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Ahhhh — a nice, quiet weekend means it’s a perfect time to catch up on some games! I’m about to dive into some DeathSpank and Critter Crunch, which is currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. And maybe, just maybe, some Just Cause 2. Why? Just ’cause. (LOLs)

What will you be playing this weekend?

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Video of our PAX East 2010 panel—Game Design with the Dogs — Naughty Dog made an appearance at the inaugural PAX East during our panel “Naughty Dog Live & Unleashed – Game Design with the Dogs.”
  • Title Update 1.09 — Deployed to all regions this week, this Title Update included a host of important multiplayer modes updates. Along with changes to curb players from glitching, we are most proud of are the changes to medal values in all the Objective game types
  • New PSN Avatars on Tuesday, July 27! — A set of heroes and villains from their UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune days: Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja, and Javier, along with Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton from the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra motion comic (available on PSN).

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  • 3.41 firmware update was a waste juss to add on recommendation which doesn’t even matter because we can rate any games now thnx for wasting a firmware update

  • i was both happy and surprised by the sudden drop of the latest firmware update. i dont know what you guys did and how you did it but man the fimware was pretty fast to download and i have a crappy 1.5 mb connection. i hope this update is not an aberration and will be the rule from now on XD

    btw,first? :0P

  • i have to agree with Number 1, I do find it fun to watch trailers all day and not buy movies in SD off the playstation movie store, but you couldn’t of Jazzed it up? It looks so Out of place.

  • Hey, PS3 sold 4 million more units than the 360, why aren’t you announcing that?

  • So how does the new recommendation thing work? Does it just pick random movies that have nothing to do with the movie we are looking at? I was looking up Repo Men and it recommended Tooth Fairy, no joke.

  • Reading the blog this week made me feel young again, what with all the stories on 2D gaming: Scott Pilgrim, Earthworm Jim, Shank, Blade Kitten… 2D is the new 3D!

  • The Best for this week are…

    1. inFamous 2 Comic-con Panel
    2. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta At Comic-con
    and the final one

    3. DC Universe online for PS3.

    Thank’s for the great news.

  • I have a recommendation cross game voice chat XD

  • looks like I need to Put down Demon’s SOuls and pick Uncharted’s MP back up.

  • @8
    I’m starting to get really mad that so many people are begging for this…Just be patient and let things happen how Sony wants it to happen.

    As for what I’m playing this weekend? I’ll be catching up (and hopefully platinuming) on uncharted 1 trophies

  • I read somewhere that cross-game chat was being worked on but,you there has to be a PS+ member in the chat group for it to work.

  • Im still trying to finish peace walker. Just finished the main ops, now working on the extra ops and leveling up my recruits.
    Still looking for Birth by Sleep to be on the psn and cant wait for Ghost of Sparta also.

    My highlights are the Comic Bundles, Ghost of Sparta Midas video, and Valkyria Chronicles update.

  • My highlights: GOW and Infamous 2 were great :)

  • I might be playing Uncharted 2 online and possibly demons souls.

  • Im playing Peace Walker! Got tired of RDR so I sold it and got PW for about 6 bucks! BEST DEAL EVER LOL. Peace Walker is easily on my game of the year nominees list! Along with Heavy Rain. But my weekend is more or less dedicated to Peace Walker.

  • “No need to brag. :)”

    Yeah, exactly. Hopefully Sony execs follow your lead ;)

  • sid

    i would like to have a question or two answered for my own as well as many others peace of mind.
    why can we not get a list of everything a day or two before it hits the stores?
    more importantly why is it that grace and ro feel they do not have to respond to anybody on the store updates?
    i mean we only aid in paying all of your salaries by purchasing items and such from the store. a little common courtesy would be greatly appreciated. during the previous 2 weeks over 320 comments and questions posted to store update and not a single response, by my surmise that is quite shameful of a company to turn away from its primary source of income.

  • Hey Sid could you or Jeff write up a post about the current status of the Share Blog in the near future?

    I think it would be really nice to read about what’s in progress/planned since it seems like nothing is happening from our point of view.

  • Hey Sid

    I was wondering if you guys seen the amount of interest that has picked up yesterday in the idea of Sony publishing “Tales of” titles in North America.

    Here is the link:

  • Hey Mr.Sid, do you know if this past Tuesdays PSN store update was the start of month 2 for PSN+ users or is it this coming Tuesday on Aug 3rd? Thanks.

  • I’m loving Critter Crunch!

    btw the ps blog looks awesome on my iPhone too bad I can’t comment ….yet right? oh & replies aren’t highlighted, it’d be nice to get that fixed thanks :D

  • Laugh Out Louds? WTF? ha ha.

  • Wow, NOW DeathSpank is on sale for free, while I paid the full $15 BEFORE it went on sale, and I’m also a PSN Plus Subscriber. Do I get a refund of some sort?

  • Family photo of my PlayStation controllers

    SCPH-1100 Analog Flight Stick, PSP Go
    2x NES, SNES, PS/SNESCD controller (DTL-H500, codename MW.3), DTL PS1 controller

    PS1, SCPH-1150 Dual Analog “Proto-Shock”, SCPH-1180 Dual Analog “Proto-Shock-less”
    DualShock 1, DualShock 2, SIXAXIS, DualShock 3

    All I need now it is a PS3 Boomerang prototype!

  • @17

    You can’t ‘fix’ the Grace issue. It has been an issue ever since she introduced the redone store so long ago.

    As for getting advance notice of store items…why? What is there to ‘plan’ that necessitates this?

  • I don’t see Deathspank on my Canadian PSN+ account anywhere. Is this for the coming soon update? And is this the start of Month 2 for PSN+ subscribers?

  • Deathspank isn’t free… Critter Crunch is, however.

  • man i just want the spider-man demo.

  • I’ll be playing Bad Company 2 this weekend with friends like I usually do… Maybe a little FF-XIII (its been kinda boring).

    Still waiting on hearing from Castle Crashers =(

  • wait, deathspank is free to psn subscribers on psn right now?!

  • @JakeRuiner: No, it’s only Critter Crunch for free. The way it is worded makes it a little confusing. I doubt they will be putting brand new games for free for PS+ members.

  • who knows how to get into game lobby s

  • Sony can we get leave for dead or 2? B/c i dont have a xbox BUT!
    i’ve played it on my uncles xbox & its sick!!! i would really luv it if we can get it. Also you guys have been doing a great job with the updates, keep it up Sony!!! :)

  • I just got psn plus and went to download wipeout hd for free and it says it is $19.99? What gives?

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