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As Sid mentioned yesterday, we’ll be covering events on both coasts this week; he’s heading out to NYC for a Holiday preview event (yes, in July), while I’ll be heading down to San Diego Comic-Con, which will once again be host to a large gaming contingent.

There’s actually one more event we hadn’t yet mentioned – we’ll be dropping by EA this week to get a closer look at games like Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor. Anything you want us to ask the devs?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 12, 2010)

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  • Do you know if Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will be available for the PSP Go? It’s coming out in less then 2 months and id like to know if I need to buy another PSP just to play it.

  • Ask them if theres going to be a Multiplayer Demo for Medal of Honor. Like they did for BFBC2 they had the beta then they later released a demo and it showed how well it improved.

  • Ask the Dead Space 2 devs if it’ll have Move support. Dead Space Extraction obviously does but I don’t think that they’ve said anything about DS2.

  • Ask Medal of honor: Will there any Co-op? Splitscreen?

    Dead Space 2: In the e3 trailer i saw alot of action going on. While i am good with it, how will the team pull off action packed sequence while keeping the dreary nature of the 1st game’s appeal?

  • Dude I know what your saying about the hideouts in RDR, been there done that lol. You really should add me though because I’m a beast online, usually first place whenever I play. And do you know exactly when the first dlc is coming?

    p.s. I’m Trophy level 12 btw. :D

  • I can’t wait to hear about GT5 at gamescon. I will probably keep an eye on the EU PS Blog.

  • PLease jeff ask EA to put Playstation Move support to Dead Space 2. i would be one happy customer if they did oh but i’am getting the game regardless.:)

  • I’m playing Dead space 1 at the moment and i didnt think it was that good, the atmosphere is incredible. I hope 2 will be even better.

  • Ask them if Medal Of Honor:Frontlines Remasterd will have trophy support.


  • @10, agree with you too.

  • jeff, i just finished playing trinity universe and i had some fun playing it.the bad thing about the game is that it froze on me a few times.oh well, nothing that i can do about that right now. i just hope that atelier rorona will be bug free.

    speaking of nisa, word has it that the party got kind of wild over there to the point where people were giving names to the drinks.i’m just wondering as to what type of names you guys came up with.. i bet most of them were nsfw XD

    @10 whats so good about the movie? inquiring minds what to know :0

    • I left at about 8 to head over to the Mafia II party… You should ask Nao next time she’s on the blog :)

  • Update the Flash player for the web browser. NOW

  • On the Euro blog they are asking people what they want to see as future content for PSNP+:

    Will you guys be doing the same?

  • Apokiliptic_Kaos

    Fix the damn web browser!!!!

  • I have a really big concern with the US PS blog. To me it seems that the EU blog is so much more focused on the community its not even funny.

    Most if not all stories on there answer at least some of the problems of the users in the comments.

    Things like community polls and discussions, getting closer to the users and such.

    asking users what they want for PSN+, it just seems like the EU blog is more in tune with what the gamer wants.

    This is a COMMUNITY and you guys dont seems to be that much into it right now, i would love to at least get an answer on this to see that you guys are listening.

  • That god of war trailer is a joke. Doesnt make me want to watch the movie after playing the games. It just looks like crap.

  • @12 What’s not good about it… people fail to appreciate how creative the movie was and the quality overall… there wasn’t anything about this movie that wasn’t top notch

  • also it’s Christopher Nolan… any movie made by him, you know you are in good hands

  • I’d like to know the details on the versions of Dead Space Extraction and Medal of Honor Frontline. Are they on the disc or do the games just come with a download voucher? Are they only included for only a limited time? And of course, most importantly… trophies?

  • @17 what i meant is what kind of movie it was? i mean for the ads that i have seen on tv it looks pretty much like the matrix or am i wrong? what is it about anyway?? btw, thanks for the reply :0)

  • @20 It is somewhat similar in a way, but no.. just watch trailers

  • Medal of Honor multi and single player are being built by two different teams on two different engines, so my question is: will it still feel like a cohesive game when I jump from one to the other?

  • Jeff ask if Medal Of Honor will have the frost bite engine

  • You guys should add that Mega Man Universe has been announced for PSN.

    Even better, more information will be available at Comic-Con! I REALLY hope you guys are going to cover Keiji Inafune’s press conference!

  • @23 Yes, the multiplayer is the same engine as battlefield: bad company 2

  • Jeff, is your Valkyria Chronicles 2 E3 interview going to appear at some time soon? You mentioned it when you replied to me a while back but we’ve yet to see it crop up. Are you waiting to show it closer to the game’s actual release date?

    Oh, and it seems like there’s pre-order DLC for VC2. Gamestop has it for USA, but will it be coming to Canada?

    • I’m planning on running that interview this week. Was waiting for new video, which Sega has now provided.

  • Got excited about the GOW movie… untill I realized it was a spoof.

  • their are less than a handful of 3d blu ray movies scheduled to be released between now and well into next year … the industry wants me too pay how much money for technology that will largely go unused due to lack of media ? this 3d tech thing may very well be dead in the water already . the 3d thing intrigues me , but im not interested in purchasing an expensive dust collector .

    • I’m thinking you’ll see that pick up significantly in the next year. All these movies that are 3D in the theaters now (which is a lot) likely equals 3D Blu-ray release down the line.

  • Will Kingdom Hearts Birthy By Sleep be on the PSN Network for the PSP Go and if not why is the reason?

  • Thanks for the reply, Jeff! Can’t wait to see more VC2!

  • Does Final Fantasy Versus XIII still exist?

  • Oh, since you’re going to EA, could you ask them for the other 60 songs on the Rock Band 3 setlist? ;)

  • @1,@28
    Thanks jeff for passing on the KH:BBS PSN request because we know you guys really do try and get as much on the psn network as possible. And even though I have a GO and 1000 im not getting the umd version. If square enix doesnt suppport the psn network then im not going to support SE.

  • I was wondering if you guys could start a weekly coming soon article on the blog every sunday. This could include confirmed releasing games, demos, etc… as well as articles/interviews of the week. Naturally this wouldnt include any surprises but would let people we aware of what they can expect in the coming week. This would also serve as a reminder to some that *insert game here* may be coming out etc…

    Something to consider at least.

  • could you ask the devs of dead space 2 if the limited edition will be standard like dantes inferno or if theres a certain amount and if so how much itll cost plz?

  • Actually, Gameinformer confirmed that God of War was an actual movie. I read about it yesterday. Lol what a joke, looks funny though.

    Sony has a movie studio, you guys should look into making an actual God of War movie based on the game, it has a great storyline.

    I actually just finished the God of War Collection the other day, what an epic ending. Now i HAVE to get #3!

  • Jeff, can you clear up something for me? There is a lot of confusion as to whether the DLC we get from PlayStation Plus is ours to keep forever without subscription. Grace Chen on the PlayStation Plus Blog post said yes, but Susan Pinaco told us no on another blog post. Can you look into it? Thanks.

  • Ask them if Medal of Honor will have Playstation Home content

  • ~Jeff

    I know this isn’t exactly the best place to ask. But, Valkyria Chronicles. It’s very difficult to find and I think everyone would benefit from it being placed on the PS Store as Sony pushes its Games on Demand type thing. Are there any plans to put it up on the store and is it possible for you to get a reply from someone who can do something about it?

  • why should i spend thousands of dollars on a 3d capable TV when i could just get a 3ds and in addition to the lower price i don’t have to wear glasses AND i can take 3d movies with me anywhere? i know for a fact viewing the content in HD does NOT justify the price. I’m sorry sony, but i really don’t see the point in spending that much money of a tv.

  • Hello Jeff, I was just wondering if in anyway could it be possible for you guys at Sony who work on PS Share to let us know why our ideas have been rejected.

    Because I have submitted 3 different ideas, 2 when it first launched and a second 2 or 3 weeks ago and I have yet to see them approved.

    I also haven’t seen any duplicate ideas.

    Some Clarity would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • 1) Yea Inception was awesome.

    2) What ever happened to Castle Crashers?

    3) I’d need a Metal of Honor Demo before considering purchase as I already have MW2 and BC2.

    4) Cool to hear about a new Disgaea.

  • Do you think you could inquire to EA as to whether they will be doing bass versions of the fancy new Rock Band guitars?

  • Anyone know when the big patch for Breakbreaker is coming?! =(

  • hey jeff this may not belong here but there’s nowhere else i can put it so anyway I’ve added 2 ideas to share in the last month and neither of them have showed up yet (it’s been more than 2 days) and I can’t be blocked beause I’ve only added one other idea before (it wasn’t inppropiate but I thinkit got deemed a bad idea)so if you could respond that would be nice

  • i haven,t been on home in two months is lucas arts still ? shafting us on star wars costumes last 1 i bought was obi wan ANY NEW COSTUMES ?

  • I can see why PS3 lagged behind the competition in NPD. Crackdown 2 was just released on 360 as well as the Summer of Arcade coming up with some terrific games, PS3 has… absolutely nothing.

    What should people be excited about for the PS3 this summer?

  • Jeff please answer me where is earthworm Jim HD

  • Yo Jeff

    What’s up with Share? Still only 3 or 4 ideas coming through at a time. Any idea when the flood gates will open?

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