp camoflauge and its better than colors lol

  • Don’t get it why Sony don’t support the PSPgo. All the bundles are all based on PSP, but all the PSPgo owners is 3 free games,ok, how about making bundles. A PSPgo included and a free voucher code of the selected game of the bundle and that’s it.

  • Man its just a psp 3000. Yall should have changed the color or make a madden psp go.

  • lame madden 11 psp bundle and madden 11 ps3 bundle both with now new colors

  • wait, does the psp version have 3v3 online? either i’ll prolly get this since i’ve never owned a psp and want one.

  • I might finally get a new psp now. My bday is 3 days after this comes out so I won’t have to use a broken one anymore. Yea!!! I would like it better with different colors though. Oh well

  • Step ua game up ! LOL ! I love this Marcus kid !

  • There should be the same for the ps3 but with some design on it like halo reach for the xbox

  • @13 that would be nice

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