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Sad to say but today is the final day of Comic-Con 2010. For all of you Digital Comic readers, as promised we have a special memento to offer from this year’s convention. The kind folks at HBO and IDW passed out a voucher code to attendees giving them a small bite out of the new True Blood digital comic which released on the Digital Comics Store this past Wednesday.

Here’s the voucher code for the True Blood teaser: EKJ6-TQBN-4T9Q.

To get a better taste of what to expect, check out the blog entry below from the co-writer of the True Blood series, Mariah Huehner.

True Blood

Vampires seem to be one of the few mythological creatures we just can’t seem to get enough of. They’ve become the embodiments of many of the darker impulses in the human condition and our need to express/explore them. They can be metaphors for the lonely “outsider.” They can represent the scarily tempting, deeply disturbing, and often repressive side of human sexuality. They can be impossibly beautiful or hideously monstrous. Whether they’re soulless atrocities or tragically misunderstood, they’ve managed to capture our collective imagination like very few other horror creatures, and they’re portrayed in a more nuanced way than most of our nightmares ever are.

True Blood is no exception. But it isn’t quite like Ye Olde Vampyre Tales, either. While many of the metaphoric elements are still intact, they don’t really mess around with being coy. It’s a very raw look at vampires, and in many ways a very raw look at humanity and life itself. It’s more passionate, more violent. More everything. And it’s not afraid to dip into the larger pool of myth, either, with shape shifters and werewolves and Greek goddesses…and who knows what else still to come.

Working on the comic with Alan Ball, Kate Barnow, Elizabeth Finch, David Tischman, and David Messina, has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Not to mention my first official writing gig in comics. It’s very exciting and scary and most of all: fun. There are very few “worlds” as creatively open to play in as True Blood, and the team really let us explore the characters in ways I hope fans will enjoy. There’s still plenty of sex, violence, and gore…But, just like the show, there’s a lot more going on. There’s a mystery to be solved, a creepy new monster to deal with (where we dipped a bit into local Louisiana mythology ourselves), and all the characters are forced to reveal secrets from their pasts they’ve never shared with anyone before. Things most of us would be happy to go to our graves never telling even our nearest and dearest.

Personally, vampires have never really “scared” me in that booga-booga sense. But they do horrify. I mean, drinking blood seems incredibly gross to me, for one thing. Not to mention the fact that you have to kill another person to keep “living” your undead life. Lack of daylight I’m mostly okay with, though I’d miss sunsets over the ocean fiercely. But it’s losing everyone you love to age and death, while you stay the same, that’s truly horrifying. Because I kind of like the idea of immortality sometimes. Doesn’t everyone? You know, when it’s late at night and no one else is around and you realize that you’re going to cease being at some point and there are so many things you’re going to miss. That’s when the idea of never growing any older, of never dying, is most tempting. And maybe that tradeoff is worth a little blood sucking, right?

Maybe that’s what’s so intriguing about Bon Temps and the characters that inhabit True Blood. The sense that, deep down, a lot of them are thinking the same thing.

I hope you like our little True Blood story. I hope you find it as fun, romantic, scary, funny, sexy, and raw as the show. And if it makes you wonder, even a little, if you might make a good vampire, well…I won’t judge.

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  • Thanks 4 the Voucher

  • only one voucher??

  • not working 4 me

  • Not working for me either, is it supposed to be for Canada too?

  • Cool, got it. Thanks!

  • hey, it’s not working for me, does it have a limit of downloads?

  • Thanks for the preview comic

  • not workin for me… either

  • I redeemed it. Thanks for the code!

  • The Canadians can’t get anything to work, LMFAO

  • The voucher I had for the Canadian Free movie doesn’t work either. Thank you Sony.

  • Not working here either… .

  • I’ll go ahead and hit the “Lame” Button.

    Only because it is no longer working.

  • It won’t work on a PS3. You have to do it from your PSP. I tried on my ps3 and it didn’t like the code. I logged into my psp and worked like a charm.

  • Not working from my PSP in Canada.

    PR fail.

  • True blood = FREAKING AMAZING

  • PSP only? Did I just fail? >.< Damn if only i didn't drop Kratos Jr !!!

  • says the code is no longer valid when i try on my psp.

  • Thanks Grace!
    The code worked fine.

    I have never seen “True Blood”, but I’ve heard good things.
    Thanks for showing us some love, Grace!

  • It worked when I tried it on Media GO. Thanks Grace!

  • code didnt work on my US or CAN account… :/

  • voucher not working here…

  • thanks 4 da voucher sony we luv u n da bay 4 all da free stuff! No1 does it better

  • I just finished season 1 of true blood and can’t wait to see more.

    Too bad this code isn’t working for me. Would have loved to check this out.

  • The code works for me. 9MB download here from the US.

    LOL @ the other countries “getting ripped off”.

  • Code works fine – US PSN with PSP.

  • “Vampires seem to be one of the few mythological creatures we just can’t seem to get enough of.” I don’t know. Until recently, the same thing was said (or at least could’ve been said) about zombies. Between Resident Evil 5, Burn Zombie Burn, Zombie Apocalypse, Dead Rising 2, Dead Nation, The Last Guy, Siren, and probably a few others, I’m definitely getting the “enough” vibe (especially if you take into account Left 4 Dead, which, though not on PS3, certainly contributes to ‘overused subject matter’ argument).

    The whole Twilight thing has already almost worn out vampires’ welcome. (And done a serious disfavor to the reputation and true mythology about them in the process.) I guess I’m saying don’t push it. Moderation, people.

  • Not working for me! :) Tried it in media go and online on my account management page. I live in Montreal, QC Canada.

    The Charlie’s Angel voucher worked fine for me thought.

  • boring… bring manga to the store for crying out loud

  • can’t see to get it to work…

  • its already 2 oclock in the afternoon and there is no NEW UPDATE on the BLOG..WTF??!! whats taking you guys behind the desk so long to update the site..did u guys forget to take your 5hour energy drink or sumthing? >:/

  • This service isn’t available in Canada yet… Got my free movie today though thanks PS :)

  • @ForgiveMyAim…. The only fail there is that you didn’t use your wrist strap to save your PSP.

  • When is a digital comics app coming to the PS3? Why on earth should this be a PSP only feature? Obviously it can be scaled to bigger resolutions since the iPad and computers have the same Marvel Digital comics.

    I refuse to buy comics on my PSP if they aren’t supported on the PS3. Please listen to your userbase and add this to the PS3!

  • Cool, code worked Thanks I am a huge fan of True Blood and was tempted to get the comic but the price didn’t agree with me.

  • More free comics or previews please. :-)

  • thanks for the code. Liked the comic but the $2.99 price is too high. I could get an episode from the video store of an Anime series for a lower price. Bring the price down to $1.99 and I might purchase it.

  • i beleive it should be clearly mentioned when a voucher is usa only. Canadian members are unduely frustrated by this lack of consideration. My experience on the Playstation Home confirm me into thinking Canadian form a considerable amount of members. Therefor we should not be vewed as ‘negliable quantity’

    i also wish to make Sony notice that 25% of the canadian population is french speaking. i understand that 10 milions people dont make 10 milions users but still, this open an important maketplace that Sony shouldnt let entirely to Apple iTunes Store.

    In short you are behind people and you have to run faster!!!

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