InFAMOUS 2 for PS3: New Comic-Con cutscene

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For all of our awesome fans who weren’t at Comic-Con this year, I’m excited to share the first look at the 2D cutscenes from inFAMOUS 2 we debuted yesterday night.

As senior artist on the title, I work with the art teams to help production run smoothly and tackle the huge task of drawing every frame of our graphic cut scenes. It’s time consuming and a lot of hard work but, in the end, I hope InFAMOUS 2 will reflect our love for comic books and give fans the experience of being a super powered hero. It means a lot to both me and the team to see all the love you have for InFAMOUS. In addition, we may have some Comic-Con panel highlights next week to share as well.

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  • SWEET!

  • Is it true they are bringing the old Cole back for Infamous 2?

  • Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Awesome style! Good job!

  • I want the old cole voice back

  • saw this yesterday. :D Loving the new style. To be honest, I was afraid you guys were gonna go with normal cutscenes rather than the comic book style ones.
    I think they fit inFAMOUS really well. >.>

  • Amazing :)))))
    i really wanna pre order the game soooooo bad but can’t :'(

  • I cant wait for this game to come out! Is there any plan on releasing collectors or limited edition copies? If so, where do I sign up?

  • Looking Awesome there guys.

  • NEW voice is better. Rechanging Cole AGAIN is annoying, just let it be. Changing him all the time is annoying. First Cole was generic, bold white guy in early 30s, have some facial hair, ok.
    this new design was better, other than his pants with british flag or what ever that was.
    Great trailer btw.

  • I said it last night when I saw this video and I will say it again. The person that wrote/writing Cole scripted deserved a raise ASAP.

    And man, waiting till next year to play this game will feel like an eternity

  • looks good, not sure if I’m digging Cole with out a buzzed head tho, same with the voice, the new powers yes, but my question is, whats with the cattle prod that I’ve seen in other trailers for the game, I’ve heard its suppose to be something that helps him amplify his power? either way I suppose, I’ll still pick it up and play it like I did the first one, hopefully the game it self changes my mind about his new appearance and voice.

  • Nice.

    Btw, I didn’t really mind the old look of Cole, just his voice.

  • Anyone else notice that it asks for an age that has to be older than 16 and says inappropriate for children then at the end it says Only Does Family Games? And maybe this 1 will have multiplayer since its a family game

  • soooo…..epic…..gahhh!!!!!

  • FREAKING AWESOME, nuff said!!! ;) 8)

  • Kudos for listening to fan feedback Sucker Punch. I feel it’s pretty rare nowadays for a person, let alone a staff, to listen to criticism and adjust. New Cole or Old Cole, it doesn’t matter to me. InFAMOUS was a fantastic game and I have zero doubts the sequel will as fun, if not more. Kudos again!

  • Looks good, but they need to bring back the old Cole back, his voice was way cooler and looked cooler without long hair

  • BTW, I like how S.V.E.R. is in InFAMOUS 2!

  • New voice of Cole is awful….that is all

  • awesome.. can’t wait…

  • Looking amazing

  • This is amazing they definitely improved over the first game,I’m also happy to heat that they are dropping the new design of Cole and making him look more like he did in the first no word yet on if they are keeping the new voice actor,but most likely they are

  • all this game needs is alot MORE BIGGER and HARDER ENEMIES..and a TELEPORTING ABILITY..he is LIGHTNING so he should be just able to travel in a FLASH :p besides that this game should be just as good as the first..and BETTER..i cant wait to see what other crazy moves i can do with that bolt wepon (or whatever its called)..that tornado thunder just boosted my anxiousness for the game :p

  • Will we still get the theme if we are already registered at

  • squallxlionheart

    eh…I prefered the cole you guys originally changed him too…it was a nice design…Cole looked normall…Instead of some annoyingly gruff hero. I hate the infamous 1 voice of his too..

  • I’m actually interested in this!

  • Loved these in the first game. Glad they are keeping this style and supposedly moving closer to Cole’s original look. Going to be great when it arrives.

  • I’m already registered. I suppose I’ll get the voucher without register again with another e-mail.

    Will you post the new Cole designs, the same IGN saw?

  • When did Jason Voorhees start carrying a gun….


  • Yay for Old Cole! Can’t wait for the game.

  • Although I’m really looking forward to this game, I was kind of surprised when I started hearing the new voice actor for Cole starting to drop cuss words right and left. If I remember correctly, they didn’t have that in the first. At least, not as extreme. Are they going for a Mature rating this time around? It’s just a little disappointing that developers have to stoop to using profane language to make their new games “edgy” and “modern” or whatever their excuse.

  • More please! The graphic style cut scenes from the first game were unique and well executed, bravo. I’m excited to see how much more they improve in the sequel.

  • I heard old Cole is making a comeback of sorts. If true, kudos to Sucker Punch for listening to the fans.

  • It’s like watching a spin off of Spin City.

  • Ooops…I meant Sin City…my bad.

  • I just cant wait for this game!

    Oh By the way, wheres Canada on ?? or at least North america

  • Looks gorgeous. Played through the original twice from beginning to end (good and evil).

    Very excited for this. I’m expecting an even stronger storyline.

  • Old Cole is back!

  • Freakin’ Awesome!!! But is this a broadstroke criticism against rednecks? I noticed the “pure” remark. I really hope this game is not proposing some agenda. I just want to be entertained and escape. Please no politics.

  • I prefer the old cole. He was alot more gritty and dark but his vocabulary made you hint at alot of good inside him. I dont know why they changed it to this knew guy. Where`s the continuity? Do they think we`re stupid or is this some completely new world and story thats completely seperat from the last story?

    Besides that, I still think its pretty good…

  • AxmShenmue

    yeah you are stupid. In comic book main characters get redesigned all the time, multiple times through years. Just look at first time vs now. This is comic book inspired game, of that style so it is to be expected. Stop being drama queen. Kids and nerds like yourself affect gaming in bad way.

  • I too preferred to old Cole way over this one. However, I won’t trash this new design just yet. The only thing that I really don’t like is his new voice. the old Cole sounded a lot more gritty and mature. Now, he sounds younger, and like some skater. But, lets see how things go.

  • Sucker Punch I WANT the New Cole, dont give me generic bald marine. Atleast give him to us as an extra skin. If I wanted to play as Nathan Cole I would buy Resistance


  • glad you brought back the old graphics, the graphic novel looks this coles voice? not gruff enough..miss old cole…it was perfect…dont screw it up good luck

  • I’m not into Comic book games, but after I bought Infamous from the PSN it changed my perspective.

  • i hope they bring the old cole back

  • looks sick, cant wait. but why did they change the voice actor/

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