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With great stories easy to find this week, I know we’re inching towards the end of the summer drought; before long, we’ll have more games to choose from than we have time to play them. This is a good thing.

In preparation for the incoming deluge, our new addition to the PS.Blog team will introduce himself later on today with a new feature. Every week, our n00b (who’s also responsible for the drastically better video editing you’ve seen in the recent EA Showcase posts) will collate new PS3, PSP, and PSN game releases into a single post. Let us (and him) know how you like the feature when it drops later this afternoon.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 26, 2010)

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  • Thank goodness for the summer drought or else I would never catch up on my back catalog of games so I can play what comes out in the fall.
    And I hope this new feature will announce whats going to be on the PSN before its updated.

  • im hating summer, no good games and my 2nd account suspension. going great so far. Jeff, still waiting on that friend request dude!

  • btw, i forgot to add that Jaffe needs to make the new TM like Black was, super creepy and depressing. still the best TM game released i think .

    • As Jaffe said at Comic-Con, it was the best-reviewed, but worst-selling entry in the franchise. I think all TM fans will be happy with the direction he’s taking… Stay tuned for more.

  • what u mean no good games.mafia 2 is coming the end of august,true crime 3 is coming out some time soon i think in august not sure doe.mafia 2 is the only game im going to need this summmer cannot wait for that game.

    anyway sony stop avoiding our comments about the recent b u l l s i t update you brought out.majority of the comments were bad adn you still continue to give us rubbish updates.why do u waste your time and money in implemeting garbabe-the rubbish feature you added is only a marketing gimmick to make you more money which clearly shows that you do not care about us but how you are going to profit.i swear down if the next update comes and not one big feature from blog.share is on it then im getting the new xbox because at least they listen to their users and give them what they want, when i do leave psn im going to persuade hundreds of people to leave as well

  • summers almost over cant wait for madden 11 and mafia 2 this month. im also excited about ps move really soon =)

    @jeff any bundles for ps move like a game and 1 ps move because i already own a ps eye and im sure lots of people own 1 as well. i know you have a game ps eye and ps move bundle but i dont need another ps eye.

    • Not that I know of… Since you already have the PS Eye, it’ll be cheaper for you to go a la carte on the controller and a game of your choice.

  • also forgot 2 ask any chances of a ps move that rumbles that be awsome

  • On the blog.share it says you are taking action on 28 ideas loool what a lie because before this update it said the same thing and if you really were one of those ideas would have beeen on the ps3 by now. only one or two foools will say the psn recommendations was a good idea but who made that idea official on the blog.share no one so y add that b u l l s h i’s like you continuously ignore the ideas being being made on the blog.share-so really and truely what is the point of having it up there.if you do not reply to the comments made on the recent blog on the latest ps3 firmware then mabye you will on this blog.

  • You mean the capcom software team is so incompetent that they can’t patch their memory manager in their own game. How many titles patched their games for the inclusion of things like In Game Music. Shame on you capcom for double dipping.

  • @Jeff
    Any word from Namco on Tales of Vesperia for PS3?

  • Will more retail games be added to the PSN Store soon? Like LBP2? :D

  • @9 KazeEternal!/namco

    If you want the game to localize, try these links.
    I did my part and been trying to spread these two links

  • Hay, Jeff or another mod, can you guys approve my comment. It has a link inside so it waiting to be moderated

    • No one actually is paid to work on Sundays (we do tend to work anyway), so it’ll get out there when someone’s in the system.

  • Why isn’t SONY giving a warning about 3.41 blocking HDD upgrades? Some notice? ANYTHING?

  • Can’t believe Insomniac is going 3rd party. -_-

  • I hope that the “PlayStation 3” project that insomniac is bringing to PAX is Resistance 3. What else could it be other than a brand new title? But then why wouldn’t they show it at E3? Oh so many unanswered questions, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Unless of course Jeff knows something that we don’t. ;)

  • I’m hoping that Resistance 3 is the new PS3 project that Insomniac is bringing to PAX. I’m hoping that they will make the online co-op have more levels and more classes than Resistance 2’s online co-op. Also, would be very cool to be able to pilot/drive vehicles in all of the game modes in Resistance 3.

    @Jeff: Are you going to be at Gamescom in Germany later this month?

  • Dedicating this whole week to gaming will try to finish Deathspank, God of War 3, and 3D Dot Game Heroes. Time to take care of the backlog before Fall classes.

  • I want Resistance 3, and hopefully it will be more like RFOM.

  • Looking forward to the new member of the team. Also I wonder what feature is? Sure, is not a PS3 feature however, it will be welcome.

    Jeff, Sid, and the new guy sounds like some sort of Big 3 Dream team.

  • @9 i already given up on namco because they dont seem eager to bring anymore “tales of games” to the playstation a matter of fact i’m currently playing a tales clone for the wii that was made by the same people that made symphonia,i believe

    anyways, jeff i cant wait for this summer to be over because it has been terrible so say that we have been having 95 plus degrees type of weather lately.and as you might know thats not normal for south florida weather standars.also,i hope i dont sound annoying or anything but can you take down the demonic clown pic that act as a banner of sorts in this blog. because of this pic i’m having nightmares i tell ya!(i know that you have to promote the game and everything but common! XD)

    all in all,i was pretty surprised in how fast that firmware update was last week. good stuff! and lastly, hope this week will bring more interesting news and vids from you guys

  • R3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I keep getting a virus alert from Avast when I go to the destructoid links :/

  • Would be amazing if PSN+ members can change their PSN ID names, i want to change mine so badly lol

  • Still patiently waiting for Sony to announce cross game voice chat for the PS3 that does ‘Everything’ ….. still waiting…. still…. sigh! I give up

  • Because it’s getting closer and closer to TGS 2010, I’m looking forward to hearing about The Last Guardian.

  • @21 Wow nedley.. considering its just that one useless thing that bothers you so much yet you already have so much that the ps3 has to offer… just leave and get a 360.

  • The Netflix search is old i had that when netflix first came on the ps3 only the old disk had that now the nwe ones do to i guest Any way it is a old thing for me.

  • Resistance 3, it feel to soon to be his new multiplatform serie.
    please make sure that his multiplat serie are generalised on the ps3

  • HELLO Phantom2k88
    Dude…calm the f down…quit complaining about it…like they are sitting there wonderring how to make YOU happy…like every idea you have of like needs to be implemented right now…how many moons are in orbit around your head?
    Oh, and saying sony is just trying to make money..1.Sony is in business…2..took a loss for 4 years to give us this GREAT system..3..Microsoft is the true have to PAY for DEMOS! are taking “hundreds” over to the RROD..the way you talk i’d be surprised if you had 2 friends

  • are we going to be able to download or buy the ps move tech demos? i think they are cooler than the games i have seen for move! i would definitely pay for them! please i cannot find an answer to this question anywhere and the demos look awesome- the sword one, the chameleon one, the one with random junk that you can play with that was at e3 2009, the fireball one…

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