Comic-Con on the PlayStation Video Store, PSP Prizes and More

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Get your geek on this weekend with an incredible Comic-Con 2010 collection on the PlayStation Video Store! Make sure your weekend plans include a visit to the Video Store before July 25th so you don’t miss out on any of the amazing offers available — there are chances to win PSP prize packages, an instant free rental of Godzilla 2000, daily footage from the show, and more comic book films than you can shake a stick at!

San Diego Comic-Con

First order of business: download your free rental of Godzilla 2000, presented by Crackle, by simply visiting the Video Store. US PS3 and PSP owners can take advantage of this deal anytime before midnight PDT on 7/25.

For those of you who can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con this year, never fear: we’re bringing the show to you! Users in Canada and the US can download daily footage from the show highlighting special interviews, events, exciting costumes, the latest releases and more.

The Spotlight On Comic Books section has a compilation of your favorite animated and live-action comic book-inspired flicks. You can also be one of the very first to check out Batman: Under the Red Hood this weekend. Rent the movie on July 24th from PlayStation Network before it’s available on DVD.

Like prizes? Purchase any two movies (new releases, comic book titles, you name it) from the Video Store anytime between July 19th and July 25th and you’ll be automatically entered to win an exclusive PSP prize package from Comic-Con 2010! Think blood-splattered scenes from Spartacus. Chilling characters from True Blood. The new Batman: Under the Red Hood film. And the hit anime sensation Naruto Shippuden Uncut. That’s right, each grand prize winner will receive not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR branded PSPs highlighting these hit shows and films! Two lucky grand prize winners will receive the set of four branded PSPs and three first prize winners will each receive one branded PSP and a $30 PlayStation Network gift card! Sweepstakes is subject to complete Official Rules available here. See Official Rules for complete details. Available in the US only, void outside eligibility area and where prohibited.

Have a great weekend, get your Comic-Con on, and hurry to PlayStation Store before it’s too late!

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  • wish i were at comic-con – sigh. thanks for the free stuff sony!

  • Hi Grace. I’m not sure if you can answer this, but I’ll ask anyway: is there any chance we’ll see additional seasons of the original Transformers series, along w/ the 1987 animated movie? Hell, I’ll take other classic ’80s fare as well: G.I. Joe, Thubdercats, He-man & The MotU, etc. As someone who grew up durring the ’80s & ’90s, I enjoy ’80s programming & would snatch it up in a heartbeat if it appeared on the PSN Video Store.

  • thanks for the freebies. btw, will i be able to download anything from the store using my old acc from my now dead 60 gb ps3? you see my original ps3 died and i didnt deactivated the account so whenever i try to download something from the vid store using my new 160 gb slim ps3 it doesnt let me.

    also, isnt illegal in some states to make you buy stuff in order to enter contests?i’m just asking :0

  • put the vids in Home theatre.

  • These are some great offers to be had.

    One thing I did notice though is that the free movie was not easy to find at first on the PSP, and the movie rental purchase also checked off ownership, but I could not download either the rental or full movie on my PSP due to lack of space.

    If I remove some content, I shoudl be able to go back and download the rental from my Download History correct?

  • How come only users in Canada and the US can download daily footage from the show ?????

    we are users also!

  • do we have to buy movies or can we rent as well? for the psp prizes? and that batman the red hood looks great thanks sony for bringing that to us before it hits dvd

  • why not make just PSN cards by themselves as a third prize or something like that? then i would do the contest.

  • Problem is the free rental movie is not on the Canadian video store -_-

  • @Lucky 13X (#5) – The video side of the PSN Store works differently than the game/DLC side. Although the game/DLC side maintains a list of stuff bought/downloaded even after the initial download so you can redownload it again, once you download a movie or tv show it’ll disappear from your download history list. Sony does this (among other measures) to combat piracy. With that being said, if you delete a video, you’ll have to buy/rent it again. I’d advise that you’d just get another memory stick for your PSP. Nowadays the 2 GB & 4 GB ones are pretty cheap & readily available.

  • My PS3 died about a year ago and i sent it in and they just sent me a brand new one instead of fixing it so now i can’t download anything from the Video Store. Anyone know how i can fix this?

  • #9 cause it’s US only… but where is the code for the Charlie’s Angels movie?

  • @TOZLOW: You need to call Sony customer service and have them “deauthorize” your old system manually in their computer system, so that you will free up your one video content authorization. Then you can authorize your replacement system for video content. I had to do that too when my original PS3 died and was replaced by Sony a year ago or so.

  • @darth_soul

    thanks man

  • @Tozlow: Darth_Soul is correct. Call Sony @ 1.800-345-7669 to have that issue resolved. When I had the YLoD (2 times) I sent in my PS3 for repairs & upon getting my refurbished system back, I called them to have the system that I sent in deactivated for videos as well as had my videos that I previously bought reauthorized. Now, bear a couple things in mind: 1) under normal circumstances, they won’t reauthorize videos, but when it comes to having your system repaired by them & in turn losing the videos, they’ll make an exception to the rule. 2) Once you call in to get this process started, depending on many factors (# of videos you have, how busy they are, etc.) it may take, on average, 24 to 48 hours for all of this to be done. Sometimes longer, although that’s rare. Usually 24 to 48 hours is the general rule.

  • Is there anyplace that keeps a full, updated listing of all videos available in the Store — besides the Store itself? Seems kind of silly if there’s not a searchable/browsable database on the web.

  • @Hellogreg: Not that I’m aware of. The only thing I can recommend is that you either read this blog when they post about the Video Store update or you can regularly browse the store yourself. Luckily the store is fairly well organized (IMO).

  • I’d like to know if it matters whether you rent or buy the movie. I didn’t see that in the rules, though I may have missed it.

  • @18 – To enter the contest to win the PSP? It says you have to *BUY*, NOT RENT. It states that very clearly.

  • hey I can’t find the comic-con footage videos… have u guys not uploaded today’s yet? yur doing one a day like they did with E3, right?

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