Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Coming to PSP

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So, that RPG I’ve been Tweeting about?

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling together is coming to the PSP! We’ll be announcing the release timing later on. In the meantime, here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP

The reason why I am so excited about this is that the original team will be developing it. Who’s on that original team?

Awesome line-up, huh? Check out the press release here and the official site.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP

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  • Praise the dev/publisher that’s bringing this over! thank you!!!!!!

    All hail the team that’s working on it!

  • Marvellous!

  • I have wanted to play this game ever since I first beat FFT 10 years ago. Bring it on!

  • Will it be UMD-only, or will we see a PSN release for those with a Go, or who are just DD consumers?

    inb4 “Why not PS3?”

  • Thank you soooooo much for bringing this to NA/EU!! Tactics Ogre is a true masterpiece!!

  • I still hate the hell out of you guys for being ***** to the PS Family. Nevertheless, this game looks cool, and I may buy it. But just to hurt you a little bit I might buy it used ;)

  • Not to offend anybody, but I don’t like most of these types of games. It seems Sony thinks that everyone is a fan though…

    I don’t remember a time in the past six months I’ve purchased a PSP game…

    I want to see some more God of Wars, WipEouts, SOCOMS, etc… Fun (to me) games…

    The ONE asian-ish game I actually MIGHT buy will be The 3rd Birthday… And who knows when THAT is coming out… :-/

    But, any new game for the PSP is an achievement I guess…

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I need is a PSP port of Disgaea 3 and I can die happy!

  • I’ll second that YES!!!!
    Thank you Squenix!

  • * Hiroshi Minagawa (Director)
    * Akihiko Yoshida (Character Design)
    * Yasumi Matsuno (Game Design)
    * Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata (Composers)

    Square Enix, you rock for bringing back the dream team! I’m hoping this will also lead to a proper sequel in both the Ogre series and Ivalice world!

  • it is about time we see something for the psp people, but i have a curiosity…
    when did square-enix get the rights to an atlus product?
    i was only wondering because atlus had the previous ogre games.

  • Looks amazing thanks guys, and please Square we need more RPGs for PS3!!
    im keeping an eye on this one :)

  • i have a few questions about this game myself
    for starters:
    1) is this grid based or what?
    2)will this game have voice dialogue or just script based?
    3)is this any good like disgaea good??
    5)umd or psn store or both?
    6)how many hours of gameplay??
    7) any bonus/extras (if any)???
    thats what i have to ask right now kthxbai

  • Yes!! I’ve been wanting to play this since FFT all those years ago. I had completely forgotten till now. Thankfully, you didn’t. Keep them coming.

  • Matsuno is effin’ back! YES! Sad to see him not directing HIS game, though. Ugh, Sqeenix. Still, I know he’s gonna hold weight when it comes to the actual story and stuff. I’m excited!

  • I can’t believe Matsuno is back. Can you remake FF XII now and fix the second half of the game? Thanks.

  • Judging from the women on the image… this game is hard

  • Iteration7294531

    @megalodonguy above: Atlus only published the Ogre Battle games in NA. Enix was publisher in JP, and obviously owns the rights. Hence, Squeenix publishing this go-round in NA.

    Yeah…never had a PS1 myself, so I missed this the first time out. Had the SNES and N64 versions, and later the GBA version of Tactics Ogre. Between the release of Ogre Battle on the SNES and now, a few other individual games (notably Demon’s Souls, Flower, and Skies of Arcadia) have replaced the Ogre games at the top of my personal “top five” list, but the Ogre Battle series is still my fave game series of all time.

    I think more than any other game I’ve ever played, the SNES Ogre Battle influenced me the most, in terms of seeing the potential of video games. At the time, it was wholly unique. I’ll echo one of the other comments to say that more than any other game (aside from a Skies of Arcadia sequel), I’d like to see an actual NEW Ogre Battle, but have it get back to the old (ie-not isometric and grid-based) SNES and N64 setup.

  • Awesome!! I didn’t think I would see this day. I just took my PS1 copy for a spin on the PS3 a couple weeks ago. Glad to see this is being “rebuilt” a bit so I won’t have any excuse to feel guilty about owning two versions.

    This game blow that wannabe Disgaea out of the water.

  • What a peculiar subtitle!

  • wow looks awesome been waiting for a really good rpg for my psp. all i have is blade dance >:-<

  • This is utterly incredible. This is an ultra-rare game with no real best way to play it. I’m so happy this is coming to PSP!!! I can’t believe Matsuno is back!

  • I am so happy to hear the news. I absolutely love Tactics Ogre, and badly wanted a remake for years. Definitely buying this on PSP, and thank Square Enix so much for bringing it stateside.

  • Tactics ogre: LUCT is probably my most favourite game of all time, tied with FF6, FF7 and FF tactics.

    Needless to say, but here goes anyways:

    DAY 1!!!!!

  • i should try it out

  • I wish we could get games like this on the PS3 itself with the option of PSP support (where you can play the games on either console and just sync the save files to the most up to date when your PSP is plugged into the system).

    I’ve just been too lazy to really turn on my PSP and it’s been a long while and I would just rather love to play this up-scaled on my PS3 with the added ability to play it on my PSP if I wish rather than needing to get it on my PSP before I can play it on my PS3 (if that option is available of course).

    Personally, I might be alone, but sadly this probably means 1 less sale here even though I loved FFT and I would love to play it’s inspiration.

  • This is so great! I can’t wait to get it!

  • I’ll be getting this game. Love my PSP. Nice to see Square-Enix doing exclusive things with Sony again…keep doing that and I keep buying.


  • So happy to see such positive feedback on the new Tactics Ogre :)

    To answer your questions about the developer: Quest is now part of the “SquEnix” family.

    Alright that’s all for now, but keep the comments coming!

  • Well huzzah for the reemergence of Yasumi Matsuno, the brightest star of the RPG genre and the greatest designer affiliated with that stale genre. I hope Square plans on putting him to better use than dusting off an old and all but forgotten classic. This man needs to be given the reins so he can make something immaculate like Vagrant Story again.

  • So will this be on the Psn i mean you guys do know that there is a psn right? also when is Crisis Core coming out on the Psn?

    This game looks good, but come on ive been waiting too long to play crisis core on my psp.

  • This is really just amazing news. I’ve basically boycotted Squenix since the day they bought Quest, or at least when they did nothing with the Ogre series. It left me very bitter, since it was by far my favorite series of games. I even bought a N64 just to play Ogre Battle 64 (only bought one other game for that system, Beetle Adventure Racing).

    And now it’s alive again. And coming to my favorite gaming platform these days. And coming to NA.

  • :) My wishes came true!!! I was asking for this game on the comments just the other day!! Thank you for bringing this over.. You guys need to bring the rest of your ps1 library too. I will buy every single game! Guaranteed (I sold my ps1 collection years ago for rent…want to play them on PSP) I loved games like this back in the day. Tactics Ogre combined with Final Fantasy Tactics and the 2 Vandal Hearts Games rocked SRPGs for years!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Square Enix sucks. How come Vagrant Story and Xenogears is not out in the US store yet? Where is Dragon Quest VII? Get with it, it’s no wonder FFXIII sucked so much [DELETED], Square Enix has lost it and Wada is taking that ship down with him.

    That said I’ll probably still buy this if a demo can convince me, I enjoy SRPGs. No UMDs though, done with that dead format.

  • I played this game on the SNES and PSX. Now I will finally get a PSP just for this game. BEAUTIFUL GAME. BEAUTIFUL.

  • Seeing a remake of Tactics Ogre is awesome. I so hope the game sells well so more Ogre games will be made. I really like see seeing SE revive their old classic games. I was happy to hear Parasite Eve & now this.

    I hope to see SE remake or give these games a sequel next. I want to see new versions for Treasure Hunter G, Bahamut Lagoon, Secret of Evermore, Bushido Blade, Brave Fencer Musashi, SaGa, Mana, Threads of Fate, Chrono, E.V.O.: Search for Eden, Illusion of Gaia, terranigma, ActRaiser, The 7th Saga, Mystic Ark & Vagrant Story.

    I so can’t wait to play Tactics Ogre & hope to see some more from these series next.

  • Hope you guys bring this one and Crisis Core to the playstation store.

  • This is good news. Please bring more ps1 classics to the US store!!!

  • Very good news indeed. Will most certainly be getting this one. I’ve not enjoyed Tactics Ogre since Knights of Lodis for GBA. Thank you for bringing this game out here for us to enjoy.


  • Delicious!

    psn: frostquake

  • Never finished the PS1 version so I’m really stoked to play this. Hope this leads to more games from Matsuno in the future. I think it’s time for a new Ivalice game.

  • I have Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis on the Game Boy Advance which is a GBA Remake of the same Tactics Ogre game that was released on the PSOne and Super Famicom. For those of you that don’t know, Final Fantasy Tactics borrows its engine from Tactics Ogre, not the opposite way around. With this being said, I am psyched and this comes as a pleasant surprise that SquareEnix now has the publishing rights to this new game in the series and I am excited that it is coming over here to the PSP. Tactics Ogre is a great game if you are a fan of Turn Based Strategy. Now we just need Hoshigami: Running Blue Earth to be put on the PSOne Classics list on the PS Store and we sill be set.

  • Missed Tactics Ogre back in the day when it was originally released but always wanted to play it. Will definitely be getting this as it’s been a while since I sat down with a good tactics game on my PSP.

    Oh hey, while you’re here…any chance you guys will be bringing over the PSone classic Vagrant Story to North America? That’s another one I’ve really been wanting to play. Oh and Saga Frontier too if you can. When I was younger I didn’t get a chance to finish all of the different quests…

  • I’m confused… Is this a port, a remake or a sequel?

    Also is this going to be up on the PSN? As a PSPgo owner, this will make it or break it for me…

    Speaking of the PSN, why does Squeenixdos hate it so much?! Why won’t you put up your other PSP games like Crisis Core or War of the Lions? Will we even see Birth by Sleep on it? Why do you not want my money dammit?! Answer me!

  • I have no idea who any of those people are. More importantly, I think this marks the very first time Squeenix has had the [DELETED] to post on the blog. Three years late and three massive apologies short.

    The Last Remnant was the final straw for me- any faith Squeenix wants from this former diehard fan will need to be built from scratch.

  • Yes!! Bring back the glory Squeenix!

  • Dear SquareEnix

    Thanks for the great news. Hopefully, Ogre Battle gets a similar treatment.
    Anyhow, I just want to know if SquareEnix USA has any plan on releasing PS1 Classic titles such as Threads of Fate, Legend of Mana, Saga Frontier 1 & 2, and BraveFencer Musashi over at American PSN store. Thank you.

  • omg Yasumi Matsuno is back? Instant Buy from me!!!

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