PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi Everyone – Comic book fans get ready to celebrate. We have a slew of comic book inspired offers coming up next week in celebration of San Diego Comic Con 2010! The offers kick off early next week so check back on store starting Monday so you don’t miss out on the limited-time offers. In the meantime, here are some of the great new additions you’ll find on the store this weekend:

Our Spotlight on Comics Books collection includes an awesome assortment of films featuring your favorite comic-book heroes.

Deal of the Week—save up to 50% on Reality TV titles such as Jersey Shore, MTV Cribs, Viva La Bam, Punk’d, and Jackass.
Free TV — Free episodes of Covert Affairs and The Glades.

Other new arrivals on the store this week…

TV New Arrivals: LXD-The Uprising Begins, The Real World New Orleans, Rescue Me, Warehouse 13, White Collar, Chasing Mummies, Deadwood, Dual Survival, Extras, Ghost Hunters, The Hills, Kath & Kim, Memphis Beat, Haven, Deadliest Warrior, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Louie, Pretty Little Liars, Mark Burnett Presents: King of the Cage, Oz, Players, Psych, Sex & The City, The Shift, Sopranos, Through the Wormhole, Unnatural History, Work of Art, X-Play, Covert Affairs, and Deadliest Catch.

New Releases: The Union Express, United by Fate, Chloe, Our Family Wedding, The Bounty Hunter, The Runaways, UFC 116 Lesnar vs. Carwin, Crazy, Fire From Below, Home of the Giants, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Horseman, New York, I Love You, Far Cry, The Collector, Tenure, Tell Tale, Katt Williams: Pimpadelic, Deep in the Valley, A Single Man, Brooklyn’s Finest, Eyeborgs, Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue, The Deported, Malice in Wonderland.

Before you head to the video store, check out the trailer for The Bounty Hunter!

Top 10 Movie Downloads

  1. Hot Tub Time Machine (Unrated Version)
  2. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief
  3. The Bounty Hunter
  4. The Book of Eli
  5. She’s Out of My League
  6. The Crazies
  7. Green Zone
  8. Shutter Island
  9. The Collector
  10. Youth In Revolt

Top 10 TV Episodes

  1. Futurama – Season 7 – Proposition Infinity 4
  2. The Boondocks – Season 3 – The Lovely Ebony Brown 11
  3. The Boondocks – Season 3 – A Date with the Booty Warrior 9
  4. The Boondocks – Season 3 – The Story of Lando Freeman 10
  5. Futurama – Season 7 – Attack of the Killer APP 3
  6. Queen’s Blade – Season 1 – High Spirits – The Vagrant Warrior 1
  7. Queen’s Blade – Season 1 – Ambitious Undertaking Warrior Priestess 2
  8. Family Guy – Season 8 – Brian & Stewie 17
  9. Futurama – Season 7 – Rebirth 1
  10. Naruto Shippuden Uncut – Season 1, Vol. 4 – The Secret of the Battle! 44

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  • I need to watch The Collector. I’ve seen the other movies in the Top 10. :)

  • So I guess this is the ‘United States’ Video Content Update.

    You could specify that so I don’t waste my time getting excited over something that’s not even available on the Canadian store.

  • Now if only PS+ subscribers can also get a free movie or two each month… It doesnt matter if it’s HD or SD.

  • Grace:

    Who would I contact for requesting something to be put on the video store? I was on GTTV’s Last Titan Standing show on March 15th for the launch of God of War III and think it would be really great if that were on the PS Store. Could you point me in the right direction of who I should ask that? It could be like the Batman: Arkham Asylum special, or something.

  • Is UFC 116 only available in the US, or does Canada get it too?

  • Can we at least get an answer about when the canadian store will be updated or you dont even know?

  • Grace.

    I appreciate Silent Movies as much as the next guy…but Silent Bloggers not so much.

    For two weeks now you have been asked by your customers (the people paying the salaries at SCEA) how/when/if we Canadian customers (for which SCEA is responsible) will get updates on the video content for the Canadian store.

    Could you, or an underling, please address this here and now.

    Thanks much.

  • We had Bounty Hunter on Tuesday in the Canadian store. Don’t know about the rest.

  • They added content to the Canadian video store last week for sure, as the number of TV shows increased (didn’t check the movie list, but the new releases hadn’t changed last I checked). But the content is definitely not on par with the US content. I haven’t seen Book of Eli in there yet. Kinda waiting to see that.

  • is this update also for the Canadian Video Store?

  • any discount for Playstation Plus Subscribers?

  • @7

    I’d appreciate knowing this as well!

  • Can we please view our purchased PSN videos over Remote-Play?


  • @9

    I think we have 2 different stores here in Canada the french one and the english one and they are not updating it with the same content.

    It would be nice if we could choose to watch something in english or in french or at least be able to go to the other canadian video store

  • Will HBO content be available in HD ever? How about six feet under, will HBO offer that too?

  • How about getting some season 3 of The Boondocks up for canada.

  • i do not know why MAG is so cool now?

  • “Before you head to the video store, check out the trailer for The Bounty Hunter!”

    Your time would be better spent checking out a few reviews. “The Bounty Hunter” sucks six ways to Sunday; tremendous number of horrible reviews. Don’t waste your money on crappola.

    Of course, I knew that when I first saw the trailer months ago. Ol’ Jen has nice legs for an older gal, but her acting “skills” peaked with “Office Space”.

  • Well it’s been a few weeks since the Canada Store is open. now you’ve done your job to bring it to them, Can we now have Disney Channel/XD shows up next? please? COME ON SONY!

  • when will we see futurama in the canadian video store.

  • I never receive my code for the Canada free movies. I’m tired of this. Why you don’t just let the movie free to download directly on the store instead.

  • verty good :D

  • Can the Canadians please stop whining and complaining on every video store update. It was understandable when we didn’t have a video store but now it’s just annoying as hell and embarrassing.

    As a Canadiian myself I am really enjoying the vids. Thank you Sony!

  • How about to add the feature to buy a whole season, use the triangle button; it is currently unused in the store. Highlight show season, press triangle and then have all the shows in that season added to the cart. Simple, eh?

    A discount for buying a whole season would be awesome and subscriptions for upcoming episodes would extra awesome, but this would be simple to implement (at least it looks that way).

  • Video store for Canada NOW!!!!! (Im sorry…. just started to miss it )

    BTW you will see videos in the store WHEN OR IF the VENDOR approves of SCEA DISTRIBUTING it , just the same as here in the states SONY cannot just freely distribute any video .

  • I know this is not for the Canadian store, so while its nice and all we finally have a Video store a update every now and then would be good aswell.

    On a much related side note, I visited the video store during the “promo” and still have not recived my email with code for the “free” movie download.

    Any news on when they will be out?

  • So far the video store looks good here in Canada with less ‘ stuff ‘ then the our neighbours up south but overall it’s been good !!
    But yeah i’m a PS+ subscriber and i think that we could get some discount or exclusive movies !!
    Thanks Sony for the good work!

  • their servers are lame and and probably have to approve crap with canadian government… its not very impressive … and movies on demand are better than this

  • First off no branch of the canadian goverment has anything to do with psn video store. its all sony PERIOD. that other console has had their video service operating for years with no interferance from any goverment agencies.

    Also where is the movie that was promosed to canadian customers over 2 weeks ago when the canadian psn video store opened? first we were told a few days, then given a date of july 14th which came and went and still nothing. If you make a promise then keep it. To do anything else is 2 faced.

    Lastly it would be more of a draw for customers and more of an earner for sony if more of the tv shows were available in HD from the video store. I have an HDTV as do many PS3 owners so to ignore an established part of the customer base is money lost and dissatisfied customers.

    Last thing for now is prices. These are on the high side, much of whats on the video store can be had for less elsewhere. This is why my and others purchases so far have been limited.

  • Well I think that mostly all of the posts from other Canadians is somewhat valid, as I am Canadian. However if the excessive whining and complaining about the content or lack of continues we just look like a bunch of babies. Here’s a thought, if you don’t like what you see or don’t see you have two choices..1) DON’T KEEP COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT THINGS WON’T CHANGE. 2) IF YOU HAVE THE INTERNET, GOTO TORRENT SITES..they have thousands of downloads of tv shows and movies…Guess what? for free!! Obliviously we Canadians get the short end of the proverbial stick..BUT WE HAVE CHOICES. Whining and moaning about it isn’t going to change that and honestly why add more fuel to the fire?

  • @Undead_reapers: you do realize how much of an idiot your are right now? fnot only are you insulting your fellow canadians and makint an utter fool of yourself. You’re also advising people to do something obviously illegall. Do you realize that Sony and other content providers could prosecute you for openly advocating piracy? Maybe your simply too clueless to realize that people are making valid complaints about WHAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR WHICH YOU ARE OPENLY ADMITTING TO STEALING? I do find it very hard to believe that even you cannot understand what a contemptuous little troll you are.

  • The Canadian video store is a joke. PS needs to get off their lazy ass and make it better.

  • Canada sucks. That’s why Playstation Network ignores Canada. It’s not because thier lazy, it’s because Canada sucks. -_-

  • @B-Dawg8

    Hmmm shut up dude. We are not the ones hated by everyone…

  • @23 SCEA is responsible for sales in Canada. THIS blog is run by SCEA. Kapeesh?

  • Deadwood! Sweet!

  • I tend to like the video store, as I regularly buy stuff trom there w/ my secondary PSN account. There’s a good deal of stuff on there I like. If I may make a short list for you, there’s some stuff I’d like to see show up on the store that I’d buy up in a heartbeat. 1) The Universe – Season 3, 2) Transformers (Generation 1) – Seasons 2 & onwards, 3) Transformers (1987 animated movie), 4) He-Man & the Masters of the Universe – all seasons, 5) The A-Team – Season 2 & onwards, NFL games (& Super Bowls)

  • Well for those unhappy Canadians…Netflix is comming to Canada this fall so lets hope the choices are more abundant and hopefully gets updated more frequently :P

  • Hey got a question for Playstation and since I can’t get a straight answer from SCEA customer service I’ll try here. I purchased, off of the NHL Channel on the PSN Video store, a NHL Original Six game episode 28 in fact and it is described as the Detroit Red Wings versus the Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic game from January 1st 2009 at Wrigley Field. Upon the completion of the download I watched the game and what had actually downloaded was the Detroit Red Wings versus the Colorado Avalanche game 3 from the 2002 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals. So I want to know what Sony is planning on doing about this? Are you guys going to take down episode 28? Or are you going to fix it so if I downloaded it again I would actually get the game I wanted. SCEA has already refunded my money but I don’t care about that, I just want the game that was advertised. Any official word on this would be great. Thanks

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