Coming Soon to PSN: Piyotama for PSP

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PlayStation.Blog readers, gather around for a unique moment.

I am going to digitally give all your PSP’s the bird… a Piyo to be exact, a cute cuddly Piyo, a Piyomama and thousands upon thousands of hours of pure egg-hatching enjoyment.

You read right, Piyotama, the cutest and most addictive puzzle title for the PS3 is cluck-cluck-clucking its way over to the most egg-cellent portable gaming systems on this planet. So if you are in the know, stop reading this and prepare yourself for the greatness that will come this July 27 (hint: this is when the game launches on the PlayStation Store!)

Piyotama for PSP Piyotama for PSP

Piyotama for the PSP picks up where the PS3 version left off, with Piyomama needing your color matching skills, quick thinking and fast thumbs to help her hatch her colorful eggs before they overflow the nest. Connect four eggs of the same color to start the hatching process… and if you connect more eggs to the chain (or create more hatching chains) you will get a hatching bonus! Take your hatching skills to the next level in the Timed mode to race against the cluck-clock or Free-Range mode to hatch eggs to your heart’s desire. Rack-up an insane score and post them on the global-hatching-scoreboard and make your mark as the world’s best egg-hatching-master!

Piyotama for the PSP will launch on the PlayStation Store this coming July 27th for $4.99.

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  • I didnt know this was on the PS3, I thought it was brand new. Oh well you might have convinced me to buy it. Oh and im not saying FIRST!!!!!

  • hey chris. can we get sum dlc for the ps3 version. its ben along time and long wait.. I feel so empty becuae there no more to dooo.. If u do that then… I promise to get this for psp.. Only if u promise more dlc for this on ps3:) DEAL..


  • I bought this on PS3 back when it came out. Any word on the PS3 version getting trophies?

  • I know it is just $2.00, but why is the PS3 version cheaper than the PSP version? LOL!

    PS3 version: $2.99
    PSP version: $4.99

    I still don’t get the reason behind these prices Sony approves of…..

  • @4 becuase that one is older and this one is newer it make sence. old cheap, alil more. 5$ is way better than paying 15$ or 60 dollars for a game nothing to complain about..


  • Any plans to add trophies to the PS3 version? Maybe a trophy DLC with some new skins and trophies to subsidize the costs?

  • I wish i didn’t drop my PSP :/

  • Alright, I’ll give you the “cutest” part, and what there was of the game was fun for a little while, but “most addictive” is definitely overselling it. I really wish there’d been more to it- some sense of progress in the main mode, challenges, online competitive or cooperative… (Think Critter Crunch or Peggle, two of the best puzzle games on PSN, in my opinion)

    The absence of trophies as a sticking point isn’t really applicable, given that it was released long beforehand. Though, ironically, this is the type of game that would benefit most from them- it’d deal with that whole “sense of progress” issue.

  • I’m sorry to go off-topic, but why can’t this port love swing both ways? The PSP is getting tons of PS3 ports, and I don’t mind, but where is our PS3 Locoroco (and no, Cocoreccho doesn’t count) or Patapon or Echoshift or… Well, you get my point. The PS3 has a much better tie ratio than PSP, so give some love to those of us who want these games with the superior graphics and controls of the PS3.

  • How can it be $2 more then the PS3 versions been for the past 3 years when its exactly the same game? And why is every PS3 PSN game in the world getting a PSP edition? Lack of originality much?

    I’ve enjoyed the PS3 version of the game but I don’t know about buying the same thing again. Will the PSP one at least have the missing Summer theme the US PS3 version never did?

  • nice

  • By the way it wouldn’t hurt to release some Piyotama wallpaper/themes to PS3 and PSP. The game is adorable and would make for some really cute XMB background imagery :)

  • Another vote for the PS3 version getting trophies. It’s one of my favorite puzzle games. Also another vote for Locoroco coming to PS3, or at least the existing Locoroco PS3 game getting trophies and HD audio.

    Will there be online play between the PS3 and PSP versions? If so, I’m looking forward to more opponents :)

  • The game was ignored on PS3, and that was expected. That’s why it was so cheap.

    Trophy patch for PS3 please. I bought it and always thought it was kinda fun.
    The bird sounds are great.

  • agreed, I loved this game for a long time. There needs to be a trophy patch for this game asap

  • I mean for the ps3 version, there needs to be a trophy patch

  • More of a mini then a full title, as the price point suggests.

    I wouldnt buy the PS3 version untill it had trophy support (but like all mini’s they dont get trophies), so I didnt purchase.

    Since they could have simply made the game for both PS3 and PSP via mini status, but instead decided to opt for seperate sales across both platforms at a increased price point on the PSP (to give the poor PspNo users something new to download at least) I wont be picking this up.

  • @SPOOKULA209 – Good call, that would get me to buy both. And I know others would to, I hope the Devs realise that.

  • @ Filliam (9)

    The reasoning is simple: the PS3 has a steady flow of games, whereas the PSP needs as much content- original, port, filler or otherwise-as it can get. Those titles remain exclusive because the PSP NEEDS them. Once taken away, what incentives remain to buy a PSP? Aside from that, try to appreciate the importance of their context. PSP games are cheaper and far less demanding to make. As a result, the good ones outshine the others more easily; a violently competitive environment like PSN (or, Kratos forbid, BD-based games) would make standing out all the more difficult.

  • I can’t believe I skipped this on the PS3… next time I get a $20 PSN card it’s mine!

  • Definitely picking this up. So glad it doesn’t count as a Mini which means we get some leaderboards!

  • @21 Some Minis have leader boards, 5 In 1 Arcade Hits for example has them.

  • Like we need another game like this…. :(

  • i too would like to see a trophy patch and some dlc for the ps3 version. but, i’m glad to see this coming for psp too.

  • Can we please get the DLC outfit #1 ??? It’s summertime, so now would be the perfect time to put Mama in her beach outfit; never mind that it’s three years late…

  • lausd2004sabakha

    Cool man.Can u do something like on PSP next update in 6.40 like abode flash player 10,still can listen music while on the psp settings,umd playing games,surfing internet browser etc.Tv XMB
    Facebook,My Space XMB,Some new visualization in music,new slideshow in Photo,Send Music,Games,Video like Photo.Can u guys do like that please then psp it’s going to be so cool like Computer.

  • Weird, this got released in Europe as a mini for both the PSP and the PS3.

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