MAG v1.07 Available Early August

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If you consider yourself the type of person who likes getting new video game features for free, then our next MAG patch — version 1.07, due in early August — is definitely something for you.

MAG for PS3: Sabotage Mode

Yes friends, in just over a week from now, players will be treated to a number of features that you’ve been asking us for all summer in addition to a few surprises. Like what, you ask? Like these:

  • A new “Happy Hour” Double XP bonus that’s applied to the first hour of any player’s gameplay session in a 24-hour period.
  • Suppression will join Sabotage as a “Faction Neutral” gameplay mode, allowing any PMC to battle each other on any Suppression map.
  • Faster download and patching code that allows us to update MAG with more content and bigger file sizes in a speedier way.
  • Redesigned versions of the Flores Basin (Raven) and Alyeska Terminus (Valor) Domination maps that include new obstacles and repaired exploits.
  • New lighting effects for more attractive and realistic environments.
  • Various fixes to address bugs or glitches to improve MAG’s overall performance.

Of course, there are a number of other additions and fixes coming with MAG v1.07, but the points listed above should whet your appetites while you wait for the full list of changes closer to the update.

Watch this space for patch details next week and, as always, let us know what you think of these modifications on our official forums.

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  • So if I join a Directive during the “Happy Hour” does that mean I get like 4x the XP I would normally get?

  • Thank You, I love MAG but now even more!

  • Wait, do we have to play directives to get the 1st hour DOUBLE XP

  • I will play this game again if
    1) If you take out the red dot that appears above everyones head when they’re shooting that clearly exposes them.

    2) Add more guns

    3) Add more vehicles

  • This is definitely something worthwhile! This game doesn’t get enough love. :(

  • This game is beyond the “call of duty” with it’s amazing visuals and fast-paced gameplay. Add in DXP “happy hour” and I think it is the best fps ever made for any console.

  • Party party party! I wanna have a party! I need to have a party! You gotta have a party now!!!!!

  • COOL it makes me want to buy it now.

  • Awesome, haven’t had the chance to get online and try Sabotage as faction neutral yet since it has been added. Looks like a lot of good changes coming up.

  • sweet maybe I’ll get back to play it…I’m in Valor Company just putting that out there

  • great job supporting MAG zipper. Even though the player base is fairly small when compared with other games you guys are doing a great job of listening to the fanbase. keep it up

  • @3
    Thanks for the reply, and that make the news a WHOLE LOT better, and it was awesome before.

  • Oh UFG read and learn! an upfront patch release date and some bullet point of what the patch is about, I dont have this game, but this looks really professional and from what read, a solid patch.

  • Is mag as good as BFBC2 yet? Helicopters in the game yet? Tanks? anything cool?

  • @13

  • Awesome work guys! Keep the updates and fixes coming. I cant get enough of this great game.

  • Great work Zipper.
    This folks is the right way to support your game and fanbase.

  • The continual support of your product is the #1 reason why I gave up on MW2 and picked up this game. Thanks for making it worth every penny!

  • I love it. MAG FTW

  • Why does it seem every game mode is going faction neutral? I don’t like it. Though I am glad they’re finally fixing something with Raven and Valor maps. Those have serious problems, but it seemed like the cry for fixing S.V.E.Rs map overshadowed fixing the other maps too. Though I do like the Happy Hour thing.

  • SWEET! MAG is too addicting! Love this style of play!


  • This game is the best. Keep it up.

  • is the clan matches comes with 1.07? also what about the new guns? will it be on 1.07

  • Ill stick to BFBC2

  • does the double exp:
    apply if you leave a game early?
    stack with directive bonus for 4x?
    apply per kill or at the end of the match, i.e. if the hour would run out mid-match does the 2x exp still apply at the end?

  • WHERE IS THE MADDEN DEMO??? My buddies on xbox have had it since 9 am……..What’s the deal?

  • These updates aren’t enough to get me back to playing MAG. I loved MAG, but you guys had to rip out its soul to appease the babies, and losers who cried a platinum was too hard in this game, so you caved in and made getting the medals easier. I was only 100 AA repairs away from a platinum, and you guys go and reduce it to 20. What a joke. Nothing short of adding helicopters or planes will get me back to playing MAG, and MAG is probably my favorite (or was my favorite) FPS ever. Now I’m on Bad Company 2.

  • I just got this game a few days ago and it’s great. at first i was frustrated by the controls and totally confused about what the hell i was supposed to be doing, but now i’m just having fun with it. i’d pick it over Call of Doodey any day!

  • now I can finally leave s.v.e.r. and join a real faction

  • Great add on guys. I look forward to more zipper games :D

  • MAG is seriously losing players. I see you guys at Zipper are bringing us back, but what will happen after big shooters like
    Medal Of Honor and COD: Black Ops come out?

    Keep up with all the hard work and free content. I would still love some night maps in this game though.

  • i love this game, mabye we can play, add me as jkash4 on PSN and we can get a clan going or something… this is a very cool update, “Happy Hour” just makes it better X)

  • Hopefully this will fix the near constant crashing this game suffers from!!!

  • Jeremy? Will it fix the crashing?

  • to really up the “anty” on this game, Zipper, you guys need to add some type of airplane, not flying one, just shooting out of one, or add when you get a certain number of kills, you get a prize (im not going to say what game has that) but if you guys had this, i would always play MAG. It could also use more guns.

  • wow i got mag a week ago and im really happy i bought this game my 2nd favorite shooter my first is kz2 but i wish kz2 was more like MAG in patches and how much they care about there fans and fix stuff oo w8 thats kz3 :) but keep up the gd work guys at zipper glad ur making patches for mag even tho ur working on socom

  • People talking about constant crashing need to adjust their port forwarding for the PSN. Read your user manual people.

    I got the platinum last week for this game, you think I would put that much effort in if it constantly crashed? NO! Sure you get the odd disconnect, but no where near as often as it would happen in MW2 or BFBC2. Heck BFBC2 stutters like you are playing on a 56K dial-up modem.

    MAG is king. Socom 4 will dethrone it, but no other will.

  • Nice update, but we need more maps, the 3+ maps this game has got boring.

  • I love when people think because there set up and system crashes, that everyone has the same problem. You are the minority…figure out what your problem is. obviously there is no crashing issue or everyone would be complaining about it. Look around, we are all enjoying MAG with no crashing issue.

  • When is the Madden NFL 11 demo going to available in the psn store?

  • Not sure if this has been asked and/or answered.

    Will MAG be getting Playstation Move support?

  • thanks for keeping the MAG-love alive! :D snipe you soon! ravens rule!

  • seriously when is the madden demo coming out

  • Not even 20x xp will get me to play this game until they put TDM.

  • When will there be a a discount for the MAG DLC for PSN+ users?

  • @32:

    “Big Shooters” have already come out since MAG’s debut. MAG’s still doing fine.

    MAG’s problems now are few and all internal – the Next Big Thing isn’t going to upset the balance.

    They’re already hard at work on the next patch, map set, 9 new weapons, tweaks to existing maps and weapons, and faction neutrality on some of the maps has fully doubled the way we enjoy playing them.

    MAG is hitting its stride.

  • how about the glitch call SVER & the other one called neutral maps also!!

  • I’m loving the support Zipper… but you guys might need to do an overhaul to the game Q’s based on the numbers we’re seeing these days. Sabo & Dom are fine, but it takes too long to get into Interdiction & Acq sometimes. If you go Directives, it drops you into a Q that has 45 players in it…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • Yo Zipper, please do something different like snow or night maps, infrared vision. Variety is key to a military shooter. Using shadows. Especially if you guys have supposedly enhanced the lighting. I love this game so please don’t what im saying as a bad thing. Thanks!

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