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Next week’s shaping up to be a busy one, with San Diego Comic Con and a New York-based PlayStation media event showcasing a slew of PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Move games. We’ll be on-site for both events and reporting in, so stay tuned for more details next week!

For now, though, I’m in full sloth mode. This weekend, I’ll be checking out DeathSpank, watching more True Blood on PSN, and delving deeper into the seamy underbelly of Mexico in Red Dead Redemption (yeah, yeah, I’m way behind). What will you be playing?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Live on PSN: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack Tour — Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) from Infinity Ward gives the lowdown on the new map pack and playlist update.
  • Coming to PSN: Landit Bandit for PS3 — The developers compare their quirky flying game to classics like Crazy Taxi and Moonlander.
  • DeathSpank Delivers Justice to PSN Tomorrow — “Diablo meets Monkey Island” is a common description of this new PSN action-RPG. Learn more here, straight from the developers.
  • ModNation Monday: Community Picks and Patch Update — Check out top picks from community creators, and learn about the “casual” career difficulty that will come with the upcoming patch.
  • Coming to PSN Today: BUZZ!: The 90’s Quiz Downloadable Quiz Pack for PS3 — Test your 90s mettle with sample questions for this new Buzz! DLC.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Deathspank, Landit Bandit, new PlayStation Plus content, and a ton of new DLC. Get the full infodump here.
  • Live on PSN: Blur Multiplayer Demo — The free trial of Blur hits PSN — see what features you’ll get in this fast-paced combat racer.
  • PlayStation minis: Over 1 Million Served — Bite-sized gaming hits a new milestone, and we’ve got a list of the top 10-selling minis of all time. What’s in the top slot?
  • What PlayStation Move Setup is Right for You? — In-depth examination of the PlayStation Move bundles launching this September, with first photos of the retail packaging.
  • Hulu Plus Streams Its Way to the PS3 — Everything you need to know about Hulu Plus on the PS3, including a special early preview for PlayStation Plus members.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — New Marvel Zombies, new DMZ, the four-part alternate-future miniseries Kingdom Come, and more for this week’s update.
  • Epic Action of ‘Young Thor’ Thundering to PSP minis; New Official Trailer is Here! — The developers of Zombie Tycoon explain their latest project Young Thor, and you can see the first gameplay trailer.
  • Mafia II – What Do You Want to Know? — An E3 interview on 2K Games’ upcoming PS3 crime epic, and a call for new reader questions.
  • Help Defend Gaming: Sign the Gamer Petition — The president of the ECA explains the significance of upcoming game legislation and asks gamers to sign the Gamer Petition.
  • E3 Encounters: Mortal Kombat for PS3 — Scorpion and the gang are hitting the PS3 in 2011 with stereoscopic 3D support. Learn what’s new in my hands-on E3 report.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Special Comic Con plans are in the works for early next week, but in the meantime, check out the latests TV shows and movies here.
  • LittleBigPlanet Community Update: Comic-Con Edition — Comic-Con attendees: “Team Sackboy” t-shirts will be up for grabs! Everyone else: Catch up on the latest LBP DLC right here.
  • Coming Tuesday to PSN: Kane & Lynch Demo for PS3 — PlayStation Plus members will get an early jump on this gritty crime drama. Read the article to learn how to use Auto-Download as well.
  • NIS update: New Ar tonelico Qoga for PS3, Cladun and Z.H.P. for PSP — NIS America has a slew of new game announcements for the PS3 and PSP, and we’ve got new videos and art to share.

    Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Join Directive Queue, Get Double XP — Starting immediately, all players who join the MAG in-game “Directive” queue will receive DOUBLE experience points. Read more here.
  • Zipper Profile: Tom Rigas — Tom handled a lot of the day-to-day production work on SOCOM 4′s E3 demo, so he’ll have plenty to talk about on this week’s Zipline podcast.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • An Evening with the UNCHARTED 2 Music Team — The UNCHARTED 2 music team discusses their experiences composing the score to 2009’s Game of the Year.
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    5 Author Replies

    • Uncharted 2 has been the best game I’ve played yet! So action filled!

    • Well, this may be an obvious one, but: PlayStation Move bundling could use some work.

      So, too, could the Automatic Downloading function.

      And, of course, I love NIS America. I’m thinking about proposing, but I get the feeling it’s involved with a few other (million) gamers. Call me paranoid.

    • Best news this week was the NISA update about Ar Tonelico 3 coming our side to PS3 and Atelier Rorona PS3 having its limited edition :D

      NISA FTW!

    • Haha. Sid, get playing Red Dead. >.>
      It’s such a good game…

    • Any news on when we’ll hear from Hello Games about DLC for Joe Danger?

    • ill be playing ff9 and 8 on my psp go untill chrono cross is released on psn!

    • Sid, regarding PS1 Classics…is there a chance that there are more actual “classics” coming up in the pipeline? I don’t know what kind of programming/legal hoops you folks at Sony have to jump through in publishing titles from the PS1 library, but there are so many stellar games from the first Playstation that are sadly missing from the PS Store.

      Who chooses what titles will be released from the PS1 era? It has been kind of laughable concerning some of the so-called “classics” that have been published so far – 2X Treme, Backstreet Billiards, Championship Bass, TNN Motorsports, any of the XS games, etc. These games were terrible in the past, and I hope people are not purchasing them now.

      Anyway, how about some real classics…like Bushido Blade, Tenchu, Vagrant Story, Die Hard Arcade, Metal Slug, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy Chronicles, SF Alpha 3, etc? Any chance titles like these will ever see the light of day?

      Sorry if this has been addressed & answered already at some point in the past. If so, can you direct me to the article? And thanks as always for taking the time on the weekend to entertain the questions of the consumers.

      • Hi Steve! I’m pretty insulated from that side of things, but I agree that it would be awesome to see those games go to Classics. It won’t hurt to pass on your thoughts. Thanks!

    • I just picked up myself a copy of Resonance of Fate, cannot wait to jump into that one, but my backlog is huuuuuuge, so i really need to ration my time :P

      Plus there were some pretty sweet announcements this week. Who ever said that summer was boring?

    • I’ve seen on other sources that Gravity Crash for PSP is set to release next Tuesday. I’ve not seen any new news here on the blog bout that game, is there any recent updates here that I’ve missed? If not..why not hype it up a bit? Looks like a fun game to me. Or is it not really coming soon…

    • Woot, can;t wait till next week! I’ve been busy with Modern Warfare 2 and Medal Of Honor Beta. Hey Sid, do you use another account? I hardly see you come online in the one i’m added to you when you visited Playstation Home.

    • Motion control in the nav controller? Don’t you think it would help? Could just use SIXAXIS so the DS3/SX could still be used as a substitute. It would be better than nothing…

    • Will there be a MOVE hands-on demo in stores? I really want to try it out :D

    • @ Insomnia999 (11)

      I thought it was obvious that the motion control was… in the motion controller… >.>

      Do you mean place a glowing orb on the end of the Nav? ‘Cause there’s more going on in the Move than that orb- a lot of missing stuff there.

      I’d prefer the Nav’s measly set of functions were on the Move instead. I’m 85% certain the Nav controller’s existence can be attributed to a lack of foresight in believing they could somehow properly control games without an analog stick. (Seriously, what the hell is M$ going to do with that P.o.S. Kinect?)

    • ***

      “attributed to a misguided belief that they could somehow properly control games without an analog stick or reasonable facsimile such as a circular touchpad. (Seriously, what the hell is M$ going to do with that P.o.S. Kinect?)”

      Sorry. I had to retype my last post after I submitted and ended up losing it to the abyss. Didn’t get all of the points, but this one seemed relevant. Hell, maybe when they make the “Move 2.0” they’ll include my idea.

    • Well of course I know there is more motion tracking technology than the tracking ball in the move controller.

      I’m saying I want to play a hardcore game with dual motion tracking(move my character and be able to control sword and shield, 2 guns, etc.)

    • Deathspank And Jeanne d’Arc.

    • I will be playing DeathSpank most of the weekend and catching up on some comics on the PSP.

    • Inception = Movie of the Year

    • Jeanne d’Arc is awesome. I hope that goes on sale on PSN at some point that way double dipping to get it on my Go won’t be too expensive.

      God the fact that I’m even thinking about that is dumb, paying twice for the same content is stupid I shouldn’t have to do that.

    • I’ll be playing online co-op on Army of Two 40th Day with my bro !

    • When should we expect to hear something about next months PSN+ August list? Couldnt go wrong with Super Stardust for $5 :)

    • I just bit on year subscription to PS+. I’m surprised by how much I like Age of Zombies considering I thought it looked terrible. So I’ll be playing more of that. I realized that’s one of the hidden benefits of PS+… being able to try games I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m not sure what Sony was thinking when they decided to offer Rally Cross though. That game is hideous and the game is just all-around bad. I had a hard time just getting my truck around the track without rolling over. I’m hoping next month’s is something better.

      And I’m working on the Blur platinum. Only a few more trophies to go. And everyone should try the demo. The game is one of the best racers I’ve ever played.

      • Yeah, Age of Zombies is a total gem (my little brother Sammy introduced it to me last week, actually). And I’ve been dying to try out Blur, so I’ll be sure to pick up the demo ASAP.

    • Welcome to the post E3 boredom era.

    • Bah… movie of the year was Predators. As long as the goal of your movie viewing experience was to be entertained.

    • Another good week for PlayStation, which makes me happy other than the news about trying to take away the best of gaming.

      Anyways, I’ll be playing the recently released Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS that came out last Sunday (July 11). I’m starting to get my quests done and other cool stuff in the game.

      Hope you get a lot done in Red Dead Redemption, Sid. I’m looking forward to another week of great news from you guys! :)

    • Someone mentioned trying the Blur demo, well, if it had a single player option, i would… i dont like it when i see a demo of a game i want to play, but its multiplayer-only… completely pushes me away..
      as for RDR, you say you’re really behind, but I haven’t even gotten to Mexico yet.. i’ve not finished GTA4 or MGS4 yet… how’s that for being behind..?! hehe…

    • That was a great panel for the UC2 music leads. That game had one of the most phenomenal soundtracks ever. There are some portions of those songs that I just have to stop whatever I’m doing and just enjoy the music. Good stuff this week from our PSN powers, Hoping next week to be even better, K&L2 demo anyone!

      Anyway, I’m about 14% into my backup utility ready to swap my 60gb drive in my phatty to a nice big 320gb one. Gonna be a long night of re downloading my dlc games…ugh gonna take forever.

    • @26

      It’s the same cars, same tracks. Single player is not that different.

    • @21

      Except for the fact that most people who wanted it, already have it (in-game music and trophies spurred many to purchase it long ago). It certainly wouldn’t do anything to rebuke the reputation PS+ has slowly been gathering as “unloading ground” for old, cheap and/or low-demand (unwanted) products and services.

      (Just to be clear, I don’t regret my decision for a second. WipeOut HD, Qore, themes & avatars and Age of Zombies have made it worth my while so far- if they keep up even this rate of product offerings, along with Qore, I’ll be satisfied.)

    • age of zombies is a great game i know i got it its a trip

    • will there ever be a time when Canada wont be left out from extra features and options? if you compare us to other countries, we are missing out on a lot of great features that other countries are enjoying right now, i’m surprised we are not running on a lower end firmware and still in HOME closed beta

      please oh please tell me there is something cool coming to Canada very soon feature wise

      thank you

    • Please! Please! Please! Sid, talk to somebody regarding store update replies. Ro makes an occasional appearance (make it permanent) and Grace, well, i think its pretty obvious by now she can’t/won’t reply. Its depressing to see 200+ comments and just 5 replies. (I live in the US and I don’t want to check the EU blogs to know some of the answers about the store update). Any improvement is better than nothing.

    • i’m still playing blazblue calamity trigger getting ready 4 blazblue continuum shift lol

    • This is nonsense, you submit an idea, and it never shows up. If it does show up, its taken down weeks later. My idea was plus 97 out of 120 votes, now its mysteriously vanished.

      It was about making a new playstation move bundle. One for people who already own the PS eye camera.

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