Twisted Metal Returns! Eat Sleep Play Speaks Today

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If you recall our E3 press conference (of course you do), the new Twisted Metal game owned the trademark showstopping reveal. Soon after, I sat down with Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe and Scott Campbell for a candid talk about what bringing Sweet Tooth and company to PS3 will mean for you gamers.

There’s actually a lot more from that conversation, so maybe we’ll have to do an unedited director’s cut some time down the line…

If you want to hear more from David and Scott soon, you’re in luck: they’ll be speaking *today* at Comic-Con. They’ll be revealing some of the characters of the new game, share early looks at the game’s twisted end stories, and show concept art of ideas that never saw the light of day.

The “Twisted Metal Returns!” panel starts at 1PM this afternoon in Room 8. It should be awesome in person but, if you’re not going to be able to make it to Comic-Con, we’ll be recording it and sharing highlights with you next week.

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  • First!!!!!! Can’t wait for this you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!1

  • I hope they release a beta.

  • @Jeff

    Met you at the cocktail event last night. Just wanted to say your much
    more taller than I thought you’d be. lol

  • car combat = dumb = mario kart for drug addicts …M rated shiz…..

  • Twisted Metal is the game that made me a gamer… I have waited so long for this and I am so excited…

  • Need to add some levels where theres daylight, twisted metal black had nothing but dark levels, gets bland quick. All in all, looking forward to seeing how this plays out

  • PS+ members getting a beta?????????

  • The games looks ok but seems like it wont last many hours for me.

  • Never tried Twisted Metal…
    might have to make this my first.

  • Great interview. So hyped…

  • Gotta love the InFamous soundtrack in the background. Looking forward to the game!

  • this is a DAY 1 PURCHASE for me…the first time played twisted metal i was HOOKED..VEHICLES+GUNS+XPLOSIONS=EPIC AWESOMENESS! Keep up the good work E.S.P. DEVS..i got my $60 waiting for your game! :p

  • I’m a long time TM vet. and this game might make me change my whole approach. No more riding kamikazi style into battle like usual!
    I hope we get a beta, but then again I hope we don’t. This game is too awesome for a beta. If we get one, I’ll be iffy about playing it, just because I want the full game in my hands so me and a few other vets can show people how it’s done!

  • Are they bringing back the way you unlock characters from Black? I always loved searching the cities for those special cars!

  • god cant wait for this game… twisted metal was just sooooo much fun back then.

    also was there a release date that i missed at some point?

  • Thanks guys ,looking forward to it

  • so…what does the player being dragged/carried by the car do, just wait?

  • I love Twisted Metal. I remember playing 1 and 2 alllll the time as a kid with my best friend. I am so glad that we are getting a new one!

  • So, there’s gonna be split screen then? Nice.

    @MONCKYZ That isn’t a player being dragged. It’s the objective (like a flag in CTF).

  • David Jaffe and Scott Campbell are great guys, calling all cars was a great, fun game that surprised me when I got it for free with Qore. Great interview Jeff, thanks for the info the gamer community appreciates it.

  • Did David say split-screen? Im going to force my wife into playing this with me. That feature just sold at least one copy of this game!

  • The game looks amazing and you can totally tell that it’s being made with the Warhawk engine, which was a GREAT decisions IMO. Cannot wait to see this game when it gets closer to releasing. Twisted Metal is top 5 franchises of all time for me.

  • @22

    The first time i saw this i immediately thought of Warhawk…and i love the look of Warhawk.

    So has the engine been confirmed?

    Great interview btw…

  • 4 player split screen co op and good old twisted memories.

  • I won’t buy this if it’s rated T. Sorry Jaffe, but Black was my favorite Twisted Metal entry.

  • @19, actually it is a player being dragged, more specifically its the faction lead. He/she represent a flag in Nuke mode.

  • Can’t wait to see more of the game, been ages since a good car combat game.

  • Are you guys giving out a collectors edition? It could include a model of Sweet Tooth’s truck and/or a Sweet Toth mask like the one the guy had on at E3!

  • been a while since I’ve played TM… not sure I’ll buy this since I’m not that big on multiplayer

  • Oh hell YES!
    David Jaffe, you are awesome. I love how direct and honest he is. My most anticipated game of 2011 by miles. The thing I love about Jaffe the most is that he still remembers how fun it is to play SPLIT SCREEN with someone next to you. So many games are missing it or funking it up (looking at LOST PLANET 2’s crappy split screen). But anyway, he knows how to design incredible games. My moneys going to you day 1.

  • WOW jeff thats a cool hand mic you got.. I noticd not even the great D jeffe got to touch it lmao..

  • Good interview man;) Never tried a Twisted Metal game before.

    Will it have 4 player split-screen off-line mode?

  • This video is totally broken – maybe Vimeo has broken Firefox support even more?

  • Oh, I mean Viddler.

  • Jaffe FTW

  • HECK YEAH!!! Twisted metal1,2 and black are some of my all time faves! The multiplayer looks insane, think it’s going to rock so hard! may get me to kick fps’s for a bit. But please keep the tone and M rating from black

  • Guys… I understand wanting to keep in line with the standard set by Black (not a big fan, but it wasn’t bad), but have you looked at the PS3 game library lately? I walked into Target the other day, took a look at the Wii’s embarrassingly bad offerings, then took a look at the PS3’s AAA-studded setup wondering why anyone wouldn’t go with the PS3. Turns out I could have counted on one hand the number of games without M’s on them. Take a look at that video and tell me it looks bad- who cares if they cut out some blood or profanity? Lower the bar a little and let those poor teenagers legitimately play with us rather than asking that they wait six years to enjoy the hell out of it.

    On a sidenote, Praise be to the Jaffe, Father of Kratos, Hallowed be thy name. What is your commmand? Get this game? Gotcha, I’m on it.

  • I seriously can’t wait for this game. You better be throwing out a beta for Plus members.

  • Yep, this is a day 1 purchase.


  • Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! is this game coming out this year or next year

  • hopefully we will be able to bring play, create & share to twisted metal, our own game modes, our own maps, our own vehicles, our own clowns etc. etc. =P

  • One of the few Ps3 exclusives I can wait for but will be picking up

  • love what i see so far

  • Twisted Metal 2 was the only game I owned for a YEAR when I first bought my PlayStation. We played it almost every day. Me and my brother and my dad. It was a great bonding experience.

    My dad still talks about wishing he had a machine gun on his car when we get stuck in traffic.

    So, ya, the online-faction gameplay seems cool, but I’m hoping for something that can take me back to those days.

    The days of camping out in a pyramid in the lava level, or blowing up the Eiffel tower to get on the roof tops in Paris… using the napalm to burn portions off the wall to discover secrets. ohhh the secrets. TM2 had SO many codes, including non-cheating ones to jump and shoot freezing iceballs.

    It is so true that what made TM2 so fun was that it was a battle to get someone to die (unless you were a very powerful, but unarmoured car)… and the specials were so much fun as well.. I remember my brother and dad both loved to be spectre, because his special could go through walls and use homing to find enemies, but once you found him, his armor wasn’t enough to handle some of the other attacks. It’s fun to reminisce about TM.

    So, that is why I am excited about this game. I just hope it can recapture some of that spirit.

  • mario kart with rockets lol grow up why is mario rated M?!?!?

  • There are a lot of folks on here who seemed to have missed the fact Jaffe said this would be a “T” Rated game. It’s much more of the original tongue-in-cheek TM from the original 3 entries, not Twisted Metal Black’s “M” rating.

  • hahaha this is gonig to be the best game ever! w00t TM is back! hell yeah!!

  • sweet can’t wait =D

  • I agree with 37

  • If you want to campaign for fewer M rated games, PLEASE start on a different game than Twisted Metal!

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