ModNation Monday: New DLC and Features Inbound

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ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings everyone Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday update!

MNR Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mods of the Week

Mod Name: Al Bundy (Detailed)
Creator: masongoliver

Al Bundy

Karts of the Week

Kart Name: Trixmobile v1.0
Creator: LastChance1985


Tracks of the Week

Track Name: Spectacular Village
Created by: StealthReborn–

Spectacular Village 1 Spectacular Village 2

Spectacular Village 3 Spectacular Village 4

StealthReborn—says “I just wanted something simple and not too complex so it would suit the casual type gamers, yet be entertaining for the advanced racers. There’s allot to see, and it’s very detailed. When you leap off one of the jumps towards the end of the track, it gives you a spectacular view of the entire map before you cross the finish line. No parts of the track are boring, there are plenty of things to avoid and see.”

Track Name: Castle Crashin’ [BWB]
Created by: Barberian912

Castle Crashin 1 Castle Crashin 2

Castle Crashin 3 Castle Crashin 4

Barberian912 says “Loosely inspired by Tolkein’s citadel city Minas Tirith, race through this multi-tiered city to the top of the tallest tower (there are 6 different routes to the top). Hit the ramp at the end of the stone walkway and fly out over the town into the farmlands beyond! Many different shortcuts but all are balanced well.”

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

  • Monday: The Farmer’s Daughter, by Coty4803
  • Tuesday: Spectacular Village, by StealthReborn–
  • Wednesday: Castle Crashin’ [BWB], by Barberian912
  • Thursday: Toucan Valley [OFRD], by VintageOctopus
  • Friday: Maverick Mountain, by Devin93
  • Saturday: Pyramids of Giza, by TheMaddMerlin
  • Sunday: Just Deserts, by Shox121

Cowboy and Kart available tomorrow!

ModNation Racers - Cowboy Mod and Kart DLC

Previously only available via special pre-order offers, this week’s DLC is Cowboy and Kart is finally available. They can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PSN.

More Patch Details

On top of optimizing load times, one of the things a lot of you have asked for is the ability to play with your friends in XP races. Well, I am very pleased to share with you that UFG has added this feature and it will be available in the upcoming patch as well. The patch is nearing the final development stages with UFG working hard to iron out some bugs before it will be ready for release.

ModNation Podcast

The creators of LittleBigPodcast Daniel and Austin have been huge Play, Create, and Share supporters from the start. Now they have continued their support with ModNation with the ModNation Podcast! They are up to 5 episodes already and cover topics from creation basics to videos of the hottest tracks online.

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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6 Author Replies

  • @29

    Hell, if they didnt tell you ts coming you would complain!!! delays??? WTF, Really… People like you really chap my ass.

    If they roll out a patch REALLY fast than you complain that its buggy, If they take there time to make quality Patch than you complain it takes to long… Here is a idea, go outside, get some fresh air while your waiting for this patch.

  • wow @ al bundy mod

  • I enjoy how every time one of these posts gets put up it inevitably gets riddled with idiots spewing Fan Dumb

  • We’ll all be dead before this patch comes out. It’s a shame when developers of broken games drag their feet. Anyone remember that improved control patch for Lair? That game was in bargain bins around the world before that patch came out. Sure… it still sucked even after the patch, but it sucked a bit less.

  • @54 we might all be dead if we commit mass suicide

  • I REALLY want an underwater and space DLC. and PLEASE release that patch!

  • @56 ditto that

  • Im tired of this soon crap they been telling us this for how long im tired of waiting for this broken game to get fixed i say stop asking because there is no patch

  • That Al Bundy is unreal! Makes my Larry David look like crap in comparison.

  • @58 more fan dumb

  • how did they make that al bundy mod so detailed?…must’ve taken a long time

  • When will you fix the Star Creator glitch and put it at 2,500?

  • Why are non original mods and karts getting picked? Don’t get me wrong AL looks great but its not a original idea. Their are ton of copied ideas ( Iron Man, He-Man, and so on.) I thought this was to show ideas people have come up with themselves? I would appropriate a response so I know a mod I make won’t lose to a Batman or a Mickey Mouse. Thank you.

  • Once the patch is release I’ll definitely get back into the game, with load time improvements and XP with friends sounds very good.

  • Awesome game guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Lmao I mean AL Bundy! Oh man, most hilarious screw up ever. Lol I apologize

  • Thanks Russell for the update on “the patch.” I know most people are concerned about load times and network server issues – but what I would really like to see is the ability to choose your own oppenents (from UFG creations, originals, and downloads) for Quick Races. Even better: the ability to assign your 11 opponents to original track creations. Perhaps with your own choice of default UFG racers in for those who don’t have the primary Mod’s and Karts. I’ve seen this idea proposed elsewhere in a post that William Ho responded to as “a great idea” so here’s hoping! A game that’s about customization should really off this type of creation control.
    Great game – the reason I just bought a PS3 and the only game in town!

  • i cant believe i aint bought da game yet, i chose UC2 instead =1

  • I like that Al Bundy Mod.

    is the glitching regarding the Hot Lap still bad, I haven’t played in a week & the last time I tried to get the trophy all I saw were laps with times like 0:00, .0235, etc…

  • Sadly my playstation is wallet is empty this week thanks to a purchase of a Sweet Tooth DLC with NO PARTS!

    As we can see with the Al Bundy mod…. time and creativity is all that is required to produce great looking content…parts help too..

  • I am glad the difficulty and load times are being fixed. I had fun playing the game at first, but I haven’t touched it as I would get extremely aggravated at the unfair AI.

    On another note, I am curious if there is any work being done on the control scheme for the game? My girlfriend and I finding the L2/R2 buttons a bit uncomfortable to use for the long periods of time you have to use them. Any chance we’ll be able to swap them for L1/R1 in the future??

  • please release the patch soon!

  • Hey guys at UFG and San Diego Studio, love the game.

    Was wondering if at any point there could be a way to possibly randomly pick user created levels for the XP races/series. I love the levels you guys built, but diversity would help a bit there.

    Also, I am a huge fan of how you guys included split screen in this game. Not enough games do this anymore. Thank you! I was wondering if there was any way though to patch the game (later on) for possibly a split screen series, so that it’s not just single races.

    Regardless, I love this game, it’s one of my faves of 2010. You guys did a great, great job!

  • Hi Ramone, on one of the earlier ModNation Mondays Blogs, you had responded to a post of mine, regarding the concern I and others had about the 250k create xp trophy, stating, “it was a bug, and was supposed to be only 2,500 create xp, and more info would be given on this later”. Do you by any chance have any more info on this? Is this going to be fixed with the new patch? Thanks in advance, Livingstoni.

  • I’ve never minded the loads, myself. And thanks for using my track in this week’s Hotlap! I can assure everyone it won’t have that dreaded “Illegal Shortcut” warning; This track has auto-reset turned off. I’m interested to see what the fastest person’s route looks like, because you can really go anywhere on the map.

  • I REALLY don’t see the problem with the
    Load times, the MOST it ever takes to load is the same as loading a map in MW2. LBP on the other-hand takes FOREVER to load an empty room but loads a a “complicated” level in like 2 seconds.

  • 2 things :

    1. I have done High Level Programming, and complicated programs that use encrypted code and access new wave mediums like blu-ray and utilize copy-protected low level system code, require division into multiple threads on a niche silicon cpu, and require porting from development to testing, all the while requiring simulated actual networked conditions on a virtual local network are really hard to develop without running into many technical difficulties. I am sure they wanted this patch out on day 1, and they simply keep introducing new bugs.
    2. Sony paid to mass produce this game, if they blow the lid off this patch and then it backfires on them, it could be a PR nightmare, cause a huge stock crash, or poorly influence their revenue stream or market share. Sony is not going to announce specifics. Promising a free hoagie with every purchase of a coffee at subway and then telling customers that they ran out of ingredients because they priced the coffee too low is an example of something that is very bad for a company.

    If you really want a rushed patch, then why don’t you pay microsoft out your you know what to download an expansion pack that is really just bug fixes.

  • If the patch isn’t out next week, I’m going to go ahead and trade this in. It’s a good game but the issues with it are sucking the fun out of it. Maybe ModNation 2 will work right from the start. It’s a great concept anyway.

  • i have Cowboy and Kart

  • How about you release a finish game from the start and don’t release dlc milking until you fix your game?
    it’s pathetic..

  • make sure people cant boost when they join in peoples gammes…thats so annoying

  • @50:
    I do tell my boss that all the time because, as i said, unforeseen circumstances can arise at a moments notice. A good boss analyzes the situation and finds a constructive way to mitigate the damages and circumvent the situation, as UFC is doing right now. We have no idea why the patch the patch isn’t out, we’re not in their office. What we do know is they’re working on it and it will be out when it comes out and when it comes out that is exactly how long it takes.

    If you go through your life with this much negativity and frustration over a video game then I really feel sorry for you. Remember one thing, these games are supposed to be fun.

  • @80: I really don’t think DLC takes long to make. Not to mention there’s probably only a specific group of people who are able to develop the patch… Generally, that’s not a job for the artists, who are the ones designing the mods and karts. AND this mod and kart has already been made for awhile, so it took no effort to design. And how many times do people release a perfect game? I can’t think of a single one on the PS3 that didn’t have some bugs. Especially the Play, Create, Share stuff… LBP was pretty buggy and slow when it first came out. Just sayin.

  • The more I play MNR, the more I love it

  • @82

    “If you go through your life with this much negativity and frustration over a video game then I really feel sorry for you. Remember one thing, these games are supposed to be fun.”

    Nah, I have more sympathy for the others who suffer because there are too many who are far too quick to help make excuses for a flawed product. It isn’t “negativity” it is the truth…the game has flaws and, after 2 months, the “fix” is still nowhere in sight.
    Is that “negative” or the truth?
    If it is not the truth, please send me the patch because myself and thousands more have not seen it.

    Yes, games are supposed to be fun…and I do enjoy this game despite its flaws, but to blindly accept mediocrity is not the way to get developers (all developers, not just UFG) to ensure that when folks plunk down $50+ for a game, that it is actually ready to go, not just an enhanced BETA with patches waiting upon installation and promises of more to come.

  • I completely agree with the ability to choose who you race against in quick races. I have been thinking pretty much teh same thing.

    Also to be able to create your own grudge match style races for your own tracks (just choosing the main rival and which character will be multiplied into 5 of his/her thugs) and then being able to upload that rule with the track etc…

    That would be the creation tool to fully complete the set asswell as being very inspiring …theres been a grudge match race I have wanted to be able to create ever since I got the game.

  • Still no patch for load times, means still no ps3 action for my modnation. It’s a shame as the game is really super fun, and I would love to play it, you guys need to bust that out before I break down and finally just sell it. It trades in enough for me to get sega sonic all star racing, which isn’t quite as fun, but doesn’t have absurd wait times.

  • Huh.

    I’ll buy some DLC when we can play with friends, from other regions. Gotta be honest since launch, after completing campaign – this games been gathering dust.

    Only have a couple people to play with within my region. So yeah it’s not much fun unfortunately.

  • This is BS. A preorder bonus should be free. We got it for free when we preordered. I was just unlucky to not have gotten the cow. I get some gopher instead. I don’t understand why the preorders bonuses are given out. Aren’t they supposed to make you feel like special? I rather have it free or have it not for sale at all.

  • @89

    A pre-order bonus IS free…if you pre-order. Thats the point of pre-ordering. Has any games pre-order DLC not shown up on the store at some stage?

  • @85

    He wasn’t disputing the truth of the load times. He was basically telling you and everyone else not to get hung up on it and to quit your winging. If you don’t like it, don’t play it or trade it in.

    Don’t come on here moaning like a 5 year old schoolboy.

  • @91

    First, I never mentioned load times, which is one of the few things I do not have an issue with. So before adding your 2 cents worth, get your facts straight.

    Secondly, stating fact is not “winging”.

    Answer these 2 questions and you tell me if it is “winging” or factual:

    1. The game has flaws that need attention.
    Yes No

    2. 2 months later, this mysterious patch has not been released.
    Yes No

    So, it is your contention that for myself and others to expect a product to function properly is “moaning like a 5 year old schoolboy”?

    WOW…maybe I need to lower my standards.

  • Thanks for the reply @67.
    Here’s the post from a June blog regarding the “choose your own opponents” idea:

    Lazy_Slacker | June 15th, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    I really love ModNation Racers, finally a good creative race game out there that lets you basically do EVERYTHING!

    Also, I wanted to make a suggestion for a small feature:
    Let us choose our opponents Mods and Karts in Offline Quickraces, it would be so cool to race against YOUR mods you have created and downloaded.

    William Ho | June 15th, 2010 at 4:00 pm
    Thank you, Lazy_Slacker! That’s a cool idea!

    LOVING this game and my daughter (7 years old) is ALWAYS creating stuff for it.

  • Hello UFG i really enjoy playing MNR on my PS3 and i heard if you purchase a copy on both the PS3 and PSP you get something extra. I have also heard of some death mode exclusively on the PSP can you guys make a video for these if you hav’nt already.

    Keep Doin What You Doin

    Thanks UFG

  • @90 Well if they’re going to release it why are they ripping those that preorded off. We were supposed to be getting something exclusive instead we’re having to pay for not being able to buy the game at all the other stores or find a way to rip them all off.

  • @92

    1) No – can you give me a game that had 0 attention requiring flaws on release? It purely subjective, you for example state:
    Server stability – Not an issue for me
    Region Lock – Not an issue for me
    Hot Lap glitching – Not a feature I use
    Lag issues – Not an issue for me

    2) No – what’s your point?

    Still think your crying like a girl.

  • @95

    Sorry, you’ve lost me now.

  • Everybody is dying to know, in this patch which will be released “soon” will the region lock be removed? If not, will it be removed in the distant future?

    Hope you respond, MLibbey18.

  • @98

    UFG have said the region lock will be removed but not until they are sure it wont cause more problems (lag). I dont think they’d have to remove it with a patch as it would be a server side change.

  • With region lock removed it’d make this game a whole lot more competitive too, I know people where we can get country wars going like USA vs. England and have big tournaments, so we can see who really are the best MNR racers in the world.

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