PlayStation Store Update

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Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus

Critter Crunch (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Syphon Filter (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Kahoots (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, original price $5.99)

Super Street Fighter IV PSN Avatar Bundle ($4.99) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
*Includes 35 Super Street Fighter IV Avatars


MLB 2K10 PSP – Permanent Price Drop (now $19.99, original price $29.99)
Silent Hill Origins – Permanent Price Drop (now $9.99, original price $14.99)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – Sale (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Section 8 – Sale (now $9.99, original price $29.99)
Blast Factor – Sale (now $4.99, original price $12.99)
Blast Factor Advanced Research (now $2.49, original price $4.99)
Blast Factor Multiplayer Pack (now $1.49, original price $2.99)
Blast Factor Bundle (now $6.49, original price $12.99)

PSone Classics

The Emperor’s New Groove ($5.99)
Emperor Kuzco was turned into a llama by him loyal advisor! Now, he must team up with a simple citizen in order to return to the palace and reclaim the throne! Download this PS one classic today!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 381 MB

Hercules ($5.99)
Play as Hercules and go from zero to hero! Battle through a series of action-packed levels to prove you are a true hero! Download this PS one classic today!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 213 MB

A Bug’s Life ($5.99)
Play the role of Flik, a klutzy but inventive worker ant, as he searches for other insects to help defend his colony against the cruel grasshoppers! Download this PS one classic today!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 479 MB

Toy Story Racer ($5.99)
Join all of the Toy Story crew in this fun racer! Use your power-ups and put the pedal down to cross the finish line first! Download this PS one classic today!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 138 MB

Game Demos (free)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Multiplayer Demo
Demo for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, a raw and brutal crime shooter. Relentless action in single player and Fragile Alliance multiplayer.
ESRB Rated M
File size: 1.38 GB

Madden NFL 11 Demo
Madden NFL 11 is SIMPLER. QUICKER. DEEPER. Experience an all-new streamlined playcall system, FULL games in HALF the time, and intuitive Dual Stick Control- all to the exciting play-by-play of Gus Johnson. For added strategy, dive deep into the playbook and create custom Game Plans. Download the demo, and get rewarded for sharing it with friends.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.66 GB

Section 8 Trial
Section 8 is a large-scale, sci-fi first person shooter where fast-paced action meets military strategy in the far reaches of the galaxy. Join the epic battle between the 8th Armored Infantry and the Arm of Orion by taking part in fierce squad-based combat across majestic alien worlds. Play now and enjoy a free trial on “Hornet’s Nest,” one of our most action-packed maps! Play time is time-limited per session, with unlimited sessions allowed.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 3.54 MB

Flower Demo
Flower lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate beautiful, lush environments using only the SIXAXIS motion controls. This is an interactive escape that takes you on an emotional journey like no other game you’ve ever experienced. Download the demo today for a taste of this highly-acclaimed hit.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 704 MB

Add-on Game Content

PAIN – Pinball Abusement Park ($1.99)
Get ready to test your Ooching skills in a totally different way with PAIN’s Pinball: Abusement Park mode. This PAINful version of pinball will launch your character into a giant table inspired by the crazy theme of the Abusement Park, filled with tons of ways to bump and Ooch your score up onto the Global Leaderboards. As with other Add-on modes, you can play with any launchable character you already own. Download PAIN Pinball: Abusement Park today!
File size: 100 KB

Transformers: War For Cybertron: Map and Character Pack ($9.99)
Become the ultimate weapon and wage war in four new maps – engage in multiplayer combat in HAVOC and FORTRESS or fend off waves of Autobots and Decepticons in the FORSAKEN and DISTRICT Escalation mode maps. Also gain access to 5 characters and their chassis for use in Escalation mode and Multiplayer character creation – SCATTERSHOT, ONSLAUGHT, DEMOLISHOR, SHOCKWAVE and JAZZ.
File size: 290 MB

Lost Planet 2 Rush Arena Mode ($2.99)
Run the gauntlet against the biggest beasts of E.D.N. III in Rush Arena, a new mode for LOST PLANET 2! Form a team of up to 4 players in this mode that pits you against all the bosses that appear in LOST PLANET 2, and compete with other players on the Leaderboards to post the best completion time!
File size: 6.43 MB

Super Street Fighter IV: Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack ($17.99)
Download the eighth pack of alternate costumes for Super Street Fighter IV! Outfit every character in the game with brand new threads! Only available for use with Super Street Fighter IV.
File size: 100 KB

Skate 3: After Dark Pack ‘Available via in-game Store only’ ($4.99)
Night Skate for the first time in the brand new Sanatorium, then hit up the classic San Van DIY park for a shred after dark.
File size: 197 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Carolinas Pack ($6.99)
Head to the Carolina’s and tee off at one of these beautiful courses. Whether you want to challenge yourself at South Carolina’s top rated course, Harbour Town or hit the links at North Carolina’s historic Pinehurst course both courses require aim accuracy and consistency from the player to score competitively.
File size: 390 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Championship Pack ($4.99)
Whether you want to play the award winning Cog Hill or discover Pebble Beach’s hidden gem, Spyglass Hill, you will be sure to challenge your game. Spyglass is consistently ranked as one of America’s Greatest Public Courses and is known for having some of the toughest holes on the PGA TOUR. Watch out for Cog Hill’s hole 6, a two-tiered green that slopes toward the front and is surrounded by deep sand bunkers.
File size: 412 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: International Pack ($4.99)
Tee it up and experience either Shanghai’s unique Sheshan or play one of the world’s top 100 courses–Gary Player located in South Africa. Challenge yourself on Sheshan’s hole 16 and 17 where you play around and over the quarry giving awe inspiring views. Watch out for Gary Player’s hole number 9 which is known for its risk and reward.
File size: 434 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: North America Pack ($4.99)
Hit the links at one of these beautiful courses and test your abilities. Play alongside the pros at Bay Hill, home of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Walk one of the most famous courses in the world and enjoy Banff Spring’s spectacular views as you challenge your entire game. Banff’s demanding signature hole, nicknamed “The Devil’s Cauldron”, features a magnificent tee that is perched over an emerald lake.
File size: 475 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: The Predator ($4.99)
Grab your clubs and prepare for a true adventure at The Predator! This fantasy course is designed in and out of a jungle set amongst the Mayan ruins near Belize. Test your entire game with multiple options on each and every hole for the aggressive golfer as well as the safe swinger. But, bring all your shots including your ability to work the ball left and right as creativity will help you get around this jungle of a course.
File size: 159 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: The TPC Blue Monster at Doral ($4.99)
Hit the links at this legendary Florida course known as the TPC Blue Monster at Doral. And maybe bring a few extra balls for this tough test as you’ll need stamina, strategy, and accuracy to navigate all the water that’s waiting to drown your round.
File size: 241 MB

Trinity Universe – Mightiest Meteorite Pack ($1.99)
“Hero Souls,” “Magic Defender,” “Laser Point,” “Miracle Gambler,” “Supernova Blast,” “Valkyrie Justice,” “De Lux Fighter,” “Eternal One!”
These are the Super Galaxy Class Meteorites’ power?!
It’s almost as wonderful as cooking with carrots!”
File size: 100 KB

Zen Pinball – Mars Table ($2.49)
What will we find when we finally land on Mars? Explore the red planet using the latest space technology, and uncover the ancient secrets hidden within.
File size: 55 MB

Guitar Hero
For all song credits please visit

  • “Devour” – Shinedown ($1.99)
  • “Second Chance” – Shinedown ($1.99)
  • “Sound of Madness” – Shinedown ($1.99)
  • Shinedown Track Pack ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack featuring “Devour”, “Second Chance”, and “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File size: 38 – 40 MB (singles), 115 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “A Dios le Pido” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • “Fijate Bien” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • “Gotas de Agua Dulce” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • “La Camisa Negra” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • “Mala Gente” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • “Yerbatero” – Juanes ($1.99)
  • Juanes Pack 01 ($9.99) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Juanes Pack 01. This pack includes “A Dios le Pido”, “Fijate Bien”, “Gotas de Agua Dulce”, “La Camisa Negra”, “Mala Gente”, and “Yerbatero” by Juanes.
  • “Nightmare” – Avenged Sevenfold ($1.99)
  • “Scream” – Avenged Sevenfold ($1.99)
  • “Seize the Day” – Avenged Sevenfold ($1.99)
  • Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01. This pack includes “Nightmare”, “Scream”, and “Seize the Day” by Avenged Sevenfold.

Rock Band Network

  • “Goth Girls” by MC Frontalot ($1.99)
  • “Higher” by Creed ($1.99)
  • “River of Tuoni” by Amberian Dawn ($1.99)
  • “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” by iwrestledabearonce ($1.99)
  • “Walls” by All Time Low ($1.99)

File size: 23 – 48 MB (singles), 125 – 157 MB (track pack)


Flower Avatar ($0.49)
File size: 100 KB

UNCHARTED 2 Avatars ($0.49) (x8)
File size: 100 KB

UNCHARTED 2 Avatar Bundle ($1.25) (x2)
File size: 400 KB

Super Street Fighter IV Avatars ($0.49) (x5)
File size: 105 – 116 KB

Game Videos (free)

DC Universe Online CG Cinematic Trailer
File size: 275 MB (HD)

Piyotama PSP Launch Trailer
File size: 40 MB (HD)

Naughty Bear – Episode 8 Trailer
File size: 13 MB (SD), 33 MB (HD)

Crysis 2 – Marine Salvage Trailer
File size: 111 MB (HD)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Trailer
File size: 49 MB (HD)

Skate 3 – Danny Way Trailer
File size: 50 MB (HD)

Family Feud Trailer
File size: 24 MB (HD)

PS3 Themes

Clash Of The Titans Dynamic Theme (US Only) ($2.99)
File size: 5.09 MB

Shark Week Dynamic Theme (US Only) ($3.99)
File size: 16 MB

Sexy Theme ($0.99)
File size: 2.07 MB

Bikini Theme ($1.99)
File size: 1.58 MB

Destination Theme ($1.99)
File size: 1.18 MB

Wallpapers (free)

Fat Princess Fat Roles Wallpaper 4
File size: 1.03 MB (1080)

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Piyotama PSP ($4.99)
Piyotama is an excitingly addictive action-puzzle game for your PSP system that tasks players to help her hatch the eggs before they overflow the nest by simply lining up eggs of the same color and chaining them together four at a time to create combos for a hatching frenzy! Download Piyotama today!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 33 MB

Add-on Game Content (also available from PS3 Storefront)

BUZZ Quiz World: Celebrities Quiz Pack ($2.99)
Test your knowledge on the Hollywood’s most popular celebrities! This pack features hundreds of new questions to play in any of your favorite BUZZ! Quiz World game modes for your PSP or PSPgo system. Download this quiz pack today and turn your party into the ultimate trivia showdown.
File size: 27 MB

Game Videos (free)

Piyotama PSP Launch Trailer
File size: 7.21 MB

PSP Themes (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Terran 3020 PSP Theme 3 ($1.49)
File size: 579 KB

Terran 3020 PSP Theme 4 ($1.49)
File size: 624 KB

Clash Of The Titans PSP Theme (US Only) ($1.49)
File size: 682 KB

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  • And another week goes by without Sony learning anything about how the lack of being able to update a listing of items for sale at a set time each week shows a complete lack of time and resource management skills.

    By doing so the staff involved negatively impacts the perceived professionalism of all involved with Sony’s Playstation internet-based planning and products.

    Please terminate the employment of the employees that have acting in this irresponsible manner over the past 3+ years.


  • Gotta love being a PSN+ subscriber!


  • You guys should have put cross game chat in with this.

  • Can you please make it so we can rate a post 0/5 stars.

  • thanks Grace!

  • what no psp games… Sony u blow… big time

  • Haters gotta hate,
    Lovers wanna love,
    I don’t even want,
    None of the above.

    Seriously, terrible update. PSN striving for new lows in 2010.

  • ok everyone complain now

  • VERY GREAT UPDATE! Plus members get the best deal ever for 35 SF4 avatars! Thank you very much, i’m grabbing everything now! Glad to be a Plus member! :)

  • @GordoJones88

    Grow up.

  • PS3 Legacy: 0
    PSP Legacy: 0
    PS1 Legacy: 4

    Another improvement though I wish it were spread around more.

    Puzzle Fighter should be $5 permenantly not just for a sale. Its pushing 3 years old… geez. Great game though, I bought it Day 1 and all that.

    Still no Hyperballoid HD DLC? Europe has had it for 2 months if not longer. :(

    PAIN Pinball DLC looks to me my lone download for the week. Hope its as good as I always imagined it would be. :D

  • Agreed Rakis,
    in nearly any other company, this would be cause for dismissal. Most jobs do not give you three years of chances to, well, do the job right.

    It is just plain sad how Sony treats it’s customers. :(

  • Always wanted Critter crunch, but I’m cheap. PSN+ is a great thing for me lol

    I wanna know is this the 2nd month update for PSN+? Or just another weekly stuff? This seems small for the 2nd month unless you’re splitting them up by the weeks

  • well im not impressed as usual sony but thanks for the update although it’s even later than usual thanks for not listening.

  • Vincent_Kavaldra

    No PSP love? MARCUS LIED TO ME!!!!

  • Baron_Von_Bonbon

    Yeah, how about a set time for the store update? How hard is it to run a schedule that is set in stone?

  • The demos we got today are amazing! Section 8 trial! I’m gonna hope Plus gets the game free some day maybe. :)

  • … and the summer drought continues …

  • First time posting on the store update page:

    Where is Earthworm Jim HD? It’s been over a month since it came out on XBLA.

  • i already have critter crunch damn :(

  • You, Sony, should learn and take a page out of M$ and Ninty’s playbooks on how to do a timely update! Really, you should ask them for their help or feedback on this matter.

    Otherwise, as a Playstation owner, I am truly shamed and saddened to see that EU Blog replies to comments more than you do with us. If you truly want to keep this Blog going- please learn to know your place and do the right thing or DO NOT BOTHER TO BLOG AT ALL! TRULY.

  • Downloading Castle Crashers now… oh wait no im not, what the hell Sony! Get on the ball!

  • Woo-hoo I love the free games PSN+ members get today !

  • Is this considered a new month for PS+ subscribers? If so, it’s a little confusing that the new month keeps starting a week early.

  • I agree with what the author of Post #1 said.

  • NICE!!! 3 more games for + MEMBERS!!!!

  • Awesome! Toy Story Racers and Hercules were two of my favorite PSone games. Thanks, Sony!

  • Some call Rakis a Whaaaaaambulance.

    Good update, as always. :)

  • Well done first post again Rakis.

  • PS + Pwns so hard!

    loving the free content every week :)

  • Geez, some people need to get a life. Seems like the world came to an end or something.

  • Dear Playstation,

    If you keep releases old games for PS Plus member, I wont buy games any more! I had Critter Crunch when it 1st came out (I am loyal), now it’s time for you guys to turn that around! make us choose what game we can DL for FREE! This is NOT FAIR! So far about 90% of the games you guys are giving away for “FREE’ are games I have already have (bought). This needs to change or I will not buy any more PSN games when they release!!

  • More than one PSOne Classic upload? Impressive. Let’s see more of this, yes?

  • wtf why EU psn+ suck

  • GJD, this is not a FIRMWARE update. This is a STORE update.

  • Oh, Plus members are missing there free theme today. It’s okay though because of all the stuff we got free! :p

  • Im happy about the PS Plus content…But m disapointed with no new games.

    Where is Castle Crashers, Deadliest Warrior: The Game, and Blacklight Tango Down.

    Alot of people have been waiting for awhile for these games now, And what is going on with Castle Crashers? The Behemoth have stated they submitted it to Sony in June I believe, It’s been over a month and no new’s on its release.

  • nice update, thanks PSN PLUS YEA!! :p

  • Actually a decent update for me. I don’t really want to spend any money and you guys gave me a lot of demos. Thanks Sony!

  • One of the best updates in a while! Thanks Grace! (=

  • wow good update for ps+ Thanks Sony. I look forward to getting some stuff.

    and yes this is actually a nice thing that I said, be afraid

  • So far, I’ve already owned every game given for free on psn+.

    If it’s one thing Sony has taught me over the past couple years with Qore and now psn+, its DONT BUY GAMES because i’ll be offered them for free eventually.

  • Absolute sick update guys! don’t stop doing what you do best! thanks for all the great content each week as a look forward to each Tuesday as one of my favorite days of the week!

  • Critter Crunch… really? And you already gave out syphon filter free with qore a while back. I’m really starting to regret this subscription, that is until they start adding more features to it because the free stuff just isn’t doing it for me.

  • Wow, only $10 for Section 8? TimeGate Studios must really want to move it. I guess the two $15 sales weren’t enough. Well I think I’ll finally bite.

    and damn EA is vicious with their DLC.

  • I like the PS+ update. Was interested in trying out Syphon Filter and I have never played any of the Crash Bandicoot games.

    Have to agree with others that I would like to see a consistent time that the updates are posted, but it isn’t the end of the world either as long as they stay on Tuesdays.

  • Finally…. a comment that is first that I HIGHLY agree with.

    Guaranteed I could run these updates much better than ANYONE controlling this now. You guys need to start getting ready a day or two early at least instead of waiting until the last minute scrambling around trying to figure what goes up during each update.

    I’m surprised the head of you guys are letting you get away with this. I would’ve been fired you people!

  • Great Update

  • Also, I see Section 8 had another sale, but this time lower. I wish I had a bit more in my PSN wallet, i’ll pick this game up, or wait and see if Plus gets it’s free sometime.

  • Great update. o;

    @1; Sony can’t change how the world rotates. Get over it or move. Living in PST, it always updates around the same time every week. A decent time as well. If you don’t like that, then sucks for you. Deal.

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