Medal of Honor: Here’s What You Want to Know

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We’re fresh off a visit to EA’s Redwood Shores campus, where the teams behind Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, and Shank showed us the latest post-E3 builds of their games, and then took time to answer the questions you posed to us earlier in the week. First up: Medal of Honor.

On the new content front, the impressively-bearded Greg Goodrich (you may remember him from our E3 interview) demonstrated a mission from the single player mode. As a sniper perched high above an enemy encampment in the Afghan mountains, he picked off a number of enemies, eventually drawing attention to his location. As the enemies let loose with mortar fire, the player switched over to reverse infrared imaging to spot the artillery operators and counter-snipers hiding in the brush and to put high-caliber rounds in their skulls from over a kilometer away.

The audio was a standout here; the crackle of your CO’s orders over the radio and your spotter’s instructions seemed as true to life as most of us will ever get to a behind-enemy-lines situation.

Other news: the Medal of Honor beta is being extended in both time and scope – those of you who purchased Battlefield 1943 should now also have access to the MOH beta. Check out Medal of Honor on Twitter for more details.

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  • Has there been a battlefield 1943 discount yet?

  • EA: Make another SSX, then I’ll start buying your games again.

  • Darn….no destruction 2.0

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this, beta seems weak but I know the final product will be great :]

  • I own BF1943 – How do I access the beta?

    I live in Canada, is it open to me?

    • I’m down at Comic-Con right now (hence away from my PS3), but from what they tell me, you should be able to do a search for it or sort by title.

  • Still hope that EA will show Singleplayer footage at GC2010,or at GTTV…

  • I played the MoH beta a lot. :D Kinda sucks that there was only one map though lol.

  • The beta is truthfully absolutely HORRIBLE! But the final product is definately gonna be better, however, I doubt it will be better than BFBC2. Maybe, and most likely, however, its WILL be better than MW2. Forget InfinityWard and CoD. EA and BF all the way!

  • The Beta is very fun! I have made my way up on the leaderboard and i’m currently number 130-140 last time I checked today. I just hope you guys change the knife. It misses often. I am really looking forward to the SP of this game. :)

  • Yea I agree. The Beta’s control’s bother me too.. too much like COD, as in you feel like a feather and I DESPISE that. And the look of the points popup when you make a kill etc look way too dated. I do have high hopes for the final product.

  • plz put co-op that would make the game awesom
    and sony plz make away to change region and cross game chat in you next ps3 update…

  • @kirkpad I agree we need a new ssx game bad, but ea has been showin the ps3 some great love so I’ll continue to wait for it and hope they see the fan outcry and make us one.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    I love Bad Company 2 multiplayer. This multiplayer is a step back in my book.

  • Me and 9 other friends got together the other night so I could give you a report on the beta.I wanted to be fair in my judgement.Those out of the blue BAMN your dead airstrikes…Not good.The dying animation is horrible…
    The main thing we all said was.”Uh oh…more of that MW2 predator drone type airsrike”.
    That part of the game is the only part that did NOT seem real.You lost us there…
    We all just looked at each other when I spawned and Bamn.
    A few even said..”what a joke”…They need to fix that…

    Great points?,,Your guns..OMG they are off the chain..I just wish Mags were stable like this…They look great and of course the sound.Yes,as my firend said is very fun till your hit with this invisible bomb that I see in certain games.

  • This game is terrible. Every video/preview is based off the PC build with maxed out settings and it still looks like trash. Please kill it now before it comes to retail.

  • game is not good the way it is…Those unseen predator drone typee out of nowhere BAMN…Not Gonna cut it guys..
    Had about a house full of friends over to just play this beta..
    We all just looked at each other when the almost MW2 laptop airstrike happened.You better change the dying sequence.
    At least an air raid siren.Not just a BAMN.
    Thats just stupid guys..Come on Dice.

    Good points…Guns…Excellent..Sound great..
    End of story.

  • frontline included? Im sold…game is still 2000000X better than COD ever will be

  • Game need help.Get rid of the predator dron like dying sequence.

  • I cant believe they still dont have prone in their MP though… Why do they insist they only allow you to stand or crouch is beyond me… -_

  • what about other EA games like Crysis 2 & RAGE?

  • Nice interview, thanks for asking my question Jeff! :)

  • thanks for answering my question Jeff

  • Kinda wish they stayed with the single player engine in the multiplayer but DICE are pros at multiplayer.Also can’t wait on the Vietnam expansion for battlefield bad company 2!

  • This has a chance to be a step different that Bad Co. 2
    It could use prone. Add Co-Op for story missions and some not story missions, make an addition mode. Not just SP and MP, add something extra to do. Take all of feedback, make the knife something like Bad Co. 2 but much quicker and more accurate.

  • I have the beta and I havent played in a while so I don’t know if the freezing when u almost kill someone or dye is still their but other than that it was fun. I know this will probably be rated M but if you could tell us what it was intended to be I would be happy. Is their a video of Greg playing the game or are you just telling us about it.
    Thx Jacob-813

    • We weren’t allowed to record during that presentation, but I’d imagine they’ll be making video of this sequence available at some point.

  • I will buy it if it dosen’t have a clifhanger ending.. i’ve been sucked in to too many games -_-

  • im liking what ur doing with the interview videos keep it up
    and great questions btw

  • Awesome comment by EA in the video “Thats the best thing about blu ray, you can put anything on there”

  • I do have a question for EA and DICE: Will there be another Beta test for this game? Right now we are in the Closed Beta and I’m hoping there will be a public Beta test or something.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • lol at the answer when he say “this is not battlefield”. I tried the beta and everything looklike its battlefield bad company, the unlock system, the sound of the game, the look. EPIC FAIL.

  • lol xbox just got the beta

  • I would buy this game if the multi-player graphics were half as descent as the single player graphics. There is always a difference between single and multi-player but this is way to horrible. Next time either MAKE Frostbite use the Unreal Engine or just drop them, they are clearly holding you back in terms of Engine capabilities in the multi-player! No offense to Frostbite, I love Bad Company! <3

  • There are so many bugs in this game it’s unbelievable. I’m glad I got into the beta, but it’s horrible. This game has amazing modelling and skinning, great levels, incredible sound, unbelievable effects, but the visual glitches, terrible ragdolling, and numerous programming errors make this beta laughable. I played the Fileplanet Crysis MP Beta and it was more stable and that was before I got my new PC built for the game.

  • I didnt even know i had access to the beta. I just saw it at the store and thought, “huh… there’s a beta?”

  • I just bought battlefield 1943 about 2 days ago. Do i qualify for the beta? If so, where can i find it?

    Please answer i really want to play this beta!

  • Is it true some of the exInfinaty ward staff helped make this game?

  • Wait I bought BF1943, and every other DICE game ever, where is my Beta key?????????

  • Multiplayer is not good.
    Too many shots to kill, graphics not that good. The controls feels weird. The tactical support whatever are not cool at all. You are more likely to get killed using this than killing someone. The weapons has less recoil than MW2, and I expected something entirely different coming from DICE.
    Before playing the beta, the game was a must buy for me. But playing it changed my mind.
    Like someone said above, after BC2, this is kinda a step backwards.

  • i’m digging the beta more now that i have a firmer grasp of things. alot of the complaints i’ve seen are minor to me as i’ve run across similar situations in other games like sometimes spawning into the enemy fire. maybe because i’m not into cod multiplayer that i see this and other games compared to and i know what beta means vs demo. i’m really interested in seeing SP though.

  • Im not quite sure where all the hate for just the BETA is coming from. This is the best realistic fps ive played since COD2.(ya know when COD didn’t suck) The score streaks are much better than killstreaks ever were because u cant just call a chopper and hide and just let your chopper do the work. (COD4 and MW2) If you think it takes too many bullets to get a kill you must just suck since you die in like 1.5 seconds. Mission mode is just pure epicness. and the full game will probably look much better as well as run better. I havent bought a good fps since R2 in 2008(where is 3 by the way) so yeah go out and get the game guys you wont regret it. Oh and although I did like BFBC2, this game destroys it in every way besides humor of course.

  • What is with the blog updates being so late this week? On Tuesday I came here looking for the latest lbp update, at 5pm, and nothing was there! I only found the new Marvel costumes by going on the PSN store anyway. Now wednesday has come and GONE and there was nothing on a Home update for the first time ever! What gives?

  • The beta is. The graphics are good looking. I wonder what the singleplayer graphics will look like. From being to different engines.

  • I love the MOH beta. It has much to improve but I can see the potential! It has a nice feel to the movements and recoil and love the audio! MOH is all about skill vs COD that it is a auto aim fest…so boring and make MOH so much more fun when the good ones win the matches.

  • @39

    It isn’t very realistic. The Ak47 has almost no recoil, and explosives are very weak.

  • these jerks want us to pay-by preordering to do their dirty work-beta testing. no thanks i already paid for playstation plus and qore

    i refuse to buy this game becuase of developers attitude final product will be reactive to fans not proactive

  • @7 There’s actually 2 maps for each game mode. For the mission mode it’s something like Heland Highland and for Team Mission it’s Kabul City Ruins

  • as long as the single player is awesome im good, i could careles for multiplayer unless its KZ

  • its been a while since moh i cant wait for it i hope it blows call of duty out of the water,,,does any one know what guns are gonna be in the game and how do i get the beta,,

  • Great stuff for the Blog Jeff. This is the kind of information that PS3 gamers are glad to have shared with us from events that we can not attend as ordinary consumers. We appreciate the info. Hopefully I get to demo this myself before it is released so I can judge for myself, but the inclusion of Frontline gives it a great perk. Im on the fence till I get hands on, hopefully a Plus demo is in the future.

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