Coming Soon to PSN: Piyotama for PSP

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PlayStation.Blog readers, gather around for a unique moment.

I am going to digitally give all your PSP’s the bird… a Piyo to be exact, a cute cuddly Piyo, a Piyomama and thousands upon thousands of hours of pure egg-hatching enjoyment.

You read right, Piyotama, the cutest and most addictive puzzle title for the PS3 is cluck-cluck-clucking its way over to the most egg-cellent portable gaming systems on this planet. So if you are in the know, stop reading this and prepare yourself for the greatness that will come this July 27 (hint: this is when the game launches on the PlayStation Store!)

Piyotama for PSP Piyotama for PSP

Piyotama for the PSP picks up where the PS3 version left off, with Piyomama needing your color matching skills, quick thinking and fast thumbs to help her hatch her colorful eggs before they overflow the nest. Connect four eggs of the same color to start the hatching process… and if you connect more eggs to the chain (or create more hatching chains) you will get a hatching bonus! Take your hatching skills to the next level in the Timed mode to race against the cluck-clock or Free-Range mode to hatch eggs to your heart’s desire. Rack-up an insane score and post them on the global-hatching-scoreboard and make your mark as the world’s best egg-hatching-master!

Piyotama for the PSP will launch on the PlayStation Store this coming July 27th for $4.99.

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