NIS update: New Ar tonelico Qoga for PS3, Cladun and Z.H.P. for PSP

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Hello everyone! NIS America just held our annual press event in San Francisco, and we’ve announced several new titles!

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are three titles we will be releasing in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. First of all, Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel for the PlayStation 3 will be released in Spring of 2011! Nobody saw this coming, right? ;)

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is the final entry in the Ar tonelico series. There will still be song magic features, but the battle system has changed drastically. It is now an action-based battle system, and there is an eye popping twist to it as well… literally. You’ll be experiencing some edgy and kinky special moves the Ar tonelico girls pull off in this game! But we’ll talk about that a little later.

The game features all new characters with a new story, so even if you are new to the Ar tonelico series, you won’t have any problems getting into it! And if you have been a fan of the series… thank you for waiting patiently for this announcement! Ar tonelico Qoga will be released in Spring of 2011. Check out some of the Japanese screenshots until we have more to show!

Ar Tonelico Qoga Ar Tonelico Qoga

Let’s move on to the next announcement. We will release two Nippon Ichi Software PSP titles in fall! They are… “Cladun: This is an RPG” and “Z.H.P. : Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman”!

Cladun will be released only on PlayStation Network. It is a retro-looking dungeon crawler RPG with (almost) unlimited customization for your equipment, Magic Circle (character battle formation), character features, and even the last boss! The dungeons will randomly change all the time, so even if you re-visit a dungeon, the traps, enemies, dungeon map, and more will be different. It is a PSN-only title, but don’t underestimate its endless replay value! Check out the trailer below. Also, check back on for the official Cladun website, which will launch around 5pm Pacific Time today!

Z.H.P. is NIS’s new strategy RPG. The ridiculously over-the-top story and characters make you feel right back in familiar NIS territory. The story goes something like this: The main character (you) is an ordinary shy young man. One day, walking on the street after getting some stuff from a convenience store, he witnesses a car accident! Oh no! The victim was the hero, the Unlosing Ranger, supposed to be at the Last Boss Battle to save the world… The hero asks the young man to take over his mission to save the world from the Last Boss, Darkdeath Evilman. Unable to refuse the hero’s last wish, the young man became the weakest, wimpiest main character ever in videogame history!!

Z.H.P. will be released this coming Fall on both PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Network! Check out the trailer to see how deep this game is!

I hope you are excited about our new titles! Lastly, I have something very exciting news for Atelier Rorona fans: We have decided to make a premium package including a hard cover art book. The game and art book will come in a premium box with Rorona artwork on it! Yay! Also, we launched the official website for Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland! Enjoy!

Atelier Rorona

Thank you for reading my blog post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  • That is excellent news. I downloaded and tried the trial version for Classic Dungeon (Cladun) and spent hours and hours with it, a demo version in a language that I couldn’t understand (Japanese). Says something for the quality of the game right there. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Roguelikes, Demon’s Souls, Diablo or just plain fun games.

    Zettai Hero (ZHP) also looks like an excellent game and I am hoping that you are not just bringing both of these titles out in the US but in Europe and Australia as well.

    (As I’m selfish and want them in my region as well)

  • I am so happy that you guys are there for us PS3 owners. Can’t wait to see Disgaea 4 at TGS. That’s in September, right?

  • Ar Tonelico 3 = YES!
    I will be on the look-out for those PSP titles. They look doooooope! Gotta LOVE NIS!

  • “Z.H.P. will be released this coming Fall on both PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Network”

    Wait a sec… by this, you mean ZHP is coming out for PS3 too?

    • Hi Monetep,

      Sorry to confuse you… I meant, you can download ZHP from PSN. It won’t play on PS3 though.


  • @Monetep

    I asked the very same thing, but then I found this:

    Look at the end: “Z.H.P. and its endless streams of randomly generated content and user-created characters will see a North American release on the PSP, both through the PSN and on a UMD disc, in Winter 2010.”

  • Well we do know one thing, they got some really good drugs to make wacky games like Z.H.P. and all or really hyper up on suger.

    No matter what it is, I’m happy they are making games that aren’t short. I might get Z.H.P..

  • Are you guys sure its today?
    its 5:30 and no update

  • Well, none of those announcements were any surprise. Only real surprise was what wasn’t announced, really. lol The lack of Prinny 2 and ESPECIALLY La Pucelle: Ragnarok was disheartening. :( Hopefully they’ll consider them for next year, I guess…

  • Okay, but one quick question… Is Cladun an RPG? That’s kind of a deal-breaker for me. XD

    I love NIS’s sense of humor- you guys don’t limit it to the web, posts, comments or anything; it pervades your products and personalities, from the titles to the content, all the way to the credits. Much love, you guys. Don’t change and I’ll keep supporting you.

    • Hi Jeigh,

      Thank you!
      I love the subtitle too! This is an RPG… like we have to make sure you know it’s an RPG! he he

      Thank you very much for your support!


  • I’m really excited about all these new games comin’ out. I’ll probably get ’em all. I haven’t played any of the other Ar Tonelico games though, but I guess I can go back and give ’em a try if I enjoy this one.

    Also looking forward to hearing more about Disgaea 4.


  • Nao

    I can’t find Cladun website, i can’t even find it’s existance on, also i have’t seen any update on the store, i though it would be realeased today, 7/16

    Could you please awnser? Thanks

  • Can Z.H.P AND Cladun be downloaded threw PSN and be played on your PS3?

  • This is stellar, as I did not believe that these titles were coming to NA. I had seen them in action and thought to myself, “this would be an amazing experience, and would provide hours of gameplay!” Thank you for this knowledge, I tend to live under a rock aha.

  • OMG… I want that Atelier Rorona limited box so bad.

    Is it a NISA Store exclusive or can I buy it at Gamestop too? I have to have it on day one!

    (I’m still hoping you guys release Prinny 2 in the states… I’d rather not import it if I don’t have to.)

    • Hi Jerel,

      I’ll let you know the details of the premium box soon!

      Prinny 2. Yes, very cool game. I hope we can bring it over here too!

  • I was waiting for all three of those games when they were mentioned last year in japan Zettai Hero and AR Tonelico are the ones I am waiting for more than anything.

  • Also… Damn you, NIS. Amid the God of War, Patapon and few other PSP titles coming out, I was holding steadfast in refusing to purchase another/repair my own PSP… But then you guys come by with all your awesomeness… Dammit, I’m going to need set aside a couple hundred dollars for this Fall.

    Damn you.

  • Im glad for Ar Tonelico 3. Day one buy for me. Though I still haven’t played Ar Tonelico 2 due to my PS2 being a bit… indisposed… and my PS3, though it runs PS2 games, won’t run it =(

    I’m also getting interested on ZHP. Lots.

    Atelier Rorona… I must admit that I’ve never played this series, but Im interested on starting with this game. I hope the Limited Edition is available anywhere. I don’t like in USA.

    And wow… I see people asking about Vesperia here as well.

  • Will the Atelier Rorona premium package be the only package out on release? Is it safe to pre-order Atelier Rorona in stores now or have to wait for a new SKU?

  • Will the Atelier Rorona premium box set be available in Canada aswell? I wanna pre-order >.< thanks!

  • Hi, NISA will “Atelier Rorona Premium Edition” be available for store pre-order at GameStop or Best Buy ?

    I really need to know

  • Glad to see Ar Tonelico 3 coming to the America!

  • I’m sold on Z.H.P. That was one of the best trailers I’ve ever watched.


  • Z.H.P. looks amazing, and I’m glad it’s bringing back cool things from Makai Kingdom like drills and tanks and the gatling gun. And the town-building especially! I’ve been wanting to see those again, thank you NIS.

    Also people are mentioning upcoming avatars in their comments. Was this announced in another post? I’d love to have a Disgaea avatar.

  • 15 years ago, the title of this article would make no sense whatsoever.

  • You didn’t mention the announcement of Disgaea 4, and how it will be reveled at TGS this year :P

  • Can’t wait for ZHP!

  • Will be buying Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland and Cladun!

    Hope you all get out of this recession alive, NIS. I liked Sakura Wars (SLML) a lot.

    Here’s to years more of games!

  • Lots of PS3 love from NIS with Ar Tonelico, Atelier Rorona and Disgaea 4, dood. Can’t wait for more, but I hope Disgaea 4 will get some sharper graphics this time, dood.

  • Those upcoming PSP games look FANTASTIC! Cladun especially for me. I will be buying both games as soon as they are available. Awesome!

  • Awesome games, it’s a shame that i don’t have a psp, but thanks for bring to US ar tonelico and atelier rorona, these are awesome news!!!

  • Hey Nao, how well did Disgaea Infinite sell? Was it enough to localize Infinite Loop (and possibly release on PSN)?

  • Wow! All of these games look completely awesome! I’m surprised at how awesome the two PSP games look. I have a PSP but I’m more of a big-screen kind of gamer so I rarely buy anything for it, but both of those games look like they’ll actually get me to pick up my PSP.

  • ^-^ Thank you guys so much for bringing these RPGs over here to the West, especially Gust games like the Atelier series and Ar Tonelico.

    But I’m just curious about the decision to call the game “Ar Tonelico Qoga” as oppose to just calling the game “Ar Tonelico 3”.

    Either way, I’m totally psyched for this game and you bet I have my wallet ready to dish out the cash for this!!

  • Nao,

    Please bring Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 PS2 to the PS3 with trophies like God of War 1 and 2 (God of War collection).

    I am sure alot of ppl haven’t played AT 1 and 2, if u can bring out the AT 1 and 2 collection it would be great!!!

  • Agreed with @83
    would be so great to have the games again in HD with trophies for PS3

  • Cool! I loved Ar tonelico 1! (didn’t play much of Ar tonelico 2 though) I hope Ar tonelico Qoga becomes just as awesome! I can’t wait!

  • i can has disgaea 3 psp?

  • “There will still be song magic features, but the battle system has changed drastically. It is now an action-based battle system”

    I just lost interest in the game now. I can’t believe the only way I can play a good turn based rpg is by whipping out my NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and my ps2? You guys that make rpg’s are really killing the genre. If I wanna play an action game with rpg elements Ill play God of War or something.

  • what sony needs to do is call namco bandai and tell them to localize tales of vesperia for ps3, i can guarantee it’ll sell like crazy over here. If sony pulled a microsoft and paid for that game to get localized ALOT of jrpg fans would be very happy.

  • The more I watch that ZHP trailer, the more I think “Y’know, wife, work, human interaction… Do we REALLY need these things?” NIS is your one-stop shop for wasting away all those useless hours of life. I mean, what are you REALLY going to use them for anyway? Raise children that will one day resent you? OR- you could raise characters that will do you proud and crush all those that stand before you!!

    …Okay, so maybe my stupid kids deserve a little attention… But my Jeigh character will still have a dearer place in my heart with his Prinny Hat of Death… Perhaps I can train my kids to shoot energy beams from their hands…

  • Nao,

    Amazing Press conference I’m really excited for the releases coming up the rest of this year and next year.

    Also I noticed this when browsing the Playstation Store there are Trinity Universe Themes 01-04 then 09-13 (or something like that). Is that a mistake? Or are the missing themes going to be released also?

    Lastly I hope that this fall you will start the process of localizing the sequel for Rurona. Because the wait is going to be killer. (went to the official website and the bgm reminded me more of Ar Tonelico than Atelier).

  • Can’t wait for Z.H.P.! Would you people stop being stupid, the PSP has access to it’s on PSN, so when they say also available on PSN, they mean the PSP’s PSN. God, how long is it going to take you people to figure out, only minis play on both systems, unless they specifically release a full title on both systems. Which they would actually say in the article.

  • I was truly hoping to get a reply form Nao. i had so many good questions :( . guess will save them and be faster for the next post :P

    • Hi Destiny89,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      I was away for Press Event in San Francisco. And I got busy…
      But I replied to your questions, so hopefully you are back here to checek the answers!


  • i can’t wait 4 all of these games and have u guys at N.I.S considered making an AT collection for those of us who didn’t play the 1st 2 games?

  • In regards to Ar Tonelico: “It is now an action-based battle system…”

    Which means yet another game I won’t be getting.


    Do you guys really think we don’t like turn-based games in the US? If you want to make an action game by all means do so, but please create a new IP for it. Don’t take a popular turn-based series, change it to a completely different genre, and use the name to sell it.

  • Ar Tonelico III is by far the BEST RPG I’ve played this year… Way ahead of Final Craptasy

  • money can sure fly… out my wallet… so many good games are coming from NISA this year

    why must you break mah budget!

    *awaits ZHP and Disgaea*

  • Holy crap!! Nao!! Hey can you bring that la pucelle that came on psp over? I am looking forward to an new strategy game for psp!! Finally an new title!! Hey release the NIS avatars for the PSN as well!! If you did already it’s my fault for not being able to find them. Keep us updated on the new ar tonelico game and the new releases!! I am very excited for the new SRPG!! Hey try pushing for asagi’s own game finally!! I feel sorry for her she never gets her own game!!

  • Hey Nao thanks for coming back to answer so many questions. Not too many do that after the post gets pushed off the first page but your communication with the fans is second to none!

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