Dead Nation for PS3: Baseball Stadium showdown

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The undead in Dead Nation weren’t always the dirty, shambling corpses they are now. They came from all walks of life and, even after their transformation, retain a piece of who they once were. Watch the trailer below to see what happens when the zombie plague reaches a baseball stadium.

Dead Nation features a large variety of zombie types that reflect the locales and show the transformation of ordinary people into merciless undead killers. Check out the new screens, and stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog as we reveal more Dead Nation details in the coming months.

Oh, and if you’re in town, check out Dead Nation at Comic-Con this week!

Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)

Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)

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  • It seems like this game has been in development forever, any word on a release date? Can we hope for it before the end of the year?

  • Looks good. Needs a release date though.

  • When is this awesome looking game coming out?

  • release date please!!!

  • This game has amazing visuals!

  • I love it when the zombies explode… :D And that feature with zombies being drawn to a car alarm going off seems to add some great tactic to playing this game!

  • “Check out the new screens, and stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog as we reveal more Dead Nation details in the coming months.”

    Coming Months!, I am convinced this game does not exist and will never come out.

  • is that going to be the actual view of the game??

  • was that song in the video from the eye of judgment?

  • Supposed to be out between October-December of this year. It’s been in development for less than a year so far. It was announced last August. Let the people work on it for crying out loud.

  • looks awesome, is there same screen co-op of some sort?

  • made by the same guys who did super stardust…i smell impossible trophies again!!

  • Is there going to be in-game music if there is i will buy

  • Looks great good work keep it up.

  • the game actually looks pretty cool, even tho i suck terribly at games like that… the graphics are nice tho

  • That is the opening song for eye of judgement… PS3… *sniff*

  • I can’t believe you guys… This game got announced like 2 years ago and you still haven’t finished it?! It’s a schmup! A SCHMUP!

  • Looks amazing! Just let me know how much it’s going to cost and when It’s coming out.

  • 3rd person sucks

  • Um guys…gals… This is a new ZOMBIE game for the PS3. Apply a little logic to your release date complaints. Do you honestly think they’re working on this game like crazy halloween developer elfs for nothing?

    Since Halloween (October 31st) falls on a Sunday this year, and we all know Sony doesn’t release any new games on Sundays, I predict it will either be released the Tuesday (October 26th) of or the Tuesday before (October 19th). Obviously it would make more sense to release it the week OF the 31st.

    (Do I get a free version of the Dead Nation game for predicting correctly??? You know i’m right! lol)

  • Played this at Sony’s PSN lounge at E3 and I have but one word to describe my immpression/s…phenomenal!

    Easily the best twin-stick arcade-style zombie shooter to hit a console. I just wish I didn’t play it considering I’ve been hankering to check another trunk since my run-through with it.

  • This game reminds me of a Mix of Resident Evil, Killzone Liberation (PSP) and Smash TV. I’m looking forward to this. I’ll be buying it when it hits PSN. One question though: Is this game going to have Playstation Home Rewards?

  • Looks very smooth, can’t wait to play it!

  • WOW, misleading tittle there.
    This is like all the others, it’s junk.
    We want to be in the action, not above it.
    This would really be awesome if it was first or third person.

    But sadly it’s not and will not buy..

  • I’ve been waiting a long time for DN. When’s it coming out?

  • im tired of the over the top zombie killing games..if im going to buy any game that has zombies its gonna be dead rising 2..and maybe that one from the minis Age of Zombies..:p this game looks good nonetheless..

  • this game is fun. played this game on steam and loved it.

  • You people posting comments like “this is never gonna come out lulz” etc etc seriously need to shut up. This isn’t your typical arena dual stick shoot’em up, it features fully 3D explorable levels with insanely gorgeous visuals at what looks to be 60 fps. Dead Nation is my most wanted PSN game ever, my god.

  • You played Dead Nation on Steam? What? Rofl.

  • MUST BUY!!!

  • Dead Nation on Steam? You mean Nation Red possibly. This one is PS3 only. The other is PC only. Though they resemble each other fairly closely.

  • Coming months? When the heck is this game coming out? I want to buy it but it’s hard to stay interested when there’s no time frame for release.

  • I was expecting to see an actual baseball field with some green grass and dirt to spill blood on though.. ? and will there be daylight in the game?

  • I can haz game nao?

  • this game looks very cool…..i just want to play it already. i was VERY disapointed with zombie apoc and a little disapointed with bzb but!!!!…this game looks soooooo promising. i love zombies and i hope this comes out very soon.

  • Release date.

  • Please please PLEASE have online and offline co-op. I want this game so bad, the devs. at Housemarque are amazing! I played it at E3 and was demanding more, I NEED more! This game will be an instant classic.

  • this game has been done before, be creative, try again

  • Why have this game been in development in such a long time?

  • this game need to come out sooner

  • Played this last night at the PS3 both. It was ok.

  • it’s Burn Zombie Burn on steroids! lol, awesome!

  • Sorry but the car explosion looked really lame.

  • I bought the Eye of Judgment the day it released, and I still had no idea this song was part of it- I got bored of it pretty quickly. I couldn’t even be bothered to pull out all the junk necessary when it was updated with trophies. Glad I spent $60+ on it though so I could save money on the Move b… oh, wait…

    Anyway, why all the complaining about release dates all of a sudden? You all act as though you never had to wait for a game before- clearly none of you eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XII for the six or seven months following its “release date.”

  • now is this game going to have a less detailed version for the psp? thank you for responding if you choose to.

  • Hopefully DN gets released this year, it looks like so much fun!

  • would be sick in first person!

  • I am a Zombie, So I love Zombie Games…Keep ’em coming!!

  • Wow, for a top down shooter with these size of zombie hordes, it looks amazing! You’d say that with 30 zombies in your screen you would hit 5 zombies in one shotgun blast and they’d al make the same animation if they get hit or something haha. But every zombie reacts diffently, it doesn’t look like a prefixed group but many individual zombies. I don’t know how to say it but it looks amazing! Physics and lighting effects look awesome too.

  • im sorry, but it just looks like an enhanced version of burn zombie burn. i dont think it looks too good personally

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