Mafia II – What Do You Want to Know?

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The typical “Summer Drought” will soon give way to a flood of holiday titles, and one of the first major titles we’ll get our hands on is Mafia II.

Now, as we creep closer to Mafia II’s August 24th release date, the extent of the game’s PlayStation-exclusive content is becoming clearer; this week, the Trophies for “Jimmy’s Vendetta” came to light, and it’s looking pretty extensive.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Sid Shuman had a few words with 2K Senior Producer Denby Grace about Mafia II’s gritty look and feel, its upcoming demo, and how differs from other games in the genre like GTA (hint: it’s *way* different).

Today I’ll be attending a Mafia II event where new content will be revealed, and I’ve got a few more minutes with the developers. We’ve asked our questions – now what do *you* want to know about Mafia II? Comment now, and we’ll have the answers for you on Tuesday.

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  • Will Mafia 2 have a Home space? or anything for the PS3 Home service as reward items from the game. Im not talking about shirts for $ in the mall in Home.

  • Will Mafia 2 have any sort of multiplayer component? PLEASE SAY YES!! THE cover system would work great!

  • Will there be some sort of customization in Mafia II? Such as clothing, weapon customization, etc.

  • I’d like to know if it has any Home content too. Otherwise game looks good. Gotta love that exclusive content

  • Will this game be more of a free world type of game or will you be locked in to the storyline?

  • Will There Be any multiplayer/ co-op in the game!
    Also Dear Playstation Please fix the Facebook on PS3 it is really broken and it buggin me out!

  • Sid is wearing the same tshirt that you guys gave us to the people that got inside sony E3 press conference , lot of guys were asking how i got it lol

  • Tell them thanks for the exclusive content for our system, that was really nice of them :)

  • Special editions? Maybe it could come with some paraphernalia as I have some open auditions and need supplies.

  • I’m really waiting for this game.. there are some open world games that i recently played, but after finishing the game they leave you in a free roam.. but there isn’t to many things to do.. would this game be different on that?

  • Jeff. I’m going to be there tonight. I hope you’re ready for hugs. KRATOS-SIZED HUGS!

  • The open world genre’s conventions as standardized by GTA3, and followed with unhealthy precision by all imitators are rife with problems.
    One such is that they all feature obnoxiously large worlds with large distances between mission hubs or other points of interest. Another problem is that these types of games feature one mission template which all other missions are just tiny variations of, making story progression repetitive and devoid fun.
    GTA attempted to offset the tedium by allowing the player to make his own fun, usually to be found by just wandering about and causing havoc. Alas once the novelty of going rampages whittled away all one was left with to rely on were the missions, which required time to travel to and once activated were just rinse and repeat repetitions of the same formula. Drive there, kill this person, etc.
    Did these design issues ever weigh on the minds of the Mafia II design team? What does Mafia II do to solve these problems? Infamous, for an example, offset the tedium somewhat by focusing on great combat, while Mercenaries 2 relied heavily on making the mechanic of blowing things up fun.
    These were baby steps that did little to prevent tedium, so what are your approaches to these problems?

  • kids not every game needs co-op and multiplayer.

  • this sounds good, is that u manning the cam jeff? lol

  • will it have functionality with th Move Controller and can u just use one move or two, if so?

  • I already have my copy pre-ordered, but I’m concerned the length. I’m hearing 15 hours which is kinda disappointing for an open-world game. I’m hoping it’s about 25-30.

  • @Jeff

    When will you guys open the floodgates in Share? I’ve got ideas from 6 weeks up until yesterday that haven’t shown up. Doesn’t seem that the speed that ideas come through is any faster. Thought that it was supposed to be community moderated(for the most part) from here on out. Did someone forget to flip the switch?

    PS – Sorry for the unrelated comment, but there is really no other place to post it.

  • I would like to know roughly how many hours the game has to offer in terms of main missions, side missions, and other exploring options.

  • I haven’t played the first Mafia game, and I’m wondering if I jump right intot he second installment, will I miss out on important story lines, controls or game play techniques?

  • What happened to coop, is it gonna be included any sort of coop missions?

  • How will Mafia II be connected to Mafia? What feature in Mafia II are you especially proud of? And will the last level in Mafia II be as unbelievably hard as the last level in Mafia? =)

  • 1- Will the PS3 version has support for custom soundtracks?

    2- Will cops care about you speeding? If so, will there be a speed limiting toggle like in the first game?

    3- How extensive is the destruction to vehicles?

    4- Are the odd “Mickey Mouse” voices of pedestrians (from the first game) gone? PLEASE! :P

    5- Swimming, Yay or Nay?

    6- The Orchestral soundtrack is included in the Collectors edition, but will there be licensed music in the game (of the era of course) and will that be released as a soundtrack?

    7- Will there be load times between sections (like the first) or will it all stream in one large open area?

    Thanks. Can’t wait!

  • Already pre-ordered, thanks to the exclusive stuff. Thanks guys! Now we have to see how the port from the 360 is occuring. If it’s like Red Dead Redemption i’m cancelling. I have a damn flaw in my game with a stranger mission (Deadalus and Son) and i can’t go further because of a not good port.

  • Dear Mr. Shuman,
    Could you please try to stop nodding your head so much?

    • I know, it’s a real bad habit of mine in Q&As. Normally this is hidden by game footage, but we might’ve been light on footage for this video. I will remember for next time! (^_^)

  • Does this game have any sort of multiplayer? I haven’t been following it closely.

  • Game looks legit.

    Can’t wait to try out the demo…

  • IM very happy that SONY is seriously starts to push for exclusive content for multiplatform games! I also hope to see much more of that in the coming years!

    BUT one thing that worries me! SONY really needs to ADVERTISE this allot! There is no reason to buy exclusive content for games if people dont know about it. The hardcore gamers will know but not the big masses! MAKE ALLOT of PR for this stuff. One example! Toy story 3 had zurg exclusive content and MOVE support! But NOTHING is being advertised about it besides here on the blog. NOTHING. This is like wasting money! Fix this SONY!

  • What elements are there for people who like sand box style games? How big are these levels?

  • What differences this game (Mafia 2) from other open world games?

  • Is it going to have downloadable episode content like GTA IV?

  • Will there be any difference between the console versions of 360 and ps3?

  • I would like to say the music soundtrack is wonderful from the past mafia games. Can you ask will it be possible to download certain music from the game. A soundtrack if you will..


  • Really excited for this game, looks amazing.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Would also love to find out whether there will be Home un lockable like personal space? Sid, please here me out. Please put out the word that we all want some sort of home un lockable tried to trophies,

  • Since there’s a great care about the realism of the game, can you elaborate on how the music score is being handled?

  • good interview. I would like to know how open the game world is, is it like GTA in that sense or not

  • Great interview!
    I just hope the driving is much better than in GTA4 because I hate that one.
    I preorderd the game, hope the demo can give me a tast about the driving.

  • This game looks fantastic! I downloaded all the trailers so have been waiting on this one a long time.

    I think hush404 posed some excellent questions above, but I’m a little confused at saying it’s not like GTA and more story driven. I guess I’ll see when I play it.

  • Will it have a thrilling story line?will it have DLC for the game?will it have lots of trophies?And would it have co-op storyline online?

  • will u let it be a free roam game?

  • This is for sure included in my must buy list!!!

  • I’m not interested in video game content that glorifies organized crime and romanticizes having no ethics in the pursuit of money.

    But I’m sure plenty of the gaming public’s plebeians will eat this up inbetween viewings of Scarface.

    Then again, maybe I’m being too critical and you’ve really delved into the human condition and wrought some golden nuggets of drama and story into a world probably full of slick suits and bullets.


  • Simple question; will the game have shops we can go in and buy stuff like suits and weapons?

  • Hi, I have a simple question.. Will be the ps3 version of the game inferior to the other versions? It happens a lot, so I´m kinda worried..

  • Can I ask when the demo is coming? Will Playstation Plus members have first access?

  • August 10 is demo release….

  • PS+ will have early access they get access tomorrow which for me is in 20mins im not PS+ but we all get it on August 10th (if not im gonna be p!ssed) all i wanna know on the demo do we get to do free roam or do we just do that “Buzzsaw” where we have to kill the “Fat Man” mission..?

  • it says 3:41 pm its more like 11:42 pm

  • its no fair that playstaition plus mebers get the demo so soon when people just got money put by for the damn game

  • will you be able to buy clothing for vetio

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