MAG Sabotage Mode Goes Faction Neutral Starting… Now!

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It’s been almost six months since our massive online shooter, MAG, was released to stores all over the world, and the team here at Zipper Interactive is celebrating by giving something back to fans who continue to support our game and its community.

Syrdarya Uplink (64)

That “something” we’re passing along is also something that many of you have been asking us for with great enthusiasm for months. And so, it is with great pleasure, that I announce that starting today — right this moment in fact — that all maps in our “Sabotage” game mode are going “Faction Neutral!” If you ever wanted to play against the Valor PMC as a member of the competing Raven Industries on a map that belonged to the third faction, SVER, that option is now yours! We’d like to think of it as a way to experience existing content in an all-new way, and we hope you feel the same.

MAG for PS3: Sabotage Mode MAG for PS3: Sabotage Mode

The best part? You don’t have to download a thing to do it. We’ve already set everything up so that all you have to do is log on to the game, select the Sabotage game mode with whatever your PMC of choice may be, and have fun. It’s just that simple.

We hope you enjoy this gift to you as much as we enjoy giving it, and once again, want to thank each and every one of you who have supported MAG in its first half-year. Hopefully, you’ll like what we have in store for the second-half just as much.

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  • BFBC2>>>MAG

  • MAG is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sounds good..but could yall do something about the overpowered gun turrets. its hard trying to advance in the game because of the turrets mowing down everyone like grass. but thats my only gripe and thanks for supporting the game.

  • Cool… Very nice guys!!! I´ll try this in the weekend.

    []s cebackes

  • @1 They are too diferent to compare 256 › 32 any day.
    Keep up the good work with MAG and socom.

  • @4 i meant 24, was thinking of a better game.

  • I’m Valor. Does this mean that I can choose to play Sabotage as a Raven or SVER with my friends who are in other PMCs or does it mean that I am still limited to playing with Valor players and we will sometimes be defending Raven and SVER maps?

    • It basically means that if you choose to play Sabotage and you’re on Valor, you’ll be able to defend SVER and Raven’s map in addition to your own. On the flipside, you’ll also be able to attack you’re own map with another PMC defending it.

  • So if I understand this correctly, is that in Sabotage Maps we can choose PMC’s other than the one we choose at the beginning. So when Sabatoge launches there is a choice of PMC’s that we play with against others. What happens if everybody chooses the same PMC (I know that is an impossibility) but it could be one of those un-intended glitches that happens.

  • As a Team Raven player, I call dibs on defending SVER’s maps ^_^

  • Not sure how I feel about this, will there be another faction based mode coming in? I liked that there was a faction based mode that was quick to jump into, yet still had the whole “team/map” originality to it.

  • Double XP in celebration across the board? Or are we still only doing that in Directives, which will have you waiting forever on queues. The biggest problem in MAG is that there aren’t enough people playing the larger matches, like Domination. Here are a few suggestions to help with that:

    1) Remove the VTK system. In what reality can a squad kick a superior officer?

    2) Add a 5 star rating system for Leaders. People could then see their leaders rating before the beginning of a match and decide what they want to do accordingly.

    3) Re-balance the weapons. The only difference between the camparable gun of one PMC to another should be the skin.

    We need more people in the big games. Making tweaks in Sabotage doesn’t do anything to help that. Please do something about it!

  • about time….now do the same for suppression and Dom…..we need free map addon… maps are getting old and there should have been more from the beginning.

  • I hope this boosts players numbers so we can get in big matches easier

  • Keep up the good work Jeremy and Zipper!

  • I just wish there were more people playing Interdiction. But this sounds like fun too, my clan mostly plays Sabotage so they’ll like this news for sure.

  • @Vorax07

    MAG = MW2 > BFBC2

  • Time to play MAG again!

  • Thanks a lot guys! It got kinda repetitive, but now that anyone can play in them, its gonna mix it up. Im definitely gonna be jumping in since sabotage is my favorite game mode.

  • This is so awesome. I was just whining yesterday on Twitter about how it takes so blasted long to get in a game. I trust this will decrease that time significantly. Very exciting indeed. Now, if only I were able to get enough work done to play MAG (or any other game, for that matter), I’d be all over it. frown.

  • MAG > BFBC2 > MW2

    MW2 = Counter Strike 1.6 LOL :P

  • Already told my clan buddies and everyone one at

  • i love mag, since beta! love double-xp weekends too! snipe you soon!

    • We have Double XP going on right now via “Directives” mode as well. Simply pop into the Directives queue and whatever mode you play, you’ll get double XP for it.

  • This is great. Been enjoying the game since I got it in late May. I generally don’t have to wait too long to get into a match through Directives and appreciate the double XP for it because it helped push me up to lv 60. Only match type I find I wait a bit for is Interdiction. Really disappointing because I thought it was a good change to create more variety from the other game types.

  • does this mean you get more map choices….?

  • Keep us coming back Zipper! Thanks for this! I might hve to ditch MW2, Bad Co. 2, and Medal Of Honor Beta for awhile to enjoy this!!

  • aliss… yes

  • i will be on this weekend then. now allow it for domination cuz i hate defending with raven.

  • Thanks for answering my question. It sounds really cool and I’m excited because I haven’t defended the SVER maps in months and I haven’t defended the Raven maps since the beta.

  • With neutral maps we might be able to get new maps as well

  • @Jeremy

    How about doing Double XP for Domination(or Interdiction) to get players OUT of Sabotage, and in to the bigger game modes? Could you add that to future posibilities?

    • Directives actually does that automatically — let’s say that you sign-in and Acquisition and Domination are the modes that are looking for the most players to spin-off; since you’re in Directives, you’ll be placed in the one that needs you most along with the rest of the people in the Directive’s Queue so that the game can start faster.

      Going forward, though, one thing we’re going to do in the near future (due to community requests, so definitely continue to supply them) are events scheduled around specific game modes. Look for news on that in a future update.

  • Fantastic Zipper! Great to see the support for this game!

    NOW I would like to know how the population for this game is. How many do play this today. Great to know because I would love to see a Second MAG game in a few years down the road!

  • LOL….I just can’t seem to care about ZIPPER products anymore.

  • Good job zipper. Though I think every game mode should change to faction neutral going forward.

    Also hope you guys have some more dlc in store for MAG, we need more maps. Maybe even make the interdiction free if a second map pack launches to avoid splitting the player base even more.

  • Awesome. Love the game so far. What would be nice is to have all game types be neutral.

    By the way loving the Double EXP directives. It makes all game types continue to go even late at night. I don’t enjoy sabotage to much and love playing Domination and Acquisition, unfortunately though before the double EXP once 1 AM usually hit, the games used to be completely dead.

  • I hate this idea i think it is stupid to have to defend a map that isn’t yours sabotage should be changed back or give an obtion to only defend your maps and attack the other teams on their map like it was. :(

  • DON’T CHANGE DOMINATION TO NEUTRAL you can change supression i would actualy like that but if you change domination you lost any reason to have the different pmc’s and you might as well just change it so you can play with any one regardless of what team they are in

  • sabotage is fine to be neutral but putting every mode in neutral will make PMC pointless

  • Yeaah time for Raven o get their contract…. Logging on now

  • Great idea making Faction Neutral modes. Just tried attacking SVER on Raven’s map and it was a nice change.

    ps. Just received the elusive MAG platinum. That should be worth a job in the QA department of Zipper since I got all mdeals prior to the 1.06 patch except for paratrooper kills, which wasn’t changed in the patch. Just letting everyone know who the boss is.

  • PLEASE DON’T DO THIS FOR DOMINATION!!!!… suppression yes, and the other two I don’t care about at all.

  • small change that makes a huge difference

    it would be nice to see more in the barracks. more weapons, attachments etc.

    thx Zipper

    PS: are there any plans to revise the behavior of “soldiers”? is just that some stuff that one is able to do in MAG is just too arcady

  • Kewl story bro
    but I still prefer BFBC2

  • This is great! I would like to see it done with all modes. Have been playing since 2nd phase and still enjoying the game. I hope use are finally done tweaking the weapons as I feel they are almost perfect now.

    I would also suggest that future DLC always be free for this game, once use come out with say a MAG 2 then charge. Though I bought Interdiction I know quite a few that didn’t, and it creates issues in clans. But whatever use do just keep the stuff coming we’ll be here waiting.

  • I skimmed thorugh quickly, snap to judgement that I must be the only one to think this is awful. I hate it. I was playing today with no idea what was going on assumed something was wrong & it would be addressed & fixed ASAP. now I know this was made to happen, I hate it even more! seems to me it defeats a purpose. you wanna play the other maps, finish yor current PMC & change it! but whatever! Just Awful.

  • Sweet!! I’ll be checking this out tonight. Good job Zipper keep it up!!

  • hey Jeremy Dunham if you see this I was just wondering… the “2nd half” ^_^ tha wouldn’t be by any chance more neutral or new weapons or masks (balaclava’s forraven and half masks for SEVR) just wondering unless no spoilers then ok I can wait but it’ll b hard ^_^. Also to those who say it’s a stupid change… personaly think it’s sweet. Also wth Bomb placing missions after the mission it’s like there is no reason for defenders to stay there if the attacking team has A B and C. Say you are SEVR attack VALOR, SEVR wins… next you play the same mp this ime your SEVR defending VALOR’s base it’s like VALOR is making a counter stike. Also some maps have bett defending then attacking other’s have better attacking and horrible defending. there’s maps my troops can’t get farther half the time becau it’s so well defended like VALOR’s you can side the lowlands from the oldloging building in the hill. again personaly I like the chang and Jeremy is it a perminate thing or just for the month thing? I say keep it ,,\/, ^_^ peace

  • oh yeah, MAG is da BOMB, keep growing like my hunger without breakfast!

  • MAG is awesome, I play it all the time. This will make it better.

    We would also like some new homefront area’s for sabotage and domination. Old maps are getting boring.

  • When I first played the beta demo for MAG I thought it was rubbish, so left it for MW2 and then noticed all my friends on MAG all of the time. So I gave it another chance and have been hooked on it ever since. MW2 is gathering dust in the corner of my room now! BFBC2 is not bad, not perfect – still can’t beat 256 player carnage though! Update MAG for Move/3D! ツ౯웃

  • I liked MAG. I dont play now coz the games empty. I work funny hours an when im home its usually not peak game playing time so gettin a game on takes a while… like the other mornin when there was very few people on an all of em were in Sab. Cool beans an all Zipper but there old beans that shudda bin released a while ago when the majority of people cared about MAG. An its nice to know theres gonna be DLC etc within the next 6 months but……. who is gonna buy it? I bought the first DLC but the numbers of people playin it is so low… Is there gonna be anyone left to buy any future DLC?

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