Coming Soon to PSN: Gravity Crash Portable for PSP

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Well, it’s finally here! Gravity Crash Portable is being released on July 20th for $9.99.

Gravity Crash Portable for PSP

During the development of the PSP version, we made some changes based on feedback to the PS3 version. Things that you guys asked for, and things that we felt needed to be looked at. To tantalise you in anticipation here’s a list of some of what has changed …

  • We’ve added a third ship. An anti-gravity ship. When playing, if you let go of the analog stick you will no longer plunge to your death.
  • We’ve increased the number of special weapon slots from 3 to 5.
  • We’ve added a lot more weapon pickups throughout the levels.
  • We’ve made the Primary Objectives more recognizable on the radar (via BIG FLASHING DOTS).
  • We originally used the old-school concept of three lives, then Game Over. We have now removed that; if you get Game Over, you can start from where you left off.
  • We completely re-wrote the “paint” aspect of the editor, to make it faster and cleverer in relation to holes.
  • We’ve added a new game mode, Survivor mode, where you have an ever-decreasing time limit, but an ever increasing difficulty level, in which to collect 10 gems.
  • We’ve also unlocked the hidden game Gold Grabber, which was only unlocked by completing the game on the PS3 version.

Despite the changes, the game retains the same frenetic gameplay as the PS3 version, perhaps more so due to the smaller screen size. What started off as a making a PSP version has turned into much more.

Gravity Crash Portable for PSP Gravity Crash Portable for PSP

Of course sharing levels is still possible and it’s pretty simple actually, each custom level you create and save is given a unique folder name within the “\PSP\SAVEDATA\” folder of your memory stick, or PSPgo internal storage, like this “NPEG00020DATAxx” (xx is a number), simply copy that entire folder to your friend’s PSP and they’ll be able to play your level via the “Play User Levels” option.

I think I’m done! We’re incredibly proud of the PSP version and we really do hope you like it. If you have any questions then leave a comment below and I will do my best to reply as quickly as possible.

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12 Author Replies

  • Been waiting for news on this game for so long, Can’t wait to finally get my hands on it. Quick question, is there not going to be a way to download user generated content in the game like LittleBigPlanet?

    • Correct, we are not supporting online sharing. We wanted to try a somewhat easier approach than that.

  • The vector graphics will look awesome on the small screen no doubt.

    But as a PS+ member….do I sit and wait for discount?

    • I have no idea when Gravity Crash Portable will be up for a PSN+ offer, so I’m not sure I’d want to wait.

  • I like to see a bundle with the ps3+psp version a discount price.

  • This game looks like a rip off of Drop Ship for iPhone.

    • I’ve just taken a look at DropShip and I have to say I’d not heard of it before.

      We first went public with Gravity Crash over a year ago, and we started working on it in early 2008, so no, not a rip off.

      Our levels are much much larger than that, and we have many more mission types, it’s not about collecting lil dudes all the time. We also have HUGE boss battles too. I think you’ll enjoy it ;-)

  • @#4

    Your probably too young to know that this game is a homage to arcade games of yesteryear (80’s), of which the iphone game you mentioned is no doubt itself paying homage to.

  • Awesome. Gravity Crash will be perfect for PSP. I like quick to play games like this for PSP.

    I won’t doubt it will be good like I did for Super Stardust for PSP. I thought Super Stardust for PSP would stink but it really was awesome.

  • @thedouce420

    FTL Games Oids from 1987 dimwit.

  • Doesn’t an antigrav ship ruin the basic premise of the game.
    Fighting gravity is half the fun.

  • Any new or re-mixed music by CoLD SToRAGE for the PSP version?

  • Yay!!! I’ve been waiting for this portable version.

  • Sounds like this is the definitive version. ‘Course, I’m sure you’re aware that the level-sharing thing really isn’t user-friendly (and, as a result, only a tiny percentage of actual buyers are going to use it), but I suppose it’s better than nothing at all…

    Soon as a I get a new PSP, you better believe I’ll be checking this out.

  • Kind of reminds me of Pixel Junk Shooter

  • This is great news. I’ve been waiting for this for a long while. This will deffinitely get more play time on my psp than it ever did on my ps3. I like the stuff you guys added for the psp version. Keep up the good work. Great game by the way!

  • getting it on july 20th for sure

  • I have it for the PS3 and I will most definitely be getting for the PSP

  • go figure i was about to game with my psn plus discount… ah well i’ll just get this version instead.

  • I guess I do have one question…. The ps3 version had a dual analog control scheme along with the original control scheme. Now I do believe that the original will work fine for the psp but will the psp have another control scheme? If so, can you explain please? Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, we also support a fake “dual stick mode”. Basically the Analog stick works as the PS3 left stick, and the Action buttons work as the right stick, in that if you press Triangle, then shots are fired upwards with a 40 degree spread, this applies for the other buttons too.

      So should be pretty much the same experience.

  • Are we going to see (or should I say hear?) the awesome from the ps3 version?

    Does the psp version have the “move with analog nub and shoot with X, square, circle, triangle”? Cause I love those controls.

    Will we be able to make some Survivor mode levels?

    Lastly, are you guys gunna give me a high 5? << That's my dieing question!

    • re: controls, see my reply to #17

      you can’t make levels for Survivor mode at this time. Perhaps in the future.

      Oh what the hell. *HIGH 5*

  • this game has some nice colors:) how much is it? is it out yet for psp? and thats it lol

  • “We originally used the old-school concept of three lives, then Game Over. We have now removed that; if you get Game Over, you can start from where you left off”

    OH NO!!!! I hope you left the option in for regular arcade play..infinite continues takes ALL of the challenge out of games like this..what’s the point of trying hard not to crash when you can just slam your way thru the whole game? This is troubling news for me…I’m now uncertain about a purchase…

    • It is still there, of sorts.

      When you Game Over, you are asked “Continue/Quit” if you select continue you lose your score, but continue from where you are.

      If you quit, you exit to the main menu. Now when you go back into Campaign mode, you can either “Start new Game” or “Continue” the latter will start you off where you Game Over’d.

  • AWESOME! I’ll be downloading this on day one. i love the ps3 version. For some reason, it reminds me of Colony Wars- a PSone classic game. THe visuals and music are great. The dfficulty is hard but i am glad for infinite continues. it helps. i wont slam my way through a level but ill try really hard.

    3 questions

    1.) Any PSP/PS3 connectivity features being explored for the game?

    2.) The music for the game is amazing- any chance that itll be available on the PSN store soon?

    3.) Will the missions be drastically different?

    thank you guys- keep up the good work.

    • Hi, thanks.

      1. Nope, we talked about it a while ago, but we just never got the chance to explore that.

      2. I believe CoLD SToRAGE is looking into this.

      3. Not drastically different, but some have said different enough.

  • This is nonsense, you submit an idea, and it never shows up. If it does show up, its taken down weeks later. My idea was plus 97 out of 120 votes, now its mysteriously vanished.

    It was about making a new playstation move bundle. One for people who already own the PS eye camera.

  • question:
    will you guys be releasing a demo version of it for psp. id really like to try before i buy. if not…sold!!

  • I have been waiting for this for a while, now I’ll just need to pick up a PSN card, sadly though, I won’t be able to get it tomorrow :(.

  • I really enjoyed Gravity Crash on PS3, I’m glad to see more people will be able to play it!

    Any chance of a dynamic theme or a soundtrack release like Shatter had?

    • We released the Gravity Crash dynamic theme back in April, and re: the soundtrack, I believe this is being looked at.

  • Looks great, Stewart! The PS3 version was great, and I’ll be all over the PSP version as well.

    Regarding the PS3 version, I had always thought that campaign mode would’ve been better if the player could choose to start from any solar system that he had previously reached (with zero score, of course). I never did complete the campaign on PS3, mainly because it would take so long to play through every planet, and I don’t often have that much time on my hands. Perhaps you could consider patching this feature into the PS3 game.

    Oh, and like vectorman88 and plaztiksyke said above, I’d also like to see the soundtrack released separately.

  • You can hear more details on PS Nation this week:

    The soundtrack is available separately at:

    Both control schemes are back, of course modified for the PSP since there is no 2nd analog. Many of the changes made were from direct feedback to Just Add Water re; the PS3 version. The nice thing is, if you don’t like the ANti-Gravity ship, you don’t have to use it :-)

    I can’t wait to play this tomorrow!

  • I really hope some of these changes get patched into the PS3 version. I would certainly play it more.

  • If you do patch the PS3 version with any new features, any chance you could add the ability to swap the controls? Right now, I have to use the one analog stick for movement, because for games like this with dual analog support, I can only move with the right analog stick & shoot with the left. Perhaps it might have something to do with me being left handed, not sure, but it’d be the icing on top of what is already a very good cake. :)

    Congrats on the PSP version of this, I expect it will be on my “to-buy” list very soon.

  • Thank you for responding to my concerns Stewart. I will be buying this game and giving it a go. :D

  • I can’t wait. About what time will it be up?

  • Downloaded, played a few levels. The game is great, glad to have it. Now, I’m wondering about 5 DLC levels coming soon. When do you think they’ll be available and how much will it cost if you know?

    • Hi,
      Our current plan I believe is to release around September, and for them to be a free update.

  • Stewart, can’t thank you enough for taking the time to chat with the folks here. Means a lot! Possibly a free update? AWESOME!!!!

    I’ll be looking forward hopefully.

    Played the game more last night, really enjoying it! Thanks for bringing it to the PSP. What’s next? hehe

  • You guys should make a potable version of Uncharted!

  • Are there no high score tables for the PSP version? I’m not finding one in the game yet…maybe a patch for that could be included with those extra levels? :D

  • What is the point of shooting all of those targets if the high score isn’t retained.. So it becomes pointless to shoot at anything beyond what’s shooting back at you…and since the infinite continues are in place there is no point earning scores to get bonus lives to stock up on…and without the high score board there is no point at all..a pretty big oversight…

    Losing your score during a “continue or quit” option is meaningless without a high score board per planet. Why keep score at all? Its really changed the entire dynamic for me. After complete the campaign what’s the point of playing again? A faster time. ok..but why shoot at anything really…please make a patch for this…would it hurt to beg?

  • This looks like an interesting game. Did they announce when it will be available?

  • X_-CYRAX-_X, Gravity Crash Portable is out now.

    While the PSP game is generally very well done, I must say that I agree with what waldowalso mentioned above, in that it sorely needs an in-game high score table. The game does save your progress throughout the campaign (unlocked planets and such), but there’s no easy way to view your best times, and as far as I can see no way to view your highest scores at all. I’d be very appreciative if a patch could be developed to add high score retention to the game, as it would greatly add to the replay value.

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